It isn’t the heat… well, yes it is.

Given recent efforts, I thought we’d revisit an old beach series from 15 years ago, 2002. Arlo and Janis are at the beach without Gene, who is just now old enough to prefer being anywhere his parents aren’t, even if they’re at the shore. Speaking of humidity, this is what it has felt like around here recently, until the atmosphere just can’t hold anymore and it begins to rain. No, it isn’t the heat alone, or the humidity, for that matter. The combination, however, is killer!

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100 responses to “It isn’t the heat… well, yes it is.”

  1. I thought that the beach offers a breeze that makes the humidity slightly more bearable.

    I was planting flowers on Sunday and I disturbed a bunch of ants. I didn’t think anything of it until they started biting me under my gloves. Since I didn’t shave on Sunday or Monday, the stubble gave me some relief when I rubbed my wrists on it. I am starting to feel better, but the welts on my legs have seemed to have grown.

  2. Not a fan of humidity but it wouldn’t be Florida without it. We got almost 3″ of much-needed rain last night. Not enough to get the lake levels back to where they should be but it’s a start.

  3. Sounds like fire ants.

    Ghost has his first harem Okie girl in the kitchen helping him install handicapped toilet in kitchen bath. Since I am getting second knee done as soon as she will operate we will leave it all in until both knees are recovered.

    She is about twenty years younger and wearing very tiny short shorts and a very tight tee shirt. I tried to explain to her that if her employer at the restaurant allowed her to dress like that they would also have to allow any other employees to as well and that could lead to the sort of exposure that generates photos of the “women of Walmart” on the Internet.

    She rightfully says it would increase her tips. It would but they allow no shorts or low cut tops.

    Ghost likes it. Our favorite Vietnamese waitress is Hot Legs who dresses like that.

  4. I grew up with Georgia humidity, and it never bothered me. Then I spent two years in South Dakota and that dry atmosphere. (the best part was that my hair didn’t frizz) Since I moved back home, and I’ve been back a very long time, I have had sinus headaches and trouble breathing in our humid air. Some days it feels like I’m trying to breathe in wet cotton. Not fun.

  5. Jackie, I’m glad you’re doing well! I had more swelling than I would have liked, but it’s going down, and the doctor-ordered physical therapy went well. Now I need to sign up with the local gym to keep working on it. The physical therapy office has a deal with the gym that patients can get a membership at a nice discount, which is good. I just have to get off my tush and go over there. 🙁

  6. I grew up in Memphis where the humidity and temperature both are in the 90s throughout the summer. I moved to Utah 38 years ago and on my first visit back home realized I had fallen in love with the mountains and the much, much drier air. It feels about 20 F cooler than the thermometer reports. Being very light skinned, though, I really have to stay out of the sun here or put on the sunscreen.

  7. Have made it to 101 degrees on knee. Jesus is pleased as am I and the Ghost.

    Just got OK to go back to my wellness center to begin walking on their track. So tonight Ghost and I go with my walker, shorts and New Balance for my beginning of daily walking routine.

    Will eat at Rib Crib for Barbque as his reward. It is great for ribs, I usually have salad with brisket.

    Tomorrow is staples out day so I need to pick out something short in a dress or sundress or shorts for that big event. We are going to Los Cabos Mexican restaurant for lunch. I love them, they have lots of seafood, fish, shrimp, salads.

  8. Ghost has been retired for a while. How else would he have been able to spend so much quality time with Jackie lately?

    My all-female staff was a real thing (Jackie has seen photos of some of them) and is still extant, although with some personnel changes. Also, they have a female boss now, and they tell me they don’t have nearly as much fun working for her as they did for me. I visit them as often as I can, and they seem to always be glad to see me, as I get some hugs from them that HR would probably felt were problematic when they were working for me. Even though, as Jackie has mentioned, harems seem to form around me wherever I am*, I do miss that bunch.

    *Terrie the Tasmanian Housekeeper was here this morning for the fourth time. Each time, she has worn less clothing than the time before (see Jackie’s description above for today’s outfit), and she is due to return on Friday. Bare midriff top and shorter, lower-riding shorts, perhaps? 😉

  9. Debbe, read yours on the tail of yesterday’s page. It has been so good that you became available when your dad’s needs increased. I’m glad you’ve been with him. Best wishes on the progress.

    got an extra giggle on ‘furever’, thanks.

  10. Although I was closeted with Terrie the Scantily-Clad Housekeeper at the time (working on the toilet in Jackie’s kitchen bathroom…get your minds out of the gutter), I am given to understand that this morning “Dickens the Adventure Dog” snapped at “Jesus the Physical Therapist”. With apologies to you USMC-types out there, I have re-dubbed her puppy “Dickens the Devil Dog”.

