Inking Aloud

From 2009. I have mentioned this before, but I have mentioned most things before: every time I look at my artwork from recent years, I cringe at how blah it appears, because it is from the period I was using felt-tip pens. Felt-tip pens are convenient. They greatly speed up the drawing process, a big plus in my book, and they are very portable. One of the best things about my job is, I can do it anywhere. However, as many times as I’ve done it, traveling with India ink and accouterment is always problematic. Felt-tip pens eliminate that concern nicely. However, the resulting drawing just isn’t the same. Not for me, anyway. About a year or so ago, I went back to the old dip pen method, and I am much happier with the finished product, although I’m always trying to do better.

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  1. I like Bob’s suggestion. I really can’t tell the difference without a comparison.

    I bought bird seed once, but all I got were a bunch of squirrels.

    I don’t watch the News channels unless something is breaking and then only for a short while. I have a real issue with pundits yelling over each other. Wish the directors would discover the “mute” button.

  2. My late husband was a Fox addict, along with Limbaugh and radio yellers. I could not bear to walk into or through room or ride in car. I would say how can it be news, they are interviewing each other and yelling?

    He also watched the pneumatic Italian with extra teeth on Food Network. He almost never cooked.

    He did like the Fox foxes too.

    Did I say I just woke up? Sorry, my aversion’s are showing, I haven’t brushed my hair or teeth, there’s a bad taste in my mouth.

  3. ‘And my thought as I was driving away was, now I’m in my “Element.” Lovely!

    We/I’ve been Toyota Fans since we got our first one, back when Chester Berg, a local domestic dealer, first began selling them [with one lapse, when Subaru came out w/ front-wheel drive before Toyota did. That was a good car, which we gave to our Chicago daughter, and somebody wrecked while it was parked outside her then 1st fl. apt. All of our Toyotas have been great, and we’ve never traded any in; our kids get to drive them ’til they give out.]

    One distinction I don’t understand is how T. comes out w/ the clunkiest names: Camry, Yaris, etc. whatever their last rear-wheel sedan was [cannot remember, and we never owned one. Just came to me: Cressida. OTH, Avalon is a decent name. De gustibus . . ..

    Chester Berg is the oldest extant Toyota dealership in MN. Chet Jr. is now pushing 60. They are doing well, have a good service dept.


  4. JJ yup a side by side comparison would be a great idea. Although even minoring in art in college I’m not sure I have the eye to tell the big differences in the two.

    emb for years I was stuck on AMC before it went belly up. The 232 engine they put in was just about indestructible. Next favorite was Subaru, it is the only thing that consistently crawl up my hill in the winter. Now to get mine repaired with a new rack and pinion for the steering.

  5. emb:

    Part of the problem is that many names are trademarked or already in use. The OEMs will either have to pay big money or decide to change the name to keep the consumer from confusion.

    My company supplies parts for many of the Ford engines. Ford will use a code name that the general public never hears of. Often the name will change because Ford will realize that in certain parts of the world their code name means something entirely different than what we think it means in the US.

    I believe GM had an issue with the Lacrosse as in Canada it is slang for something that GM definitely does not want to convey.

  6. Good morning. The first effort didn’t take. It occurs to me I forgot to drip water last night and I may not have any.

    My nose and body is telling me this may be sinus but probably isn’t allergies. I keep remembering Ghost Crack about how much could a nose blow? He didn’t phrase it delicately.

    Ashes got tired of the dark and threw open the shutters. He’d throw up the sash if he weren’t a Russian blue cat with no claws. I hasten to add he came that way and he is Boss Cat of the pack, whacks them upside the head if he is cranky which is frequent with old age.

  7. Several of my female friends subscribe to dating services or websites. They keep telling me I should do so as well. Since each has been married four times I do not know their advice is good, I suspect it isn’t. I don’t like “dating”, never did. I am picky I know.

    When I hired employees the ads I ran were most specific, “Floral driver able to drive standard transmission, nonsmoker, available unlimited hours. Prior experience in deliveries or driving preferred.”

    You know what I got, don’t you? So you can imagine what I would get if I advertised for a date don’t you?

