It does happen!


Could it possibly be 10 years since the falling-squirrel cartoon first appeared? Apparently so. I don’t often edit or otherwise tweak my cartoons once they are drawn. I rarely have time. However, I remember that on this occasion I redrew the squirrel. The first version just wasn’t very funny. The second squirrel turned out much better.

It isn’t my intention to hector anyone. I only bring up such things when they relate to my own experience, and because I have to write about something. I was having a discussion with my cardiologist a few months back. I had slipped backwards in the cholesterol-control department. I was discouraged, because my weight was well under control. I didn’t understand it. He then explained to me that added sugar can have the same effect as added fat. (What follows is my own interpretation.) In other words, I might as well eat that ribeye steak as drink that Coca-Cola. In fact, I might do better eating the steak. I bring this up, because there’s a new study out that addresses this very issue. If you’re interested, you can read about it yourself.