  11. maybe Dickens the Bipolar Dog. Most times he is very friendly, but something will set him off and then he’s biting, snarling and snapping. I think it’s partly the fact he’s so small so he feels he has to overact his toughness.

  12. Have likely mentioned similar ‘harem’ problems, ever since I was in college. Partly, at least, it’s the radio announcer bass voice. Have always behaved impeccably, but Elaine had to get used to this bevy. Many became close friends of both of us, and considered her as lucky as I considered me.

    Dove chocolates, as many of you know, come in AL foil w/ a message inside: E.g., ‘Innovate’ or ‘Buy something frivolous’ (today’s treat). I usually have a 16 oz. coffee w/ H&H and a chocolate when I get to Peak Perf. to work out. Coupla wks back, there I was, age 87, sitting w/ my coffee, watching lovely female MPTs/DPTs, and Dove says, ‘Make the first move.’ OK, then what?


  13. Out for my very first outing, even before my revisit to my surgeon.

    Hair salon for styling. Dressed in cream lace shorts, sheer crepe black sleeveless tunic blouse and black glitter flats and a stylish metal walker.

    No Women of Wal-Mart for me.

    Cannot wait to go back out on dates with Ghost. He is a good looking man who as he says cleans up well.

    Cannot wait to take dance lessons but right now one leg is shorter than other.

  14. Mindy glad to hear about Thunder and the mouse. So sorry about Black Light.

    My hair stylist has silver purple hair and always looks great. Try it if you havent.

    How’s dating going?

  15. Amazon has a good thing with the Prime and two day delivery, at least when it works. The problem is that they are not sending things by carriers who show responsibility for their deliveries. Many of the items show FedEx or UPS as the carrier, but in reality they are only taking the item to the nearest postal sorting facility and the Post Office takes it from there. About 3 weeks ago some books I ordered were scheduled to arrive on a certain date. Checked my mailbox, nothing. Tracking showed delivered. Seems carrier put the key to the lockbox with the books in somebody else’s box, since I found the books in an unlocked lockbox. Last week I ordered a computer part, tracking shows delivered but nothing in box. Emailed USPS and after 3 days have heard nothing. Spoke to regular carrier, whose attitude was “I didn’t deliver it, so I know nothing, go to the post office. Or wait a week and contact your seller. If it’s Amazon, they’ll just send another.” And Postal workers wonder why the Postal Service is steadily losing customers.

  16. Ghost, I plan to twist that and share with a friend, who likes to find new ways to express the range of thoughts and the emotions they can yield.

    It will take experimenting, but something along the lines of a bi-polar bear being ‘well traveled’ could lead to ‘my moods may be erratic, but at least they are well traveled.’

  17. Debbe, I’m sorry to hear about Hampton’s passing, and I am sure no kitty could have felt more loved. Your Dad is in my prayers. Thank goodness you recognized what was happening and took action quickly.

  18. Debbe, i just read your last post. Somehow I missed it. Prayers for you and your dad. Your comment about “this didn’t just happen overnight” made me think of the sudden diagnosis of Mom’s lung cancer. She had been seeing the same doctor for years and there was never a word. Then my brother took her to a new doctor, and we were all shocked.

    Good luck to your dad. There are lots of treatments for what he has and they get better all the time.

  19. Jackie
    They were not seeing with my mother.

    Steve f/RO
    Ban Roll On deodorant (looks like it is still available) for stings and insect bites
    we used to carry them in PU’s when I worked at Golf Course.

    Trapper Jean
    Check your insurance policy – some cover gym memberships – ours does.

  20. Prayers Debbe

    Adult Truths
    3. I totally take back all those times I didn’t want to nap when I was younger
    4. There is great need for a sarcasm font.
    5. How the hell are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet? (I do very well thank you
    though I need an area the size
    of a bed.)

    6. Was learning cursive really necessary? (Yes so us oldsters can write and the youngsters
    will not know what we are saying about them)
    (At least 14 States require cursive to be taught
    in school)

  21. If I stay in these parts a while, I’ll need a P&PHS 2.0. I’ve probably already found her, albeit she’s a Purple-Haired & PHS. Of course, that would mean being unfaithful to P&PHS 1.0. I’m not sure how they feel about promiscuous clients, so I’m not sure I’d like to climb into one’s chair while she’s holding sharp instruments.