    Shudders here. Skin crawls.

  8. Andrew Lloyd Weber gets lot of criticism for his music and jokes, he was a running plot joke on The Nanny. Bet Ghost watched that pneumatic comedian, I did. Nanny and Butler were funny.

    But I had never seen Phantom although I would still like to, not even video or movie. Mostly listened to specific songs. I may be only person who has never seeneed Cats, whose music is playing now. It is hard to argue with Weber’s success and sales.

    Here is Michael Crawford and a young Sarah Brightman singing Music of the Night from Phantom. Fabulous voices and products ton.

  9. Andrew Card and another former presidential chief of staff were on CBS This Morning today. When asked what advice they would give the incoming president, Card’s answer was “Taste your words before you spit them out.” I’d never heard that one before but it sounds like something many of our parents would have said.

  10. From the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center: “A G1 (Minor) geomagnetic storm watch is in effect for 4 and 5 January, 2017.”

    In case anyone was concerned due to yesterday’s cartoon.

  11. Nope, Steve. And neither are boating forums nor my personal pages. Lots of friends or so one hopes. I get hundreds of friend requests I delete immediately who have staged photos with divorce or widowed men with glamorous jobs and settings, no friends, no photos except cover page.

    My girl friends say these are like the fake photos dating sites use. I don’t know, I keep remembering the hilarious stories my widowed friend in Houston used to tell about her “dates”. I told her to stop writing the bosom heaving, bodice ripping romance novels and switch to funny.

  12. Yes, back in the days when I watched TV sitcoms, Fran Drescher (The Nanny) and the butler character were indeed funny.

    I saw her on Letterman telling about the time she as hosting a dinner party for at her home for guests that included some CBS brass. She was reaching for something at the dinner table when a candle ignited her fuzzy sweater and quickly enveloped her in flames. CBS Broadcast Group president Howard Stringer, seated behind her, jumped up and ripped off her sweater, leaving her topless, but then covered her with his coat.

    “The next thing I knew,” she said, deadpan, “they renewed the show.”

  13. Smigz, I think you are already getting more current tips on your tablet. I did not adapt well to touch screen interface. Not surprising, I still use keyboard shortcuts and a mouse, having disabled the touchpad that became unpredictable (to me). Heck, I’d prefer a trac-ball, but gave up on trying them out, diameter/sensitivity/rate of motion never feel right. *Warning* grump detected.

    My only question may be how Android handles launching applications as compared to loading data files. The Operating System may prefer executables be kept in one location, while still being able to find your movies and songs anywhere you may put them.

    Mark, I also really enjoyed your Element. If that was ever a part of the marketing image, it went right be me. Your words made it read like an epiphany. Like finally finding comfort and freedom of expression.

    Previously, I had always associated that model with a bumper sticker I saw, “Yep, you just got passed by a toaster.” in a large, round playful font.

    I like yours better.

  14. sand and Morphy, thank you both for your responses to my tablet/sd card query. I am comfortable with the touchscreen and stylus, having a year+ experience with the Note 5; but the sd card is outside my comfort zone at this point. I’ll go ahead with a new sd card in the replacement tablet. It may enable me to avoid a further problem, and it certainly can’t hurt to do so. Thanks again!

  15. Anonymous, it might be a toaster, but it has a good sound system! And an aux plug where I can jack in my cellphone to play my Spotify playlist! Makes me look forward to long drives. The salesman I bought it from referred to it as the only Honda which could fit anybody and I believe it. It’s the most comfortable car I’ve driven since I had a 1988 Toyota Van.

  16. I thought the toaster was a tongue wedged in cheek satire on a car carrying five, passing you so you could read the rear bumper sticker, and cry in your inadequate conveyance.

    Sort of a 21st century version of Volvo, they’re boxy, but safe.

    Geezer club members use wires to connect playlists. Glad you’re with us.

  17. Smigz, what I mean to say is I agree with your assessment. Performing the same actions with the same objects, usually produces similar results; no matter what the salesman hopes for. Perhaps looking at the individual pieces of the problem differently will lead to a better solution.

  18. You know I have only dated two men in fifty years so I would say I don’t have time or inclination to bother with trying to catch up with my previous records.

