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I know when I draw them that certain comic strips will not hold up with time. I don’t worry about this especially, because I produce a product for the moment, a four-panel joke to be read and tossed away. My emphasis is on now. This is true today, but it was especially true in 1994, when the above A&J was produced and before the Internet was relevant to you or me. There was a television advertising campaign for a brand of instant coffee airing at that time. It was clever enough. Each ad was a little episode in a to-be-continued storyline, like a little soap opera. In this story, a man and a woman verbally parried over cups of instant coffee as they inevitably fell in love. Like in real soap operas, they were beautiful and obviously well-heeled. This was, after all, the mid-90s, the heyday of the yuppie. Well, there you have it. That’s it, all you need to understand the above cartoon. I hope.

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  1. I don’t drink coffee. But I understand beautiful and well-heeled, so I got it.

    Yeah, Mark, I’ve been to Maine; it’s probably already getting chilly there, isn’t it? Here in the Deep South, not so much. 🙁

  2. Definitely Taster’s Choice. I’m not sure how much coffee that they sold. Like Ghost, I don’t drink coffee (make that can’t drink coffee) but the few times that I have drunk instant coffee, I remember it being very bitter. My Mom drank instant for years but then switched to percolated. The percolated coffee smelled wonderful, but never well enough that I would actually want to drink it.

  3. TruckerRon, but it sure smells bad when it is overcooked. We had a mayor who banned microwave popcorn from City Hall after someone burned a bag while popping it. He said he couldn’t stand the smell.

  4. Nothing worse than fish cooking in an office microwave with no ventilation. I actually grabbed my lunch and ate in the car on a winter day than lose my appetite smelling the fish.

    Another pet peeve is when they put their dishes in the sink and half fill them with water. I always rinse out my dishes. One time I spotted some fish gills or something nasty and I emptied all of the dishes in the sink then put them next to the wastebasket. I was tempted to throw them in! I started a real commotion with someone yelling WHO put these dishes on the floor. I did not have to admit to the crime as others spoke up to say WHO left them in the sink! I had planned to come forward but one of the guilty parties quit and most people learned to not leave them in the sink. It’s not like it’s a big office.

  5. HAHAHAHA about the Style Wars, Sand! I’m particularly the Oxford comma person. It NEVER hurts, and it not infrequently saves the meaning of the phrase. Why in the world are they taking it out??

  6. Back from long drive to and from clinic, courtesy of my stone Mason who took me in his truck (used to be mine) and he and Dickens waited for me. I have had a steroid shot, an antibiotic shot and have two prescriptions for later. I felt so bad this morning I could hardly dress but fortunately had coordinated my clothes yesterday “just in case.”

    Went to start Odyssey and it wouldn’t start so now it has been recharged in case I must go anywhere. I have an appointment with my orthopedist on Thursday to discuss rescheduling knee and shoulder surgeries. I am sleeping today and tomorrow, hopefully I will be OK by then.

  7. You and the Odyssey had the same problem this morning huh? Glad to hear you both got that taken care of. Also good to hear you found the keys to the van. Take care of yourself.

  8. Coffee is something I never learned to make or drink. One of my sexist male bosses asked me if I’d bring him coffee in bed? I replied “Only if you call room service.”

    Although I confess I did learn to make “a proper English cup of tea” should that knowledge ever be needed again.

  9. Found out second set of Odyssey keys will cost me $200 and require an appointment. I will do it when I have van detailed after I move the last of your mama’s cats here.

    Start working on getting those cats to come inside to eat. It will make them easier to catch.

  10. Same treatment I got, Jackie, assuming the antibiotic was Rocephin. And one of the ‘scripts I couldn’t take due to gastric upset. And even then, it took me a full month to get well. Of course, I’m kinda puny and not nearly as tough as you are, so perhaps you’ll get well sooner.

  11. The price of such things as replacing those very pricey keyless/remote fobs and repairing door dents caused by #*@&ing gormless drivers and passengers of cars parked next to mine has gotten so high I actually took out some coverage on Bullet for that. I expect I’ll get my money’s worth from it.

  12. Ghost, that is where Trigger is, having door dents repaired and painted, along with service and full detailing. I did not know you could get insurance for that?

    Why are people so rude and inconsiderate? I try very hard to treat others as I think all should. It is just courtesy and good manners.

    Yesterday when my van had lost keys and dead battery Tony was too embarrassed to drive me in either his or my old truck due to dirty condition. I told him if that was how he kept truck he’d better not pick up any sober women to go home with him, they’d refuse to ride.

