Ignorance Is Dis

Let’s go waaay back today, all the way back to September, 1988. Arlo & Janis was such a different strip then. Obviously, it looked different. It was more than that, though. The relationship of the characters was different. However, I don’t think that has changed so much as it has evolved. The strip then was about younger people, and the writing reflected that. There were insecurities and pressures and unknowns particular to young marriage. I’m tempted to say that, being a cartoon, these things were exaggerated, but that’s not entirely the case. Even at the time, some readers noted that the marriage of Arlo and Janis was in trouble. What did I know? I was the frog in the pot of tepid water. (Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.)

4 thoughts on “Ignorance Is Dis”

  1. From Yeaterday

    Our Tiger was diabetic, we gave shots for 2 years (30 years ago).
    We closed off her Litter Box and in morning she let us know she had to go.
    Put the paper in the urine stream, read the color, give proper shot – she did not mind.
    ( this group of Kitties does not even like oral meds. They have ESP. They disappear if you stand up to
    get meds. Otherwise they don’t move, well if you rattle a bag.)
    Keep honey on hand in case she does not use up insulin,rub on gums.
    Tiger “stepped on the Rainbow” when we were not home.

  2. Of course, the problem is in the way men and women use language. Janis wanted Arlo to say, “Gee, I don’t know. What do you want to do tonight.” Then Janis might say she was thinking it would be fun to go out. And on the conversation goes. On and on. Men just say what they mean, say what they want without all the “beat around the bush.” No pun intended.


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