Insect Aside II

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I suppose the good news here is, the nuclear-war plan has trended upward since 1997. I’m traveling today. I am in Demopolis, Alabama, “City of the People.” You should Google it. It has a very interesting history. It was founded in the early 19th century by Bonapartists, political exiles from France after the return of Royalist government there. The settlers in west Alabama established what became known as “the vine and olive colony.” They thought they would be able to grow these crops, because the soil and climate reminded them of Bordeaux. They were wrong about that. There was a John Wayne movie supposedly set in French Demopolis that bore no relation whatsoever to anything that ever really happened.

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  1. Summer weekends, the rich kids from my high school went to Demopolis to ski on The River. (Ski boats were relatively expensive, even back then.) Personally, I never saw the appeal of water skiing as a pastime. Or snow skiing, either.

  2. x-c skiing with wife and friends was fun, and this area is ideal for it. A stressed knee ligament now rules that out.

    Today’s TIP is ironic. If Lauren did it, I’d not be surprised.

    Peace, emb

  3. ..God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the world..
    then he made the Earth round..and he laughed and laughed.

    But then again He made Eve from Adam’s rib — not to walk ahead or behind but alongside.

  4. Good morning Villagers….

    Still laughing at Jerry’s comment 🙂

    GR 😉 their eleven minute version is great, but have you ever seen Lorraine?

    Good to see you pop in Indy Mindy…..

    Back to work today, saw Mom yesterday. Nursing homes are depressing, she was setting at the table with a 105 year old woman. Sad day. Going to drop $ off so she can get her hair cut and permed next Tuesday….she’ll like that.

    Gotta go…..

    ya’ll have a blessed day.

  5. Today’s realtime strip made me think of my Dad. He used a shaving mug and brush. And of course, Old Spice afterward. Thanks, Jimmy.

  6. The thing I remember most of the John Wayne movie was all the men running around in their French Army uniforms while the Confederates marched north to Tennessee to join the war.

  7. Laura in Upstate NY: You’ve gotten your wars mixed. The movie is about the War of 1812, not the Civil War. We all fought together in that one, much better that way.

  8. Well, she’s staying overnight for observation and tests to be certain that her parathyroids (they weren’t removed) are functioning properly. So, assuming all goes well, she’ll be home tomorrow. While some people milk such situations for sympathy, she’s a tough gal who prefers to get back to her routine… and having had hyperthyroid symptoms this past year has made her extremely eager to do so. But she has agreed to abide by the doctor’s orders concerning lifting and such.

    IOW, the dust bunnies will be attacked in two weeks! Mr McTwo would be thrilled.

  9. Best wishes and prayers. Thyroid hormone therapy is one of the more easily managed situations. The former student I’ve mentioned has been on it for decades [she was 30sh at the time, is now a grandma approaching retirement], with three working parathyroids.

    Peace, emb

  10. Sand
    Interesting. What they don’t say it is like any pet – it is a 24/7 job.

    And the girl with the 20 sq ft back yard? that is 5ft X 5ft.

  11. 20 sq. ft. would be only 4ft. x 5ft. That may not be exactly spacious, but it sounds workable and, apparently, was. Perhaps 2ft. x 10ft. would allow greater separation of the birds and lower their stress level while still having some width to the space.

    Good luck to your wife, TR.

  12. my bad math – need that edit button

    or 6 inches x 40 ft

    You also realize for every pound of feed that goes in it seems 2 pounds of poop
    comes out

  13. Good morning Villagers….

    Denise…thanks for posting that link, very encouraging. Now if all the big heads can get their heads out of the ground, this could work. Stockpiling looks to be an issue. The naval jelly is holding up, but I need to find some more bottles. We’ve been applying it every other day.

    And Old Bear…that is so true, I’ve got a manure pit to prove it 🙂

    TR…good news on our wife…they say it’s hard to keep a good woman down.

    Ian has an eye doctor appt this morning, and he should have his glasses by mid week. He’s so blind he can’t even play his video games (gasp!). He’s been sleeping for 24 hours…depression hit him hard. This morning I’m waking him up and talking to him man to man 🙂 Oh, and the true story came out about how he lost his glasses….running late, story later.

    GR 😉 and Tuesday’s gone with the wind.

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  14. Debbe, Ian is lucky to have you…most people have to to pay a doctor to help them out, and the doctor doesn’t do it with love! About glasses: my cousin-in-law once lost two pairs of glasses in a month, but my husband beat that: he lost two pairs (regular and prescription sunglasses) in two days.

    TruckerRon, good thoughts and prayers coming her way. She sounds like a great gal.

  15. Was this really the best way to phrase this?

    “Naked Tree Huggers Mount Eucalyptus Trees”, story on Fox News website about people climbing into the trees to prevent them being removed.

  16. JELLO and good morning from the great Pacific Northwest still. I know I see many of you on some of my Facebook pages so some of you know what I am doing.
    This to we n I’d full of free spirits of the human ilk, so much so that am conservative.

    One of the volunteers at the Maritime Center is one of the Art Car group, an artist of decorated old cars who was living in his before it died on him. If you have seen the movie it is the one with map of America and a giant cityscape atop the roof.

    Thank you Ghost for the music links. I have gott e n lax on my exercises so youbr e motivated me! I will go back to checking in more often. What kind of walking are you doing?

    Love Jackie

  17. Debbe 😉 You could be my counselor anytime, hon. 🙂

    And José Jiménez says”Jello” to you, too, Jackie. I hope you saw the “Spyderco” post I directed your way the other day.

    Currently doing 60 to 75 minute walks at a 5 kph speed on the treadmill (because July in the Deep South) as a “warm up” (boy howdy, is it ever!) before beginning strength training (alternating days of upper body and lower body). I put the playlist on my smart phone and listen to it on Bluetooth ear buds while I walk. It helps.

