Insulated from Reality

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Today, one last parting shot at a harsh winter and a spring that at times has appeared overwhelmed by the task at hand. However, the work of springtime finally is in high gear around here, evidenced by the hit-and-miss nature of Web updates this week. Sometimes, the corporeal world will not wait.

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  1. Good point, Jimmy. More and more, it seems many are splitting their lives between the corporeal world and the virtual world, “The Village” being an example of the latter. However, I fear that many are spending too much of their lives in the virtual, to the detriment of the quality of their lives in the corporeal.

  2. Follow up from yesterday: Shower once a week? Notwithstanding the fact that in this neck of the woods one would not have any friends from mid-April through late-October, I could not do without my daily shower. My morning brush-teeth, shave-face, shampoo-hair, shower-body, dry-body, blow dry-hair, get-dressed routine is when I put my body on automatic pilot, freeing my mind to finish waking up and to plan my day. The physical benefits of limited bathing seem minimal, and the emotional toll, for me, would be significant.

  3. I can confirm it is better for your skin not to soap it down every day. I do shower daily, but just after my run and I just lather, erm, “vital places>

    Ghost, I have seen a very bust nurse in a wet scrub top (better not say with what) and you couldn”t see a thing. Sturdy pieces of kit, scrub suits πŸ˜›

  4. Lily, I suspect that may be more the result of what is under the scrub top than the thickness of the scrub top material. And by “what is under the scrub top”, I of course mean the undergarment.

    And I again feel I deserve props from you for not pursuing the topic of β€œvital places”. πŸ˜‰

  5. This sort of made me think, because I have lupus and other diseases that affect your skin.
    When I still try to go outside stubbornly and garden, do other things, I would often shower multiple times a day. It seemed to relieve the itching and lower the body temp. I have been known to turn hoses onto myself for same reasons.

    Nope, Ghost you do not want to see me in a wet t-shirt nowadays. Nothing hot at all except my body core temp!

    But I had already noticed it was the water, not the soaps, which I am certain make the skin worse. No one told me this, but I am like Lily, limited soaping, more water running.

    Our ancestors, especially females, practiced this with basins and those lovely pitchers in their bedrooms. My daughter has been amused that the beautiful china lidded containers she thought were ornamental turned out to be “feet basins” to soak ancestral feet in.

    Off to grocery store for cat litter! Real world.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  6. The above ‘toon would have been very appropriate here yesterday – 60F with 60mph winds. Yuck! Thankfully today is a sane 48F with 8mph winds. I think I’ll go for a long walk. Oh, wait, still at work. Just a short walk, then.

  7. Nodak – Great video but it’s probably not reaching the ones that really need it – those with their eyes and thumbs continually stuck to their phones.

  8. On topic of showering: I was mostly raised by a grandmother from the late 1890’s. rural, poor, stanch Christian with no indoor plumbing until I reached voting age, not much electrification or running water for a long time.

    She had a favorite country saying, “Wash as far as possible downward, wash as far as possible upward and then wash possible.”

    Pardon me if I have offended anyone with this one but my Granny was a character!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  9. Jackie, that pretty much covers what I have been saying. My momma told to *never* use soap on my face or neck, just the special face wash like Olay. I have been complimented, however, on how nice and soft my hands are, though I scrub them with a stiff brush amd antibacterial soap several times a day. I asked my boss and she rolled her eyes and told me that if I was dumb enough not to notice that facial skin and hand skin were not alike, I had better open my eyes. The skin of the hands gets firmer with scrubbing because it is constant irritation. The reason medical folk don’t get calluses is we scrub the top layer off every time we scrub in for surgery.
    Ghost: as if I would answer you. πŸ˜›

  10. Awful because Arlo is becoming maudlin about aging, or because Janis is resisting? Surely not because she is choosing to “love the geezer inside.”
    Funny to me that JJ could change the sense of Arlo’s statement by inserting a visual comma to the phrase. Janis is certainly about to love the geezer, inside. Punctuation does fun things.

  11. Back in Journalism 101 my instructor used what is probably a hoary example of either poor punctuation or succinctness in a headline: Nuts Screws and Bolts.

    Never forgot that one!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  12. Good morning Villagers….

    Mark…I had that album…thanks for the memory πŸ™‚

    GR πŸ˜‰ good one, I loved the Supremes…especially the song “Reflections’….

    Lily and Indy Mindy..thanks, and I enjoyed your story Mindy on the car….

    No time….later……

    Ya’ll have a blessed day…..

  13. Punctuation – – Private Property ? No. Fishing Allowed. / The top retro was a keeper when I first saw it and I loved today’s (Friday) when someone buys a print from, Mr JJ gets a cut, right ? and I wonder if most people choose colrized or au naturel ?

  14. @JJ and John in Richmond Texas,

    The colorist Symply seems to have changed Janis’ Fargone hair color again! I am getting to the point where if I am not sitting on the bike, I like sitting in the yard too….did I mention I can ride again!?!

  15. I don’t see what you can find icky about either strip, Lily, but then I like the idea that A&J are still in love, know it and show it.

  16. Dear Jackie Monies, just now catching up on comments I hadn’t read, and saw your sweet story about your father. Wonderful that you at least have that, to get acquainted with someone who was killed in World War Two.

    For any of Jackies’ friends who didn’t see this, it’s at the very end of the comments on “Shower Time”. Do look, it’s a heartwarming story.

    Apparently there is a way to move comments from a past post, to a recent one where more people will see it. But I don’t know how to do it … I think Debbe knows how, can you tell us, dear?

  17. Charolette, I was thinking if Jackie wouldn’t do an autobiography, maybe a biography of her dad would be in order.

    Debbe, Thank you.

    Jerry in FL, How are you doing?

  18. And it’s Friday….(I had to retype Friday four times :)….so, for now, since I’m stumbling…oh, and it’s PAAYDAY…..see???????

