Indian Summer

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Yes, I know. It’s still unadulterated summer, but I was stuck for a title. Have I ever posted this? I honestly can’t remember. I drew it a few months back. It was inspired by a drawing I made back in the 90s, a design for a tee shirt. The shirt was to be the prize for a little contest I ran, and only 50 were every produced. Alas, that first drawing is long lost to me, but I thought it turned out well enough that it inspired this drawing. No one is more painfully aware than I that many of the plans I introduce here are, to put it charitably, slow to develop. However, I should have some concrete news next week about the tee shirts we discussed months ago. I will tell you now that there almost certainly will be A&J shirts available in plenty of time for holiday shopping. Details to follow.

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  1. “…almost certainly…”

    I may have used that phrase from time to time. 🙂

    Pretty sure I’d have seen and remembered the above rendering had you posted it previously.

  2. Jimmy. I LOVE IT! You know I forgot to pack my sales resistsnce, if I ever had any.

    When is the art auction? I just bought a early oil by a good local painter here but I REALLY like his contemporary art which is acrylics in style of Blue Dog but boats and tractors and fields. They are related a tiny bit.

    Want to buy some of yours but will settle for tees. Will you autograph? Love.

  3. Lots of good, varied stuff in today’s “The Writer’s Almanac”: E.B. White, Roger Angell, Golding. etc. Comes in my email, no website, do a search. That first poem wouldn’t have survived censorship decades back. And now I know how Beelzebub translates into.

    JJ: Neat art!

    Peace, emb

  4. All: Ghost answered my query / how he found “The supplicant,” and others may want to know:

    “emb: If you access the TIP site through Google, you can right click on the image and get a dropdown box that includes “Search Google for this image”. Left clicking on that will usually yield a name for the painting and links to other sites with images of the painting.”

    Ghost: Thanks much. That’s going to save me lots of time searching through offerings from outfits that sell reproductions, plus the distractions occurring in many of them [even reduced testosterone production is enough, thank God].

    Peace, emb

  5. Also – thanks Debbe for mentioning AdBlock. That’s one of the add-ons I have for Fire-Fox. Ghostery (thanks to the Villager who put me on to that one) is another one, and when I read your post I twigged that the little ghost up in the corner of the screen was missing! A quick check showed that the last time I updated Firefox, somehow I neglected to Enable the add-ons, hence all the junk ads that were showing up. Villagers make life nicer. Thanks again.

  6. .


    With all the Villagers here (and lurkers like me), I hope you can find some enterprise to print a couple gazrillion T’s. I’m sure many of us (at least them) have plenty of friends who would be happy to wear A & J.

    S. A. Moore


  7. That is, indeed, a scene of domestic bliss – though I’d have figured them to be closer together.
    If I were doing this, and I am not, I’d also lessen the size of Arlo’s feet.
    Keep ’em comin’, JJ.

  8. I added this to RIP, Rufus Thomas
    so here it is again

    on 19 Sep 2015 at 4:12 pm #

    Re: Joan Rivers Cook Book
    My bride would eat the burnt roast and I the other. She does like “shoe leather”,
    me not so much.

    I have known “twig” forever, maybe it is a NE Yankeeism.
    Like “trig” means put a block in front of (and behind) a wheel.

  9. emb, she is listening to a football game. Otherwise, haven’t we gone done this road before and that neighbor has disappeared? Breaking news- Tippy is a rag doll and we couldn’t be happier. I’ve always thought that they were beautiful cats, but thousands for a kitten? Yeah right.

  10. Or, has the girl been shouting at the radio in her earphones, and got carried away with this “pass receiver.” No, Janis is doing the shouting, something I associate more w/ Arlo. Maybe the girl is listening to the same game Janis is watching. People are nuts. The outdoors is for listening to birds. Or watching birds and “birds.”

    Either could really happen. Could happen to the driver catching up to you going 70 in the 55 zone on 694 or 494. We live in strange times.

    Peace, emb

  11. Super drawing ! Had to study the perspective…I am allowed to wear tee shirts and jeans to work (if clean- in both senses of the term) so I’m afraid this one wouldn’t quite make the cut (more because of the “eyes of the beholder” than the actual picture), but I really like it.

  12. That is not same neighbor that Janis collided with before.

    Which reminds me. I picked up one if her old albums just because today. Because I love her gutsy voice.

    Have been listening to a piano CD I bought to help a street.musician on a roll around piano of original music get to New Orleans. Actually enjoying it, evokes emotions I thought were dead, New Orleans was my soul once.

    Now if the cello guy will just show up out in the Co op parking lot again. But it’s been drizzling, not good for cellos. Love.

  13. Hung out with my old boss at her home town fair tonight. Italian sausage, over-catsuped crinkle fries, and homemade ice cream. Yum!