    Don’t stint on your regular exercise…good for the body, good for the soul. Also, my average weekly weight loss has about doubled since I’ve gone to 6-days-per-week workouts.

  18. Re today’s (7-24-15) cartoon, there is certainly nothing wrong with the sales associate’s looks that a paper bag wouldn’t fix. 😉

    Caution: Do not substitute a plastic bag.

  19. GR6, I would say nothing that soap and water wouldn’t fix. And I can attest to the truth of these current strips. When my ex’s favorite lip color was discontinued we were buying it wherever we could find it. Online retailers, EBay, etc. The next nearest color in the manufacturer’s lineup did not look right on her.

  20. Lucky me to find a man who likes wind blown hair, natural fingernails and little makeup. Opinion still out on face lift since weight loss has left a lot of unfilled skin?

    Still exercising, walking despite needing that new knee.

  21. Debbe, that was an interesting typo in your last message regarding my wife. Or was it a typo? We guys are usually clueless about things, but I’d think I’d know about that one.

  22. Hello, Start Up L Jackson. I don’t remember seeing you post here in the Village before. Welcome–and that was a great comment!!

  23. Good report on your wife, TR. One of my favorite (and oft-used) expressions at work is “back to what we laughingly refer to around here as normal”.

    Accuracy kudos also due to Jimmy for today’s cartoon in re the fact that the female sales associates in Cosmetic & Fragrance departments very much tend to pair push-up bras with low-cut dresses, producing noteworthy décolletages. I know this because I regularly shop one of the local up-scale department stores, looking for a rare fragrance for a demanding (but, alas, imaginary) lady friend; they never have it in stock, so I have to keep checking back.

  24. I can hardly believe it, but I forgot to check today’s strip until just a few minutes ago! But I had a good reason. One of my sisters fell Wed. evening and broke her hip. She had surgery today and I spent almost all day at the hospital. The surgeon said she came through it OK, but of course, she will have a lengthy recuperation. I just hope everything heals well, for she is 79.

    The anesthetic did a number on her. In recovery, she thought that she was being held against her will and that everyone around her was brainwashed. She has probably been watching the current news too much!

    TR: Glad your wife is on the mend. I just recently started taking a thyroid medication and have felt much better. Not nearly as sluggish as I was…

  25. The local food coop here has incredible and imaginative foods, most of it organic and very healthy. An old fashioned hippy type coop, not as slick as Whole Foods but beautiful produce, creative deli. Had an African peanut soup with chicken and vegs, another was s Chilean veg soup with ground lamb I think, hazelnut shortbread, a TexMex quinoa and corn pudding. I could eat all my meals there but bring lunch down to Maritime Center.

    No one wants to eat healthier and smaller portions oe God forbid, exercise.

    Thank you Ghost for inspiration. I am still far from perfect but you know what? Who is?

    Love Jackie

  26. Gal: Invent a new lady friend with different scent preferences, of course. 🙂

    I hope your sister continues to do well. Even though the anesthesia knocked her for a loop, at least she didn’t have a life-threatening reaction to it, and she should be past the risk of throwing a clot pretty quickly. i don’t envy her her recuperation, though.

    I sat with a close friend after she had shoulder surgery a few years ago, and her reaction to the anesthesia was much the same. She thought her family, the surgeon, and I had all lied to her just to get her into the hospital, because there was never anything wrong with her shoulder (she was sorely disappointed in me for deceiving her), along with about forty other conspiracy theories. The hard part was not laughing at her at the time. But you can believe I made up for it after she left the hospital.

  27. Jackie, if you ever alight in one place long enough, and in the absence of a knee fix, see if you can find yourself an aqua Zumba class, water yoga class, aqua aerobics class, aqua jogging class, or something of that nature. (They will, however, likely insist you wear a swimsuit for class. 🙂 )

    Speaking of fitness, former Special Forces weapons man Hognose quoted this on this morning, an explanation from a “rotund” 1980s-era military intelligence NCO with whom he served as to why it didn’t matter that said NCO could not come within hailing distance of a passing score on a PT test: “You run your two miles. I’ll stand and fight!”

  28. Gal, I’m curious to know whether she remembered later what happened in recovery. Will she be recuperating at home or in a rehab facility? I’ll keep her in my prayers, along with Mrs. TruckerRon (and the rest of the Village, as well as Our Peerless Leader).

  29. Hi Denise!

    I am able to resurface; we have new ID cards, passports, and paperwork. Almost feel like changed people. 😉 Only have domestic travel on the itinerary through the end of the year. Maybe a Cuba trip should things fall just right.

    GR6, should they ever have your “ladies” fragrance in stock be certain you do a sniff test.

    TR, see your household is busy. Glad to hear the Mrs. is ok.

  30. Denise: Sis is not completely free of the effects of the anesthetic. But she should be tomorrow when I visit. I’ll let you know! The hospital has a rehab unit and she will probably be there for a period. Medicare will OK 28 days but we will have to see.

  31. Two places no sane person would make a movie-“Frogs” at Eden State Park (close to Destin) and Peter Fonda in ” Euley’s Gold” at Wewahitchka, reasonably close to Appalachicola.

  32. Prayers for all those in need.

    On a more tragic note – about 40ya as I recall a couple drowned when a man went to rescue
    his wife and she dragged him down – they were in 3 feet of water.

    Was it you that requested On The Mall from MPR Friday Favorites?
    The requester listened to it at NYC Central Park mid 50s, likes Gilbert & Sullivan,
    comes from Bemidji.

