Illuminating Ruminating

If this is an update, it must be Tuesday or Thursday! To tell the truth, I’ve sort of lost touch with what day of the week it is! This old cartoon is from August of 2008. Gene has come home from his freshman year at college. It was nine years ago, sure, but a lot has happened to Gene in nine years. It seems to have gone by so quickly. I guess that’s the way it happens in real life, huh?
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  1. I long for some of the “good old days” – but I wonder if my memory is tinted with rose coloured glasses?
    I should just be happy with today- we have everything we need – and more besides – and the sun is shining! and I played golf yesterday – who could ask for more?

  2. hc:

    You are wise.

    JJ: ‘Iโ€™ve sort of lost touch with what day of the week it is!’ Welcome to the fraternity. I get confused, but various weekly obligations help: Tu-hospital family waiting volunteer, W [school yr]-Bible study, Th-copy edit the BUMC bulletin, Su-BUMC. 3 non-apmt workouts at hospital gym a wk; if no PTs w/ clients are there, it must be Sa.


  3. The only way I keep track of the days (daze?) is I have a large calendar next to my computer desk with all of my appointments written on it. Low tech but effective, and not easily lost to a power glitch.

  4. When I was driving I always knew the date, but I had to stop and think to be certain of the day of the week. Now those are reversed!

    As for missing the past: Life was simpler and less stressful before we discovered autism (3 daughters on the Autism Spectrum, one severely so) and my heart issues. But things could easily be more stressful or complicated tomorrow, so someday today will probably look much better than it does now.

  5. There are no guarantees with children. SEEMS LIKE, in the olden days, your only worry was whether they’d make it through childhood diseases. Maybe it was much more complicated than that “back then”, but it certainly is now.

  6. The old saying is that Life is like a roll of toilet paper. It goes much faster near the end. I think it is easier for Baby Boomers to become nostalgic as You Tube contains many reminders of our past. Of course there is our Grandson, whom my son cannot deny. I would sometimes look at old family albums with a bit of sadness, knowing that that my kids would never be that little again. But my Grandson not only brings back the memories, but he makes me so happy. I have to savor these times.

  7. Zombie Apocalypse Arrives.

    ZAA + 10 minutes…

    Jackie: Ghost, could you make me an unsweetened ice tea with extra lime?

    Ghost: Sure thing, baby. Just give me a second to deal with these three zombies that are trying to eat my brain.

  8. How Ghost and I are spending tonight, at least the early part of it: eating the Thursday night prime rib special at Abuelo’s with a buy one, get one at no charge special with a coupon!

    This is a $29.99 free meal for one of us. We are only cheap to a point!!

  9. Jimmy: “It seems to have gone by so quickly.”

    Jim: “The future’s uncertain, and the end is always near.”

    Rick: And the end is even nearer than I had suspected.

  10. Rick, I surely hope you are not telling us bad news on your health. Hoping all is well with you.

    Guess what, Village friends, I am going to Ithaca, NY for the weekend! I didn’t think I was able to go, for I’m not getting around so well any more; but decided at the last minute, couple of days ago, that I want to be there and it’s too important to miss. A large gathering is planned for Saturday as a remembrance of my 20 year old grandson Tom, who died in June from a freak accident. It’s hard to accept that he’s gone, and his parents have organized this memorial to celebrate his life and bring his friends and relatives together to mourn his loss. It’s at a state park in Ithaca.

    I will tell you more when, and if, I return safely to NH. My daughter Nancy is driving me out in my 17 year old mini-van. After much discussion on Email and by phone, among me and the seven children, we felt this was better than renting an expensive car or squeezing people and belongings into too-small spaces. My son Bill called and persuaded me that since the car is low mileage its age is not so important — “Cars are so well made nowadays.” Well, maybe so.

    Wish me luck!

  11. Charlotte:

    Thanks for the good wishes.

    Nothing conclusively diagnosed yet, but things are starting to go wrong, and I am definitely feeling the effects of time.

    Just as everyone is, I guess.

