It’s Pizza Man!

Here’s a Saturday post in the way of an apology for being so haphazard the past few weeks. The pizza guy used to be a dependable wellhead of gags a few years back, but he largely has disappeared. I attribute this to me now living in an area not served by pizza delivery. “Pizza Man” sounds like a super hero, doesn’t he? Maybe I could create such a character and feature him in a comic book! I think these comic conventions are starting to affect me. Speaking of, today is Saturday, so this must be Burlington, Vermont! The “Vermont Comic Con” begins today, and Arlo and Janis are there!

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. I was picking up a pizza and the delivery guy VB was during a Cadillac. He was retired, a widower and bored, so delivering pizza filled a whole in his life. A nice guy.

    My brother delivered pizzas after he retired from the Navy and told me of some strange women who ordered pizzas…. I’ll leave it at that.

  2. I live in an area with no pizza delivery but shops about a mile each way on road, but one had fires last month, the better one. Lightening hit the country store and got electrical system.

    Actually not zebra pants Jerry but black white and gray geometric. Do look like zebra in photo however. I own a lot of cheetah, Leopard prints. Went home and ran in to table of about eight leading citizens I knew but they couldn’t figure out who I was. I had dated a couple of their older brothers. Told them I was too old for them, I was a grandmother.

    One said he’d always wanted a granny in Leopard skin tights and a black sweater.

    You could have gone all day without news on markets. I am supposed to call broker Monday. I may be poor again.

  3. Pizza…sigh…God’s most perfect food. I make it sometimes at home, but confess to evil cravings for the guilt-laden carryout kind. I succumb far too frequently.

    Glad you’re able to sit up, type, and crack wise, O Ghostly One. Missed you, but know you’re treading water with some big waves.

  4. Everyone, give what you can to help people in disasters, but choose your specific charity carefully. Some spend more money raising money than they spend helping people. Others even help themselves with big salaries and expense accounts.

    Now for a favorite old joke:

    The psychology instructor had just finished a lecture on mental health and was giving an oral test.Speaking specifically about manic depression, she asked, “How would you diagnose a patient who walks back and forth screaming at the top of his lungs one minute, then sits in a chair weeping uncontrollably the next?”

    A young man in the rear raised his hand and answered, “A basketball coach?”

  5. I would buy a comic called, “The Adventures of Pizza Man.” My charity of choice is always The Salvation Army. Second choice is Compassion International. Third choice is Asbury University.

  6. We have been stalled for hours and miles by what we assume is a really bad wreck on I-44.
    There are miles of big trucks in front and behind.

  7. I am now living as far from the coast as I have ever lived, but I don’t want to test a hurricane’s ability to reach me. Some of the strongest storms with the most damage started out as a weak storm where the current one is.

  8. Mark, you were correct. A single car hit a power pole and shut down I-44 both east and west. We hit the traffic jam outside St. Louis about 3.20 p.m. and it is now 9.30 p.m. and we emerged from detour and got back on interstate in time to hit a rain storm. Headed for first dog friendly motel we found.

    Talk about travel issues, my driver smokes, I do not, I have dog and like ground floor rooms. We usually end up on two floors or opposite ends of motel. I put Dickens with me. But I am grateful for help. I have learned tricks of traveling with the trailer, both in driving and parking it. It has been helpful to hear road tips from a truck and long distance hauler who has driven professionally for almost 40 years.

  9. Note, driver is employee who retired from driving and doesn’t enjoy it so I lose him back to my patio, fencing and house and yard repairs. But I did get boat safely here and will make it home tomorrow. Trailer seems working well.

    Still need someone to travel with me to Puget Sound.

    Jerry, don’t tempt the wind and sea gods, be safe. All you Floridians evacuate if need be.

    Mindy, that was sweet getting your grandmother so much attention and love. That is what they need. You are a good woman and kind.

  10. Dave from Brookline – I’d suggest that “Pizza Man” was more of a pet name for Cptn. Furillo than a nickname. I don’t think any of the uniforms could get away calling him that.

  11. Mindy: Good to hear about your grandmother’s best gift – the bad news is that your privacy settings won’t let us see the picture. (Smart of you to be private about most things.)

  12. Good morning Villagers…

    Mark, thanks for the link. Indy Mindy is a great granddaughter…..I miss mine.

    Too tired to think….need more coffee. Put in 9 hours, going in for another. Look out payday.

    I need to look up why farm workers don’t get overtime. Another employee has planted a ‘seed’ in Ian’s head and he is fired up. I told him he knew this when he came to work.

    gotta go get more coffee

    Have a blessed Lord’s day.