  19. It’s me….thought I’d post a comment…remember RWOT??……well, I’m not as good as him, and since it’s paaay dayyyy…..I’m heading back to the couch. Bad day…packer kept ‘jamming up’, and four egg belts went down…..but, it’s PAAYYYDDAYYY!!!!

    Little Brooklyn Rose is on her way… πŸ™‚

  20. …see I told you……Drats…why is it coming up under…leave a reply……I’m going back to the couch…..was going to leave you a comment πŸ˜‰ but typed in wrong space in leave a reply….going back to the couch…….

    storms moving in… would be the time to listen to a little ‘Doors’…….

  21. Thank you, Debbe, for the helpful computer hints. My children have all tried to teach me, at one time or another, this “cut and paste”, it just doesn’t stick in my brain. Your advice seems simple enough; I’ll work on it!

    May you have a restful and blessed weekend with your little grand-niece, and with your mother. I like Brooklyn Rose’s name a lot. It’s different, and seems very meaningful somehow. Who bestowed the name, father or mother, or both?

  22. Now I happen to think JJ was right on with both the “Geezer Within” and Arlo’s sweet answer to Janis. Personally, I find their love endearing and enduring. (It’s JJ’s influence, I am back to word play) While A & J are hardly geezer ready yet, their love, whether through words or touch or sexual acts is certainly far from prurient. And not “icky” but I have already agreed we don’t need to like the same music, same writers, same sex, same anything.

    That is what diversity is.

    Good news about my personal geezer. We are just back from the neurologist office and he does not have Parkinson’s nor chemo toxicity, so his chemo can be resumed. The strange things we find our self hoping and praying for.

    My dad’s story and that of his squadron, “The Ace in the Hole” gang was incredible. And yes, I did want to write a book about them. This is the same squadron that President Bush the Younger flew for much later, part of the Texas Air National Guard from WWI. I was working with the historian and giving him information and photos, he helped me.

    I own the only existing (new in the box) pilot’s flight jacket patch known to exist from WWII as my dad died without sewing it on. We were working on my presenting all his memorabilia and telling his story in an exhibit for the Army Air Force Museum that contains their records, including the true reports of how he died, photos, etc.

    911 occurred just before I was to turn everything over to historians and curators and the museum was closed to public traffic on the base. Like most of America, I lost someone I knew in 911 but it also some how was so horrific I quit writing my book.

    Love, Jackie Monies


    If anyone would like to know about the 147th Fighter Wing and the 111th Observation Squadron of WWII.

    They flew like crop dusters down onto their camera targets, their cameras replaced guns and they flew until their film was exhausted, close to the ground. They lost planes and pilots daily. My dad was the fourth pilot shot down in short order by untrained RAF pilots and the deaths were covered up to try and keep morale up in a squadron that was already literally shot full of holes. The planes he flew looked like swiss cheese.

    I had the medals, I knew he was a hero. I just didn’t know him or the truth.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  24. Better history,

    Ironically, my father joined RAF through Canada, served with them. Transferred back to US after Pearl Harbor, trained on Mustangs and P-51’s and went first to England again, then into Tunisia, then to Italy. Was shot down filming for Battle of Monte Casino just before he was to get to rotate out and three weeks before I was born. He only had two more missions to fly.

    The truly touching story was his friends telling me how he managed to get his hands on cigars for everyone in squadron to celebrate the birth of his first child and son. Fifty years later they apologized to me for smoking them but they said they felt he’d want them to.

    I certainly did.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  25. Jackie, Wow. If you ever decide to resume that book, I’ll pre-order yours too. This site seems to attract creators of all stripes, I really need to link to everyone’s works.

  26. Think of World War II. Think of how many served. Think of how many died. Think of how many of the stories of their heroism could have been told. Think of how few of those stories were ever told. Think of how many will never be told.

    Jackie, I hope you write that book someday.

  27. Ghost, it was just so wonderful to know my father was real. He had always been a photograph who I did look like, I had medals and a story of how he died in a dog fight, outnumbered but helping to save his comrades. My mother barely knew him and seems to have had a nervous breakdown. My grandparents mostly raised me. I had one friend with a similar story, same circumstances. I barely knew my dad’s family.

    Last October I went to NC and had plowed through piles of genealogy, finding I had 25 great aunts and uncles that I didn’t really know existed! They were buried within about 25 miles of each other still in NC. My father was an only child. I was an only child. He was Jack, I am Jackie and my grandson is Jack.

    I agree that everyone’s story deserves to be told, the enlisted, the officers, the civilians.
    I ask myself what was it about 911 that hit me so hard? I think it was the futility of war, announced or unannounced. My father and his generation and the ones before that truly believed they were fighting for world freedom and to save us all. I had just talked to over one hundred men who still believed that.

    Goodnight and love, Jackie Monies

  28. Jackie, in answer to your last post. They were and they did, just like my father, my uncle who died in France, and JJ’s father. I have my uncle’s name as my middle name. According to what I have found on the net, he was killed in July 1944 and is still buried in one of the American cemeteries in France.

    Lilyblack, especially reading!

  29. Good morning Villagers…..

    Sleep did not escape me last night πŸ™‚

    You are most welcomed Miss Charlotte; as evidenced, I do a lot of copy and paste. I will ask my nephew how little Brooklynne Rose (correct spelling I believe) got her name….it is, isn’t it?

    Wow, Jackie, you do have stories yet for another day, thank you for sharing, and I really mean that.

    Ya’ll have an eggceptionally, blessed Caturday

    ‘morning. GR πŸ˜‰ and, yes, I do belong among the wildflowers…….

  30. I too have seen the name either as Brooklin or something similar. But the Rose is what sets it off. Somehow it made me think of Barbra Streisand and Secondhand Rose?