  22. Jackie has your PT put you on the extensionator yet? That was worse than anything they did getting my knee to bend. Getting it to go to 0 was the worst. I am 2 years post and can do just about anything I could do on the factory part, except I have to roll up a towel before I can kneel which is a pain. Someone needs to make a something to kneel on for those with non factory knees..

  23. When I had my knees done, the doc told me that I would not be kneeling ever again – at least, not with his blessing and not without risk. Similarly, he told me to stay off ladders, possibly because of my considerable bulk. I never was too fond of ladders, anyway….

  24. I am hoping to end up with two good knees and legs that work on flat surfaces and most circumstances. Minus the e,tra weight. I haven’t knelt in years, either in church or in the garden.

    Goal is break no hips, legs or arms and continue to fight to regain my health.

    Lofty goals.

  25. What’s the secret to I am signed in – the site even says so – but I cannot bring up any comics. Instead I get the message that the site declines to show the page.

  26. Been awhile since I’d seen a good ventriloquist act, thanks TruckerRon.

    I am reminded of the first time I saw Edgar Bergen on television, my parents were excited to share his comedy with me. I was not impressed, so they were disappointed. They tried to explain that his act became famous on radio. This confused me even more. How do you perform ventriloquism on radio? Kind of misses the point, doesn’t it? I mean if you can’t see the dummy, you aren’t exactly fooled.

    This one was neat to watch, thanks for the memories it brought.

    I am receiving 403:Forbidden, when following either of the goComics hyperlinks on this page. Anyone else? If it is just me, I wonder if they did not like me retrieving strips from prior 2007?

    Any information welcome.

  27. Hi cxp, missed yours while typing. Glad to see the trouble is on GoComics end. Now that I’ve read yours, I’m sure it is temporary and will be ‘fixed’ soon. That is if you can consider what they’ve been up to as ‘fixing’.

    Thanks for the information, even before asked.

  28. Hah! Ask, and you shall…

    The problem had stood for more than an hour, but as soon as I ask about it, solved.

    Nuthin’ to see here, move along.

    Hope it cleared for you too, cxp.

  29. I was able to view comics on it prior to 7am, but haven’t looked at anything except comics since. Didn’t even know there was a problem.

  30. I thought the problem might lie with my blocking most cookies, so I unblocked cookies. I was then able to see From what you wrote, maybe that was coincidence.

    I suppose I should complete the experiment by going back to partial cookie blockage and see if the strips are still available.

  31. Should have remembered to comment on strip, amid confusion to get there.

    Thanks Jimmy for the twist on the circle of life played out in the kitchen. It strikes chords.

  32. About cookies, they are not your enemy so much as are your friends who email you links, articles, post links on Facebook, ask you to click and say “amen”, click if you like puppies or cats or hate cancer.

    Just saying.

  33. A question for an expert: Growing up I saw the cartoon vultures/buzzards depicted with long, reddish necks. Driving through the Mojave Desert I saw some of them flying along with those long, reddish necks. I go online to look for pictures, and I can only find ones that have shorter necks, much like hawks. What’s going on? I’d like to show my kids/grandkids pictures like the ones I saw in real life? 🙁

  34. Trucker: Don’t know what sources you are watching. If they are UK or Old World in general, they will regard ‘buzzard’ as Buteo hawks, the original use of the common name buzzard. When our UK forbears came here, they mistakenly applied ‘buzzard’ to New World vultures, and it stuck. Peace,

  35. Shifting to Vulture and widening to media sources: confirms the difficulty you have. Many drawn examples both cartoonish and scientific, but no good photographic specimen. I can only say that at rest, they stubbornly refuse to display; and when not at rest it may be hard to get the angle without jeopardizing your own facial/neckular regions.

    Hope you can find a better example.

  36. Trucker: No, that’s a good photo of a particularly long-necked sp. The longer the unfeathered neck, the deeper the bird can get into the carcass’s guts. Bon appetit.


  37. In Louisiana we have a Cajun town called Carencro. It is named for the carrion crow, a large flock of whom roosted in a large dead tree.

    If I remember correctly they were feeding on dead livestock dumped outside town in 1800s.

    Will Google town and story.

  38. A few years back (and I don’t even remember how it started), there was a meme here in the Village that I could pre-order my dreams before went to sleep. That usually involved me trying to decide if I wanted a dream featuring Mila Kunis or Natalie Portman. Terrie the “Who-Wears-Short-Shorts?” Housekeeper is due tomorrow morning, and I was just idly wondering what she might be wearing when she shows up.

    Then I idly wondered if I could order that up, too, like my dreams. Hum. Couldn’t hurt to try, I guess. Anyone remember the car wash scene in “Bad Teacher?”