    I asked for Butterfly Lover’s Concerto – it is 28min long – by Gil Shahan
    This is not walking music- more like sit and enjoy your meal or just unwind.

  33. Not the first time I’ve blown my cover here. Yeah, today [Sat. 25 July] was wife’s birthday, and also the day she bore our daughter, who is 54 today and probably doesn’t care to be reminded of that.

    Butterfly Lover’s Concerto is neat. So is a piece Steve* played earlier, two instruments [most often violin and piano, recent Middle European composer, repetitious but lovely]. Almost like playing scales or changes on church bells. Can’t remember title or composer but would recognize it. Maybe look at the MPR playlist. *Staruch is also a good MC, handled a small group’s recital here. I’ve had him play lots of stuff, including G&S.

    Peace, emb

  34. Mirror in the Mirror [Spiegel im Spiegel]; Arvo Part [pronounced pairt]; Anne Akiko Meyers, violin; Akira Eguchi, piano.

    We had a married couple who did it often here, but he got a better job in music ed someplace else. He was also a comedian, of the better sort. emb

  35. The title of the only tune which stuck with me from my NYCity years had always been unknown to me until a week ago. It happened that I was in a traffic snarl on the way to a genealogical meeting, and the radio played it. I was delighted and listened carefully to the title, etc. I may add that it has been an earworm since the mid-/late-1940s, so I TRULY wanted the name!

    My family had made a visit to Radio City Music Hall in all its glory, for an Easter show, I think. The tune was gorgeously done, with singers slowly walking up along the sides of the main floor audience. My memory may be wrong on this, but I think they sang a religiously inclined verse beginning with “Oh, give thanks to the Lord up above”. For an Easter show, that’d be appropriate. When you listen to it, you will understand how the meter works out.

    So, go to youtube and seek Anton Rubinstein’s “Reve Angelique”. There are several choices of artists, but I chose the one whose thumbnail showed some of the Radio City exterior [a lot more of the interior was shown during the performance]. It was done by the Philharmonia Slavonica and some commenters didn’t care for that version, but it did fine for me. Enjoy.

  36. Good morning Villagers…..

    TR and Steve….that was not a Freudian slip 🙂 a typo, but a funny typo (where’s that edit button?)

    Well, the man to man talk did not happen, Andrew called and we had to hurry and get to the hen house….another auger out.

    But Ian did get his glasses yesterday. Modern technology, competitiveness allowed him to get his glasses within an hour….and it was from one of those big eye glasses stores.

    It’s Caturday….have to work on the steel rod conveyor this morning. Humidity is high.

    Oh, and yesterday was PAYDAY….Ian opened his check that was a week old and noticed he got a raise….I fumbled in opening my envelope and sure enough, I got one too. I always check my hours never the pay….came home and looked at last week’s pay stub… was there too. I got twenty five cents more on the hour than Ian…..and I’m not telling him. Got a .75 cent raise…yayayayaya!!!!!!!

    Ya’lll have a blessed Caturday

    And a big welcome to L Jackson….good quote too.

  37. Glasses for big eyes. Sounds like one of those things that you might see hanging over the sidewalk in NYC to advertise their wares to non-English speakers.

  38. Going sailing this weekend with a pack of Scamp sailboats, then to a fireworks display tonight. All these towns up here work hard on tourism with constant festivals, musical events, farmers markets, street vendors, foodie enticements. I will say the food truck with Texas barbeque from Round Rock, TX would only excite the Pacific Northwest, Texas wouldn’t have been so excited, I wasn’t.

    When boat building school ends here we are off to the North Channel of Canada to sail, a long, long haul across either Canada 1 or long haul from here to Lake Huron, then back across country to Boise, Idaho to go white water rafting and back to rest up in Washington state before the big wooden boat show.

    Hey I just wanted to have a interesting summer, I didn’t do the schedule!

    Love Jackie

  39. Appalachicola, Appalachicola, APPALACHICOLA! Appalachicola is fun to say, Jerry! (So is Bemidji, emb.)

    Congratulations on the raise, Debbe! I’m glad Ian could get his glasses quickly. I can’t imagine needing them and being without them.

    Jackie, you sure are covering a lot of water AND land!

    Yay! sand is back, sand is back! (Doing happy dance.) Hug Loon for us, please. We have missed you folks.

    Gal, if the rehab unit is part of the hospital, I think that would be good for coordinating her care. Sometimes it’s hard to get everyone on the same page in different facilities.

    Ghost, I’m curious…what fragrance are you asking for?

  40. Denise: Yes, the rehab is part of the hospital and has excellent reviews! A few years ago, my BIL had surgery on his shoulder at another hospital and was sent to a local rehab unit. Terrible! Luckily, due to some members of the family that knew which strings to pull, he was able to transfer to the hospital rehab. The difference was like night and day!

    Debbe: I know I would not be able to function without my eyeglasses. I do have prescription sunglasses so at least I would be able to drive. Thankful that Ian was able to get his in good time.

    Old Bear: Thanks for the link! Don’t have time today, but shall bookmark it.

    Village: Blessings to all!!!

  41. My experience with rehab hospitals for my late mother in law and husband were not good. We used a wonderful hospital but when transfered out we dropped into the dark ages.

    Hope to avoid that step altogether when I get knee replaced. Hospital is orthopedic only and John is coming from New Zealand to nurse me. He assures me he was trained as a medic for field surgery during Vietnamese war by New Zealand armed forces, along with other useful skills like flying engine less aircraft and jumping out of perfectly good planes with engines.

    I am reassured. Love Jackie

  42. Debbe 😉 Thanks for the Springsteen video, hon; I had not seen that version. (Looks like someone had some fun with PowerPoint.) Good song, good visuals. Even if there was an amazing scarcity of pokies among such a wide array of skimpily clad lovelies. (An exception at 2:22, if anyone is interested. Wish she worked out at my gym.)

