It’s easier than knocking.

My vehicle usually is a lot like my office: a mess. Not a disgusting, ewwww-what-is-that-sticky-stuff? kind of mess, but a clutter. I think that says something about me and my disposition. It says I’m a slob but not quite a pig. People don’t believe me when I say it, but I often know where things are. I put them there! Drawers, to me, are black holes. If I put something in a drawer, that is when it becomes lost. Sometimes I rummage through my desk drawers to marvel at the useful things I find there. “So that’s where it went!”

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  1. Jimmy that is me. I have clutter and my car comes close to being a pig. But I grew up in a pig sty. With 7 kids, my mom did not have the energy to clean up after us. We all turned out pretty good, but I have been in a few of my brother’s homes and one of them should be condemned My sister has a cleaning lady come in and another brother’s wife takes great care in cleaning, but my other brothers have either cluttered or messy homes. Our house has dust and cat hair., but expect for a few spots that I store my junk/mess, it is a clean home. I am very lucky to be married to someone that cares about this.

    We agreed to having a few messy spots for me so that I can find my stuff when I lose it. When my wife loses stuff, it is gone for a while as she has put it in a box or a drawer. One time I found the tv remote in the sewing kit! Oops!

  2. My dad worked from home and his desk always looked cluttered and messy. It was awash with papers and books but he knew exactly where every paper he needed was. The only times he had trouble finding things were when my brother or I would play at and/or rearrange his desk.

  3. When I was working, people would walk into my office, look at my desk and just shake their heads. Pile City. But yeah, I knew where everything was. I hate drawers. Black holes, just like JJ said. Funny thing, though. The clutter people and the neatniks seem to find each other and fall in love. Opposites attract! Then the battles begin. *sigh*

  4. Ghost is a total neatnick and I used to be as well. He will tell you that I have gotten off that train a long time ago.

    We are going to start opening and going through plastic storage bins, my bete’ noire.

  5. I tend to prefer lowered local entropy, but am certainly capable of maintaining messes, too. Easily seen from this chair are several cartons of philatelic auction lots still awaiting sorting out – and they are quite a few years old!

  6. Oncologist says I will lose hair and a breast, so I bhave to buy wig if I want one. I am getting one through insurance, two or three less expensive.

    Dollie Parton anyone?

  7. Yup clutter is good for the soul. The problem comes when my dear lady decides on a major sort and put away. I’ll be unable to find something where it was supposed to be, ask her where it is, and she says “I can’t remember.” or she doesn’t remember putting it away at all.

  8. We have rules in my house that even junk male does not get thrown out until I’ve had a chance to look at it. Once I almost threw out a new credit card and another time a rebate check. That is why I have created spaces in the house that might be cluttered, but I KNOW where everything is. If company comes over, I can put it somewhere else. We headed off a LOT of arguments that way.

  9. Hurricane threatens NYC. One cat 5 after another threatens US, some causing trillions of dollars in damage and over two months left in the hurricane season. Earthquake in Illinois and a severe quake hits just south of Mexico City. I’m afraid to check the Old Faithful cam.

  10. Repeat of posting on old site. Sorry. I’m still on enough pain med that I’m not at my clearest head.

    Good to have your report, Jean. I’ll check in with mine also. Just as I knew, second week after knee replacement is better than first but still not good. Range of motion is excellent but lots of swelling and bruising, ergo still lots of pain. Even though one knows better, one still hopes….

  11. Good morning Villagers….

    For two days I’ve tried posting, little tidbits, arrghhhhs, and smiles….but I get sidetracked, and meanwhile a couple of hours later….it’s gone!!!!

    Jerry….had to laugh at that one…too funny

    Good news on Jackie and GR

    back later, gators

    GM Old Bear

    And a find howdy do to you Miss Charlotte

  12. Oh, I understand about cleaning! I do keep a clean house, though I don’t dust as often as I should, but then as Erma Bombeck said, work like crazy to clean the house, and six months later you have to do it all over again!

    I’m afraid I’m going to have to go back to my knee doctor. Lately when I stand up my knee sounds like there’s gravel in there and the bones are rolling over it. Feels weird when it happens, too.

  13. I liked Erma’s joke about only ironing the side of the kids’ clothes that showed in school photos.

    Ghost and I are on second housecleaning help since he got here. This one is smart and attractive blonde, old friend of mine. We have great hopes for this one.

    My friend hates her current job. She is assistant manager and has to hire and deal with an ever changing transient fast food employees.

    Ghost suggests I mortgage my house and hire her fulltime which she’d love. And I am considering it seriously.

  14. Ursen, slowly getting clothes back from the cleaners. Some have stains from who knows what, while others seem none the worse. MBR, DR, main living space, and kitchen were a total loss. The upper story survived: 2nd bedroom, office, and “den.” 95% of the books, all the artwork were saved, as well as both cats.

