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August slouches on, with triple-digit heat indices forecast again today. It’s a good time for a sun dress; just don’t wear it outdoors.

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  1. Panel two struck me: It reminds me of Maurice Sendak’s drawing. It’s also a bit like Chuck Jones, but what really reminds me of Sendak is that kind of thickness and thinness of the lines that reminds one, be it ever so slight, of woodcarvings. So alive—

  2. Mdt48302, this is true, no matter if you’ve seen the same item(s) brazenly displayed on other occasions, the peek at it can still provide a distinctive thrill. Jimmy knows this as well– if not better– than we.

  3. Bob and I are coming up on our 40th wedding anniversary this weekend, plus 5 years together before that. (I’ve been looking through lots of old pictures and marveling at how skinny we were!) Inevitably someone will ask how we managed to make it. Those of you with similar longevity know the answer is something along the lines of “one day at a time”. Neil Gaiman’s timely, for us, Facebook post today contained this link:

  4. We have a pair of canvas deck chairs and air mattresses. Mine is so comfortable that I’m going to put it into my slat frame when it gets here, as I needed one anyway. As I think I may have mentioned before, our new (to us) house is at 6159 feet above sea level, and cooking is going to take a bit of getting used to. Not only isn’t coffee quite hot enough, it needs to brew longer in a french press.

  5. Asked MB what she wanted for supper – she said “Stop doing that – I was just going to ask you.”
    We tend to finish each others sentences.

    Congratulations to Ruth Anne & Bob and all those that make it work.

    They used to claim the 1st year was hardest – maybe that is why we lasted this long –
    we saw very little of each other the first year.

  6. Congratulations Ruth Anne and Bob. My wife and I have just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. I’m sure that Bob understands, as I do, that the secret to a long and happy marriage can be summed up in two words: “Yes, Dear”.

  7. Our generation had another bit of sage advice I apply to marriage: Make Love, Not War. I made the conscious decision to always ask myself whether an issue was worth fighting about, and so far nothing has reached that level. We’ve had 38 years and survived having 3 autistic daughters (plus one without that problem) and my little SCA experience.

  8. Steve from ROI: “Definitely a Ghost favorite….”

    Oh, yes. Definitely in my personal Top 10 Favorite List; conceivably in the Top Five.

    Perhaps one day I shall post the story of how a fairly innocent thirteen-year-old boy was introduced to the “mysteries” that are sometimes revealed by a sundress, thereby beginning a life-long appreciation of that garment and those who wear it so fetchingly.

  9. A few days ago, the Decorah North bald eagle nest fell out of its tree and is now a pile of possible kindling on the ground. There were no known casualties but any basement inhabitants had to be mightily surprised.

  10. cx-p: Too true about apologies. About the nest, the surprise is probably not that it fell but that it could get that big before reaching its proverbial last straw.

  11. To paraphrase Arlo and Sir Mix-a-Lot (there’s something one doesn’t see everyday), I like that dress, too, and I cannot lie.

    I saw an interesting variation today at Wally World…a sundress (worn by a cute redhead) that appeared conventional in front but like a halter top from behind. It also had an asymmetrical hem line. Very becoming. If it weren’t so late in the season I’d try to find some like it for Steals & Deals.

  12. If the cute redhaired girl (thanks Mr. Schultz) also had tousled hair, and the smile that might be bashful but is really a look of contentment; then I might suspect the crooked hemline and front to back appearance resulted from distracted dressing.

    Careful out there kids. Distracted dressing causes three out of every four fond memories.

    (Age not given in context, I’ve assumed consenting activity by all involved.)

  13. I liked the stretch across the king sized bed cartoon because Ghost and I had just been doing that very thing. It took us so long to meet in the middle that Dickens races up first so he gets in middle first. He is a kissing dog who can’t control his likker.

    About sundresses that I was hoping to wear, I won’t go there. I am losing weight still. Found out I am lactose intolerant and had to go on lactose free shakes. Now it appears I can’t tolerate the meal replacement entrees either. So I will have to change to diet using some shake supplements, fresh fruits, fresh vegs, fish and chicken. Which is how I lost the first 150 plus pounds. Slower.

    Had to give up chocolate again so vanilla shakes only. This is for a long long time again.

    Ghost refuses to let me be sad or depressed. So perhaps I should stay away. But I follow and read periodically those who post and Jimmy, strip. I told a nurse this week Ghost and I met in a comic strip, like Jessica Rabbit.

    I wish I looked that good!

  14. “Distracted dressing”? Oh, I think she was very aware of what she was doing when she donned that sundress. 😀

    And yes, this redhead was of age. Although not excessively so.

  15. TruckerRon:

    I studied German for the year that I was a chem major, and I recall very little of either.

    However, my favorite German word has stuck with me: beschwendekeitsbegrenzung.

    In English, it means “speed limit.”

  16. My dad’s favorite German word was Konstantinopelischerdudelsackerundpfeifferverein. That would be the Constantinople bagpipe and fife club. I have seen variations on the spelling including one having “itan” following “pel”. No idea whether or not such a group ever existed.

  17. Mr Clemens also said, “Whenever the literary German dives into a sentence, that is the last you are going to see of him till he emerges on the other side of his Atlantic with his verb in his mouth.” — A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

  18. Our new kitchen has a slanted ceiling, with empty space above the cabinets. Leo quickly learned that he could jump up to the counter, then the top of the fridge and end up on the space over the cabinets. Now, the side nearest the front of the house is one of his favorite sleeping spots. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s up high or because we can’t reach him (not that we want to) but it does have the advantage that he’s not underfoot.

  19. Sideburns, sounds like a good cat spot. They love high places. But be careful, one place my ex and I moved to turned out to have some Dcon baits on top of the cabinets. We didn’t see them, but one of the cats did. Had to do a fast trip to an emergency vet who dosed her with ground charcoal in water to clean out the digestive tract. Ever try to clean regurgitated charcoal etc from a light colored carpet?

  20. I hope everyone had a good and safe Labor Day. We on the Gulf Coast had our typical Labor Day: track, clean up from, prepare for, or hunker down for a storm. Looks like Gordon will arrive here tomorrow night.

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