    I wonder if there is a term for a group of pokies, as in a Brood of Chickens, a Clowder of Cats, a Murder of Crows, a Prickle of Porcupines, etc.

    A Prominence of Pokies, perhaps?

  43. Debbe: Congrats. I bet you’re still not paid what you’re worth. Few are, while others are paid 1,000 x w.t.w. Welcome to the Land of Opportunity.

    “Appalachicola is fun to say, Jerry! (So is Bemidji, emb.)” BSU had a president who had trouble with it. He was from Texas. BSU is where I taught biology and stuff for 36 years. Some alums think I walked on water. Only some.

    c x-p: “The 5-manual organ at Radio City helped, too…it was 5, wasn’t it, eMb?” I guess I knew they had one, probably like the one at the old John Wanamaker’s store in the Village, theatre organ style. Saw “Random Harvest” and “Fantasia” at RCMH.

    Ranks? Everything I know about organs I’ve learned in Bemidji [no longer, if ever, a secret]. The conductor of the BSO, Dr. Beverly Everett, the greatest gift Texas has ever sent us, is also an organist, does a recital every summer in the Bemidji Area Church Musicians summer recitals at St. Bart’s Episcopal. They have an electronic organ, but a good one.

    BUMC did two BACM Wed. noons this summer. The first* was to celebrate our newly refurbished pipe organ, and featured several area organists and a fabulous free-will lunch afterwards. BUMC and St. B. are rivals for the best after-recital lunches, a rivalry l much enjoy. Bev is in her 11th year with us, also has the Bismarck/Mandan orch. She is a godsend. I thought she’d be in Milwaukee or some such by now, but Bev apparently likes it here. But then, as I said, she’s from Texas. Actually, I think she loves Texas, too.

    *The second was just last Wed., Glenn Seibel [BUMC] on euphonium and baritone, with Wayne Hoff on piano. Wayne, who will have his own recital [electronic organ], with Carol Johnson on piano, 12 Aug at Aardahl* Lutheran, a small rural ELCA church, also with good lunches and an excellent lutefisk supper each fall. Wayne is a most gifted pianist, plays with the Bemidji Chorale [two concerts a year], and is often the “orchestra” for musical productions of the Bemidji Community Theatre, which wife was active in. Have I mentioned before that she achieved a life goal, starring as Eulalie McKechney Shinn, the mayor’s wife in “The Music Man.”

    *Mostly we’re Scandinavian and Lutheran up here, don’cha know. Mostly [actually more] German farther south, RC and Lutheran. I know of one MN city that is mostly Baptist*, of various stripes, but none that are mostly UMC. *My younger son, a known UMC liberal, came in last of five or so in a school bd. election there. He and wife will retire in Mpls.

    Peace, emb

  44. My dear virtual friends, my Mom passed away at 7:20 this morning at the nursing home. When I visited her on Wednesday, she was questioning why the good Lord had not taken her home. She is home now, she passed peacefully…and she looked at peace…finally.

    Edema and high blood pressure built up, so it’s a question of a stroke or fluid build up in the lungs…..I’m okay, but my one sister is in Montana (not Wyoming) on a week’s vacation. They should arrive in Indianapolis late tomorrow night. We meet with the funeral home Monday.

    Ian is especially taking it hard…she is the other one who spoiled him. I am happy she looked so peaceful and is finally at rest…I asked her as she laid there in the bed, and I know she was still around us, that she keep Ian safe.

    Ian and I are working tomorrow….I need to stay busy, The Boss is so understanding. Thank all of you for being here when we need one another.


  45. Debbie, I know just how bad you’re feeling right now, because I’ve lost both of my parents, neither of them suddenly. You think that you’ve accepted the fact that it’s going to happen and that you’re ready for it, but you never really are. Yes, you’re going to grieve, you’re going to mourn, but with time, the hurt will pass and life will go on. As the doctor said about the kidney stone, this too shall pass.

  46. Lost my father fast and my mother slow. There is no good way to lose someone you love. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family – Sideburns said it best.

  47. I’m so very sorry for your loss, Debbe. That death is a part of life is a sad truth with which we must deal, but I know from bitter experience how difficult that can be to do. Prayers and hugs, hon.

    I am glad that you were able to see her and spend some time with her so recently.

  48. Debbie dear, there’s little I can add to what has already been said. Losing your mom leaves a hole like no other but knowing that she was ready to go does help a little. If this Village could all be there in person, you’d be smothered by the hugs!

  49. I’ll be praying for you, my almost sister-wife-whatever. Of all my close relatives who have passed, only my mother did so slowly. The rest of us have had sudden cardiac arrests; I’m the only one to survive one.

  50. Debbe: Like Ruth Anne (and others) said… It is hard but you will work your way through it. Many, many hugs and prayers. We love you!

  51. Dear Debbe, so very sorry for the sudden, painful bad news. Sending hugs from New Hampshire and please tell Ian that all your friends are thinking of him, too.

  52. I’ve said it before in condolence cards, Debbe—it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, the time of loss is a time of grief. The Village does care. Prayers from Arizona. And as Charlotte said above, give Ian an extra hug and tell him it’s from The Village.

  53. We all know that it’s coming, but not today, please, not today! But tomorrow will be today very quickly so if you still have things that need to be said, say it today. Make that telephone call now. The two beautiful young ladies that were killed in Louisiana, I wonder what was the last thing said to them by their husband, parents, boyfriend. I hope that it was “I love you”.

