Jeopardy fans: “It won’t be long now!”


What did the monkey say after he cut his tail off? I’ll have to credit Redman in the Big O with that one. That’s what he said to me in an email the morning of the Auburn/Alabama game last November, and I’m recycling it for tonight’s game, the Tostitos BCS Big Deal Lot of Hooplah Bowl, between the Oregon Ducks and the Auburn Tigers, my alma mater.

Of course I still think the Bowl Championship Series is an abomination, but, I’m sorry, where I come from this game is powerful juju. In fact, I heard last night that tickets to this football game have become the hottest tickests in the history of sports! If that’s true, I am at a loss to explain it, except maybe that these are two teams who’ve been vying to get in the Big Game for a long time. Now, they’ve arrived simultaneously. I’m trying to keep my perspective, but you can bet I will be watching tonight. WDE!