    Before we left, JoAnne and I had to check out the antique tractors. I love antique tractors. Lots of red and green with a smattering of orange, and a couple yellows. (Yes, I know which brands those are.) I was telling Jo I disappointed not to see any Cockshutts (Just because the name amuses me. Don’t judge me.), when we found one at the end of the line next to an Oliver. The Oliver had a mason jar attached to it. Now what I know about tractors would fit on the head of a pin, with enough room left over for the lyrics to “She thinks my tractor’s sexy.” I puzzled out it had something to do with the oil, but not sure why or how. We debated going back to the herd of farmers holding court at the pavillon, but decided it would be too risky. (They didn’t seem too fond of “outsiders.”) Then we saw a pair of old timers in Case IH hats next to an International with a similar mason jar set up. Well, after the inital answer (Gets the dust out of the oil. How, I still don’t know.), the one started a sermon on parts, the importance of correct decals, and how he had the foot rest pattern for a TI-90, and another guy had the box pattern? for this incredibly rare tractor (Or maybe it was a T-90, I don’t remember. My brain instantly flashed to a graphing calculator on its side with tractor tires, and my brain went no further.) Once we discussed Jay Leno’s car collection, and the Corvette museum down south that lost several rarities to a sinkhole, we fianlly managed to wriggle away.

    P.S. If anyone wants a mason jar thing for their tractor, there’s a guy in Iowa who makes and sells them, $99.95 with shipping

  14. Are tractors sexy? Ages ago, “Playboy” ran a pseudo USSR issue. Playmate, “Olga”, was a plausibly Russian lass in the buff, posing this way and that with a [presumably Russian tractor on a presumable collective farm]. Foldout itself was Olga, the tractor.

    I think it’s different now, somewhat.

    Peace, emb

  15. So no one here would think me weird if I bought a rather weird and contemporary painting of curving rows of farm land and a tractor or tractors working the fields rather like Blue Dog paintings?

  16. Dear Mindy from Indy, I like your story about the tractors a lot. Real details are gripping for me, even if I don’t know much about them. (Are the calculators that reminded you of tractors from Texas Instruments?) When I leave my car in a parking lot I always look around at the other cars — It’s like going to a car show, and I needn’t pay to get in, or drive someplace special. I really like to look at cars! The beautiful colors, and the styling, and the genormous SUVs and pickup trucks that make me go “tsk tsk” for the conspicuous expense. I also think, “I bet it isn’t paid for.”

  17. Dear emb, I wish Chris and I could have seen that Playboy issue — I bet we both would have loved it; it sounds terrific.

    Dear Jackie, you have good taste in paintings; though I’ll have to Google Blue Dog; it’s not familiar.

  18. Ghost, we aren’t being just the teeniest bit self grandiose are we? Somewhat irrespectively yours, Mrs. Monies.

    Chatlotte, Blue Dog was a series of paintings done by the recently deceased artist George Rodrigue. The artist I met up here is Don McGill and he has a series of contemporary
    Paintings that also call to mind Van Gogh.

    The rather surprising thing to happen this weekend was that I have begun wearing jewelry again for first time in twenty years. I don’t mean expensive pieces, just any at all

  19. Good morning Villagers…

    Judy, you are certainly welcome…Ian downloaded ad block for me. I need to start a list of “what to do when…” with my old Dell here when Ian comes home for a visit.

    Mark, I not sure Dell here could handle Spotify…but I’m sure at some point some of the songs will wind up on U tube….when they do, let me know.

    Jerry, so does Tippy have blue eyes? When my husband brought home 4 orphan kittens (which I had to bottle feed) there were three long haired calico girls and then one male. The girls went to good homes. and I kept the male…Buddee is black and white and reminds me of a ragdoll, his markings are beautiful and his fur is soft and silky. He was Ian’s buddy, always in his room and slept with him. Now, Buddee is always beside me on the recliner. He is very docile. I can tell he misses Ian as well as I do too.

    Gal….I thought the same thing of the above print….it looks so peaceful.

    Got very tired at work yesterday….I thought this thyroid pill would make me more energized, don’t know….get blood work done before next appointment in November. But then I didn’t sleep well the night before either.

    well, ya’ll have a blessed Lord’s day……

  20. Jerry:

    Interesting info about “Indian Summer.” Everything else I’ve read gives other songs the nod as first. Where did you find the info about “Indian Summer” being first?

    Also, if you don’t mind telling, what is your connection to Jim’s family?

    Is it through the Navy?