  54. Debbe you know I have walked in your shoes recently, so losing your mom, even after a long life is still hard even when you know she was suffering. My love and big crushing hugs goes out to you and your husband and son.

    And yes, I sign everything I write with “love” and tell everybody they are loved, both those I am related to and those who are friends. You cannot say that too much, life is too ephemeral to count on another opportunity.

    Love Jackie

  55. Debbe:

    Sorry, thoughts and prayers.

    Memorial service at BSU today for a beloved retired faculty member and director of summer writing workshops. Most recent occupation: doting on figure-skating granddaughter, twelvish.

    Peace, emb

  56. Good morning Villagers…..

    Thank you all for the heartfelt condolences, this Village is my home away from home.

    Spent yesterday making calls, my other two sisters went shopping for something nice for Mom to wear. Mom always dressed up and she wore it well. Down to her Este Lauder foundation. I loved the recent arc on makeup on the real time strips I haven’t worn makeup since my Stepdad passed… I bought a foundation yesterday…all the time thinking of JJ’s storyline.

    Today, I will be focusing on the good times Mom and I shared….like one of the times she visited me in Corpus. We went shopping and she bought us felt/wool fedora hats…hers was a cream color and of course I chose black….I still have that fedora.

    We went by my Dad’s yesterday to tell him about Mom. We walked into the living room, he looked up and said “well, one of you brats are missing!” He cried, and he asked me if it would be ok for him to come to the funeral home. I told him yes, and I just didn’t want him to breeze in and out….I wanted him to stay for awhile as we girls will need him.

    It’s going to be hard to get Ian out of his bed this morning…..wish me luck, as he needs to work and not stay in his room….besides, he needs the money if he truly wants to move to E’vill.

    My one little niece has a job interview in West Virginia on Tuesday. I simply stated that if they couldn’t reschedule the interview due to the circumstances, then it would not be facility I would want to work for due to lack of consideration…it would not be a good interview knowing she would be returning to Grandma’s viewing on Wednesday. If they can reschedule the interview, hopefully the viewing will be Tuesday. I don’t want to sound callous, but all this waiting is hard on everyone.

    love to all

    I hope you all don’t mind me posting the next few days, I just need to come here…you all are very therapeutic.

  57. Debbe,

    Late prayers and thoughts for you and your family. May God hold you in the palm of His hand. Prayers and hope for everyone. God bless us every one.

  58. Debbe, if you can’t come here to vent some frustration or get some support, we would be poor neighbors.

    I have a nice red Fedora and a leather Fedora ala Indiana Jones. I would love to see you in your black Fedora.

  59. Debbe, your story of shopping with your Mom, and of her buying you a fedora, reminded me of something about my sister. She loved to shop, but only for bargains. I honestly don’t think she ever paid list price for anything. She was always buying gadgets/knickknacks for my Mom and me that she discovered on her shopping expeditions. I must have two or three dozen of them just in my kitchen.

    This morning as I was preparing lunch to carry to my Mom at her apartment, I opened a drawer and spied a pair of salad tongs my sister had given me at least ten years ago. She had found them at a dollar store, originally priced at $1.00, then marked down to 50 cents, then to 25 cents, and finally to 10 cents, which naturally she could not resist paying for them. So now I have a pair of ugly, blue, 10-cent, plastic, but priceless salad tongs to remind me of my sister every time I see them. As priceless as the memories we carry for our departed loved ones.

  60. Nice morning doing laundry for first time in a month. I have discovered you will not die if you use a towel again or wear something a second time. Novel experience to find out toxic body rot doesn’t set in.

    Off to toss in dryer.

    Debbe, the Village IS home and you are a mighty denizen of its foundation.

    Love Jackie

  61. And speaking of bargains, I’ve got a few suggestions. You know those insulated tumblers that sell for $10- $25 in the stores? Check your local flea market and see if anybody is selling imperfect prints or business ad overrun versions. I have found them here for $2-$3. Same for daypacks, legal pad holders, travel mugs, etc. Sometimes t-shirts and picnic blankets.

    And if you are in an area that has one of these places, it’s fun just to see what they have got:

    One unique feature of their stores is that the longer an item is in stock there, the lower the price gets. Went to one with my neighbor yesterday and she got a brand new pair of shoes at 60% off and a watch for 40% off.

  62. I was doing some nice, light summer reading catching up on a Robert B. Parker novel in his Spencer series that I hadn’t read yet and came across a reference to Jimmy’s A & J strip. On page 133 of the version I have Parker starts Chapter 33 by having Spencer ruminiate saying “I was drinking coffee and eating a corn muffin and reading the paper…I had just finished reading Arlo & Janis when…”

    ObviouslyMr. Parker was an A & J fan and I would guess that he was also a JJ fan but I don’t know for a fact that he ever came here. Two thoughts struck me. The first was that now I know why I like Mr. Parker’s books and characters be it Spencer or his Jesse Stone character. Anyone who starts the day as I do reading A & J is someone I will like. My second thought was more a question, has anybody run into an A & J reference like that in any other book? If they have please let me know where as I think I’d like to look up that author and see what he has to say as I suspect I’ll like his writing.


  63. Here is a story for you — daughter Marge came over this morning, as she often does on Sundays. (It was she who sky-dived for the first time on her recent June birthday.) She parked the car where the mint grows in the back yard and picked a leaf, chewed it and swallowed it. She greeted me in the kitchen, sat down, then began to cough. She couldn’t stop! Then she began to gasp. She stood and backed up to me, indicating the Heimlich manuver … I tried it as best I could … she whispered “the button” I’m thinking closer to her belly button? but no, she gestured toward the emergency help button I wear around my neck. I pressed it, after a bit the voice came over the speaker, Marge gasped “I’m choking”. The voice said help was on the way … it took a couple of minutes at least, then we heard the siren. I made sure front and back doors were open, Marge seemed no worse, she was able to answer questions … two EMTs came in the front, two in the back. They sat her down, I got her a glass of water … they didn’t really have to do anything, but it was very reassuring to have them there. Apparently the fuzzy leaf went down eventually, she felt pretty shaken up and anxious. They offered to take her to the hospital to be checked, but she began to feel better and declined. She was okay, but it was a very scary experience, for both of us!