  13. From AWAD Mail 739:

    Said Dubya, β€œThis summer I’ll estivate,
    Chop wood on my ranch, and holes excavate.
    It’s time to relax
    For Saddam got the axe.
    That’ll teach him to misunderestimate.”

    Steve Benko, New York, New York

  14. Good morning all. Heading back on road for last leg of trip with big sailboat to get home. Next project immediately is to drive trailer to boat shop in coastal Texas to put the boat we are building there on trailer. I will leave boat there but it is sitting on a building frame and needs to come off.

    My cushions and bed for my new large boat are down there since that was where I was supposed to be, so I must get them as well. THEN I can leave for the show in Washington state.

    Great trip, through Kansas to Denver, into Wyoming, across Utah and Idaho into Washington going. I may have thrown in an extra state? Not sure I will return same route, may come back via more southern route?

  15. Left out Oregon from route. But they also offered the z salt Lake City route which puts you through New Mexico. I have done all these routes in past and multiple versions there of. But not towing equivalent of Winnebago rv.

  16. We had some tornadoes and warnings during the past week. I got a generator two years ago and I have yet to use it. Power went out for 45 seconds Saturday. Just enough time to reset all of the clocks in the house and mess up the electronics. After 2 months without rain, we were told that we would need a record month of rain in August to reach normal. Well we are getting close! I will still have to re-plant some grass that has burned away.

  17. There is an old saying in the South…”I think I’d have to die to get to feelin’ better.”

    That pretty well sums up the way I’ve felt for the past several days. I pretty obviously picked up a respiratory bug at the hospital when I was there with my mom last week. Two of the meds I got at the Doc-in-the-Box last Sunday helped a lot with the sore throat, cough, and congestion and got me through the funeral. But the third one apparently did a number on my GI tract, and I’ve felt worse since Tuesday than I have in a long, long time. But today I can say my health level is back to 90%. (Yeah, I did the math.) So I hope this week will mark a return to what I laughingly refer to as normal.

    Again, thanks to everyone for the expressions of concern and caring.

  18. Ghost: About 25 years ago I worked in an office that allowed smoking. I kept getting sinus infections and the Dr. would prescribe Amoxicillin about every 2-3 weeks for several months. I was just starting to feel better when i got hives. At first it was my arms, then my torso and then my legs. Eventually it hit my intestines and I spent about a week in the hospital. I lost 14 lbs at a time in my life that I did not need to lose weight.

    Prayers to you ans healing from the emotional stress along with the physical issues is quite a one two punch. Hang in there and try to keep your sense of humor, which you have.

  19. Jackie: Glad you and your boat made it home safely. I’m guessing I’m not the only one here who wishes you would change your mind about hauling it to Washington.

  20. Thank you Ruth Anne for the concern. I really just want company on the trip. The new trailer is performing well and truck is too. I have figured out a route from North of Dallas to Denver that avoids cities and freeways and only has one horrible pass in Washington which I have been over twice at 2 a.m. and will not do in dark again. In fact, I am calling a friend who hauls boats back and forth from Denver to Puget Sound and get advice.

    Obviously my timing is awful but friend works for boat company owned by Spydeco knives. Sure would be happy to nurse Ghost for the company and travel supervision. Plus someone to read maps and use a GPS and give me instructions on where to turn,

  21. Good morning Villagers….

    Not really Smigz, I just fake it until I make it. But thank you kindly for the compliment.

    Put in 10 hours yesterday…heat was horrible. Two more days to go, and I pray this is all worth the sweating and cursing.

    GR πŸ˜‰ Sorry to hear that you have not been well. As Steve has said, you’ve been dealt a one two punch. Sometimes when stress and grief prevail, one’s immune system weakens and you get ill. Had it happen to me once. Prayers are still on their way……..Amen

    Glad Jackie made it home….safe.

    Cute Jerry πŸ™‚

    …and it’s Monday for some of you….hahahahaha, it’s Monday for me everyday.

  22. We’re going to come up with a new game called “Where’s Jackie?”

    Ghost, a certain sort of intestinal distress might respond to eating yogurt (to let the good guys make a comeback).

  23. I am pretty unpredictable and sometimes travel like that old carnival ride called The Wild Mouse with abrupt turns and twists at too high speeds.

    Right now I am lying in my own bed under covers and kept waking up all night wondering where I was. I want to stay here!

    Spent part of night going over route to Washington in my mind and calculating mpg, days available to travel. I can do it but just don’t want to go alone. Think I will go pick up my mail, get my hair and nails done and see if mental clarity returns. I have had two friends who named their boats Clarity. One misspelled it.