    Because I garden (did) I wonder if it may be a botanical rose? Still unique and beautiful.

    Going to make mom’s coffee, I am giving up diet Coke and all sodas, “again” as Forrest Gump kept repeating.

    Have a great weekend!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  31. Curiosity gets the cat! Is your Brooklyn Rose: 15, a singer, pianist, records albums, youtube videos, dancer, writer of lyrics and music?

    I googled Brooklin Rose thinking it might be a plant and found a talented young lady named Brooklyn Rose who is a teen idol apparently.

    Correct spelling was Brooklyn Rose.

    Love, Jackie Moniesl

  32. I had a great-uncle die in the Philippines in WWII. My mother was about 10 when she dreamed that he appeared in her bedroom and told her… they received the official notice about 2 weeks later. Uncle Jack had been her favorite relative.

  33. Morning GR6 and village. Spent 9 May at Red Square helping in the Victory Day celebration. Since I was already in Moscow it seemed like the thing to do. If plans hold I should be back on a more regular basis within a week.

  34. Been wondering if someone had pucked your flight feathers. If you are still in Moscow and manage to get anywhere near Putin, try to make it look like an accident.

  35. Lucky you, VL, I have never been to ussia. Though if I went, I would choose Leningrad. I have an Internet friend there that runs a Leningrad Battleground tour. I also hear it is beautiful.

  36. Oops. If you are in Moscow, I might not should have said that.

    What’s Russia’s equivalent of the NSA? Whoever they are, “I was just kidding, guys.”

  37. Almost anyone can be a casualty of war, in one way or another. I have an older friend who was born two months after his father went down with his troop ship after it was torpedoed in the Atlantic by a German submarine.

  38. I have two Russian Γ©migrΓ©s working at my local grocery store’ in a town of only 3000 people in Oklahoma. From the Ukraine. They are so happy to be in America, think Oklahoma is wonderful- older couple. We communicate through their limited English and my sign language. I worry because I know they left their home and family behind. But Ari tells me he dreamed always of becoming an American. They are so hard working and so kind and loving.

    It is very hard for me to think this ever was an “enemy.” But I suppose I feel that way about all nationalities and races. My husband has wonderful memories of drinking vodka and eating bread and borsch during the Cold War aboard a Russian ship with the crew, courtesy of his boss, Robert Ballard I think.

    Ari and I talk about rutabagas and turnips and tomatoes and I promised to bring him tomato seeds from some of my Russian and Ukrainian heirloom tomatoes.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  39. Today’s strip is a keeper. We had a cat that lived to be 21 and we have one now that is 14 and beginning to need help with jumping. Just before we read the strip she was bringing up the laundry and tripped over that cat, so she hugged him like Janis did today.

  40. I have admitted to being a cat lady but I am also a dog lady. I grieve and miss them all.

    And they grieve as well.

    JJ will you sign a print if I mail it to you? Ashes is Ludwig incarnate and he is having to make do with me since Mike is in chemo.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  41. Today at work, it was merciless…….all I wanted to do was get out of there, I still don’t understand how the belt can wrap backward on the roller….the one that pulls the belt. But it did yesterday, and tore the belt….had a lot of ‘experienced’ help, besides my weekend high schoolers….they got that bottom belt pulling and a couple of other things….still my packer kept jamming, had to cut one out yesterday….

    Enough of that….I’m home… agenda….a Hollywood shower.

    Haven’t had the pleasure of talking with Brooklynne Rose yet……when they came in last night, Daddy was packing her in….she was asleep, must have had a big, big day yesterday….and right now they’re at Denny’s……

    And Galligo, you are right there…..Ghostie is habit forming, in a good way, at least we do not have a Surgeon General’s Warning on him πŸ™‚

    Raining more here in S IN

    I truly loved today’s strip…I hug my cats all the time….I have four left. My favorite is my white cat, Snowee, she sleeps on my left shoulder. And all I have to do to get her attention is just the “s” sound……brrrmeow is what I get. I can see the aging in her eyes…she is 10 years old….and a rescue kitty…

    later….I have a date with my shower…..

  42. So many cat lovers here…..Jackie you said the other day you were going to the store to get cat litter…what kind do you use? I get the Arm ‘n’ Hammer brand.

    What does everyone else use….new topic πŸ™‚ I’m writing a book πŸ™‚ Nothing compared to her autobiography though.

  43. Ah, yes, my fan club. I love you all , too. πŸ˜‰

    Lily, perhaps they will get indoor plumbing in your part of Texas one day. πŸ™‚

  44. Lily: I presume you mean your cat uses the backyard. Over the years at the old place, a 55′ [I think] x roughly 300′ fenced ‘city’ lot, our [serial] cats and dogs all used the yard. Cannot do that in this townhome community. So, for the first time, it’s a litterbox. Use whatever clay-based litter is at the store. When I had kitty declawed, the aides at the vets’ [there are 5 vets] told me to use ‘Yesterday’s News’, litter made out of compressed newspapers, to avoid getting clay particles into the wounds. I’ll use it up, but I like the clay better.

    About 6 weeks ago, I rescued kitty out of a foxhole he had dug in the snowbank across the street, to get out of the wind. Could not track down a previous owner, though I suspect there was one. Tame, not gaunt, nice coat. Some of you might remember that, a couple of years back, I wrote I couldn’t have a cat because Chicagoland daughter is allergic. Decided that she visits about once a year and, if she has grandkids with her, I put them all up in a motel, so we don’t have to use the house. Now, grandkids or not, I’ll get her a motel room.

    Today is the second day this year I’ve opened windows; it’s warmer out than the 65F I keep the house at. Kitty is watching the birds on the other side of the screen. Vet says he’s a yearling: no tarter on his teeth yet. Maybe I’ve written about him here before, or maybe only to email folks.