  64. Ray, Jimmy addressed the Spencer/A&J connection some years ago. Perhaps he could repeat what he told us about it for your benefit and that of any others here who may have missed it. I believe I remember most of the details, but Jimmy’s would be the comprehensive version.

    Charlotte, Marge survived a parachute jump and then got choked on a leaf? Perhaps now that the scary part is over, she can see some humor in that. 🙂

  65. Dearest Ghost, and dear Gal and Sand, thanks for your comments … entertaining and meaningful; I will take them to heart.

  66. Debbe, You don’t have to ask. We would miss you greatly. This morning I not only could not get into the Village, I couldn’t find Arlo and Janis. It was like it didn’t exist. I have no idea why… I read a paperback about one a day or every other day if it’s a thicker one. I think that I remember seeing a reference to A & J recently, but I don’t recall what it was now. None of the local fishwrappers carry A & J or any other decent cartoon so it’s a good thing that I have this place to come to. As the locals know it’s more than a place to visit. Debbe obviously knows what I mean.

  67. Neat. Only the Japanese would think of something like that. Only the Japanese would *do* something like that.

    That said, I’m not sure that their ad slogan “Touch Wood” would convey the image they are going for in the US. 😉

  68. Debbe, I didn’t post a song last night, out of consideration for your loss. But you’ve said you enjoy them, so I will resume tonight. Therefore…

    Debbe 😉 and Jean dear 😉 Walking Playlist – Song #6…Except I use the 10 minute 29 second version.

    BTW, a local law enforcement officer I know tells me FBI should stand for “Famous But Ineffective”.

  69. Good morning Villagers….

    Thanks guys…..

    Steve, the first link was really cool…but the second one you posted was awesome. I would love to hear that played at the funeral home. Can I? I believe Ian could somehow download it to a cd or something….but the words were very comforting and you voice very soothing. Thanks

    Going in to make arrangements at 11 this morning. But I am also going into work, as Mondays I have paperwork to phone in etc. Besides, I’d go nuts sitting around….waiting. Ian wanted to go, but I said ‘no’, it’s just us girls and husbands. I know this isn’t going to fly with my other two sisters, but it did with the baby sister. Instead of those big, tacky, flowers they put on the casket, I had thought of long stem roses…5 white ones for her daughter (I have a step-sister) and 11 blue and pink long stem roses for the grandchildren, softly draped across Mom’ coffin…..

    Got to get Ian’s hair cut today…he’s become ‘Sister Golden Hair’ again. Most women would kill to have his hair color and waves.

    Oh, and I still need to tell you the ‘real’ story on how Ian lost his glasses…but, I’ve no time right now. It’s funny, but stupid….some 37 and 26 year olds never grow up.

    gotta go

    Ya’ll have a blessed day.

    Miss Charlotte, you must have been pretty anxious too…so glad Marge is fine.


  70. GR 😉 thanks for thinking of me…but I SO look forward to your playlist, and I like to come back with one for you…got one in mind for you, but alas, no time right now…..

  71. Here’s hoping Lud plays catch and release like Cilla. Debbe, here’s a link for you on a typical morning: _ylt=AjRU99GDIIqU2EhnCVFY_qubvZx4?

  72. Ghost, in one of the Nero Wolfe books, Nero says FBI stands for “Foiled by Intelligence”. Of course, that was during the reign of Hoover, when it was a more politically involved agency.

  73. More awesome?

    A.Word.A.Day* [AWAD] always ends with a quote. Here is today’s:

    Jefferson, Thomas, third US president, architect, and author (1743-1826). “I hope our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us that the less we use our power the greater it will be.” A.150727

    *You can subscribe free, but Anu Garg passes the hat occasionally. This week, it’s 5 words from Hebrew, not Yiddish, which he has also done.

    Luddy obviously didn’t grab the blue-tailed skink by the tail or that’s all he’d have got.

    Peace, emb

  74. Unless I miss my guess, Luddie’s planning to take the lizard someplace where it can’t quickly hide and play with it. That’s not to say that he won’t end up eating it, but play is probably his first plan.

  75. Good evening Villagers…..

    Jerry…you are so funny…perseverance!!!! And boy, you did try…love the &^%) 🙂

    Long morning, but for those interested, Mom’s obit is online….the pic is about 12 years old, some say I favor her. We got to laughing, but left it out, that she loved to spoil her grandchildren…and then send them home….dang, I wish we would have left it in. Now we are going thru hymns and scripture….

    love Debbe

  76. Thank you Mark. I guess that posting links is not my thing. I thought that “Gonna Fly Now” was appropriate for Debbe. For more than one reason now that I think about it.

  77. You are welcome Jerry. The post that doubled and then disappeared contained the lines: A little help Jerry. And hey, it’s Monday morning.

    Gary, the two of you look very sharp, there. Funny, your wife looks a lot like mine.

  78. TR: “Any opinions?”

    No specific opinion because I’m no expert on extant whales, though much interested in the transitional amphibious artiodactyls that gave rise to whales on the north coast of the Tethys Sea in the Eocene. Scientists are known to scratch their heads when they haven’t figured something out yet. It’s a unique and universal character, by which you can distinguish scientists from normal people, especially headline writers.

