It Is Decidedly So

It Is Decidedly So

January 26, 2015

I know I’ve shown this classic here before, but it’s been a while. I’ve always liked this one. One of these days I might just do a compilation of my “favorites.” I don’t think of my past work in those terms necessarily, but when I go through the archives, as I do every day for something to share with you, I run across oldies and think to myself, “That one wasn’t half bad!”

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  1. First gf had one of those 8-balls back in the middle ’50s. Until then, I had no idea such a “game” even existed. We played with it, and I still recognize the wording of some answers.

    • So that’s what Arlo is doing in p.2. I couldn’t figure out any reason to hold your phone at arm length and wiggle it. Magic 8-Ball didn’t occur to me, having ever only seen one in passing or in movies/TV. Thanks.

  2. I’m sort of surprised no one has done an app like that. Since today’s smart phones have those motion sensors it seems like it would work if someone took the trouble to write it.

  3. Didn’t you do a comic, back in the ‘90s, where Gene was watching TV and Arlo asks, “Which one’s Beavis and which one’s Butthead?” and Gene replies, “Dad, this is Crossfire!” I’m almost positive that was yours – one of my all-time favorites. And very prescient.

    • I’d have termed it “red-headed”, but I’m not the ornithologist. Been watching for a while and was about to post it here but got scooped.

  4. I’d love to find an old daily comic where Arlo is at his office, commenting on how slow the hours pass but how quickly the years pass. Wish I had saved that when I first read it, as that is exactly how I feel many days.

  5. c x-p: So would anyone unfamiliar w/ real Red-headed Wp, [Melanerpes erythrocephalus]. R-bellied Wp [Melanerpes carolinus] has a faint reddish wash on its tum. Both are illustr. / p. 256 of the “Big Peterson.” R-b does not migrate, and doesn’t normally range this far N in MN. R-h Wp winters through most of SE & central E US, and many nest N to southern Can., but sp. seems to nest throughout most of its winter range also. Maps 361 & 365, op. cit. Neither gets much into New England, & book [issued 2008] says R-h Wp is declining in NE.

  6. Not even having a bad day and I decided to look through my stash. There was the week in 2002 where A&J answered reader’s questions:

    Are you peaking in our windows?
    Boy, do we get that one a lot-and we take it as the supreme compliment.
    The truth is, we’re blessed with millions of wonderful readers. How in the world could we peek in all those windows…like, we’re Santa Claus?

    So the answer is, Probably not.

  7. Is it the link or does it not like when I cut and paste? Cold weather has manatees gathering in Florida springs. It’s very relaxing watching them and the fish. Follow emb’s eagle link above and then scroll through the images at the top until you get to the one for Save the Manatee.

  8. “Outlook Good” is still better than “Outlook Cloudy. Try Again Later”. Which is very similar to the message I keep getting last week when trying to download a Windows 10 patch.

  9. OK, that worked. The best view for seeing manatees today is the above water cam at Blue Spring State Park. The underwater cams are good for fish watching; the ones at Homosassa Springs are frequently larger schools of crevalle jack and move more than the gar and whatever at Blue Spring.

  10. Just read in the online “Strib” that a Red-bellied Woodpecker has been sighted near Ely, way up in NE MN. Leave it to you all to consider what this might imply. Remember, this is not regularly a migratory sp., and also that birds fly: a single sighting may or may not indicate a range extension.

  11. JJ
    I would love to see the oldies about Arlo buying the”art” with he woman behind the tree. Janis wouldn’t hear of hanging it. My all-time fave!!! (On my fridge.)

  12. emb

    Cold that w-p have been blown in? Any snow that fell on our place is 2 towns over.
    Of course the snow here is from 3 towns NW. Minus 3 this morning – supposed to be plus 35 tomorrow.

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