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I love talking about barbecue! We’ll do it one more day. The same argument that’s already begun here is one that is ignited in KC itself everytime the subject of barbecue is raised: which is better, Fiorella’s Jack Stack, Oklahoma Joe’s, Arthur Bryant’s, and so on. I must have heard at least half a dozen versions of the discussion in the two days I was there. I must say, I know what Bruce in Pensacola was getting at when he quoted Calvin Trillin, himself a Kansas City native: “You can’t get good barbecue served by a white man on a china plate.” Literally, that isn’t true. Although the atmosphere was a bit rarified to be taken seriously, the barbecue at Fiorella’s Jack Stack, where I ate Monday evening, was excellent. Come to think of it, though, it was a served by a pretty young woman, and I didn’t actually see the cook. Ultimately, I agree with Hurd, himself the owner of a barbecue joint; I’ve never tasted a form of barbecue I didn’t like. What kind of plates do you use, Hurd?