    Peace, emb

  79. The Pacific Northwest has the most amazing micro climate for gardening. I am shopping at the local food Co op and buying locally grown organic food. Right now they have blueberries, goose berries, strawberries, cranberries, champagne grapes, red grapes, green grapes, apricots, peaches, nectarines all local.

    But the thing that amazed me were figs, giant green, yellow, brown and black ones. From here. I am eating all these things and amazing creative items from deli and bakery.

    And yes, I know that I have to get back to bad food I can turn down!

    Love Jackie

  80. Debbe
    Prayers from here also – The roses sound beautiful. Did sheaf of wheat for FIL
    Activity is best – we may only be an electronic shoulder but the Village is here for you.

    Were you at BSC in early 60s – my brother Roger was (a student and) lifeguard while Vikings were training there.
    Have not met Steve yet but may someday. We do E-mail.

  81. Good morning Villagers…

    Something weird just happened to my computer, it went to a blue screen with a bunch of mumbo jumbo on it…something about if this is the first time I have seen this screen, an error was detected, something about a disc, and restarting….arrgghhh……..come on My Little Dell, be a good girl now…don’t crash on me now.

    Steve, my sisters think they have found someone to sing…I am going to suggest “It is Well”, beautiful song. Steve, that was my Senior year, I think…and I was there at Indy. We lost to East Chicago Roosevelt.

    Gary, you and your (didn’t forget the ‘y’ this time 🙂 ) make a smart looking couple. How long have you two been married.

    Thanks Gal and Nancy…there are some that also say I favor my Dad. So I guess I got the best of both 🙂

    Thank you Old Bear. Activity is best…going into work today.

    My sisters agreed with me on the roses…..but white roses are smaller than the standard red, yellow ones…..we went with yellow roses for us five daughters and pink for the grandchildren for the casket. The great grandchildren will have the small white roses placed in the casket.

    Thanks for trying Jerry….and the thought

    GR 😉 ????

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  82. Bear: I was at BSC then. I remember a Roger Hammit; no others come to mind, but I’m not good w/ names. If Roger took freshman biology, he may well have been in my class.

    Peace, emb

  83. They played “It is Well with My Soul” at my mother’s funeral. It was such a comfort and the peace that was there has stayed with me through the years.

  84. Debbe 😉 I’m fine, hon. Yesterday developed into an incredibly busy day, throwing everything out of whack. I’m just about back on schedule now.

    Still sending prayers and virtual hugs to you.

  85. I think I’d like the hymn “For All the Saints [Who From Their Labors Rest]” to be sung at my own funeral, though I don’t think I’d be hearing it.

    On a pleasanter note, today the MBH & I have been wed 53 years.

    Saw a tribute program again this weekend for the late George Beverley Shea. He died 2 years ago at 104 years of age, and was still singing heartily at least to age 98. Rev. Billy Graham is approaching 97 years this fall, and the youngster of this trio, Cliff Barrows, is only 92! That’s a lot of living for those three gentlemen…. (I was reminded of them by all the mention of music, above.)

  86. c x-p: And who says you won’t be hearing it. I always assume wife is, unless she’s busy back in 18th c. Wessex, or some such.

    I attended the funeral of the Rev. Lyle Christianson, who had been BUMC pastor when we first came here in ’58, and had gone on to do great things in the TC Metro area both before and after retirement. We had kept in touch. [Family were most grateful someone from Bemidji showed.] It was at Centennial UMC, a large and splendid church N. of St. Paul.

    In the MN UMC, there is a tradition of singing “For All the Saints” at the end of the funeral of a prominent clergy person, esp. where many other clergy are attending. The clergy stood and sang the first two verses, and made the rafters roar. Then all others stood, and all sang the last three verses. Awesome [one of the rare times I’ve used that term.] Lyle’s older daughter, herself a UMC pastor, with family just across the aisle from me, sang the whole thing through with the hymnal open in her hands, but looking up. Knows it by heart.

    Lyle had long been active in the peace movement, was especially concerned / Mideast difficulties. CUMC had the lunch afterward catered by The Holy Land, a noted Middle-Eastern restaurant/deli on Central Av. in Mpls. I’ve written / this before, but I don’t think here.

    Peace, emb

  87. Billy Graham was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 1992. That was 23 years ago. I was diagnosed 8 years ago. Fifteen more years sounds about right. I saw my cancer doctor yesterday and he says I can go to a once a year visit. There is no sign at all of cancer. Since I prefer looking at the green side of the grass I’m happy about that.

  88. Jerry – Glad to hear the good news. I would miss your kitty updates, weather reports, and out-of-nowhere wittisms. 🙂 Speaking of kitties,did you catch last Thursday’s Breaking Cat News? A can of tuna was opened in the kitchen! My fuzzers big thing right now is having a frozen bottle of water to lick on all day. She pestered me relentlessly early this morning (on my day off!) for a new bottle frim the freezer. Once kitty got her bottle, human was allowed a few more hours of shut-eye. Spoiled rotten.

  89. Back in 1957, Rev. Graham and his crew held meetings in NYCity’s Madison Square Garden and filled the place for sixteen weeks!! They took off only a few Mondays, but that’s a lot of people who heard his message. I am a Lutheran, so we differed on the details, and the gal I took – daughter of an Evangelical United Brethren minister – was also impressed. Rev. Graham was, I think, the most compelling preacher to come down the line in a long time.

    Jerry, I wish you well on both counts.
    TR, there are a bunch more musical pieces I could wish for, but the service can only run so long…!