  24. Jackie, there are some very good GPS apps for your smartphone, and mounts that you can put on your dashboard to hold said phone in an easy to see position. All you need to do is tell it where you’re going (and any important stops along the way) pick a route if it comes up with more than one and let it tell you when to turn and which way. Some of them even check traffic conditions and warn you about congestion, or detours, but even the simplest ones are better than having to pull over at night and check a map.

  25. Thanks. I had thought about that since no one seems to sell old fashioned GPS any more. Funny thing was having Tony who drove big trucks with computers, GPS, etc. And he still used a big atlas to cross check and explained how he did his route per day cross checking and writing it all down. He thought I was way too casual in not pre-planning get stuff.

    They call us civilians or worse I think.

  26. I’m back

    Brother was stuck on eastbound I80 for 3 hours for chemical truck jackknife.
    5 hrs from home.

    Hang in there Debbe — hydrate.
    Been cooler here but wet. Beautiful day at The MN State Fair Thursday
    112,000 – 141,000 Friday. Went to Fair opening day, people still smiling.

    Zen Wisdom with a twist.

    1.Β Β Β  Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just pretty much leave me the hell alone.

  27. While driving my boat around some detours we started laughing about poorly marked emergency detour and Tony told of more than one time following each other into oblivion, especially before computers.

    I had shared my story of a string of us following through an Illinois corn field only to find we were following a farmer’s wife going home and pulling into her drive way.

  28. Uh huh.

    Ghost kitty is getting bigger and healthy, black and white, used to be tomcat kitty. Ran out to meet me last night.

    Got my drivers license replaced, license plate for trailer, boat insurance paid, verified hotel reservations, meeting sail maker north of Dallas with boat cushions. Tomorrow have hair appointment, glass frames repair and oil and service for pickup. All in other towns. And register oat and title here.

    I hate being responsible..

  29. During my driving years GPSs became popular but not useful for big rigs. Their data bases didn’t include low bridge info or truck routes. During my last year specialized GPS for trucks came out, but cost a LOT more than that for cars.

  30. Surely you don’t. He won’t fight or get chewed up, will be healthier and live longer. He still loves me and gets lots of affection.

  31. Having toes pedicured. That usually cheers me up. I refrain from suggesting because you probably have a scantily clad manicurist and mine is in a uniform and older lady.

  32. GR6
    We here in MN have a program that does dedications as emb can attest.

    Fri on MPR at 3pm Central time. Of course it is all classical but Steve plays
    dedications and requests. This Friday is VJ Day so I will request Victory At Sea
    for all those that fought – for those with us and in remembrance of those that
    have preceded us.

  33. Goodnight all. Ghost, I am so sorry. You are fighting nightmares from the past along with those of the present.

    I truly am sorry. I wish I really was the fairy godmother or at least the good witch.

  34. Good morning Villagers…

    Ten straight hours yesterday…the last four inspecting cages and counting hens.

    Still more work to be done today……yes, everyone is scrambling (pun intended)…even The Corp is getting inspected by the United Egg Producers. and they are all about animal rights. The Boss said he is going to tape my mouth shut πŸ™‚ Better yet, he said, learn to speak Spanish…yeah, right, like I look Hispanic with my blonde hair and blonde eyebrows!!!

    Old Bear, did you ever have dealings with the UEP?

    gotta go

  35. Alarm went off but I was awake worrying. Not supposed to be like that if it’s a hobby. Supposed to be fun!

    Have too many “things” to do. Registering boat here in town is one of them. Important one.

    Nails got done. Now I need to find more boat fenders, lines, another anchor and a boat hook, boat brush.

  36. Thanks Debbbe, it looks like I will be on the west side of the storm and will probably not feel many effects. My convertible has am-fm and cassette player. I still have a lot of tapes and will probably not install a cd player.

  37. Hi Jerry, glad you don’t have hurricane bearing down on you and the new car. Is it a vintage convertible?

    Wish I had that first ragtop of mine. So classic and classy. Passed a car show last week with a hardtop in it.

  38. Ford Fairlane LTD red with white trim, top, huge engine. Big V-8 1961 the deluxe model. Done for a car show sample and dealers wife. Bought with a little over 1000 miles, pristine.

    Called Sunliners.

  39. My first car when I was 14 was a Mercury Monterrey 1957 with the 430 hp V-8 engine. It was a peachy pink a d white two door coupe and began my love affair with big engines that went fast.

    Are you thinking we have too much in common Sir Ghost?