    The cats have recovered from their arduous journeys across Texas by: rubber raft, boat, city bus, and various cars. Certainly, at some points they questioned their human’s sanity.

    Settled today with the insurance company on both cars and acquired a new one. Next up what to do with a gutted house.

  15. Dry Sand, I honestly know what you are going through but then I have seen Houston first hand, just not on this scale. Nassau Bay had three of these one right after the other while I lived there, often same houses.

    Some of my friends did not keep their sanity. Tell the kitties you are holding it better than I would.

  16. Formerly dry, although not in your current position, I have cleaned up areas around the big Potomac flood in the 70’s and know the back breaking work. For all those in the painful recovery steps after the recent hurricanes I still am praying for you.

  17. No, not bad, Mark. The current “leggings” (which I believe may be just yoga pants made of slightly heavier material) worn by many today remind me of the “cigarette pants” of some years ago. Like them, my reaction to leggings-clad persons of the female persuasion seem to all be on one end of the spectrum or the other…either “Wow!” or “OMG, doesn’t she own a full-length mirror?”

    Along those lines, we had breakfast in a nearby city after dropping off Totally Awesome Truck for the detailed cleaning owed it since its purchase. Our young server was rather attractive, notwithstanding her pink hair and a single facial piercing. (At least she hadn’t adopted the “face-plant in a tackle box” look of some her peers.) Her attire included a pair of sand-colored jeans of some very stretchy material, which she stretched quite nicely, thank you. She was definitely a “Wow!” in that department. But what earned her a generous tip was not her display of pulchritude, but her sweetness in sending a gratis order of bacon out to Dickens after I had ordered it and showed her his photo. Also, the food was very good, so we will be seeing her again, I’m sure.

    BTW, have I mentioned that Dickens is a chick magnet par excellence? Once I was walking him outside a large clinic while Jackie was inside. At least six pharmaceutical reps, in their obligatory eight-inch-above-the-knee skirts and their five-inch-tall stilettos, stopped to chat and to admire Dickens. I found that quite a bit more interesting than reading eight-year-old National Geographic magazines in the waiting room.

  18. I just received an email from “American Stock Transfer & Trust Company”, saying they have received a “cheque” from Ministry of Justice Mr. Maurizio Bartoli “valued $1,940,000 ((One Million, nine hundred and forty thousand,United States Dollars only) bearing my name and email address from “Online National UK Lottery London United Kingdom”. All they need is some personal information from me, so they can send me the “cheque” without any further delay. For some reason, this message was diverted to my spam folder, so I may be too late.

    I guess the Nigerian Minister of Finance had to retire from his “job” of sending million dollar “cheques” out to random people and had to turn it over to the “Ministry of Justice”. At least the Ministry of Finance emails I used to get container fewer typos.

  19. Not sure driving just to see fall colors is good stewardship of resources, but apparently this is the place:,%202017

    Disclaimer: Two superb fall color spp. don’t range this far W, sassafras and beech.


  20. Jimmy Johnson – contact me directly so you can help me track down my Kickstarter items. Taking $250 from me, then delivering nothing…is that how you do business?

  21. emb

    The map shows 25-50% in our area – It is no where near 25%
    Though there is a nice Maple down the block that is turning red.
    everything else is green. We will see after tomorrow. Though 90*
    is predicted.

    Glad Autumnal Equinox everyone.

  22. I’m sure you’ve all heard about NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft which is going to fly past Earth on September 22nd. It’s sling-shotting itself toward a potentially hazardous asteroid named “Bennu.” At its closest approach, OSIRIS-REx will be only 10,711 miles above our planet’s surface, well inside the orbit of geosynchronous satellites. This map gives a 2-D representation of its path… just remember that the South Pole extends across the bottom of the map (a Mercatur projection?):

  23. Usually fall colors can appear here as early as mid October and sometimes as late as mid November. However, the persimmon trees along the lake causeways are loaded with fruit.

    Llees hometown, Carthage, Missouri has a maple leaf festival all month in October. We had hoped to go but won’t be able to do so.

    When are peak leaves predicted this year Llee?

  24. This is our famous and beautiful scenic drive, the Tahlemina National Scenic Byway which follows the crest of the Ouachita Mountains, the highest mountains between the Rockeys and the Appalachians. The road was built just for scenic travel.

    This is one of reasons I bought Black Jack, to put the top down and drive these mountains. The drive is right south of me, not far at all. When the foliage peaks Ghost can load me in and we are going!

  25. Scrolling through the Ouachita photos reminds me of the Berkshires of CT and NY, and of NY’s Catskills: modest Eastern style mts, ancient and worn down. Peace,

  26. Ghost, apparently your benefactors have begun delivering their messages through this forum, Emb, retro. All, there has been a 5.5 quake on the Mexican coast on the same fault that runs south of Mexico City. It is also the same one that runs along the coast of California. This fault is having a flurry of what could be a warning of things to come. I’m just saying.

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