    Just not going to try any dating sites, I have to think if they accepted my very married husband that they also accept other women’s as well.

    Funny, now that I look at it that way I seemed to have dated two married men unintentionally!

  19. Jackie, just a strange conglomerations of forever young adults still attached to the world of last century. You know, the confused masses. So the nursery in one wing has a teleporter to the geriatrics center in the other wing.

  20. Just unpacking a box that mixed my trendy ball caps with my trendy lingerie. Still thought I’d bought a Leopard or cat pattern, had, one of each, a cap and bra, about same sizes.

    You know I always loved Fran Drescher. Same reason I love Dolly Parton. I can relate. Both funny, brazen, outrageous, smart and far more than a big rack and hair.

    We scare off most men you know.

  21. Your car is a good choice for you Mark. There is a car for each of us. No such thing as a one fits all in cars nor panty hose.

    We now have Bullet, Trigger and Silver. All Good Guys rides except the dog. The dog was extraordinary dog.

  22. Our friends who own Elements dread the day when theirs are used up and must be replaced since Honda no longer makes them. They’re great vehicles for carrying around their large dogs or the stuff a woodworker needs, not so great if you need to put passengers in the back seat – unless it’s someone more agile than me 🙂

  23. Grump alert: Why do Manufacturers in their Infinite Wisdom, end production of consumer favorites while continuing to pump out things we go :shrug: over?

  24. They did that to Mercury Villager which had highest owner loyalty in minivans. They last too well and don’t get traded in, they keep being driven.

  25. I feel bad for those who are my age and without a spouse. I am a very friendly person, but before I married I had the most difficult time getting the courage to ask a girl out. I tell my wife that I still do…. A nice personality trait for someone married 34 1/2 years.

  26. Ruth Anne, you had shared a quote earlier, that phrase is going on my improvements list. It condenses very nicely, what I’ve recently implemented, again. With ranging effectiveness.

    GR6, Van Allen is my friend. I enjoy the interwebs, but wouldn’t miss them. Still remember Dewey and his decimals, miss the smell of newsprint. Technology is fast but not always accurate, it has not made us paperless, rather increased our use of exotic materials. Some have to be taken from nature, others must be created as an ‘improvement’ or abomination of nature.

  27. I guess I should clarify, I feel nature is at our disposal. I like that we can use natural material in new exciting ways. But putting it in mass production without solving the end of life problem of disposal is not good stewardship.

  28. We have had such mild temps this winter that I really didn’t need long sleeve shirts although I wear them when possible, BUT we have a good chance of some snowflakes Friday night or maybe Saturday morning. If a subway train on tracks runs into walls do you think that I will trust a car to drive itself?

  29. Steve: ‘I bought bird seed once, but all I got were a bunch of squirrels.’

    Don’t sell squirrel-watching short. Got my ‘working papers’ doing that [more than 1 species, interacting and not] and writing about it.

    W.H. Burt, my grad advisor and author [e.g., Mammals of the Great Lakes Region; Bacula of N. American Mammals; Burt & Grossenheider, A Field Guide to the Mammals [Peterson F.G. Series] told me to write about mammals for T.C.Mits. He was pleased when The Mammals of Minn. came out.


  30. Just loaded up with groceries.

    Good thing Mark picked another Cowboys horse..who can name all the horses and side kicks. And if they had a girlfriend.

    Home with the groceries. It will be so cold I can leave meat in car until morning but must take in salad stuff and fruit.

    Having salmon, asparagus, cauliflower and quinoa tonight. That’s my fast food.

  31. P.S. So were Elaine and my students. Several yr. of inefficiently burning the candle at both ends. OTH, the experience enhanced my efforts in ‘The Lit. of Biology,’ a Strunkian course mostly on expository writing for biol. majors. Still get strokes from former students for that one. [Prev. post and this one garnered 4 more terms / my A&J dictionary.]

  32. emb:

    I’m not knocking squirrels at all. With my spacious back yard, I used to love watching them, as did the cats. Growing up in Indiana, all I saw were brown or gray squirrels. Moving up to Michigan, I basically just saw the same, but eventually I noticed more black squirrels. I would say now, a majority of the squirrels that I see are black.