  40. The variety in our car choices is fascinating. We seem to go for either sleek power or practicality. My favorite was a medium blue 1982 Ford Escort hatchback. I once hauled 17 shrubs home in it at the same time…along with one husband. (We were landscaping a new house.) About a year after, it carried a big end-of-season purchase: an outdoor table with six chairs, an umbrella, a glider, a rocker, and three side tables. I still don’t know how I got those in there; I can’t even pack a suitcase. And I almost took flight with it a few years later when we were finishing off the garage—driving too fast with a load of paneling bungeed on the roof. I did have a red rag tied on the molding sticking out the back, though.

  41. Not my 57 Mercury muscle let car? How about the 61 red convertible?

    Here was it’s replacement, the 1961 Ford Galaxie XL Sunliner exactly as shown here with the 390 engine and double barrel carburetor. Loved both cars. Wish I still had.

  42. So, we have determined that you and I like big motors with a lot of power. You got me started on this remembering classic cars, a slippery slope. Now I am over on Facebook with a few friends being nostalgic.

    Heck, I can be nostalgic about Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis!

  43. I’m not a speed merchant, but I don’t dawdle on the highway. On Interstates, I usually consider the speed limit to be the rear bumper of the car ahead of me.

  44. We all know I have a small leaden foot. I am warned on pulling this boat. Sadly Dickens and I are going alone.
    He doesn’t like to be on road after dark so we plan to stop early and not speed.

  45. smigz: My dad sold the ’57 Chevrolet to me when I entered grad school. Not knowing anything about cars other than to add gasoline and oil as needed, I screwed it up, but good. Less than a year after the purchase, I {and new wife} hauled our wedding gifts from eastern OH to eastern KS in a U-haul trailer. It was heavily laden, to say the least. On one of the travel days, I recall hearing the radio announce {from St. Louis} that it was “6 o’clock and still 106F at the airport”. I did not know it then, but the extreme conditions had slightly warped the engine block – so a mechanic later told me. Result was an “out-of-round” crankshaft, great loss of oil, and so forth. This all came to light a few years later when I first learned that one needed to change oil filters now and then! Yep, it was really screwed up, and I had to get rid of it in ’64 or ’65.

    My own fault.

  46. PS: With a warm engine, removing the oil filler cap allowed the idling engine to put forth perfect smoke rings from that filler tube! It was interesting to view, but not a harbinger of anything good.

  47. cxp, I had an AF buddy with one of those “fill up the oil and check the gas” beaters, a ’49 Ford, I believe. When I shipped out for overseas, he was still driving it.

  48. Thank you Nancy. This is an amazing show, the absolute best in country. You don’t even have to like boats to enjoy it. Music all day and night, beer gardens and food and drink but not typical fair concessions, books, lectures, children’s events, parties. I get tickets to everything for showing.

    One of most anticipated events is the awards for R2AK, the Race to Alaska, which involves the ugliest men’s blazers from thrift shops that are given to this year’s competitors. If they didn’t get to end they cut off a sleeve and if they didn’t make first checkpoint they lose both sleeves. It is very tongue in cheek, making fun of yacht clubs and racing events. Membership in the “yacht club” costs $10 and you print your own membership card as Vice Admiral.

    Winner gets $10,000 and second place gets set of steak knives. This is no motors, human or wind power from Port Townsend, WA to Ketchikan, Alaska in small boats. I have been asked to let a team use my boat next year with me along.

  49. Good morning Villagers…

    My first car was a ’74 Mercury Cougar….yellow with white vinyl top and an avocado interior…loved that car…my second favorite car is still sitting in front of the pole barn’s driveway. We got the security key, just need to try and jump start it.

    BIL had to exchange batteries from his big black truck to his Dodge Dakota because of break line failure…and of course, the gas had been sucked out of it as it is running rough…husband said they must of used a dirty hose. I’ll bet I don’t still have a half a tank of gas in my Isuzu. Neighbor down the road we suspect.

    Jackie, I’ll give you credit…you’ve got guts girl. All that mileage in front of you and towing a boat!

    gotta get ready for work….need to be there at 6ish and run through the hen house, if we don’t get inspected today, for sure tomorrow. I am a wreck.

    blessings on all

  50. I had a 64 Dodge Dart hand me down from my brother and sister. It had a push button transmission. It was also featured in a 1974 or 75 commercial for a national collision shop when someone saw the car and called it a “Heap!”. So my friends started calling it that. Of course when the cold weather hit and I jumped started their cars, they still called it a heap, but I had the last laugh.

  51. I am getting out of bed and heading for town 25 miles south to get oil changed in pickup. Had to call six dealerships to find one to get me in!

    Still have to get boat registered. Got trailer tagged already. Somewhere I have to get it through customs.

    Debbe, I have always been known for having guts. It might be better to be known for having sense.

    Love, Jackie

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