Is 30% enough?

Honk if you’ve ever done this. This classic A&J from 1997 was lifted verbatim from reality, a rarity. I was dining with friends at a restaurant in Bay St. Louis, and we had a terrible waitress. She was sweet as she could be, but it was obvious she’d little experience or training in her work. As she apologized profusely and scurried off toward the kitchen to correct yet another faux pas, we turned to one another and had the exact same exchange as Janis and Arlo above, right down to delivering the “punchline” in unison. “Janis and Arlo.” Sounds odd, doesn’t it?

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  1. In a previous life, I spent some time in food service management (summer jobs). When I get an obvious noob as a server, my tendency is to briefly explain my background and then council him/her on how to improve their service as I would have one of my employees…and then to not stiff them on the tip, to encourage them.

    It’s been a few years (pre-Katina), but Bay Saint Louis did have some good eateries back in the day. And Orange Beach was always fun.

  2. I told the story from about a year ago, skipping the tip at a nice restaurant, but then taking that tip and giving it to a hard working waitress at a Coney Island who compensated my burger because it came out late. I wasn’t sure on the tip amount and decided to give her the $30 that I would have given the other restaurant. It made me feel good as she is a single mom working 70 hours a week.

    Yesterday I had the dishwasher installed at my house. I have installed at least 2 or 3, but the plumbing at this house was slightly different and I did not want to chance messing up. The guy that came to the door was hooked up to oxygen while his two young workers did the install. He told me that he was a cancer survivor who received hospice care, but for some reason didn’t die. His crew did a good job, but the cost was $100 more than I had expected. I might have challenged another plumber, but considering his circumstances, I decided just to pay the bill. Challenging the bill probably wouldn’t have lowered it anyway.

  3. This is THAT day – I was in line getting booster shots (Army) when we heard.

    2 Tipping stories
    I a coffee joint in NYC late night/early morning friend & I were giving waitress a (bantering)
    hard time – she gave back just as good – Coffee & Pie came to 50 cents each we gave $2 each
    (When that was 2 hrs labor for us and more for her)

    Skip forward a few years and a group of us from college went to a nice restaurant. The service was so bad
    we left 2 cents – leaving no doubt that we were not skipping out on the tip.

  4. Clive Staples Lewis (aka C.S. Lewis) also died on that day in 1963, as did one of my least favorite favorite writers, Aldous Huxley.
    From Wikipedia:
    Media coverage of Lewis’s death was almost completely overshadowed by news of the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, which occurred on the same day (approximately 55 minutes following Lewis’s collapse), as did the death of English writer Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World. This coincidence was the inspiration for Peter Kreeft’s book Between Heaven and Hell: A Dialog Somewhere Beyond Death with John F. Kennedy, C. S. Lewis, & Aldous Huxley. Lewis is commemorated on 22 November in the church calendar of the Episcopal Church.

  5. In some parts of the world, tipping is discouraged, and leaving a tip is considered an insult – it effectively says “they must not pay you well enough to care about your job.”

  6. TruckerRon, in 1977 Groucho Marx and Elvis Presley died the same week. Groucho was almost completely lost in the media frenzy over Elvis.

    I was only in the third grade when President Kennedy was killed, so I didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about. I remember being sent home from school in the early afternoon, and the funeral procession being televised, but not grasping why this was so serious.

  7. Thank you for today’s cartoon…deep in November it is nice to remember…I was young and then I wasn’t anymore. Keep the faith until they killed Bobby and then just gave up. But thanks for reminding me of when things were hopeful.

  8. Thank you for the 11/23 strip. I didn’t even hear it mentioned on any of the news channel’s today. 56 years the country stopped for 5 days…… left a wife and 2 children. So sad, I detest democrats, but no one deserves to have died in that manner. or any manner at that age.

    • Does this opinion also reflect on your own comment from last evening, a couple lines up?

