Imagining the unimaginable


As for the America’s Cup, I heard last week on the radio that the quadrennial race was about to begin, and it quickly slipped my mind, because I’ve been busy. Then, I heard on the radio it was over. Whatever you think of the competition, there was very, very little attention paid to the world’s premier boat race this time around, especially considering one of the finalists, the ultimate winner, was an American entry. Thanks, Rigger Steve (who really is a sailboat rigger), for bringing the race to our attention.

Of course, I bridled earlier when the news first came out that extreme sailboats would be allowed this year, high-tech multihulls capable of incredible speed, but when I thought about it, why not? What’s wrong with innovation? What’s wrong with making the America’s Cup interesting? I must admit, even for a nautical buff such as myself, traditional sailboat racing isn’t much of a spectator sport.

Anyway, it looks like the America’s Cup race will be in the San Francisco Bay area four years hence. I’ll bet we hear more about it then–if we’re still around.