  45. emb, Urban Dictionary gives two definitions. One is a “long shower”. The other you don’t want to know. Debbe being the lady I know she is, I assume the former.

  46. “I think there should be a pill that keeps you from saying foolish things, and that it should be called Declaritin.”

    John Scalzi on May 10, 2014 (his 45th birthday)

  47. I buy what ever scoop able litter I have coupons for that the store will double to $2 or if I am desperate I pay full price for which is the cheapest by the pound (scoop able weight)

    All of my cats are rescues except when I lived in Hawaii I actually bought two Persians, Pele who was obviously motley for the goddess of volcanoes and Gandalf the Gray, another obvious one! Excuse me, Khalil, my other Persian I bought also. I spent many dollars having shrinks tell me that my love of cats, especially Persians was a desire to have children.

    OK, so I did that and he was wrong, I still loved cats. I hope to have cats laying up against me when I die- I will have an out of body experience and see the outline below. There is comfort in their purr.

    I used to have a framed New Yorker cartoon with about twenty cats occupying a couple’s living room, the husband looks out the window and says “Honey, the kitty litter truck has arrived!” (Tanker truck)

    Love, Jackie Monies

  48. Dear emb, I like your name for the cat. Brief, easy to remember. You are a fine person to rescue Kitty from his cold, icy fate. I don’t think you had mentioned him before; what color is he?

  49. Have you ever noticed that when something out of the ordinary is mentioned, how often you will encounter an example of it within a few days? Such as Jackie mentions garter belts and stockings?

    Last night (quite by accident, of course), I ran across a web site that featured back-and-white pin-up photos from the mid-20th century. Many of the models were wearing little more than garter belts and stockings (and often high heels), but the photos were not at all explicit by today’s standards, and much of the photography actually verged on being artistic.

    Something that struck me (besides the fact that many of the models were wearing little more than garter belts and stockings) was that most of them were very average looking (in other words, they looked like “real” women of their day) and in fact could have been 30-something housewives moonlighting to supplement their household budgets. They were not at all like the sweet-and-attractive-girls-next-door of later-20th century pin-ups (you know who I mean, Jackie πŸ™‚ ), nor the young-and-attractive-but-tattooed-and-pierced-to-within-an-inch-of their-lives “models” of the early 21st century.

    The times, they do keep a-changing.

  50. Ghost, there is one thing I have been thinking about and a lot of it centers on what you just brought up. If you’ve watched any retro-television shows, read current events (Monica Lewinsky and Clinton, John F. Kennedy and whomever) the girls were pretty much “cute” girl next door or you wished lived next door.

    There was no artificial breast implants then, no liposuction, no plastic surgery easily available. People were male and female alike “on their own”.

    I read with fascination the body building expected of todays male stars, think “Dallas Buyers Club” or any movie that requires bodily exposure. It began me thinking, where would James Dean or most of the stars of Hollywood of the past been left? Someone bring up anyone to compare to todays requirements!

    If women are intimidated by air-brushed and photo shopped women, then how must today’s males feel about their images? Lord, Prince Harry does have a hot body doesn’t he?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  51. Heh, I asked the Man In My Life if he was intimidated by modern male actors and he looked at me as if I had grown a third eye. He’s 65. I stopped being intimidated by fashion models when I read somewhere that Tyra Banks didn’t worry about such things. “Just Airbrush me,” she would say.

    Ghost, maybe it’s because the only magazines I read are gossy fashion mags (and catalogs, too, natch) and haven’t seen a tattoo but once or twice and no piercings at all, except ears, natch

  52. You are kidding right, Lily? You aren’t covered in tats like Abby on NCIS? I live in the heart and soul of America, dead geographic center and I have seen more tattoos and piercings than a body artist. One of which I have as a cousin and makes a fortune up in Minnesota or Great Lakes. More than physicians, way more!

    When I worked in lab tech back in early 60’s we used primitive methods, blood coagulation timing was done with a lancet, a glass slide behind the ear and a stop watch. Well, I screwed up on this one lady, couldn’t get her bleeding time and ended up piercing her ear about 6-7 times. Certainly no one then wore multiple earrings but I offered to put in some metal studs and she could start a new fad. She thought that was a hoot!

    I only get stuck when the lab vampires suck out the 8 oz. or more they want every month and I give myself shots or test blood sugar but I guess I could get creative with some ink and turn my left arm into a cat’s head, like Ludwig?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  53. Nope, only pierced for ears (once each, done when I was 13) and nary a tattoo. Check out my FB page by clicking on “Lilyblack” in the header.Oh, I see tattoos, my next door neighbor, who is otherwise in the “sweetie” category has tattoos on both legs. And, I do not doubt, other places hidden from my chaste eyes.

  54. Jackie, my opinion is that the female movie stars of today can’t hold a candle to most of those of the 50’s and 60’s in the looks department. Sure, they had good makeup artists back then, too, but all the surgical procedures, not so much. Prime example: Sophia Loren. Prince Harry’s bod, I’m not in a position to comment about. πŸ™‚

    Although I’ve been told I’m handsome, I’ve never attached any importance to that. I’d much rather be considered “not be a jerk” than “good-looking”.

    Lily, I’ve decided you’re a bit unusual. And I mean that in the best possible way.

  55. Jackie, I am dropping in occasionally and I didn’t know about Mike. Just keep in mind that there are neurologists and then there are movement disorder specialists. Sounds like you know what you’re doing though. I was diagnosed with Parkinsons and prostate cancer 2 months later. My better half is diabetic and gives herself six shots a day without complaint. We are 65 and about to break ground for a new house. BTW you seem to in the forefront of a new direction hereabouts and I like it!

  56. Thank you, Jerry. Sassy senior sitizens, the SSS.

    What part of Florida are you in? We were supposed to be there on Panhandle next week for the Florida 120 which is a small sailboat cruise. Before anyone think YACHTS!!!! I will point out the operative word is SMALL, as in trailerable under 22 feet usually. The FL 120 goes around the Pensacola area mostly and is camping on the water or sand, the white sand gets into everything.