  39. Have noticed that Terrie wears less and less on each day she has come to work. She started rather conservatively and has progressively gotten skimpier and tighter.

    Don’t know if she is getting more comfortable around us or she likes working with Ghost? I am betting on a bare midriff top and shorter shorts.

  40. Sorry, I didn’t know Ghost had posted this. I gave her some brand new uplift bras that I had bought too small by mistake to further her career.

  41. Uplift bras? Tomorrow may be even more interesting than I thought! 🙂

    Personally, I’m betting on a something along the line of yesterday’s outfit…with perhaps more “uplift”.

  42. Good evening Villagers, and thanks for your prayers and thoughts….

    …and yes, Jackie…doctors are now wanting patients to start paying more attention to their health and still want to charge the same amount. Hell, from, one can diagnose their own demise…

    We were introduced to a “Doc in a Box” during Dad’s diagnosis. A robot completely mobile with skype and immediate interactive conservations with neurologist from some Louisville hospital. Hate to see what that charge is.

    …good night

  43. Borderline inappropriate, but why not?

    If you enjoyed Ms. Diaz’s comedic turn in Bad Teacher, hold your hat down for the automotive detailing supplied by a former professional dancer, two years later in The Counselor.

    Caution, the film is most decidedly not a comedy overall. But Cameron really enjoys a well built convertible. Although Javier Bardem has a punchline moment when he gives a poor review of the spectacle.

  44. GE Debbe

    Will hold off for a bit – did you get C&O Pic printed?

    Adult Truths:

    7. Map Quest really needs to start their directions on # 5. I’m pretty sure I know how to get out of my neighborhood.

    8. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t at least kind-of tired.

    9. Bad decisions make good stories.

    10. You never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment when you know that you just aren’t going to do anything productive for the rest of the day.


  45. Today’s strip, very, very funny Jimmy, from the subtlety of the fly swatter to the punch line.

    I told you Janis would have been a good Bunny.

  46. Good morning Villagers……

    Once upon a time in a land far away, Miami/Hallendale, FL, I worked two jobs….one in the morning at a race track and in the evening as a bartender…it was there I gots me $100 tip. Put that in my coffee can so I could get the sam flack out of that crazy part of Florida…It was good though to get back home in Indiana.

    Looks to be a nice day. Two of the four ‘mater plants don’t look so good. Too much watering, as the bottom leaves are yellow. I just want fresh ‘maters…plus they are good for you too.e

    Our humming bird feeder here has attracted two of them. The one likes to claim it as its own. I love to watch them. Back at the Homestead, Mom and Stepdad had three of them up, and one summer they actually had about 50 of those little hummers hanging around. When we ordered Mom and Stepdad ‘s headstone, we had a humming bird put on it.

    Dad started physical therapy yesterday and we have ‘homework’ to do here too. I’ve got leverage…I’ve already told Dad that if he wants to go ‘riding’, he has to do his exercises. Yesterday he was whining that if he couldn’t go riding he would just as soon as be in the cemetery….so, when I did take him for a little ride, I took him to the cemetery and requoted him. Actually, I wanted to see a particular headstone, his sister’s. He didn’t get out as he doesn’t feel secure walking on grass.

    Jackie and GR 😉 , love the story of her hired help..let us know what she shows up in today, too funny 🙂


    Old Bear, still working on getting into my email….long story there.

  47. OB: Thought of that, but doubt they had that in mind. Besides, reaching over the car would be better illustrated from a different angle. Maybe today would be a good time to post a photo of Terrie. Peace,

  48. Jackie: Carrion Crow in the UK is the OW crow most like our American Crow. They need the modifier to distinguish it from the Scandinavian and more eastern Hooded Crow, which also gets into Scotland and Ireland [no carrion crows in Ireland; maybe St. Pat drove them out]. UK/Eur. also have Jackdaws, Rooks, and Choughs [pron. chuff]. Magpie and Raven same as ours, Jay different. Peace,

  49. Ghost will have to figure out how to post about Dickens who loves him. Ghost is now Alpha Dog but Dickens won’t leave more than a foot from me.

    Today is big day, my new king size bed arrived yesterday and we have to remove the thousand pound Chinese chippendale out that is too small. The queen sized bed is going to be a pain but is only moving to back apartment for now temporarily.

    Dickens weighs ten pounds but he shoves Ghost out of bed.

  50. Just called my heart hospital’s weight loss center to set up an appointment to go into program as soon as I am released by orthopedist.

    The name of coordinator is the funny part. Her name is Precious Cash.

    That is odder than Monies.

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