  12. Miss Charlotte, I’m happy you decided to make the trip to Tom’s memorial service. I realize it may be a bit hard on you, but I believe you would have later regretted not going. Plus, I have a feeling you may be a little tougher than you give yourself credit for. So, not that you’ll need it, but good luck. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Rick:

    As one who is helping another through some trying times (and who has made it through some of my own), I feel compelled to repeat my motto…”Non deficere”.

    Best wishes,

  14. Dear emb, Thank you for your friendly comment. Yeah, I figured you would be a little, or a lot, jealous. I promise to think of you while I am there! Wish you could be with us!

    No, I didn’t go to Cornell, but to Tufts. Duncan went there for his Masters, and as he and Amy were already an item, she transferred after two years at Wellesley. Then they stayed in Ithaca; this happens a lot.(They are Tom’s parents, and have known each other, literally, since they were born. Our families have been friends since the 1920’s.)

  15. Dearest Ghost, you are right of course, and part of my decision was that I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t go. My heart was warmed by the expressions of joy from my children, mostly via Email, that I had changed my mind and would be there. They are only too glad to help me out, the dears.

    I like what you said about me being tough, and although I hadn’t felt that way, I’ll try to live up to your good thoughts.

    Love to you and Jackie. I am so happy for you both.

  16. Good morning Villagers…

    I am so happy for you Miss Charlotte, that I promise you that you will never regret this decision. Looking forward to your travel stories. And I know it’s hard to lose someone you love, and I don’t care about the expression about time heals….BS!!!

    Just came home from dropping Ian off at the hog farm…they breed and sell some 1300 pigs…ya’ll will be getting educated in the hog industry…little piglets are so cute.

    Ian has to shower before entering the building (they supply all outerwear and boots) and they they shower before they leave. Ian says he will not wear their underwear, he’s not about to wear underwear that someone else has worn….he doesn’t care how many times they are laundered…and I don’t blame him either.

    GM OB…when do you and wife’s travel plans begin?

    Good morning Jackie and GR.

    Smigz sure has been missing lately…miss her!


  17. Question…can someone explain to me where all the $ from “Relay for Life” goes since there are so many women and men waiting for an MRI that some of that $ could be used to manufacture more MRI/s????

  18. Ruth Anne: I use Google Chrome [which is not my regular server], type Gocomics, then click on alphabetical listing. I go to some 15 comics [18 on Mon.]. Usually have no trouble getting the first few to show up when I click, but from the 5th or 6th on, some will just not show. Have to play games, leave the site and come back, or actually close down the laptop and come back later. This has been more of a problem for the last several weeks, coinciding unfortunately w/ having work done at the shop. Will be checking w/ them today or Mon. about it.

    Ghost et al.: A TIP ‘classic’ for you and other ‘prancing, leering Billy goats’. [I don’t include in that category any Villagers or visitors w/ whom I’ve had ‘issues’. PLBGs are a term Elaine created; I consider it an honorable one.]


  19. Debbe, dogs get it right the first time. Cats have to keep trying. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Miss Charlotte, this may not be a “fun” trip, but I do hope it is a good one, and you get back home safely.

    We are having a bit of a sunny morning here, but the clouds are on the horizon and the rain is supposed to be back this afternoon. I may be the odd one here, but I do like rainy days, and even the odd thunderstorm. There’s something comforting about rain, a good book, and a cup of tea.

  20. Thunderstorms moved over Tulsa (where we made an unscheduled over-night stay) late last night/early this morning. Like Jean dear probably does, I do like the sound rain on the roof at night. The sound of rain being driven into the windows by 40+ mph winds, not so much. And definitely not the sound some in Tulsa heard the other night…the sound of the roof being ripped off over their heads.

    Hot Physical Therapist had told us she’d had some minor damage, mostly to a fence, at her place, but she told me yesterday she and most of her neighbors had already had the necessary repairs made. Oklahomans apparently have as much or more experience dealing with tornado damage as Gulf Coasteans have with hurricane damage.

