It Takes Two to Cha Cha

It Takes Two to Cha Cha

I think any of us of a certain age will be reminded by this old A&J, from 2004, of the TV commercial featuring the loop of the tuxedo cat “dancing” to the tune of a ditty whose lyrics were, “Purina Cat Chow! Chow, Chow, Chow!” You will be reminded of this, because that old commercial is where I stole the idea. People would actually watch such things on television and ask each other, “How’d they get that cat to do that?!” Now, their 8-year-old grandchild can create a video loop for them anytime they require one.

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  1. Our kids miss our cats (the cats died at ages 14 and 19) much more than I do. I tried to keep the bedroom door closed, but the room would get stuffy and my wife would open it. Do cats deliberately target people who don’t want them on top of them?

  2. That would be the younger of the two cats we recently rescued. Luckily she’s also the smaller one – 8 lbs. as opposed to 13. They’re both sweeties but I do wish we could re-set her clock so that we could get more sleep in the morning.

  3. It was our 16 pounder that liked to climb on me, especially at breakfast time. (His, not mine. It was still BA time for me. Before Alarm, that is.). And if I tried to ignore him, he would stick one paw in my face. If that didn’t work, he would gently extend his claws till he was pricking my face with them, and that would get me out of bed early.

  4. Dickens the 12-Pound Adventure Dog (yes, he’s put on a little weight) seems to want me to wake up and play with him about Oh Dark Thirty most mornings. His favored compliance method seems to involve a lot of face-licking. But some mornings he just seems to want to cuddle up to me. That I don’t mind.

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