  33. I miss my squirrels I used to feed. One would lay on top the feeder houses and nap, a perfect target for cat hawks. That is a Garrison Keillor name from Cat You Better Get on Home.

    Neighbor across street is really old and native American so he sits out in yard in a folding lawn chairs and shoots the squirrels.

  34. Jerry, I wouldn’t trust a self driving car of today any further than I could throw one. Even if it can stop inside an even shorter distance. I might even pull over and park if I recognize one on the road.

    Advancements will come, my grandchildren will be shocked by the autonomous freedom we had. I just don’t want to be a statistic noted along the way.

    I had a very similar discussion, in real life, following the third railway accident earlier this year. Those things don’t even have a steering wheel, just a throttle. They can only move in two predetermined directions. But apparently that can be too difficult at times.

    Hope you did not have a near miss, to mention it.

  35. I encountered a probable new personal record today, though I am not keeping track: In a single crossword puzzle, there were nine different languages in the various answers! In effect, all said “Merry Christmas”. The nine were English (duh), Italian, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Gaelic/Irish, Hawaiian, Greek, and Korean.
    I knew the first four and had heard of the Hawaiian from an old Bing Crosby hit of the ’40s or ’50s…recalled it, too. Knew the ending of the Norwegian, but had to get the rest of the Norwegian as well as the Greek, Gaelic, and Korean from working out the crossing words.

    In the words of the late Arte Johnson, “Verrry interesting.”

    I’m surprised the writer didn’t work in German, too.

  36. And when autonomous vehicles are mandated, I’m sure the Gubermint will not be interested in collecting and keeping records of the routes, stops, and destinations of all of them, will they?

  37. At a previous office location, a couple of staff members liked to open the mini blinds of a rear window while on break and watch the squirrels frolicking around in a tree just outside. One day they looked out and got an unexpected close-up view of a pair of them on the window ledge busily trying to make baby squirrels.

    Hilarity ensued.

  38. I actually even don’t like the name. I know it may be a small thing, and they are auto-mobiles after all. But really Autonomy as a concept is such an important part of human realization, I do not like extending the privilege to machines. In my view all machines should have an OFF switch. And a human willing to use it.

  39. I agree with you Ken. Pen and ink along with copper plate etchings are my favorite art medium. I include comic art in that category.

    I don’t even like to mark my laundry with a felt tip.

    Jimmy you are right to do it right.

  40. Here is my usual Valentines public service message. The holiday is coming up in a little over a month, about five weeks.

    Why not do something for the one you love like eating healthfully and exercising. If you start now you can engage them to help you with the program and reap benefits of the togetherness and improved health.

    Me, I am the most solitary person here no doubt but ever hopeful. So I work alone on me and my body and health and know that if you don’t do it for yourself and love your self you won’t do it.

    I don’t mind the admiration and looks, I appreciate that I am being admired but that isn’t why I do it. If you are in a relationship try to get your partner to be part but if you can’t, do it anyway.

    Having said that, I will go put some more things into my hope chest. No intention of marrying, just hoping!

  41. Jackie, a wonderful message of improvement and forward looking optimism. I hope it is not petty to object to the descriptive solitary. You are, for an unknown period, unpaired. But I have met few people more busy, more traveled, more interactive. The crews you cook for, and adventures I have read here. If any had asked me about Jackie Monies, solitary, recluse, hermit would not appear any where in the story i could relate, 2nd hand. If you are solitary, you posses an incredibly descriptive mind.

  42. “Were the squirrel couple disturbed in the least?”

    Not until they noticed my snorking staff members, which was after they had finished their business and were attempting light tiny cigarettes. Then they flipped off my SSMs with their tails and departed the area posthaste, with as much squirrely dignity as they could muster.

  43. Oh yeah, you know who I hope to look like right? Only slightly trashy, not totally.

    My mama was truly beautiful woman, I lived in her shadow forever. But I become more like her every day except in looks. Just the personality and habits.