  21. RE: Janis being tackled – I read a comment on the comic site that hypothesized that Janis was playing a Pokemon game on her phone. Apparently there is a new app in the works where you search out and collect virtual Pokemon in locations in the “real” world. The premise is that the girl who tackled Janis was after the same Pokemon. Reminds me of “geo-cacheing” where you use the GPS on your phone to find real objects hidden in public locations, then sign a paper inside to prove you were successful, then put it back for others to find. I think you also register your find online. My brother plays this game, and “Where’s George”.

    Debbe – Good luck with your thyroid. Sometimes it is tricky to find the right balance of hormone, and the symptoms for not enough and for too much both include feeling tired.

  22. for the steam buffs

    The Mason jar is a precleaner for the oilbath air cleaner. Was used before paper filters –
    Had one on my ’70 pick-up cost $10 extra and saved $100s in filters.

    Was going to ask if there were some of “the other green” – Cockshutt was basically an
    Oliver made in Canada –
    I have 2 Oliver 70 and an 80.

    BH just did the 50 HS reunion. Good time was had by all.

  23. Jackie – I don’t collect a lot of art, but if I had the money I’d buy something by Gene Brown. I love the colors and vistas of his landscapes.

  24. Mindy from Indy : The Old Farmers around here (some of whom still use their Olivers) refer to Cockshutts as the “Canadian Olivers.” I’m just trying to teach the little kid down the road who loves tractors that there are green tractors that aren’t JD’s.

  25. Wikipedia had this to say about Cockshutt Farm Equipment Limited:

    “Originally founded as the Brantford Plow Works by James G. Cockshutt in 1877, the name was changed to the Cockshutt Plow Company when it was incorporated in 1882.”


    “The Cockshutt name was no longer used beyond the mid-70s.”

    I was not familiar with the company or their farm tractor products. They must not have been big sellers where I grew up. Learn something every day around here.

    There was mention made of a “Cockshutt logo”, but I was not brave enough to explore that. Perhaps Lady Mindy can enlighten me. 🙂

  26. Good crowd, ideal light E wind, nice blow started 2 m before predicted 1904, but:

    1. Webcam operator presumably has a screen much like ours. Crowd could see the tops of the maximum jets, but we could not. We’ve already seen the crowd; webcam needs tilting up, which happens only sometimes. Zoomed in on OF as it waned, but should have covered full blow from bottom to top; angle but not aim was just right for that. He’s already seen several blows today, but she always has new viewers. needs oil.

    Peace, emb

  27. As this post has sales as it’s “theme”, I thought this would be a good time to say Thank You! I received my copy of Beaucoup Arlo & Janis on Thursday and have mostly devoured it already.

    Thank you JJ for adding the liner notes to give the reader a much broader background on you and your thought processes. Combining that with the various tidbits offered through the years on this blog you make us feel, if not personal friends, as if we are neighbors who know you across the fence.

    I have been popping in here to catch blog entries on a catch-as-can basis since the days of Katrina, and I know I have missed past books and offerings that I wish I had collected in my younger and poorer days. I will be keeping an eye out for the new shirt.

  28. and we hope to hear from you more often. Denise, hello…? I’m not a tractor person in spite of coming from a long line of farmers. I planted strawberries once and tomatos once, neither with success. They were cool old tractors though. I do have blueberries where I live now so we’ll see.

  29. Mark, I like many of the features of that experimental truck. I don’t like the concept of putting the driver in the center, even if it streamlines things–that leaves no room for any passengers (co-drivers or your kids) except back in the bunk area. And being a hybrid, there’s still the matter of manufacturing and eventually disposing of the massive batteries… there’s a lot of pollution involved even with the batteries in the four-wheeled hybrids.

  30. Debbe 😉 Another Mood song by the same artists as yesterday, but I don’t think anyone would quibble about that.

    Keep praying for my InterWebNet connection…it needs it. The continual short-term interruptions have not abated. Very strange…as though someone is flipping a switch on and off at somewhat random intervals. Reminds me of the old story I told a while back about the TV repairman making a house call who couldn’t figure out why the TV kept powering up and powering down until he realized someone had plugged it into the old-timey device that made Christmas tree lights go on and off. And of the TV commercial of a few years ago where the man was flipping a wall switch in his house on and off, on and off, trying to determine what it controlled. Meanwhile, his neighbor is watching in shock as his garage door opener is raising and lowing, raising and lowering the door, banging it onto the hood of his car.

  31. Remember our cockatiel who laid eggs on the curved top of a cage? She’s at it again. As she usually produces about 6 in a batch (each about a day apart) I will expect repeat performances as the next two weeks elapse. For those who haven’t heard this before, the cage has a top which is a semicircle when viewed from the front or back, and those two semicircles are connected by thin rods or thick wires. Today’s egg was just barely lodged between two of the wires where the angle is 45 degrees off vertical – or horizontal, for that matter.

