It’s Only a Phase

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Sure enough, it was about the time of today’s old A&J (1993) that Gene seriously began to transition from being a little kid to being a bigger kid. I’m running late again, today. Turkey hangover would be as good an excuse as any, which brings me to, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday! I have been in further contact with our potential Web designers since I brought the subject up last week, and I’m getting pretty excited about it. I really think we’ll see something this winter. I appreciate those of you who suggest, “Don’t change anything!” Really, how could that not be flattering. However, we all know things change, and let’s be frank: the ol’ Web site is way overdue for some updating. I can assure you, however, the basic experience you have now will be available, along with a lot more. Don’t worry! It’s going to be fun.

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  1. Carry-over from “yesterday”…

    Jerry, I read an interesting article just yesterday about why law enforcement organizations have supervisors that tend to be not the sharpest knives in the organization’s drawer. (But based on my observations in the business world, it fully applies there, too.) When the Boss needs to promote someone up to a supervisory position, is he or she going to pull the organization’s best investigator out of the field? Well, no. Is he or she going to pull the organization’s best patrol officer off the beat? Well, no. Is he or she going to pull the organization’s best administrator out of the front office? Well, no.

    And that’s how organizations of all kinds end up with a high percentage of supervisors (of both genders) with insensitive gonads.

  2. Is the boss going to hire “Gender neutral”? hmmmm maybe.

    As stated above — leave the worker bees hard at work, with the not too successful, moved on up to management!

  3. New Flash! According to multiple emails I’ve received today, multiple companies have extended their sales beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Wow! Who could have seen that coming?

    Someone on a financial news network said yesterday that, based on early sales, we should expect to see clothing and other gift items marked down as much as 70 percent the week before Christmas.

  4. It appears some are already there, Ghost. My emails are so full of ads right now I have trouble finding “personal” mail. I did go ahead and order grandson’s choo choo trains (we are nearing saturation point but he KNOWS which ones he doesn’t have) but they did have an added markdown already.

    Back when my agency was trying to get total incompetents out of our payroll, they promoted our very worst one to another district office to a higher position and higher pay. Survival of the non-fittest. The fact that is was same position I held and worked myself to death in did not seem to enter into their mentality.

    “Here’s our chance to get rid of this turkey!!! Send him to Chicago!”

    Love, Jackie

  5. Sorry to read that, Jerry.
    I give thanks that my daughter (& entire family) had no injuries and also no lasting damage from a collision the day after T-giving. Seems as though other party ran a stop sign….

  6. Jimmy Johnson said: “Don’t worry! It’s going to be fun.”

    Like the current version of the menagerie isn’t! Maybe we will have: interactive strips, videos, and Arloville games. Wait YouTube and Facebook has done that. Whatever it looks like, we’ll some come. Build on.

  7. Re promotions: everything said so far illustrates why The Peter Principle was a best-seller and the term became part of our vocabulary a few decades ago.

    Jerry – you know this village will have you in their thoughts and prayers.

  8. I remember the pre-2008 blog that just had Jimmy with no comments. However it did have a lot of pictures. I think that if we could post pictures, that would be kind of cool. Of course we have a few people that we may have to keep a close eye on if that were to happen!

  9. Steve,

    I am no threat to National Security, barely able to draw recognizable stick figures. Now, Ghost and Jackie may need a moderator. 😉

    P.$. Still would like emoticon support. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  10. “Promoting [Ted] out of the way” is a longtime accepted business practice.

    Why would Jackie and I need a moderator? We just be keepin’ it real. 🙂

  11. Just read article about man who drank 10 Cokes per day for 30 days and the effect it had on him. Sounded like a Bubba Diet with exception of the beer he didn’t drink. Then I started wondering about all that Kapow soda that Abby drinks over on NCIS.

    In total honesty I drink a lot of Diet Coke. I know I shouldn’t and I waffle back and forth, stopping, starting, stopping, starting. But I have seen many a parent fill baby bottles with Coke up here in Oklahoma. I suspect there are a lot of 10 Cokes per day drinkers.

    Love, Jackie

  12. Neal, I am going to order myself a new Beaucoup book and a good fruitcake company from those famous bakers in Texas. If Jimmy has the teeshirts we can probably plan on having them for Valentines.

  13. That is obviously me trying to type “the good company in Texas that bakes the delicious pecan fruitcakes” sent out by oil companies, presidents of our country and the CIA to American and foreign contacts for decades.

  14. Oh, Jackie. You may have started another Village kerfuffle. You realize, I’m sure, that many consider “delicious fruitcake” to be the definitive oxymoron.

  15. That’s “Caf-Pow,” Jackie, and it’s supposed to be a high caffeine energy drink. You can buy something with that name, now, but it’s greenish, not red. (At the beginning they used Hawaiian Punch, but now they use unsweetened cranberry juice as the actress is avoiding processed sugars.)

  16. I was the anonymous poster several hours back; apologies for the lack of attribution.

    As long as the fruitcake isn’t dry, I am a BIG fan thereof! Claxton is preferred.

  17. As in the case of most foods, good fruit cake is good. The problem, I think, is that there are far too many examples of “not-good fruitcake” out there. “Dry”, as cxp indicates, perhaps being the most egregious of the fruitcake sins, with the use of cheap candied fruit being close behind.

