Jacks Are Wild

March 2, 1997

As readers know, I’m not above taking a stab at a limerick, especially when I’m stuck for an original idea. I think this is one of my better efforts, probably because the meter so closely follows that with which we’re all familiar. “There once was a girl from, etc.” Commenters need not feel compelled to fill in the blanks. It would not work as well, however, if it weren’t a cartoon. The meaning of the verse is clearer and, I dare say, funnier, because it is paired with the drawings. Words and artwork in mutual support. That, children, is the very definition of a comic strip. Sorry I missed yesterday; I was traveling.

12 thoughts on “Jacks Are Wild”

  1. Enjoyed lunch today on the back patio with our view of the mountains over our big desert wash, plus goldfinches and a cardinal at our feeders. Tucson in February. Ahhh….


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