    These type sailors are mostly gray, senior, lots of hair, beards and mustaches, ex-military, ex-pilots, ex-motorcyclists, ex-adventure anything! I have among my small boating group eight ordained ministers (that I know of) two ex-Air Force Academy instructors, college professors, medical professionals, some rednecks and hillbillies and crackers. Lots of cancer survivors and those who refuse to quit living.

    I admire that. I am known as Mama Duck to some, StoryTeller is my tribal name. I love people and survivors.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  57. My neutered male cat’s name, on his vet and city papers, is Monsieur Trouve’. Why? He was found. It is a tradition from Italian and French orders of nuns some centuries back, when there was a small revolving door in the outside wall where an unwed mother could put her baby, rotate the door without being seen, knowing that the sisters would care for it. These kids, if they survived, had to have a surname. Two such names in Italy were “Esposito” [= exposed or abandoned, a fairly common Italian surname in NYC] and Columbo [for the pigeons that flew around the monastry’s towers]. Trouve’ [= found] is the only name I know of that was used in France.

    But he goes by “kitty”.

  58. Charlotte in NH on 10 May 2014 at 4:06 pm #

    Dear emb, I like your name for the cat. Brief, easy to remember. You are a fine person to rescue Kitty from his cold, icy fate. I don’t think you had mentioned him before; what color is he?

    I also cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. [A comment Lyndon Johnson once made / Gerald Ford.]

    Color: I presume his mother is the well-fed siamese huntress that runs free in the neighborhood. I suspect the city licensing, collaring, and leashing law is widely ignored, but Trouve’ obeys the law that his mother flouts. In 2012, she had a litter, of unknown paternity; I saw her followed by two half-grown kittens that summer. Presumably she succumbed to some striped Tom’s wiles again in ’13, because Trouve’ is a year old about now. The vet papers describe him as a “seal point”. He has the blue eyes and dark-tipped ears and some body coloring of a siamese, but there is faint striping here and there. He’s a rather pretty and very friendly cat, but no better than average at obediance.

  59. Jackie, it’s possible I will be in that area of FL around that time, but I’m not sure now. Based on the lineup of attendees, I am sure a lot a neat things will be happening on dry land, as well as on the water. Which would be good for me, as the primary use I have for water is to put a few drops in a glass of bourbon.

    Yes, Lily, unusual and unique. Like that will make you stand out around here! πŸ™‚

    I passed by one of the big downtown churches about an hour ago just as a large (and by large, I mean LARGE) wedding party was letting out. Out front at curbside was a vintage black Bentley (about a 1940 I would guess); a fully restored antique fire truck; and more lovely young sorority-type ladies wearing minidresses than I’ve seen in one place since the 1970’s. That’s one wedding I won’t have minded attending.

  60. When I first met my current cat he was just a kitten. The dark marks on his face (typical for a Main Coon Cat, and I think that’s part of his background) looked like black on white drawings of flames. I named him Gully Foyle, and the spelling of the last name is significant.

  61. eMb – Actually, I believe I remember you saying something about rescuing Kitty from a snow foxhole, bit I don’t recall any more than that. I love the name as well.

    Happy Mother’s day to all of the moms – be they human or otherwise. My employees have all been discussing plans with their mothers tomorrow; my mixed emotions I’ve kept to myself. My mother drove me flat crazy, mixed emotions is the phrase of the weekend. Whilst picking out Mother’s Day cards for my aunt, grandma, and other special “moms,” a mournful pang twinged inside. Downer sidetrack aside, I hope all the moms have a truly wonderful day. (If you are around the Midwest and are planning an outdoor event, I would advise having an alternate, indoor venue, just in case. On a lighter note, Blacklight’s gift to me? Letting me select what I was making for dinner. (She wasn’t so charitable yesterday – I said salad; she said tuna. We had tuna.)

  62. Indy Mindy, I sympathize. Mine does the same to me. Nag.\, nag, NAG! “When are you going to get married so I can have grandkids.” Uh, never.
    I did send a card, but no visit. I know she will call, but everybody in this house knows to say that I am out. Or got run over by a dirigible. Whatever.

    Ghost, maybe that’s why I like it here. πŸ˜›

  63. Steve: “I have never understood how women can find men attractive. Just glad one did 32 years ago…”

    Me, too, longer ago. ’49-’50 at Cornell U., Ithaca, NY. I was not the worst looking sophomore on campus [she was a freshman], but I was one of the least experienced at dating. It’s a long story, but she found me > attractive > the guy I thought she was going steady with, and contrived for me to know she wasn’t, and made sure I “accidentally” and often encountered her on campus [I found that out years later], and I was blessed, and still am.

    One attribute I may have developed by then and never realized until later was a radio announcers bass voice. I did some classical announcing over my recent university’s radio station, late ’70s-early ’80s, and was apparently admired by several faculty wives. I behaved, and my wife found it hilarious. Peace, emb

  64. About today’s real-time: Blacklight is 13. She is also starting to show her age. During last night’s storm, when she would normally be scarcer than hen’s teeth. (What *are* those Debbe?) However, she slept on the floor beside my chair, only occasionally acknowledging the raging storm. She is definitely losing her sight, and her joints are getting creaky: she is more heasitant to jump into the windowsills. I’ve put her climbing towers by the windows to make it easier for her.

    Lilyblack, My mother stopped nagging me forever this past Feb. 3rd. My feelings towards my mother fell within the same vein as you. Now, I honestly don’t know how to feel. When she was alive, I always struggled to find one that wasn’t “too lovey.” And now … I still don’t know that I would know what to say or how I feel.