    I’ll have a gun in that snake skin purse next thing you know. You know it doesn’t matter what you actually do for a living Ghost, that has nothing to do with what the Village loves about you. It is your character they love. You could be anything.

  44. She liked my New Years day blackeyed pea and pork roast Texas caviar salad on January 2 so that was two days ago.

    Want me to write to her directly?

  45. Off to bed and pick out warm clothes for tomorrow. Skipper the cat is sleeping on my thermal ski underwear that is bottom layer of ensemble! No Carhart’s for me. I may do the Janis into jeans but no zippers.

    Forgot the Egg report. We have second hen laying. We now have three tan flesh colored eggs and one that looks blue, pale, like giant Robin egg. Trula has asked me to go buy fake eggs for the chickens, she says she feels guilty taking their eggs.

    Have gone on a salmon binge, found a huge cache of it that was in freezer and it is still good. Made a lime honey garlic and tamari, olive oil and brown sugar glaze. Put brandy flavor in as I had no brandy. Defrosting more salmon. On super food binge too, quality food in cannot hurt.

  46. Jackie, please check on Charlotte if she doesn’t post here tomorrow.

    During the fall, it seemed I couldn’t give away (literally) bird seed but also couldn’t keep the hummingbird feeder filled. Now, of course, that’s reversed. So arrived today a second seed feeder I ordered to exchange for the HB feeder for the winter months. I’ll put it up tomorrow.

  47. My feeding towers are the most admired things in the yard according to Trula and Tony. It takes about 50 pounds of bird seed to fill them all if some still have seed.

    Tony is really proud of them, he installed the high posts and brackets on them.picked the feeders to coordinate colors. My property goes from one street to next street so we did flight patterns so many yards apart and each tower is close to one or more excellent tree or tall vine cover for protection.

    I love birds. Dogs, cats and birds, chickens and I could have other animals, there are no.restrictions out here. Of course that isn’t always a good thing.

    Really didn’t buy any of the outrageously costly ones but have barns, churches, light houses, schools, silos, windmills, a Texas star, lots of reds, yellows, whites, blues, greens.

    This started 20 years ago and took off with my mom here, she loved the birds. I guess I just kept adding them wherever I saw a different one or sales.

  48. Apparently the syndicate colorist thinks “opaque” is a synonym for “white”. (1-5-17)

    Still enjoyed it, though. There seems to have been a recent dearth of “Janis in the tub” cartoons.

  49. Jackie
    You remind me that I have to defrost the little freezer – it is colder outside than in the freezer
    so stuff will keep.
    BH slipped on ice getting out of truck and twisted knee – have been “doing” so she does not have to move much. She is better tonight.
    As I said the other day sometimes it takes awhile for our ride to tell their names-
    I think my truck tried to say his is “Traveler” (R.E.Lee’s horse) but ge is not – so I will
    call him Ishmael. (paraphrased quote).
    BH will be very disappointed when her station wagon can no longer be coaxed to continue.
    But I figure there is 200,000 more miles in the of girl.
    Mom used to make good liver – she marinated it in milk.
    MIL made better but the we used our own cows.
    I used to eat Raisin Bran exclusively for breakfast till I saw the raisins doing the backstroke across the milk – of course zapping them would discourage swimming, just add protein.
    About 35 years ago i co-invented a Braunschweiger cutter that increased efficiency
    about 300% and eliminated waste. Got $1.00 to sign over patent to employer.
    On a Dragnet episode Harry Morgan (later Col. Potter on M.A.S.H.) had a sandwich
    of Braunschweiger, Cream Cheese, & Garlic Powder on Caraway Rye bread.
    I have been eating them ever since.

    GM Debbe where ever you are.

  50. That is part of my memory of the wonderful Jewish deli where I used to eat the liver wurst or braunsweiger sandwiches. The cream cheese and freshly made Carraway rye bread. I do not remember the rest but it was about and inch or more thick. It was hard to get in mouth.

    Mike used to say they could skip sandwich and just inject in my veins.

    Think oil crash in 1980s dropped a dead rig right on top of the restaurant.