  90. In case anyone was wondering… My sister’s surgery went well Friday. She had told the surgeon she wanted a new hip, but – alas – they repaired the old one. She was really loopy from the anesthetic Friday, still sleepy on Saturday. She was moved to rehab yesterday and is obviously improving day by day… and her attitude is great. She told them yesterday – she doesn’t want any pain pills except Tylenol. Seems to be working!

    I am so grateful for all your best wishes and prayers.

  91. Good report on your sister, Gal.

    My last uncle to pass was a WWII veteran the US Navy. Military honors at graveside were rendered by a Navy CMDR (naval aviator) and a PO3. The Navy Hymn was played on a portable sound system; the officer and petty officer folded the casket flag; the officer presented the folded flag to my cousin (an only child); and the PO played Taps. I thought it was a very appropriate way to honor my uncle’s service.

    I heard several years ago that WWII vets were dying at such a rate that the services no longer had the resources to provide honors in many cases. Of course, it probably didn’t hurt that my cousin is a former USMC aviator, as well being as a retired bird colonel from the USAF’s JAG Corps and former staff attorney with the FBI at their HQ in Washington.

  92. I met David Haas a few years ago and he explained to me that his song You are Mine was written at the height of despair for him. He wrote it, felt better, then shoved it in a drawer. A few years later he was working on a new album and was asked if he had any other song. He said “It needs work”. The producers did not change a thing.

    There is a live version of this song that is better.

  93. Mindy,

    Sorry to hear you won’t feeling well and had to clean up your own tossed cookies. By and by, down here on the Bayou you’re coming in five squared.

  94. GLIGLO, sorry that they wouldn’t take a trade-in on the hip, but glad that it worked out. My father’s last words to me as he waited for his hip surgery, “They’re running behind.” At my uncle’s funeral the graveside services were canceled and as the lightning crashed around the chapel the USN guys folded and presented the flag at the front of the room. Hobby Lobby sells a good box for the flags. My father’s is in one.

  95. Typos in my post above. Two of my common booboos = failing to use a ? at the end of a question, and failing to close [ or (. Also, I had the wrong century [though whom am I to tell her where/when to nose around]. What good is the hereafter if you cannot nose around? Well, the sentence is better now:

    “And who says you won’t be hearing it? I always assume wife is, unless she’s busy back in 19th c. Wessex, or some such.”

    Peace, emb

  96. Dear emb, was your wife a Thomas Hardy fan, that’s why she wants to wander around Wessex?

    Recent events have rushed by in such a torrent — I meant to comment on your life and career in Bemidji (spelling?). Awfully interesting to learn all that, and I was delighted to read about your life. It must feel very satisfying to you.

    I’m going to note where to find your post, and read it again.

  97. Charlotte: You are a sweetheart. Thank you. Yeah, Hardy, Jane Austen, the Brontes, and also lots of murder mysteries. Masterpiece Theatre, TV mysteries/cop stories, Bemidji Community Theatre: act, sing [not solo] stage manage, do props, run box office; amateur dance group [not its best dancer, but a good outlet and exercise. Definitely the more literate member of the family, though both of us enjoyed writing, and mutual copy-editing. Taught English as a grad asst. when she went to BSU after the kids were old enough for her to add to her Cornell ’53 BSN a BSU BA [bio., Engl.], ’70, and MA [Engl.] ’73. Then 17 yr. at the hospital [now Sanford Health Bemidji], mostly as head nurse, med-surg. I’ve said most of this before, no? Peace, emb

  98. This is a snippet of Eternal Farther – just before “lie beside styrian sea” are words I cannot understand- I have listened over and over – and searched the net and found over 150 sets of lyrics but not that. Has anyone a clue?–hymns-triumphant-I/London%20Philharmonic%20Orchestra%20and%20Amen%20Choir–Eternal%20Father%20Strong%20to%20Save–Hymns%20Triumphant%20Volume%20I.mp3

  99. Sand you chose the saddest, most poignant song of anyone for your funeral. Ashokan Farewell. Gof, that was a heart rending rendition! But beautiful.

    Sat out on the shores looking at Mount Ranier for dinner, picnic watching diving birds and herons. How can anyone not love the outdoors and our beautiful country? I am blessed to get to experience all I have my entire life.

    Love Jackie

  100. I note with regret the passing of Bob Anderson, the man behind the Decorah eagle website, cameras, etc. He died Monday morning. Aside from sympathy for his family, many hope his notable bald eagle work will be continued, as well as his pet work on peregrine falcons. You may be able to google more details.

  101. Good morning Villagers….

    Happy Anniversary Jimmy Johnson…congratulations on the many years of success.

    Cxp…congratulations on 53 years of marriage…..Gary, I pray that you and your wife will see the same.

    Regarding today’s real time strip, one commentor offers several old strips.

    Lots of links above to keep me busy until time to get ready. Did a trial run on the makeup last night…yup, I can still do it 🙂

    Mindy…yes, I read BCN arc on the tuna can….my cats come running anytime they hear a can open, even with the tab pulls. Never thought about a chunk of ice for them. Snowee, now she likes to bat at the water (she looks like Lupin) I’m enjoying her Christmas story on GoComics too. She also has a twitter account I check on and her pics…do you check them out.

    On her twitter account was a tragic story…..they should shoot them and skin and behead all three involved:

    GR 😉 glad it was just a hectic schedule…how’s your Mother, well I pray.


    on the guest book, you guys are so sweet, kind and gentle…thanks. I can hear my sisters now….just who are those people?????

  102. Galliglo, you’re welcome. I recognized the style, but had never noticed the artist’s name till I looked up the reference this morning.

    Old Bear, another reference link for you:

    I found this site while trying to locate lyrics for a folksong I had heard played on one of my internet radio stations. The material included ranges from folk music of the UK, American folk music, sea songs, old hymns, etc.

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