  65. My youngest daughter is one her second almost identical rescued LARGE dog named Chein Chein . (Dog Dog in French) I speak French like Miss Piggy but my oldest daughter went to France as a language exchange student for an entire summer.

    Oldest daughter asked youngest daughter, “Why did you name your dog Cabbage Cabbage?”

    I may spell French like Miss Piggy too?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  66. The shrinks have made a lot of money off me in past, dealing with emotions about a mother that never really raised me and at one point I believe passed me off as her younger sister.
    At age 12-14 I hung out with a LOT of adults and called my school principals by his/her first name. At age 13 I wrote to boarding schools in lieu of my mother to pack me off.

    At age 70 I can say I perhaps understand her problems but as an only child I always knew I would take care of her when the chips were down. She is 93, has dementia and lives with us.
    Today I was counseling a grieving relative about his dying mother and the frustration of wanting to get the best care, to make someone better, to know you are helpless to do so.

    For those of us whose mothers are NOT dying on Mother’s Day, call them, go visit, do something to brighten their day. Take the call. Even if they make you crazy. At least you tried.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  67. One last Mother’s Day memory for Ghost and any fan of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

    When my children were young we lived on the water and our clubhouse had a pool that required an adult over a certain age with your children. Kelly Emberg who is from Houston was for some reason doing part time life guarding at the club, working on her tan and modeling some. I hired her as a part time nanny to watch my two girls.

    Low and behold, here she went off to become a famous model and Rod Stewarts live-in girlfriend, bearing his second (?) child and living with him for about seven years. When she left him, Rod Stewart claimed it was her idea, “She had another geezer.”

    She is back in Texas and a mother of three.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  68. Ghost, Ghost- you have NO idea. Yes, I have been blessed with some interesting friends and acquaintances but interestingly I have never sought anyone out. I am so far from a social climber they’d have to go below ground to find me! At my age that is probably an awful analogy!

    I guess you’d have to be pretty secure to hire Kelly Emberg as a babysitter! She must have been an older teen or student that summer?

    She is still beautiful I understand.

    I did find out how my husband Mike ended up dancing with a bunch of drunk Russians and Americans on the fantail of a Russian ship, surrounded by Coast Guard and Navy ships during the Cold War. He said finally the Coast Guard told them after being over four hours late in clearing the U.S. harbor in Hawaii they’d have to stop partying and leave! On a bullhorn!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  69. Good morning Villagers…..

    and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the women friends I have made here and who are mothers. It’s our day to glow. My one nephew-in-law texted me on Friday, and said he had three surprises for me….and because I love music, I needed to clear a space for it…..hmmmmm, wonder what it is….will find out later today….I just love surprise gifts πŸ™‚

    eMb…..GR was correct, a Hollywood shower is like the one Janis took the other day in the retro where Arlo turn up the heat on the water.

    Indy Mindy….hens do not have teeth…and I’m glad, their pecking would be more severe on my thin skin…..

    Mark….I’ve used that litter before, and liked it, but the only place that I can get it is at Wal-Mart…and I hate Wal-Mart…so I buy my A&H litter at $ General.

    GR πŸ˜‰ that is my theme song to my son, to be played at my end of life. I would play it today, but Andrew’s mother died last year at age 61 on July 18th. She loved her music too from what I understand….so I won’t be playing it today as I don’t want to stir up sad feelings today.

    Miss Charlotte, Brooklynne Rose’s middle name is her Great Grandmother’s name, her mother named her first name.

    Last night was fun…..daddy took Brooklynne shopping, she came home with balloons (we blew them all up and had a balloon fight, all of us). She got a Barbie’s stuffed dog veterinarian medical bag. Bella is the dog’s name…came complete with stethoscope, thermometer, a play syringe…all kinds of stuff. So we had to play doctor.

    Had to tell her ‘no’ for the first time last night. She wanted to listen to and dance to “Sister Golden Hair”, Ian’s new nickname ’cause of his wavy, reddish blonde hair. She loves that song she says. I was too tired after 6 days. We’ll play it today.

    Andrew put a tent up in the front yard, and Brooklynne and Daddy camped out last night. No starving of attention here when it comes to her.

    Poor Ian, he has ‘earned’ three nicknames from the one above to “Ian peean” and Captain Obvious…..that’s my boy though.

    later….running into see my mom…yes, she and I have had our times. I worked with her for 14 years in the bridal industry….I was the bookkeeper and I know my 10 key by touch. She was always changing my decimal setting, and I would sit down and resume my adding up columns in my one-write check book….only to discover the decimal was moved. SO, I put it back on my setting….then super glued the setting….she wasn’t a happy camper.


  70. Little Brroklynne is in from ‘camping’ and sitting next to me on the floor….I forgot, Bella the dog ‘talks’….barks….sneezes….nose turns ‘red’…right now she is administrating medicine πŸ™‚

  71. GR6, thanks for alerting the IrSS. Now I look like a rock star with my newly found entourage. I did get photos of both helopads inside the Kremlin walls.

  72. Oooooo…the ‘real’ secret life of the Village Loon has emerged…..are there more stories for yet another day Loon? Can you post the pics? Somehow the tune to ‘Mission Impossible’ is playing in my head now…….

  73. debbe, I have a Pinrest board, unsure how I can link here. If JJ would agree to collecting your email addresses I could send the board link once I return state side. Just a thought.

  74. debbe, just an average guy. Did spend Victory Day on Red Square, getting in was not an easy feat. First try all the metro stops where closed. Second try was a success, just meant finding an entrance and getting through security screen. My board has a great number of average citizens enjoy their holiday.

  75. Loon…I’d be interesting in seeing those ‘colorful’ pics….they have such colorful ‘plumage’ there…love the background in those pics….the traditional clothes, and the veterans ‘celebrating’ covered in their medal of war. And they do have something to celebrate for their service in WWII….now, I don’t know what to think….with all these sanctions and Ukraine….Putin, flexing his muscles, and he has no problem ‘posing’ those ‘muscles….or would they be called ‘muskles”?