  51. Jimmy, “Blondie’s Opaque Bath Salts” is inspired!

    Our local squirrels will be chasing each other for the next two months in the attempt to pass on their genes. Most females will run when not receptive, but we had one old fox squirrel lady who would just hold her ground and swat her pursuer when she was not in the mood. I once saw her knock a big male right off a tree branch. He didn’t seem surprised; my hubby saw her do the same thing to him the year before. Goldie was a scrappy broad, and Short-Tail, while not monogamous, apparently loved her for it.

  52. She looks good for being at least 86 years old. BTW did anyone else see the video of the two year old picking up the furniture that had fallen on his twin brother?

  53. Jackie- you ARE beautiful.
    Folks, you can do your own side-by-side thingy, using this strip and today’s. (Jimmy’s busy, y’know. creating fun stuff for us to enjoy, supervising workers on the parsonage AND putting together another book…..)
    Oh no- Jimmy, you folks didn’t get hurt by the bad weather, did you?
    Jerry, GOOD to see you again.
    A bit of snow here, maybe more later. Everyone have a fun day. 🙂

  54. When my little brother was 2 or 3 and and I was 8 or 9, I caught him trying to climb up the dresser. When I went to pull him off, the dresser started to fall on us….with a TV that was setting on top. The TV was balanced on my head but I was having difficulty pushing everything back upright, so like in the movies I yelled HELP! and my older brothers came running to push the dresser/TV back into place. It took me a while to explain what happened, but my brother never tried climbing up the dresser again.

  55. There’s a story behind my new “brass lantern” style bird feeder (see below). It is nearly identical to one that my sister gave my mom several years ago which, by about this time last year, had weathered to the point the bottom had fallen out it. I had to replace it with a “tower” type feeder. Needless to say, I am happy to have it to join the tower feeder I brought from my mom’s apartment.,320_.jpg

  56. That’s why we all should secure tall, high center-of-gravity items if there are likely to be toddlers in those rooms. Brackets are cheap, and repairing screw holes in the walls is both cheaper and less emotionally devastating than repairing injured children. Or burying them.

  57. I think Utah deserves higher than #35 on the list… but they are probably doing average weather data for a state that shares borders both with Arizona and Idaho and ranges between 2,180 ft (spillway of Beaver Dam at AZ border) and 13,518 (King’s Peak). I live at about 4,500 ft and in the northern half of the state. When St. George gets snow, it’s news. When we don’t get snow here, only the ski bums and resort owners cry.

  58. Thank you Llee. I do plan on stopping to visit when I head north but I am waiting out the weather. I don’t like driving in snow or ice and I see no reason to do so!

    I love your nasturtium paintings you just did.

  59. Ghost, those are my favorite bird feeders too.

    There is a story behind mine too. I had a matched set of them all around porches, maybe eight or ten my feed store ordered for me. They annoyed my late husband but they were neatly hung alternating with hanging baskets.

    He took them all down and we thought we’d find them eventually and reinstall. So far we have not found but I still am looking.

    Birds love them.

  60. I believe the last snow accumulation here was in January of 2014. I spent two days and a night at a friend’s house, because our employer* declared them snow days. We enjoyed popcorn and hot chocolate and stuff.

    *Yes, same employer, but she was not a member of my all-female staff. I don’t roll that way.

  61. Ghost kitty ran back into house post haste when I called “Kitty, kitty, kitty.” He is in training as Alpha Kitty of the cat pack.

    Just finished my oatmeal, blue berries and cranberry English muffins, Diet Coke. Weight is going down again.

    Seafood diet, more glazed salmon and fresh Vegs , salad and whole grain for dinner. Yes, I am eating two meals a day mostly with a diabetic shake to add protein and more nutrition.

  62. Ghost Kitty came here as a donated kitty and may or may not be related to the ancestry of my cats, he was found in a flooding storm in field nearby. He has more personality than all the others put together.

    Just now he was sitting in breezeway loving on Hoochie Mama, licking her ears and face. Somehow that seems righy.

  63. Hi Jimmy. Did you realize that Arlo and Janis were mentioned in yesterday’s New York Times crossword puzzle? Yup. The clue was Janis’s husband in the comics, and of course the answer was…Arlo.

  64. What makes up either term?

    I am sitting on bed and each corner is staked out.