    Yesterday was the last day for Jackie to have “Grasshopper”, HPT’s adorable little intern, work with her. She returns to classes at OU after a week’s break. It was amazing to see how she progressed over the six weeks she has been working in Tulsa, from a bit timid and a little uncertain to knowledgeable and self-assured. (But that of course is the purpose of an internship.) I told her that Jackie and I had both noticed that, and she admitted she had felt that way at first, mostly out of concern she would “hurt” the clients with whom she was working. But I predict she will be an outstanding Physical Therapist when she completes the last two years of her three-year training program. A week or so ago, she had mentioned that, as tiny as she is, her favorite treat is a plain glazed donut with a big glass of cold milk. So we surprised her with box a box of a dozen Krispy Kremes.

  21. They left out “trash floater” for heavy rain.

    As one of my all-female staff once told me about inconsistent office temperatures, “It’s always either hotter than the devil’s armpit, or it’s that my nipples should be registered as weapons.”

  22. Just watching Law and Order on the USA network. You know that Det. Benson is really Mae West’s daughter. Speaking of Mae West she said “Do you have a cucumber in your pocket or are you glad to see me?”

  23. Speaking of the USA network, I ran into something strange. On that channel, while I watch a program, the sound includes a man commenting on the action. It’s like listening to an audio book read to you on your car sound system. Has anyone else had this happen?

  24. Jimmy,
    Timely strip, this “Illuminating Ruminating.” My daughter is headed out to Hofstra on Long Island for college this month, as my son enters his third year at Fordham, Lincoln Center… my wife and I talk about all we might be able to do now, with our imminent freedom, but most plans turn toward finding a play or concert down in NYC and meeting the kids for lunch, etc.! And you’ve hit it on the head, as usual: the people we were, those naive people who had to adjust to putting someone else ahead of all their plans were fully assimilated by the family tasks that fell to them, and now aren’t sure what will become of them! The raising of two children, which often seemed like hard labor at the time, is now viewed through a different lens. I just told a new and harried-looking father I ran into at the store, as he toted his baby around, that I was TOLD how quickly the time goes, and how precious the early years are… yes, they were hard in some ways, but the ways in which they were good, you can never have back in your life. But I also told him that I know he can’t– as I couldn’t– fully grasp that until it was all past. In short, I love this strip!

  25. Thank you Steve, And yes I would like to listen to Kelly Conway while I drive another screw through my skull. Sorry I have to laugh or cry and so far I’ m laughing.

  26. Ken:

    ‘[P]lay or concert down in NYC and meeting the kids for lunch’ sounds like Framingham is in upstate NY, or CT or MA. Were it NJ, I doubt you’d use ‘down’. Online: not NY, but either CT or MA. Learned a bit re a couple of towns back East. Thanks.

    Never visited Hofstra, though I roomed in Hempstead, LI while stationed at Mitchel AFB, ’51-’52. Didn’t have a car, commuted to fiancรฉe in NYC via LIRR. Also, didn’t know Fordham had a Lincoln Center ‘campus’.


  27. Law and Order, SVU – Oliva Benson is played by Mariska Hargitay. She is the daughter of Jayne Mansfield and body-builder Mickey Hargitay. Jayne was the Mae West of the late 50’s and early to mid 60’s. She was killed in an accident in 1967. She was only 34.

    I remember seeing her on TV when I was a kid – I think on game shows. She had the ditsy blonde image down pat. I think she was probably a lot more intelligent than she acted.

  28. Cats can tell time – I tell mine 10 min before it is time to get up, and they leave me alone for a good 6 or 7.

    And of course they know feeding time.

  29. The Word of the day is “sapiosexual”.

    noun [sey-pee-oh-sek-shoo-uh l]
    1. a person who finds intelligence to be a sexually attractive quality in others.

    1. noting or relating to such a person.

    Wow. That explains a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Good morning. Oh. Can’t tell time either.

    Ghost just fed me my first bratwurst in my life.
    Always time to do things for fisrt time. Now I am thinking about cooking them in other ways.

    Sauteed pelpers and onions with melted cheese perhaps?

