It’s the stupid economy!

I hope you noticed, the current A&J strips a couple of weeks back were about space travel and the planets, including our own. I tried to convey, in what I hoped was an amusing way, the simple point that it would be easier, cheaper and a far better gamble to take care of our own comfortable planet instead of counting on space travel to save our bacon should Earth “become uninhabitable” in the future. Of course, I was excoriated by some for “getting political.” It’s inevitable this day and time. Here’s another “political” cartoon from way back in 1993. I mean, weren’t you taught to save money and not borrow recklessly? Arlo and Janis, where we court controversy fearlessly.

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  1. “Arlo and Janis, where we court controversy fearlessly.” And that includes having the characters walk from right to left! That’s pushing the envelope.

  2. Actually I have always thought you were brave and fearless Jimmy. You did a wonderful thing with Mary Lou and Meg, the unwed teen mother, Gus and the broken family, missing wife and estranged second daughter. You created the most realistic loving family in an odd dysfunctional working restaurant, assimilating Gene into the group lovingly.

    No, you’re not controversial nor caring at all. Ignore the idiots. Say anything you want to.

    Say God is a woman and has nice chest like Janis. See what they say!!!

  3. We’ve had a bit of influx on the Facebook page apparently due to some papers dropping our favorite comic strip. 🙁 I also invited them here.

    On the subject of politics, it seems you can’t even discuss the weather without creating political controversy! 😉

  4. I recently heard on NPR that the Fed is upset because inflation is so low, no matter what they do to arrange the economy. They want to have inflation at about 2% so that it will drive up wages. Perhaps I’m a simple Midwesterner who doesn’t have a degree in economics, but what they’re describing sounds like breaking even to me.

    Yet another time on NPR, I heard another economist saying that the ideal is to have some inflation so that wages will go up a little, thereby giving people the feeling that they are getting ahead.

    Now, I’m getting up there, but I think my memory is still pretty good in most ways.

    Didn’t politicians and other liars used to deride the former Soviet Union for having a managed economy?

  5. Having deflation is very bad for the economy – it discourages folks from buying stuff or investing (because everything will be cheaper tomorrow), so economic activity dries up and we get a recession (or worse). The Fed sets an inflation “target” of 2% both as a safety margin against inflation going negative (deflation) and because mild inflation encourages spending and investment (because everything will be more expensive tomorrow).

    I put “target” in quotes because in practice the Fed tends to treat 2% as a cap to be approached with caution from below, rather than a true target (which would result periods of inflation over 2% to achieve an average of 2%). Unfortunately that results in the Fed tolerating unemployment over the stated target on average as well – but they’re bankers, not working folks.

  6. I was going to post about wages & taxes but that may be too political
    Non denominational but political.

    I was taught to spend only what you had and little of that.

    I am listening to a book about Pres. Coolidge – lousy book – interesting man.
    He was able to pay down the debt of WWI and still stimulate the economy.

  7. So proud of Ghost who has lost a lot of pounds and a lot of inches. He was trying on some sports coats and slacks tonight that literally wrapped around him or almost fell off. He brought back some smaller pants and knit shirts he had not worn in awhile.

    They all fit and looked great! He’s going to be so gorgeous we could auction him off again but I would out bid any woman who tried to buy him.

    All in fun for charity’s sake is how he explains prior purchase.

  8. I’d appoint Jackie president of my fan club, except I don’t have a fan club.

    If anyone is interested, the “LawDog Files” has been released, or escaped, or whatever, as a Kindle edition. It’s already garnered a bunch of good reviews.

  9. Mark:

    Yes, I am well aware of deflation. However, I wasn’t talking about that.

    According to every source that I have encountered, everything is holding steady.

    Myself, I prefer steady to targets.

  10. I just read today’s strip.

    Is it a retro strip, posted accidentally?

    I think I recall seeing it before.

    Also, why is Gene at the old home place?

  11. Well, the same thought occurred to me, plus we have Ludwig in what looks like a prior strip.

    And coloring is truly weird. But strips are still funny, no matter if sofa is ugly.