    Big Boy inherited from my late cat whisperer, Spotty inherited from Mark’s mama, Sylvester inherited from the fired minions and Dickens who thinks he is cat.

  65. Jimmy, [current daily] All hail the 4th wall/crossover/wink-wink, say-no-more mastery of humor that is Jimmy Johnson! A very satisfied smirk on Janis’s face. Is the first swipe of the nib/brush always best? How many re-edits did today’s face take?

    I’m late to the party today, and may not catch up until tomorrow. But I had to give Jimmy a big clap on the back for today’s offering. Thanks.

  66. Reminds me of the reaction to my bath gel, body Cream, spray Cologne, all of which are same scent, toasted sugar and vanilla.

    When people figure out what it is they say “You smell just like cookies!”

    That all began when I loved idea of the Archangel Michael smelling like baking cookies. That and me baking Cowboy Cookies, people would comment on the cookies when I really did bake them, getting the cookie smell on my skin and hair.

  67. The writer refers to a basenji sibling, which would be a kind of African dog, not something from a place named “basenji”. Our eMb colleague is from Bemidji.

  68. ‘Dearest Ghost, and Jackie — You are so kind to ask how I am doing, and I am touched by your concern. I am feeling good and am at home, have been since September. But I am still using a walker and am so slow at getting anything done; seems as though I’m just spinning my wheels. I am cheerful, and not depressed, don’t worry — unless laziness and procrastination are symptoms — no they are not.

    A (fairly new) iPad has entered my life and I must say that I am wasting far too much time on this nifty little toy, than I ought to. I can sit at the kitchen table and read about the Villagers and their doings, and I do so, every day. Since I’m not going out and doing much, I haven’t posted, but I will make more of an effort. You guys are awfully fast typists! You must get lots of practice. I am very slow compared to you.

    I loved Old Bear’s most recent, long, letter. That sandwich he spoke of sounded wonderful; I love liver wurst … Oh dear, Hal wants to make two words of it! He has hardly bothered me at all but I can’t ignore this. Try again, liver wurst. Darn. Coincidentally I’m reading “Between You and Me — Confessions of a Comma Queen” by a New Yorker copy editor — it’s funny, and useful too. copy editor (a Christmas present) it’s funny and useful as well. Actually at the chapter “

  69. Attacked by cursor problems, will continue am at chapter 6, Who Put the Hyphen in Moby-Dick? Compound words, Long entertaining section on the hyphen.

    Anyway, I’m very fond of Braunschweiger — is that the same sausage as you-know-what? And am inspired to make a sandwich on Rye bread with caraway seeds. There’s a slice or two in the freezer. No liver sausage but will use chicken; healthier too. Enough for now, the iPad keyboard is nice but I do better with the desktop computer keyboard. Fingers getting tired.

    Love to all my friends in the Village — Charlotte.

  70. So glad to hear from you Miss Charlotte. You can just tell us what you are eating, reading, thinking. It needn’t be dramatic, just to know you are OK.

    Just got through with my salmon and have to go clean stove where I boiled the garlic honey brown sugar glaze all over stove by turning my attention away.

    My two teenager helpers just dragged in groceries and a freezer full of meat, I just stuck a bone in pork roast, sirloin I think into oven with honey garlic rub. I will brush it down with glaze tomorrow when I reheat for lunch or dinner. Depends on who shows up for work.

    Bought myself roses, mini carnations, large carnations to make my flowers with. I want mine now, not when I cannot enjoy them.
    Instant gratification is too slow.

    Ghost honey, the food is always pretty tasty here and the ingredients handy if you’d like to come cook anytime. And it is even colder here than Mississippi.

  71. It’s so nice to see your posts, Charlotte! “Between You and Me” sounds interesting. I have been meaning to get to the library and will see if they have it. Thank you!

  72. cx-p: Thanks. Same author writes ‘all of these words are for animals or birds.’ Well, so does Genesis, but don’t know what Hebrew word was translated as ‘animals.’ Today, even attentive elementary students know that birds are animals, and that what author means is ‘mammals or birds.’