    Reminded me of that song by Travis Trott about being a member of a country club, with old dirty pickup. At least they think I am a lady even if I cuss a little.

  13. Jackie that coverage was through the dealer, called Appearance Package (I believe; documents are out in the vehicle) and was $599 for five years coverage. Since my understanding is that replacement and programming charges for one fob is about 300 bucks, and any dent or chip larger than a little finger nail clipping seems to cost $500 to repair these days, I thought it was a good investment. Check with your dealer to see if they offer it and if you can add it retroactively.

    And as far as rude and inconsiderate people, when I become King of the World, the parking lots of big box stores and supermarkets will likely be littered with dead bodies.

  14. Ogden Nash. May I at least be a hanger on when you become King? Rudeness is a mortal sin in my opinion.

    You seem most well mannered but perhaps a tad lethal

    And why would you think I am tougher? I prefer resilient.

  15. Resilient is good. I believe I told you that Spyderco makes a Resilience model and Tenacious model. The Tenacious I ordered should be here Friday.

    When I’m King of the World, you can not only be a hanger on, you can Six-Star Admiral of my Navy and handle the rude water-borne idiots.

  16. I saw a Police Explorer in State Trooper deck-out today, the first I’ve seen. (The Dirt Road Police in our county drive a lot of them, also.) To me, it looked much nicer than the Tahoes the troopers have been driving the last couple of years. At least when you are meeting them and not seeing them in the review mirror.

  17. Oh my consignees to Davy Jones and Poseidon without benefit of trial! Alligators in the water waiting for feeding time. Blood thirsty am I you day?

  18. Actually, Jackie, I was tiptoeing into it, but that’s what I had in mind. Good to see you getting into the spirit so quickly and decisively.

  19. I’ve stated in the past it’s not a good idea to off people for being SOBs, because once you started it would be too hard to tell when to stop. But I know rudeness when I see it.

  20. Ghost,

    A comment on a post you made a few days ago about SiriusXM. (I’m just back from two weeks , 4007 miles of almost connection-less travel.)

    Make a calendar note/Appt to call SiriusXM to cancel your service a day or two before it auto-renews. They will forward you to someone that will eventually offer you a “special” for about $5 per month for the service. Don’t give in to the $99 per year. Hang on for the 6-month deal.

  21. High about 70F today, but Tue. is my volunteer day, so lunched free in ‘Northern Dining’ [the hospital’s mess]. Lunched on my patio Mon., probably last chance in ’16. No frosts yet, except perhaps in some low spots.

    This fall’s junco migration started Sunday. They nest mostly N. of here, winter mostly farther S. Maps show the breeding and winter ranges overlapping slightly here, but I’ve seen them only in migration.


  22. Thanks for the heads-up, David. Since this is a free trial, I’ll need to calculate how long it runs and make a note when to call SiriusXM. The fact they are apparently giving me a free 90 days made me suspect they might be willing to dicker. Good to have you confirm that.

  23. Speaking of migrations, I refilled the hummingbird feeder I inherited from Ghostmom when I returned home last week, but I have not seen a single hummer hit it since. There were many tanking up the week before I went out of town, and that, along with the fact those were so fat they were almost round, leads me to believe the little beggars have departed to the south for the winter.

  24. I had a craving for pan-fried gyoza and temaki sushi tonight, so I hied me to a local Japanese eatery where, although I’d had take-out from there, I’d never dined-in. The food was good, and the people watching was even better. I was there a bit late and, based on my back-in-the-day bar tending experience, most of the others there were “regulars”. If I should ever take up song writing, I may start with a C&W number, “Red Necks in a Sushi Bar”.

  25. I remember the days. (There was a time then when the “lead gloves” were not far off from what I wore at work. The place made radio-active sources and the stuff for handling them.)

    There was a coffee room with company-supplied powdered coffee, “creamer” and sugar and a collection of individual’s “much better” coffee powder.

    I carried a Thermos™ bottle of coffee (with milk) but there were long days when I ‘d run out.

    I learned that most of the powders tasted alike, and if you were disciplined enough the not think of it as “coffee” was not a bad warm drink.

    But the “creamer’ was to be avoided–they provided truncated cone cups (with plastic rings for holding one) and the “creamer” was a detergent to the waterproofing in the cups.

    And THAT lead to the sad lament of one of the draftsmen who cried that he had never been allowed to sign a Vellum* that did NOT have a coffee-ring stain on it. He was an SDA and did not drink coffee.