    Jimmy, are you at a Comic con somewhere? Or not feeling well?

  12. Why Ghost Sweetie, of course you have a fan club! We’re just all here in the Village!

    I’ve been peeking in, but things have been a bit hectic in The Real World until now. Daughter and Vivian have been living with us for a bit, but now they and Fiance have moved to Daughter’s job. She works for the Georgia Parks Department, and is the new director of the Chief Vann House in Chatsworth, about an hour’s drive north of Dahlonega. Fiance works for an engineering company, and has been able to transfer to their Chattanooga office, which works very well, so all is good. It is awfully quiet here, though, and I miss being able to hold Vivian when I want to.

  13. On Monday we had a good thunderstorm with much needed rain. Last night, for the first time since the 7th, we had clear skies in the evening, so I got out the telescope so I could look at the crescent moon and quickly discovered the downside to summer evening viewing: Mosquitos 🙁

    So, the next clear evening without other duties, I’m driving out into the desert or checking out the higher elevations.

  14. The best education in the world can’t compensate for lack of common sense.

    And economics is theory, not fact. At least that’s what I was taught when I took some. So it is always in flux and you can’t pin the creators of the theories down when they are proven wrong.

  15. Lord, don’t breath any life into Edda and her lo e life. Just let that lay there dead.

    Just saw headline on my news feed that the comics industry is dead. That strip is.

  16. Ghost and I agree that Seth, the openly gay guy,
    has more trouble deciding whether or not he is gay than any gay guy we have ever known. He just keeps sleeping with ballerinas and having sex with women.

    Make up your mind already!

  17. On way back from physical therapy in Tulsa. Going to wellness center so Ghost ca.n exercise. I can ride bike some more and get in pool after galloping senior water aerobics class vacates water.

  18. I have seen serious mentions in the press that some earth scientists are worried that we need to develop space travel because the usual geological processes will make the Earth uninhabitable in a billion years or so.

  19. My boss’s sister is seriously concerned that a black hole will destroy us. I wonder what name that phobia would go by?

    If one were heading our way astronomers would be aware of its effects on other star systems many, many light years away.

  20. Word of the day:

    Autarky (or autarchy), noun

    1. the condition of self-sufficiency, especially economic, as applied to a nation.
    2. a national policy of economic independence.

    Interesting concept.

  21. Steve:

    This afternoon, I was able to see “2005” on the comic in my local paper. I just checked the online strip, and it’s there, too.

    I’m glad Jimmy ran it.

    It’s a classic.

  22. Dale, True that Earth will be uninhabitable / in a billion years [we probably will make it uninhabitable sooner] from natural causes. Ordinary dwarf stars like Sol have H-fusing lives of 8-14 billion years or so but, for physical reasons that astrophysicists understand [and probably explain online], they fuse H atoms faster as they use them up, so become hotter with age. This means that their ‘Goldilocks zone’, where rocky planets can have liquid water on the surface, expands outward over billions of years. We are fairly near the inner edge of that zone now. In a billion years, Sol will boil off any liquid water from Earth. In another 4 BY, Sol will become a red giant and make Earth a cinder.

    Perspective. A billion years ago [BYA], life was mostly confined to the seas, was all unicellular, some of them nucleated, some not. 700-600 million years ago [MYA], the first multicellular invertebrate animals showed up. Around 520 MYA, weird and not-so-weird invertebrates, some belonging to phyla that still abound, showed up. First vertebrate jawless fishes maybe 450 MYA. First tetrapods [4-limbed] land vertebrates maybe 400 MYA. [These ## are from memory; don’t have a geologic time table in front of me.] First critters I’d classify as true mammals maybe 290 MYA. [There is general agreement among paleomammalogists about the overall sequence, but dispute about the criteria for distinguishing highly derived therapsids from true mammals.] By the time of the late Cretaceous [63 MYA], when all or most dinosaurs went extinct, the common small land vertebrates were mammals. First primates shortly thereafter, maybe 55 MYA. First hominids [= other apes + us] maybe 7 MYA. Genus Homo, perhaps 2 MYA, modern humans, H. sapiens, maybe 500,000. Writing: less than 10,000. Science as presently understood, 500 or so. Moon landing: during our lifetimes.