  31. Grilled brats with sauteed onions and any of several kinds of cheese sounds really GREAT! Kindly omit both pelpers and peppers unless we’re speaking of cold pepperoncini – the ones which always seem to squirt down my neck when I start one.

    Unfortunately, tonight I am stuck with Japanese since my MBH wants such, and it is her natal anniversary. Once a year I can do it, albeit not joyfully. Maybe they will have something like beef on the menu. Memory says this place does, but memories are fallible, too.

    I wonder how common sapiosexuality is in various cultures.

  32. I know people that boil their Brats in beer – waste of a good beer in my opinion.
    Like wine do not cook with any beer that you would not drink.

  33. No doubt that sapience, whether in tracking food animals through a forest or trying to use the Wronskian function on elliptic integrals, has always generated some degree of respect or, even, awe. That’d be true primarily from those whose skills lie elsewhere, I imagine. However, knowledge as a “turn on” seems unusual. More research is needed, Ghost.

    Power is well-known as a “turn on” for some people; fame, ditto. If great knowledge caused one to become famous, perhaps it was the fame which turned on someone, rather than the knowledge which did so.

  34. Marylyn Monroe and Albert Einstein.

    In the late 1940s, actress Shelley Winters shared an apartment with Marilyn Monroeโ€”and in her autobiography, Winters claimed that Monroe had hinted about a dalliance with the genius.

    It may be just an interesting and titillating Hollywood rumor, but if it is true, all I can say is “Way to go, Einstein!”

  35. Speelczech! Why cahnt the English …? Suppertime: Zatarain’s dirty rice + steamed veggies + tilapia, + either a Bell’s amber ale or a Lake Superior ‘Sir Duluth’ oatmeal stout. Decisions, decisions. On the patio. About 75F out. Peace,

  36. You guys are right about M. Monroe.
    You bet that cats can tell time and if I tell Cilla to give me 30 minutes she will.
    No posting for a little while but I’ll be back.

  37. โ€œsapiosexualโ€: We certainly found it so, and I still do. Wonder how that pans out for her? May everyone is so gifted there, w/ enhancement in other lacking blessings. Maybe all w/ admonishment and then greater charity / those we neglected here. Elaine was always better / that than I, though I’ve improved.

    Those steamed veggies were the usual cauli, zucc, sw. peppers, onion this batch. Peace,

  38. Good morning. Ghost has his head on my back asleep and Dickens is between us. I woke up wearing Dickens on my head like a coonskin hat alive like the one on the little bear in the Country Bear Jamboree in Disney World. The one they took out and terminated.

    Where do the characters go when Disney kills them?

  39. Oops, error. Only Disneyland closed the Bears. Yhey are still at Disney World in Florida.

    This is the raccoon character. Sammy- Sammy is Henry’s raccoon pal who cuddles around Henry’s top hat. He acts like a coonskin cap for Henry. He is voiced by Bill Cole. In the Country Bear Vacation Hoedown, Sammy gets replaced by a skunk named Randy.

  40. Some get recycled into other attractions. When I visited Disneyland in 1975 they had turned the old Carousel of Progress into something called America Sings. This was animal characters performing various American music. After the Bicentennial this was shut down. Eventually they built Splash Mountain, with Brer Rabbit and the associated characters. And they reused some of the animal animatronics from America Sings in this one.

  41. Mark:

    Thanks for an intro to a ‘World’ I’ll never see. Have been to only one theme park, with Elaine and her stepmother, and only once, Busch Gardens. Been there, done that; why would anyone want to go to another? Or, worse, own a ‘pre-owned’ piece of one.

    Obviously an effete, pinko [speelczech!], subversive UnAmerican [again!]. Will admit going to the World’s Fair amusement park several x, at ages 9 and 10. Understand there’ve been other WFs since then, most of which cities lose money on. Prefer a good, or at least informative, book.