    Some of those peculiar groups are also rare, because many adult mammals and birds are intolerant of conspecifics. That group of cheetahs, for instance, is most likely mom and her nearly grown kits, who had probably dispersed, perhaps being driven off, within the next few months. Foxes are mostly loners, too, except that males often help raising young. That group of 3 male lions is not a pride, but perhaps 3 brothers on the lookout for a pride they can oust the resident male or males from, then kill all the cubs they can to bring the girls into heat when they can no longer be nursed by young.

    And they will willingly with those infanticidal males, as will female in a troop of Hanuman langurs when a new male [just one] takes over. Ref: Hrdy, Sarah Blaffer, ‘The langurs of Abu’, Harvard U. Press. Very readable and instructive book. [3 new words for dictionary]


  73. Plural: ‘as will females in a troop’. Hanuman langur troops comprise one adult male and many adult females, and any young of females he knows he has mated with. Common for females, preggers or not, to solicit matings from cruising males. Girls don’t know what they’re up to, of course, maybe just want a quickie, but infidelity is selected for because any seduced male who takes over the troop is likely to remember that tryst and not kill her young. It’s nasty out there.

    [Speel czech didn’t know mating was a noun one could add s to, didn’t know ‘preggers’, and didn’t realize langur was the singular of langurs, which I’d just added. Slow learner.]


  74. Hi, Sweet Charlotte. Good to hear from, and even better to hear you are doing well. Drop us a note when you can; I know you have family that checks on you, but I, for one, feel better when we know you are OK. Stay warm.

  75. It will probably be Saturday now before I can make Lawdog Stew, Llee, but I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    And Jackie, it’s entirely possible we’ll get around to cooking up something together one day.

  76. On a cheerful note I wore thermal underwear for the first time in my life today. Not bad, the large bottoms were too big and the large top a bit snug. Going to go browse for a kind where you buy separates. Planning to live through another cold spell.

    Bought several pair of knee high boots. I am so short they look like corsack boots, being above the knee. Puss in Boots. I will wear my ball caps with Meow embroidered on it.

    And I found I do not need large or wide calf boots. I will be able to carry a gun or large knife inside some of them, should I need one.

    Goody, the pork roast went off. To bed to look for thermals under several comforters and cats.

  77. The reason you’d be reading Law dog Recipes is what concerns me. How can I nurse you when you get shot in the shoulder and bound up in a arm sling, needing a buxom widow woman to save you from having your arm amputated by swabbing your sweating, feverish brow without benefit of antibiotics. Nothing but heaving bosoms to keep you from death?

    Heck, we won’t even know about it, much less where to look. Have you made provisions the Village be notified? With five women to nurse you, I imagine not.

  78. Jackie: Separates are the way to go with thermals. LLBean has good ones (their silk ones are perfect in Florida) in a variety of lengths.

  79. Thank you Ruth Anne. I gave all Mike’s away, never thinking I would be small enough again to wear his or my mom’s. Mike had so much sailing clothes and mom hunting. I on the other hand did not.


  80. Do not think Dickens will make it to groomers in morning. It has begun to snow here and is supposed to continue until almost daylight. Time of his appointment Temps are to be in teens. They do not treat or clear roads in boonies.

  81. Gee, Jackie, you make getting shot sound almost like something to look forward to. We do need to pick you out an everyday-carry knife, if you do not already have one. Don’t forget the utility of a “strategic shanking”, should one ever be required.

    Stay off bad roads.

  82. Oh to have temps as high as the teens.

    Off to get tooffies cleaned in morning.

    BH walking without crutches but still aches.

    GM Debbe where ever you are.

  83. Good morning. Going back to sleep, the vision of new fallen snow giving something something to objects below did not cause visions of sugar plums to rise in my head but filled my heart with dread. If I wake up I will bake some muffins I think, banana ones.

    Most of cats are in house, the three on bed haven’t
    Moved a muscle. They are all welcome but some just won’t stay in and a couple won’t come in.

    One is in living room meowing to go out and turn into a cat cicle.

  84. Woke up to snow! Don’t really like the stuff . I grew up in Michigan. I saw enough of it to last me a lifetime. So far it hasn’t t melted.

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