    We have plenty of time, unless we descend again to an age of superstition [many have not left it, and I’m not singling out religion. Church is one of my major activities.] Whether we have the wisdom to achieve a substantially sustainable habitat here and then to support the necessary effort to achieve interplanetary and interstellar travel is possible, but maybe unlikely.


  23. I immediately remembered the “alarm clock” cartoon, due to the impact it had on me when it was originally published. And yes, the others this week are reruns. From what I’ve been able to gather over the years, this week’s cartoons would have been drawn during the week of July 2nd, which it seems Jimmy may have taken off for the Independence Day holiday.

  24. I thought “hitch in her git-along” described the intriguing motion of a taut and tightly-clad female derriere when the female is walking away from one. As the Trace Adkins song goes, “We hate to see her go but love to watch her leave.”

  25. Vapors [or vapours] must have a more explicit definition. Here ‘vapours’ is [still undefined], in the 2nd stanza of my favourite G&S duet, from ‘Ruddigore.’ [The props are sui generis.] The story leading up to this 2nd act bit is complex, but the gentleman was previously a ‘bad baronet,’ and the lady his love whom he abandoned, knocking her off her rocker.

  26. I nominate Galligo as treasurer for the Ghost Fan Club. Can’t think of anyone more qualified to count the club dues.

    Mindy, Llee, Debbie, Laura, Smygz I am inviting you to join, along with anyone else who’d like to be included. We will have Ghost Reports.

    First report, he is down where he is looking so good I am threatening buying a tux so we can go to social events like the one where Rich Widow Lady bought him. The best Eufaula has to offer is an Elvis tribute next month.

    However, the Legacy dinner theater group is full of about a hundred single seniors, all female and all alone. I had planned to wear some skin tight metallic jeans and a heavily beaded jacket with 1960s hair and makeup as my Elvis “tribute.”

  27. June Foray, the woman who voiced Rocky the Flying Squirrel has died. She was 99.I just loved her voice work . She was the witch who was always losing hairpins in the Warner Brothers cartoons.

  28. “JACKQULINE MONIES on 27 Jul 2017 at 3:43 am #

    I nominate Galligo as treasurer for the Ghost Fan Club. Can’t think of anyone more qualified to count the club dues.”…..

    What dues? LOL

  29. Just heard from my hospital to schedule a needle biopsy and an ultrasound on breast. It is set for next Tuesday at 9 a.m.

    They were doing it tomorrow but no one told me to get off plavix blood thinner.

    Met with my lawyer who it turns out has had FOUR forms of cancer and survived all, including breast cancer.

    She assured Ghost that not only were the dancers mostly naked but the ballet was extremely erotic that was being performed.

  30. Just found out who my surgeon is, Dr. Laurie Flynn. She heads the Hilcrest cancer surgery group and is highly qualified, having gone to Ole Miss as undergrad and to University of Mississippi Medical School, then internship and residency at Baptist in Alabama, finally specialty residency at Sloan Kettering. I am convinced with all 5 star reviews.

  31. Ghost, if you like aliens you should read Footfall. Similar plot device as Lucifer’s Hammer with herd-beast aliens added. Same authors, so some of the same astronomy & physic applies.

    I’m rereading all the Known Space and Puppeteer novels from Nivens now. If you know that universe, from what I know of you from this blog, I’ve thought of you as someone like Gil the ARM. Hopefully you are busier chasing organleggers and not caught on mother hunts!

    If you like Niven, read the “World out of Time” series which includes Integral Trees and Smoke Ring if you haven’t. It’s a different universe than Known Space and doesn’t have FTL space travel.

    Jackie, hope the biopsy goes well and the result is easily treatable!

  32. Jackie, I hope the biopsy proves the mammogram to be wrong, and that it will simply be dense tissue or something which is not cancer. Glad you have your Ghost support team there.

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