  42. For many of us closet adrenaline junkies, theme parks are built around some awesome rides. I’m not supposed to ride any of them with my heart condition… but the attendants don’t have x-ray vision. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  43. Adrenaline junkies should become commercial pilot/flight instructors. No amusement park ride could match the “thrill” of letting a student who is “under the hood” (flying simulated instrument conditions) unintentionally put the aircraft into a full spin and just sitting there long enough to see if he could figure out what was happening and recover before I took the controls. (He couldn’t.) Or instantaneously going on hard instrument conditions at 200 AGL while patrolling a pipeline.

    Just kidding. By the time those incidents occurred, I’d been flying so long nothing short of a crash would have excited me.

  44. ๐Ÿ™

    That’s it, just ๐Ÿ™

    The current state of affairs– and wondering whether the country will fail in nuclear fire or civil war. I fear for the Republic.

  45. ..well, we’re off to see the ‘wizard’……damn, I thought the hens were loud at feeding time, these bovine can be heard from a mile away once the lights come on…..

  46. David in Austin:

    Last September, I told a co-worker that, no matter who won, there would be violence and blood in the streets.

    That’s been true since the election, and it’s growing worse.

    I hate being right.

  47. Sorry about that bad webcam.

    David and Jackie: An answer to your concern & question is in Debbe’s first post. Some little things that mattered were votes that were not cast, in more than just the last election.

    There was also an op column by John Micek, ‘Americans are proud of getting dumber’, in the Bemidji Pioneer, 11 Aug. I imagine c x-p encountered that some in his intro courses. Some years back, when a lecturer somewhere mentioned using DNA to investigate relationships, his young [college?] audience chorused back, ‘You believe in DNA?’ Ref. lost, possibly Sci. Amer. or Amer. Biol. Teacher.

    The Micek column perhaps appeared in all [Fargo] Forum Comm. Co. papers. The Fargo Forum is a pretty consistently Republican paper.


  48. emb, I will admit that in my younger days I went several times to Six Flags Over Georgia, and found that each time I enjoyed it less and less. Then why did I go, you ask. The first time it was for the fun of it, then because I was shanghaied by friends and could not politely say no. I have never been to DisneyWorld nor do I intend to go. Too many people, and I have never been a Devotee of The Mouse.

  49. Mark, David, and anyone else worried by who did/didn’t win the White House:

    The violence is being engineered by people who want to divide us into groups that cannot tolerate other groups’ behavior, beliefs, or even their skin color. As long as anyone allows themselves to see others as evil because they are different in any respect and not as unique and individuals made by their Creator, that person is allowing others to control his beliefs and actions.

    It doesn’t matter to me that I’ll probably never meet another former trucker who’s also a college graduate, born in a small Arkansas farming community, and a Mormon who has a CRT-D in his chest. None of those things define me as a person, tells you whether I voted last year, or how I treat my family members.

    The Creator, no matter how you label him/her/it, made you to be you. Even the young ladies below are unique and resist being labeled as twins, preferring to be known by their names:

    Remember: “One and God make a majority.” Frederick Douglass

  50. I am not worried by who didn’t win. I am disturbed by the actions of those who can’t accept who did win and that if they are unhappy the way to change is through peaceful action at the ballot box. Not rioting in the streets. However distasteful you may find someone’s opinions, freedom of speech is guaranteed to all unless they use it to inflame disorder or commit criminal acts. If you don’t want the demonstration, try to stop it in court or by using other legal means. Don’t go out armed with weapons intending violent confrontation with the other group.

  51. When I was a kid, we couldn’t afford a vacation, so going to the Indiana State Fair was the highlight of the summer. When I moved to Michigan in 1979, I never returned to the fair until 2013. That trip was filled with nostalgia even though I only got to stay for a few hours. Last year I got up early on a Saturday and drove 5 hours down and back and it was not quite as nostalgic and it rained. I did see a tornado on the drive back, so it was memorable.

    Since my wife and daughter are in London and Paris this week, I decided to drive to see my sister in Fort Wayne on Thursday and then drive down to the Fair Friday morning and try to be back for a later dinner at home. I think that I might enjoy this trip a bit more as I won’t be quite as tired. Why am I going? I guess to revisit my youth for a few hours and to people watch. I never went on any of the rides as a kid, so I don’t as an adult either.