    As I’ve mentioned, rum cake is my holiday cake of choice, both to prepare and to try not to eat too much of. And it seems to me to be more difficult to make a bad rum cake than it is to make a bad fruitcake.

  18. My grandma used to always bake delicious fruitcake. She was a staunch Baptist, with my Grandpa a deacon in their church. My dad would have to buy the rum or brandy for soaking the cake out of town and bring it at Thanksgiving. I think she kept a bottle of “rum flavoring” for her friends to see if they wondered about the taste.

    Jerry, sorry that your step-son isn’t well. I pray for a speedy recovery.

  19. News Flash! (No pun intended) 56-year-old Madonna poses topless for a magazine shoot. Apparently, there’s no such thing as too much attention for some people. And before anyone asks, all I looked at was the pixilated version of the photo illustrating the article.

    “If you’ve seen two, you’ve seen them all.” – George Burns

  20. Believe Burns based that generalization on personal experience, but he was clearly wrong. Perhaps he just was emphasizing they were not the ultimate goal. Once, in George’s tenth decade, someone asked him, “When did sex stop for you”? “About three o’clock this morning.”

    Au contraire [speelczech accepts that], back when toplessness [but not that] on Mediterranean beaches was news, a French person [cannot remember gender] dismissed the hoopla with, “Bre asts are like noses; they’re all different.” TIME, ’70s or so.

  21. Jerry, I second what Mindy from Indy said! Speedy recovery for your stepson and excellent holiday season for you all.

    No fruitcake for me please. Can’t stand that candied citron’s flavor. But if you have a good homemade German Chocolate Cake, count me in. I miss my mom’s version of that cake more than anything else she ever cooked. But I still have Mom!

  22. Ghost, I saw M’s photos in the rabbit magazine in the 1980’s and was not impressed then. Unlike many things, I doubt there is any improvement with age.

  23. sandcastler: Longest Run on the Billboard 200
    Pink Floyd’s acclaimed 1973 classic “Dark Side of the Moon” has spent an amazing 861 weeks riding the Billboard 200 album chart. That’s over 16 (non-consecutive) years!

    Quality lasts!

  24. Jerry, good thoughts for his speedy recovery, and may you be home soon!

    c ex-p, my mom favored Claxton fruitcakes, too. I have never cared for any type of fruitcake, but if I must partake let it be Alton Brown’s Free-Range Fruitcake. When my younger daughter got married I baked one of those for the groom’s cake. Not bad. Mark, it has no citron in it!

    For Ghost, Indy Mindy, and whomever-

    JJ, honey, I realize there must be change, and that’s okay. Just don’t change things too much at once. Some of us are not all that technically minded. 🙂

    I have often heard that people are promoted to their level of incompetence.

    I haven’t seen anything about the Madonna pictures, but I did notice the headlines announcing another Kardashian is showing the public her better side. whoop-de-doo.

  25. Good morning Villagers…..

    Jerry, I am sorry to hear about your stepson, I pray that his condition/illness gets better and he home for the holidays………………AMEN. Try and keep us posted, please.

    GR 😉 I googled “madder than a wet hen” and found some interesting comments. I checked my water consumption, and it went back to normal, around 4100 gallons a day those girls drink. Of course, there are small leaks….(I’m going to regret this) like dripping nipples, water nipples that is, those yellow thingies that join the PVC piping down 600 feet of a row of cages. I wouldn’t want to pay his electric bill or water bill….The Boss’s infamous saying “they don’t pay me enough for my eggs!”

    Mark….good album, oh the memories that album brings back 🙂

    Babysitting did not go well yesterday, the second phone call from my husband was “help”. There were three men here and not one would change that poor child’s diaper. And he was a little stinker. I changed the diaper and took a “stress tab” 🙂 (They are prescription) Rachel must be desperate for a babysitter, as she is dropping him off again today. Think I will be putting in a longer day today 🙂

    Ya’ll have a blessed day……

    Indy Mindy…..bless you and your hard work

  26. I arrived just in time for GR6’s yellow nipple post. Have seen them in blue, red, green, and silver this year. Seems it is trendy to go bare breasted with painted nipples. So yellow works too.

  27. sand, you obviously hang out in trendier places than do I. I’ve not observed the Technicolor appurtenances you mentioned anywhere I’ve been lately.

  28. I tend not to object to change when it’s for a good reason, though I always kind of wonder about change done for change’s sake. I think there’s an attitude among web designers that you have to change the appearance and layout of a site every few years even if you’re not adding new features or improving navigation, etc. I even saw one site lose features during their redesign, the navigation became MORE difficult compared to what it had been.

    Genuine improvements are fine, but also, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  29. Mark in TTown, When I read your message I wondered if it was an American Rabbits Breeder Association publication, the Rabbits USA magazine, or something like Grit or Backwoods Home. I raised meat rabbits as a teenager for FFA. (I believe in the future of farming with a faith borne not of words, but of deeds…)

    THEN I realized you meant the “Bunny” magazine. [palmslap]

  30. Homemade fruitcake is wonderful. Mom used to put a bunch of them wrapped in cheesecloth, soaked in brandy in a 5 gallon stoneware crock about the end of October to have them ready to ship in time around the end of November for Christmas. I miss those almost as much as I miss her vinegar pies.

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