  32. Good morning Villagers….

    And yes, GR 😉 , one does not need much imagination to know what Siri came up with 🙂

    ….I pray today is better than yesterday at work….’Skittles’ may be put on probation after the way he spoke to me yesterday……I’m lucky I didn’t slap his nasty mouth.

    Mark, you didn’t answer my question regarding how that website knows I have ad block….I figured you would know.

    Thanks Judy….my sisters all are on thyroid meds and it does take time to find the right dosage.

    have a blessed Monday………….

  33. Saturday was my 40th Class Reunion, so I was in Fort Wayne this weekend. Everything was a flashback. Some of my classmates have not aged well. Thank goodness for name tags!. However some of us looked pretty much like we did 40 yrs ago, but with silver hair and a little more weight.

    Because of Facebook, my wife actually knew a few of the people. Also because of Facebook, a lot a people felt like they knew her but are not friends…yet. She did not want to go, but said that the experience was much more enjoyable than she thought it would be. She was also surprised at how many of my classmates knew me. I told her that she has known me for 34 years, and I’m sure that she has noticed just about everyone I meet remembers me. Sometimes they even like me! lol

    Today’s strip reminded me of the time that I was on Mackinac Island and had trouble getting my portable satellite radio to pick up the Tiger game. I went to the beach near a wedding reception and listened as Pudge Rodriquez hit a game winning home run. I started yelling and jumping around and everyone at the reception started staring at me. One I told them that Pudge had hit the game winner, everyone erupted. They realized that I was not quite as crazy as I appeared….I guess I had them fooled!

  34. OF is “spitting” now but can’t make up its mind to blow.

    As far as the aim of the camera – I always thought it was sort of an automatic motion sensor type of control, not a ranger. Wonder how you rate to get the job of camera supervisor?

  35. It’s a “Stand- by ” position: “You there stand by the camera a point at anything moving or BIG”. LOL…….Good shots in good weather, not so much when it’s wet there.

  36. I am still in the Pacific Northwest relishing the cool weather and general vibes of the first place that has seemed like home since I unwillingly left New Orleans. I don’t want to leave, love the artists, the shops, restaurants. Water, boats, people, natural foods, dogs and fact I am wearing a boat cap that says “We’re all here because we’re not all there.”

    It’s an easy place to like and a hard place to leave. I noticed as I got dressed this morning that my clothes had made in America labels. When was the last time that happened?

    And now I know as friends the artist who made the jade necklace I am wearing and the designer, manufacturer of the cap, that the artists who designed the tee shirts I bought. The artists who photograph and paint, the street musicians, waiters, chefs, bartenders.

    Maybe here in summers, Coastal Gulf in winter? How cool is that? Love.

  37. Shame on you, Ghost, your prejudices are showing!

    I am not in Seattle, I have been in Port Townsend, WA this entire time, haven’t left. If I were extolling the same charm of Pass Christian or Biloxi or New Orleans it would be OK.

    Yes, this place is full of old organic vegetarians who are tree hugging pacifists but that is fine. Without diversity America would be a boring place full of people who look alike, sound alike and think alike.

    Since I don’t drink coffee or lattes it doesn’t bother me. I am however sitting at an organic fruit, veggie and all purpose country store. Think I will go buy a vegan gluten sugar free good for me treat. Love.

  38. Ghost, you’re having an online argument with an anonymous person sitting in a hotel room somewhere. And I’m sitting here reading it! Technological progress is fantastic! Seriously, I got home a little sooner than expected. It was the first funeral that I’ve ever been to where the minister never said anything about the deceased. Also, when we got to the cemetery there was another coffin sitting off to the side, wrapped in ropes and waiting to be dropped in the ground somewhere. It was interesting because it was one of the oldest cemetaries that I’ve been to. There were many 19th century graves and many confederate flags. There’s no argument apparently about that subject in Georgia.

  39. Ghost knows who anonymous is, as does big portions of the Village. On fact there are quite a few photos of her floating around now.

    Oh, I kill myself with the puns! Met some really legendary sailors today, strange to think I get to do that. But frankly, we seem to have moved into that tiny percentage, “Hey, you mean they are still alive?”

    Got another writing gig yesterday for another magazine, get a monthly column and byline too. So, now I have to kick in the discipline to write daily. It’s been a long time.

    The organic and vegetarian bakers amaze me. I think most of y’all would love this place, it’s a foodie paradise.

  40. Good morning Villagers….

    It was a chilly morning in the hen house…51 degrees inside there….I quickly closed the windows some more…can’t have my Miss Prissies ‘chillin’….

    Jerry…I looked but I couldn’t find what you said was there….

    Ya’ll have a blessed Tuesday….

  41. Yes, Jackie, I suppose I’ve reached a milestone of sorts in that often now when I hear a celebrity name, my first thought is “Isn’t he/she dead?”

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