  52. Mark: A usage bit that my RN/English major wife taught me. You are not nauseous, and probably were not then, either. It made you nauseated. The ride was nauseous. No member of the Village is nauseous. Don’t know about the DS. Peace,

  53. Trucker & Mark: agreed.

    Went to the Orlando Disney place 40 years ago, once – maybe twice. Discovered immediately that unexpected sounds and flashing lights did NOT make anything scientific or futuristic or interesting. My MBH may have gone another time or two in the company of guests; she liked it more.
    Not a fan of rides which go high: roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and things like the one which broke in Ohio a few weeks ago – all are out. Rides staying on the surface are OK.

    Have never been to any state fairs even though I have resided in 7 different states. I guess fairs are common in the growing up of a city boy. It is more than reasonable that rural people might be a lot more interested. Oh, I recall attending a county fair once, here in IL; no complaints.

  54. Best things about a county fair are the livestock and the handcrafted items, in my opinion. If it doesn’t have livestock, it’s not a fair, but a carnival.

  55. Lived 7 miles from NY World’s Fair (Not the ’39 one) did not go or care to.
    Wife (pre my meeting her) traveled 1300 miles.

    Been several times to MN State Fair, but it is not the same since there is no Machinery Hill.
    Just a lot of eats on a stick.

    Went to some thyme parks in Upstate NY when a preteen but don’t remember much about them.

    Do not find anything enjoyable about spending money to be nauseated – I can get that in the back seat of a car.

  56. nauseous is an adjective formed from the noun nausea, literally sea-sickness, with the suffix -ous, a descriptive that adds the meaning containing, usually to fullness (think bile and bilious), that adjective can and does apply to either the subject, in a figurative sense, that operated the action to nauseate and the object that was affected by that action, literally

    nauseated is a past-tense of the verb to nauseate, in both the intransitive (to feel) and transitive (to cause) conditions

    In the opinion of many who are licensed to treat nausea, and with agreement of many dictionaries, the original use on this page was both accurate and proper.

    The enjoyment derived from correcting others is a different matter. I find it nauseating.

  57. at 12:52 – no big deal but “…fairs are uncommon…” is what I meant to convey.

    My MBH and I did drop in at the NY World’s Fair back in ’64, if memory serves. It was nice to see things from around the world. For that matter, I believe the Orlando Disney place also had enjoyable representations of foreign cultures and they were interesting.

    Have no plans to travel for the eclipse. Where we are, we’ll have close to 90% anyway. I think I recall seeing a solar eclipse from VA back in the late ’60s or very early ’70s. Perhaps one of you astronomers can tell me when that would have been.

  58. Ron,

    I’m taking the camper to Missouri, driving, buying gas, food, and paying for the campground so I’m paying money. I’m not paying “real” money (as in big bucks) to go to Oregon or Wyoming but will spend more than $200. I’ve never seen a total eclipse. This is likely the last chance I’ll have in my lifetime. I figure that is worth a little bit.

  59. We’re heading for north Georgia, staying in a nice little mom-and-pop in Blairsville. Last time I was in the path of totality was March, 1970, while a student in Tallahassee. The clouds were so thick you couldn’t even tell where the sun was! Hoping for better weather this time. (Given my luck and how far ahead we started planning this trip, I’m surprised we’re not having a hurricane.)

  60. David, that’s my rationale. But since my wife and I are both over 60 and depend on CPAP machines, we’ve opted to travel to Dillon MT a day early, go back south to see the eclipse on Monday (there should be less traffic out of MT, we hope!), return to Dillon for one more night, and drive back through SLC on Tuesday in time to get to my first orchestra rehearsal of the fall season. The motel will cost too much since we didn’t get reservations until January. ๐Ÿ™

  61. Eufaula State Parks are holding viewing programs on Monday August 21 during the eclipse with special viewing glasses for 1.95 plus tax. Forecast is for warm and humid here.
    Our part of Oklahoma has 85-90 percent totality here so it will get dark.

