Jacks Are Wild

Jacks Are Wild

March 2, 1997

As readers know, I’m not above taking a stab at a limerick, especially when I’m stuck for an original idea. I think this is one of my better efforts, probably because the meter so closely follows that with which we’re all familiar. “There once was a girl from, etc.” Commenters need not feel compelled to fill in the blanks. It would not work as well, however, if it weren’t a cartoon. The meaning of the verse is clearer and, I dare say, funnier, because it is paired with the drawings. Words and artwork in mutual support. That, children, is the very definition of a comic strip. Sorry I missed yesterday; I was traveling.

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  1. Enjoyed lunch today on the back patio with our view of the mountains over our big desert wash, plus goldfinches and a cardinal at our feeders. Tucson in February. Ahhh….

  2. Same site. She’s now upper L, he lower R. In this pair, he’s not only smaller, but sleeker. She often looks like she just got up, needs her morning coffee, & such. Peace,

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