    *This was a Very Long Time Ago, when stuff was made following a “Blueprint” that started life as graphite pencil marks on Vellum Paper, laboriously laid-down by Draftsmen, using lead-holders, T-squares and a variety of plastic triangles, French curves, and stuff.

  26. Here we go again – local TV is getting into hurricane hysteria mode. At least this time it looks like we really do need to take precautions, and in Florida we always have lots of folks who have never done this drill who need to be told what to do. I’m always amazed/amused by people running to the store before a storm to buy flashlights and batteries. Sure, they may need new batteries, but flashlights? What happened to the ones they bought the last time?

  27. I remember the first hurricane we experienced with Yankee transplants who had no idea what would happen. They asked is there was danger of flooding? I asked if they had noticed the peculiar placement of wall plugs and electric outlets on first floor?

    Well, yes but wasn’t that just a peculiarity of builder? I said no, that was flood level of water in storms, high water Mark. They got serious shock when yachts washed up in our yards.

  28. Ghost, I got a second Sirius radio for the Odyssey when I got Sirius contract for Trigger. I hate local radio except two stations in Tulsa, one classic rock and one classic classic.

    Have not gotten it installed yet but it is sitting here on top of my desk in box. Seemed like my deal included the two vehicles and streaming on computer as well. Only have pickup working. Dumb blondes.

  29. Yes, the suckiness of FM stations in my area is what sold me on the idea of satellite radio for Bullet, which, by the way, came with a pretty decent Sony sound system in it. And my free trial also allowed me to set up streaming SiriusXM to my computers, and ti my iPhone and iPad via apps. (Heck perhaps to my smart TV, too, when I have time to learn what all it will do.) I believe the streaming option is like $4 per month over whatever package you end up with in your vehicle.

    We’ve discussed it before, but I still get amused with the storm-panic buyers loading up on bottled milk. And when the power goes out, they will refrigerate it how? Seems dried milk and bottled water would make more sense. Which is what I stock.

  30. Ghost the only bodies I had wash up in my yard were the three Columbian drug dealers who jumped out of boat on middle of Clear Lake forgetting they could not swim.

    No, not to make fun of those who drowned in Katrina or other hurricanes. One of large problems are the caskets washing onto shore. I understand they are requiring identification in order to find family now along Texas coast on burials.

    Having lost friends in hurricanes it is a serious issue and not a joke. This was brought home very graphically one storm which we did not evacuate for. Police came door to door asking we leave, registering us and writing identification on us. We were wstetfront high risk.

  31. Thank you for the commas, emb. One of the discussions I saw about it gave an example of a sentence that said something quite different without that final comma and said that the people who want to leave it out all the time pointed out that all you needed to do was re-write the sentence to make it okay. Excuse me? You need to re-write instead of use a comma why?

  32. Everybody stay safe from hurricanes, please. And get healthy if you’re not. Oh yes, emb. I think you said you were probably having your last lunch outside for 2016. I think tomorrow will be our first lunch outside since about six months ago. We are finally starting to feel like fall instead of midsummer.

  33. Good morning Villagers…..

    Mark, I had assumed that was the reason it was called “chicken fried” steak. And I do love chicken fried steak smothered in onions, mashed potatoes and green beans. I buy frozen vegetables as they taste better and don’t have all the sodium additive.

    Some one remind me, wasn’t Jerry leaving for the north….I do pray he is not in harm’s path.

    Ruth Anne, are you in harm’s way?

    Prayers to all in Matt’s path.

    And , yes, people are Aholes when it comes to opening their car door and leaving a mark on your car door….I do believe there is a special place in hell for them 🙂

    gotta go

  34. Jimmy:

    The best humor is always topical and subject to the enveloping mists of time.

    For example, I love Shakespeare’s comedies, but much of the humor is lost to us unless we have a thorough knowledge of that time period.

    About the only humor that is timeless is physical humor, such as someone (preferably a swell or a high-ranking politician) slipping on a banana peel.

  35. I think it rained last night. I remember thunder and lightening, think I saw rain on decks. Couldn’t find last loads from Trigger so hope they got inside house or shop.

    Feel better from doctor visit but broke out in itchy rash. Entire body. Have appointment with orthopedist tomorrow I want to keep in Tulsa.

  36. Just spent almost 10 minutes writing about our storm experiences and preparations, hot something wrong, and lost the whole thing! Hal?

    I’ll try again later. Work to do now.

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