    I have an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon that afternoon. Depending on when we must leave we will view it from our back yard or patio, maybe lunch on patio in dark?

  62. Just checked my appointment time, Ghost and I will be on the really cheap eclipse tour, driving to Tulsa exactly as it happens. He wondered if our headlights would come on?

    Don’t know who anonymous is but he or she is Totally Correct on his statement on nauseous.
    Including the part about people correcting other people on their use of words or spelling.

    Wanted to say so myself but Ghost said that was too confrontational, but since someone else did I can agree. Thank you.

  63. Jackquline:

    A couple of months or so ago, Morphy identified himself as Anonymous. Of course, we have no way of knowing if that is correct or not.

    I will join Anonymous and you concerning people who correct others.

    Once, I posted an item about word forms, knowing full well that it would most likely engender a comment. It did.

    However, before I posted my item, I was already prepared with a rebuttal for the comment that I was sure would follow.

    (Sigh and shrug.)

    What a pity that we have to waste time on such matters in here.

  64. Jackquline:

    Crud. Just thought of one more item. Sorry about the extra post.

    Throughout my teaching career, I tried to correct my students in public as little as possible and still sparingly in private. I found it to be more effective than always showing the “right” way.

    It seemed to have worked. The kids liked and respected me, and they are still glad to see me – forty years later for some of them. Even better, they worked harder for me than they ever did for most of the other teachers.

    Let’s face it. No one likes to be told what to do, and no one wants someone else to claim that he/she knows what is best for everyone else.

    Myself, I found that inviting the kids to participate and learn instead of attempting to coerce them was better.

  65. 1. Anon. has no idea what my sources of true joy are.
    2. Dictionaries have largely become sources of ‘whatever the people say.’ Irregardless [speelczech agrees w/ me] is now a synonym of regardless.
    3. I stand w/ what I will call ‘Elaine’s distinction,’ and generally favor such distinctions, which conserve precision in language: e.g., convince vs. persuade.
    4. Back to explore sites.

  66. March 7th 1970 had a solar eclipse that clipped the eastern seaboard. I was in Fort Wayne and remember the geese next door trying to go to sleep as the skies got a little dark (we were about 65%-70%). The next day my Grandpa had a stroke while driving and my Grandma was smart enough to pull over and turn off the ignition. She then pushed him over and drove him to the hospital.

    A friend of mine has a wife that works for Delta and he plans to fly somewhere on Monday to see the eclipse. Since he flies for free, he has to fly standby. I had thought of joining him, but even with a buddy pass, it is several hundred dollars. I have considered driving down, but I think that I can watch it via TV. Right now it is difficult to find the proper eye-wear.

  67. We know we can never persuade someone so opiniated that he is being rude in what he does. I suppose a lifetime in academia gives one the conviction they are entitled and elitist.

    I for one would rather see people posting here with bad grammar and misspellings than the boring graveyard the Village has become. We gst few new members here and they seem to exit rapidly nevsr to return.

    I miss so many I enjoyed am grateful for Facebook that allows me to follow them a little.
    But I wish they were here.

  68. I’ve been corrected here a few times and sometimes I am rather irritated by that. Sometimes I actually learn something. Sometimes I even disagree with the correction. But I really try not to be hurt by it. Most of the time we “get” what the person is trying to say, so I try to leave it as is.

    There are several words that get misused that privately irritate me. When people say Fords or say loose instead of lose, it bugs me. BUT, I certainly would not judge them for it.

    What does bug me is narrow minded hatefulness. We are all guilty of thinking about it, so I try not verbalize it or put it in writing.

  69. I am back from my trip to Ithaca! The drive was perfect, car didn’t act up; family gathering was warm and wonderful. emb, I did think of you while at Cascadilla Gorge. Tell the Village more tomorrow.

    Wondering what is the best way to store mushrooms in the refrigerator. From the supermarket, not picked around here. Do you have a favorite method?

  70. I simply could not depart your website before suggesting that I actually enjoyed the standard information an individual provide in your guests? Is gonna be again frequently in order to inspect new posts.

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