Ironed Curtain

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I’m going to continue for the next few days bringing you old Sunday strips from the early days of A&J. This one is from 1992. I’m sorry, but the color version of strips from the pre-digital era do not exist. As those of you familiar with four-color process printing know, they never did truly “exist” in the sense the added color exists in the digital archives today. The printing plates for the three colors besides black—red, blue and yellow—were created separately at a traditional print shop by lay-out artists who were going by a relatively rough guide of how the final product should appear, supplied by the cartoonist. A printing plate for each color was produced in black ink, and no one really saw the true color version until it came off the press. The actual printing process hasn’t changed, but the process leading up to that climactic moment has changed dramatically. I suppose I could color each old Sunday on the computer before posting it, but we all know that’s not going to happen. Perhaps in a digital book!