  76. I never thought to be the Crazy Cat Lady, but it seems I have achieved the title. Last year a mama cat had her five kittens under our propane tank. We found homes for three of them, and kept the other two, in addition to the two adult cats we had. Then another mama cat brought her two kittens up on our back deck. A couple of months ago we began trying to trap cats and taking them to the vet for neutering, but as that is a rather hit-or-miss endeavor, ended up with three more kittens. They will become inside cats, and the final female outside cat will go to the vet this week. Now there is one more cat we haven’t caught, and I am devoutly hoping it is male. If curiosity kills cats, this one might live forever. No matter what we bait the trap with, he will not walk into it.

    On the topic of models and actresses, how did we ever get to the state of worshiping those emaciated women? From Marilyn Monroe to Keira Knightley. Personally I’ve always liked Sophia Loren.

    And “Hollywood showers”…I was reading an article yesterday on several Hollyweird types who don’t seem to have time for basic personal hygiene. Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt were mentioned, among others. So maybe “Hollywood showers” are no showers?

  77. Happy Mother’s day to all you mothers here in the Village.

    Took my shower this morning after my wind sprints. Under 5 minutes as usual. Took some time getting my pixie cut just right for church. Even used some perfume! Wonder if The Man In My Life will notice? Probably something like “Lily, didn’t you shower this morning?”
    I have already dodged one call from my mother this morning. My Boss/landlady/best friend/wife of The Man In My Life fielded it for me. “No, Janice, Lily spent the night with a friend. A woman friend, silly”. The iPhone stays off today, as I will be with the only people I want to talk to.

  78. Lily, I’m not sure how much of a compliment it is when someone actually notices you have taken a shower. πŸ™‚

    Yes, Jean, unless there is some underlying health or genetic reason, a woman should look womanly, not scarecrowish. (Look, I made up another new word.) Some of the photos of “celebrities” in bikinis on the front of the trashy check-out-line “newspapers” are downright scary. I can only hope that at least some of them are photoshopped.

    And if it is a male cat your are trying to capture, I know what you could use for bait. πŸ˜‰

  79. Debbe πŸ˜‰ I wonder whatever your “surprises” could possibly be. πŸ™‚ Be sure and let us know. And Happy Mother’s Day.

  80. Lily, glad to see there is a man in your life who is skilled in the culinary arts. We do make the best cooks, you know. πŸ™‚

  81. Jean….you may have the honor of being known and the Crazy Cat Lady….Brooklynne calls me the “crazy cat woman.”

    I am blessed, as my husband cooks and prepares the meals….for all us… (plus he does 90% of the shopping, he is retired)…..last night it was Caesar’s salad with BLT’s…..then later, it was scrambled eggs with cheese wrapped in a warm flour tortilla with salsa……the other night we had tacos…then barbecued chicken legs with cream style corn…and more salad. He usually has this ready within an hour after we get home, as we’re starved…..I pack smoked turkey breast, beef roast all with a slab of swiss cheese for our lunches….but after two plus years…sort of burned out on sandwiches…………thought of cannned tuna with cottage cheese
    does anyone have any ideas???

    Mom was tired….there was a baby shower yesterday afternoon for the maternal side grandchildren… maternal side nephew and wife are having a boy….just don’t have the relationship with them as I do with my husband’s nephews….rotten shame I had to work πŸ™‚

  82. Lily….I’m confused by your comment of:” My Boss/landlady/best friend/wife of The Man In My Life fielded it for me.” Is this just one person? You have a very unique relationship with your Boss Lady….you are blessed.

  83. Debbe,I live with my Boss/ Landlady/ BFF and her husband is The Man In My Life. I guess I should say that her #2 son (age 16) is The Boy In My Life. And I certainly know I am blessed. I thank the Lord for them all every day.

    I moved in here when I had a terminal blowup with my mother. I was already working at her office and had bee her patient before that

  84. Lilly…I make a wonderful apple salad….with finely chopped celery, apples, red grapes and mayonnaise (and not light either), very little salt, and just a couple of tablespoons of sugar, and walnuts. Maybe simple, but easy and ‘evaporates’ in no time here….of course, I’m a little ‘extra’ with the celery, which I love….peanut butter and my favorite…..phllly cheese.

  85. Mark…love the article….I just wonder who around here (lots of farm supply stores) who would be interested. But, unfortunately, my Cogburns are reaching the age of…’s all down here for the next few months….few eggs…..I wonder…if they call an aging hen a ‘spent hen’….what do they call an aging ‘Cogburn’?

  86. Debbe, we never use anything marked “Light”. The Man In My Life, who does the shopping, says that if he is going to make something for his family to eat, it’s going to be honest tastes.

  87. Sophia Loren is my husband’s idea of a fine aged wine too. Unfortunately I am short, of Scots-Irish descent, no ethnicity in my background I’d think that would make me ever look like that.

    When I moved to Hawaii we had the most beautiful and elegant secretary who told me she was in her 60+ age range. I could not believe it! She gave me her ethnic background, Portuguese, Hawaiian, Chinese, etc. A complete mix of everyone who’d ever lived in the Islands.

    I was young, blonde, short, pretty, petite. She looked at me and said, “You poor thing, all those Caucasian genes! When you are my age you will be all old and wrinkled!”

    Truer words!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  88. Loon, I have a son-in-law who I always swear is employed in some form of espionage. He works in a home office with computers, wears exercise shorts and bare foot, seems to handle lots of phone and computer contacts, no one has seen another company person. He says he is doing customer service for a t-shirt machinery company and handling repairs, installations, trade show and salesmens travel.

    I told him that I had yet to see a business card nor a catalog for said company but I had definitely known CIA or other operatives. So, he put me on a t-shirt machinery mailing list.

