I thought this 2005 comic might be appropriate today. I hope you continue to enjoy the holidays. It’s always a bit disconcerting when Christmas Day falls in the middle of the week. Should we pretend it’s back to business as usual, or should we pretend we’re still celebrating? Let’s pretend we’re still celebrating! We won’t have this problem next year: 2020 being a leap year, Christmas will be on Friday. That’s always good!

10 thoughts on “Jackpot!”

  1. Had a setback with the diet, but hey, it’s Christmas. I will go out for a 3 mile walk today as the temperature will be 57° today. I got to play Santa Tuesday night and I compared the pictures from last year. Definitely will need a Pillow for 2020!

    Singing at church this weekend and in the Catholic Church, we will be singing Christmas Carols for a while. It is sad as I enjoy the Christmas music on the radio, but midnight December 26th BAM, no more Christmas music!


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