      One man pulled a trigger at the Ambassador Hotel. Who do you call “they”? Arab, Christian, Lutheran, Rosicrucian or supporter of Palestine?

      In this case I would say Sirhan did a detestable deed. But I would also say giving significance to an unnamed “they” is a political statement. Only one that lacks the strength of definition.

    • Thanks for the link, Mark! I was watching Saturday when Aurea kicked things off with her pregame flight. It was obvious the young lady has some work to do. Ideally, War Eagle will swoop around the stadium a time or two before descending on its reward, a chunk of meat proffered by its trainer. Once she was released, I noticed Aurea dived directly on the meat. Freshman mistake. As Coach says after every game, “We’ll get better.”

  9. MinTT, thanks for the info, albeit sad, about Gaham Wilson.

    In my youth I bought Playboy just for his cartoons.

    Two come immediately to mind:
    1: Plumbing store showroom, woman sitting on commode. Salesman, “Madam!, those are for display only!”

    2: Looking out right side of (U.S.) passenger car at outside mirror which has engraved, “Objects in mirror are larger than they appear”. Typical Wilson monster takes up the whole mirror image.

  10. In our hardware store we had to have acrylic covers so commodes would not get used.

    Smithee – Since we are not supposed to use He, She or It — they are all “They”

  11. Upon further review, the correct caption to item two is, “Objects in mirror are CLOSER than they appear” which makes for a much funnier image.

    Dang, I wish we had the ability to edit our posts.

  12. OB & Smithee,
    I’m happy with the gender-neutral “they” [some regard that as political], but that was not my point. If we know the ID of a culprit, whatever their politics, we should ID them. “They” didn’t commit the Holocaust; pick one: Germans, Nazis, Hitler. Likewise, they didn’t kill Jesus, Pilate or Romans did [only Romans could legally execute in Roman Palestine]. They didn’t commit 9/11, Al Q did. They didn’t order millions of Russians shot in the ’30s, Stalin did. They didn’t intern West Coast Japanese American citizens, FDR [one of my “detested” heroes] did. Another, HST, did in Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

  13. Same as other noted above, my wife and I worked restaurants back when we were young (1970s-early 80s) so we tend to be patient with servers who are trying.

  14. About the comment that Lynne Wilburn made, way near the top of this page, with the controversial “they killed” I believe she was quoting a song from the period — a protest folk song, like many at that time. So the phrase was the songwriter’s and doesn’t have the significance some people here are seeing in it.

  15. I have a ritual where I look at about 15 cartoons. Of course the first one is A&J. Last week’s Crankshaft was about the family getting together for Thanksgiving. Because cartoons can show a few minutes or hours over the course of 2 weeks, I didn’t think much of it until this morning when Ed is with his buddies at Dale (sic) Evans’ restaurant. It looks like the writers did not look at the calendar. I guess that makes Jimmy’s Friday strip rather poignant.

    • Perhaps Janis simply prefers those Thursday 9 p.m. sessions over their other playtimes [Monday @ 1:30 p.m.; Tuesday @ 4:10 a.m. and 6:35 p.m.; Wednesday @ 11:15 a.m.; Friday @ 3:20 p.m.; Saturday @ anytime either wants; and Sunday @ 10 p.m.]!!
      Good for them….

  16. My! Sounds like some Villager’s don’t practice “moderation in all things.” I begin to ache just reading that list. Am reminded of a different outfit’s supposed promise of 32 virgins, which raised 2 or 3 questions in my lascivious mind:
    1. What’s so great, after a reasonable life, about virgins?;
    2. Then what?; and
    3. What are we promising devout women when they die?

  17. This post responds to an email, and is taken verbatim from my return email.

    “I apologize for a carelessly worded comment. It does not state that the posted list refers to your “actions or proclivities.” If anything, it suggests that Janis might be so inclined, but I doubt she is. The strip itself suggests that the Days may be unusually rigid about scheduling one of their activities. I doubt any Villagers or Jimmy expect that list reveals your inclinations.”


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