    Still not convinced, he has been in every country in the world. He doesn’t do that much anymore and takes excellent care of my granddaughter as house dad. Considering where most of our t-shirts come from, the third world nations story is plausible.

    But what a great cover that would be? I hope no one monitors JJ’s blog site here.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  89. For anyone who wonders how “real” any of us are, I just got notified by the author Dick (Richard) Herman that “A Boat Named Scamp” was now available on Amazon and other marine book vendors. I mention this because Dick is a friend and my personal “geezer” husband plays a prominent part in the plot.

    It’s Dick’s first venture into nonfiction (good fiction writer) so I am not sure how “true” it all is but he says it is. He says you can’t make up the really good stuff.

    It’s actually more a love story triangle between a lot of grown men in love with a 12 foot boat.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  90. No, no Lily, that was what we said when we were yacht brokers!!!

    “Just keep pouring the money into the cockpit and when you reach the gunnels we will let you have it!”

    Scamp is a 12 foot micro-cruiser made out of plywood by hand. She looks like a little pugnacious bulldog with a blunt nose and a fat belly. The cutest boat ever launched, she looks like a child’s toy plastic boat in a bathtub.

    My “geezer” built the first two simultaneously in our back yard, finished one to launch and sail, the other almost, in a marathon of nonstop building of about 90 days in a record setting blizzard. We took one unfinished to Florida for the Everglades Challenge, finished her in the parking lots and launched her in what some call the world’s toughest small boat endurance race. Neither Mike nor his partner had ever sailed her.

    She went through 40 mph winds, four to six foot seas. They sailed nonstop 24 hours per day nonstop in this toy boat.

    Now no one has to read the book I suppose! But basically this is the little boat that could/can and that isn’t the entire story of course.

    Lily, if you knew the kind of people who do this sort of thing it would change your mind about boats. I know it changed mine.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  91. “I hope no one monitors JJ’s blog site here.”

    Rotsa ruck!

    [Just because we’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get us.]

  92. EMB- I thought that was part of our senior citizen mental issues? You mean those people I see are REAL?

    Has Arlo and JJ expressed any radical views lately other than being extremely patriotic and supportive of our American way of life?

    Yesterday I saw a guy in t-shirt that I thought said, “Our ancestors by now would be hooting”
    which I thought, mmmm– probably true.

    Then he turned a little more and I saw the “S”.

    Couldn’t see if there as any small print or sponsorship logos, but I smiled brightly and got the heck out of his way!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  93. I want that t-shirt!

    Jackie, I’m just not a water person. Don’t like the beach (when my father took us to Florida I spent my time shopping and reading). Don’t like to fish (or eat the things) or water-ski. I learned to snow-ski, as we say in Texas, last year when we got invited to a chalet in Aspen. That is a hoot.

  94. Lilyblack, I tried to find that and couldn’t. But search for our forefathers would be shooting by now and look what you find.

  95. Jackie – Speaking of building boats, have you ever read How to Build a Tin Canoe? We met the author, Robb White, a few years before he died. A delightful man and a great story teller! You can read a few of his stories on his website They’re not all about boats and they are really funny.

  96. Ruth Anne, I LOVE Robb White. I always read his columns while he was alive and when they gathered them together for an anthology we own the book, of course. I bet JJ might have known him. He is much beloved and missed. And yes, even non-boaters could enjoy him.

    Are you still in Texas, Lily? Somehow I pictured you waaaay up Nawth, as Texans say.

    My Texan friends probably all own that t-shirt. I know a lot of them support separation and other causes. When I lived in Clear Lake area we were all opposed to Houston swallowing our area. One of my best friends designed a bumper sticker and t-shirt with lots of little fish being swallowed by one just bigger and the big fish at the end with teeth was labeled Houston.

    Of course, we lost.

    We refer to ourselves as “Displaced Texans” up here.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  97. For about 10 months in 1967-1968 I was a Texan. My father was in an inspection job for the DOD at the R.G. Letourneau plant in Longview while it was making 500 lb bomb casings for the Air Force. Seemed like a nice enough place but family issues caused mom and the kids to return to Alabama.

    Good deal Lilyblack. I saw several versions of the shirt but didn’t post the link so as not to create bother over some of the other items there. I knew if I gave you the right version of the words you could find it.

    Sirius is playing my favorite Pink Floyd song now: Echoes from the same album. Wish they would play One of These Days next!

  98. Ruth Anne, our group Watertribe uses tribal names rather than our real names. (Well anyone can find our true names of course) But I am StoryTeller and Mike is Woodcutter.

    Robb White was always someone I admired so much, as much for his ethics, values, wisdom, humor besides writing so well.

    Watertribe is an international group but based in Florida. We have many inspirational boaters who are also writers. In fact, Watertribe is more about finding yourself and facing your own soul and being than it is boating I think.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  99. I will admit that I am a writer and hope that JJ will not throw me out for being one. I have nothing to sell, nor do I profit, but I love the written word.

    This will take you to one of my columns, “The Gift of Little Boats”. There are others of course. I have written all of my adult life, just not about boats. When I took on the care of my 93 year old mother I found myself with writer’s block and difficulty writing anything.

    I found the Village here and lurked for a couple of years, reading you all before sticking my foot in. I wish that I knew each of you personally because you seem to be “my kind of people.”

    Love, Jackie Monies

  100. Jackie, I’ll never leave Texas. My family is here, My Real Fancily is here and that’s where I’ll stay. I’m Texas born and Texas bred, and when I die, I’ll be Texas dead.

  101. Lilyblack – I can relate, I don’t care where I am, as long as it’s between Dalhart, El Paso , Texarkana and Brownsville, – and fish have always been a problem for me since I saw The Incredible Mr. Limpett at a Loew’s Drive-in when I was a little impressionable kid

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