Jumping Jack Flash

It’s Tuesday: Reset Day. Today’s old A&J is from 2010. Cats are not into vigorous exercise. That’s one reason I like them. I watched “Casablanca” for about the 100th time on Turner Classic Movie’s Sunday-night program, “The Essentials.” I realized I don’t watch TCM as much as I once did. I rely on Netflix’s streaming catalog more than anything else. Sometimes I watch movies on Amazon Prime. I suppose I could watch movies on demand from my cable company, but I never have. As for the myriad other options out there, I’m rather clueless. Weather permitting, I sit outside most evenings or go out somewhere, but with the approach of winter, I’m studying my entertainment options again. Which leads me to my point: what do you watch, and how do you watch it?

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  1. Interestingly I don’t. I used to be a huge movie buff, read reviews, opinions, went to theaters in the day. Then I switched to tapes, then cds, then nothing. I just stopped.

    Interesting. Why?

  2. Love going to see movies at the local cinema although not happy about prices. Also watch movies On Demand via cable. Watch some TV programs on an actual TV. No Netflix, streaming or other methods. It would become all too consuming. Options are very convenient to have but they also suck up your time. No thank you.

  3. We also like to use Netflix and Amazon Prime. But we love to go the the new Warren Theater from time to time and watch the new releases. Once we went to the Warren Theater, we have been a bit spoiled and really love the seats and the overall look and feel of the experience. We had dinner with friends and watched Sully while in the theater the other night.

  4. My kids just gave me a gift card for Netflix, and I am enjoying that. I enjoy watching all the TV shows from the beginning that I missed first time around. Currently enjoying Murdoch Mysteries based on the characters created by Canadian author Maureen Jennings. Still watch the occasional movie on TCM…love those too!

  5. Thanks all, for caring. I will make it “through December”. Remember, I’m the one with the motto, “Non deficere”.

    Jackie is right. Who knows? Perhaps the remainder of the year will pleasantly surprise me.

  6. Have to confess I turned off television when my husband died and took all out of house except largest one. I still pay for service and put the dish back up but not on roof. I have no idea what I have but lots of cds if I decide to watch some good movies. I am looking at TV in my hotel room, draped in scarves and caps, so you know it is not going to be turned on.

    Now were I to be invited to attend a movie I would love it. I have already put in far too much solo time staring at a small screen.

  7. Resilience is my middle name. The lovely friend who helped, read did, rig Stella is Tenacious. That is how you survive.

    Got that date with the customs man. Gotta go. Wearing a black sweater but it’s not for him.

  8. My Mother-in-Law cut off her telephone conversation with my wife to announce that Casablanca is on and she just had to watch it for the umpteenth time. We started to watch it but realized that we had the DVD that was made by the French brothers on 911 when they were following a Plebe fireman around. To be honest, it was one of the best documentaries that I have ever watched. It told such a gripping story.

    I always ignored Casablanca as a kid as I was not a Bogey fan. In 1982, when I was dating my wife, my mother-in-law read that it was being shown at a local theater and that we should watch it. Of course we had to listen to the audience recite the best (and most famous) lines, but as someone who loved history and Ingrid Bergman, I was quite impressed. My wife and I have often stumbled upon it on cable and it feels like a hidden treasure. I even bought a book about the making of it. The line “But it’s still a story without an ending” was quite literal. They did not know the ending, when they wrote the line!

  9. Loon is our movie and TV watched, mainly sci-fi and mysteries. I did get engrossed in the Netflix series” The Ranch.” It was reminiscent of my youth, pre-military, and explains much about why I ran off to join the Army.

  10. I prefer the TCM channel myself, to most of what’s on. I don’t have the major pay movie channels, but do have what Dish calls Blockbuster/On Demand. I had been watching the HD channels only and forgot the many non-HD choices. Found out I could watch Barney Miller and Night Court, which are two of my all-time favorite shows.

    Keep hanging in there, Ghost. May your life change for the better soon.

  11. I have no cable, but there are lot of extra channels now ever since the over the air stations went digital. So I watch reruns of old TV shows. My wife and I also like to watch old and not so old shows on DVD. So I buy the DVDs, one season at a time, and we (or just I) watch them. We binge watch, except that we watch only a couple of shows per month. Can that really be called binge watching if it takes you a year or more to watch one season of an old show?

    Reruns of Barney Miller are certainly a fine way to spend one’s time, along with reruns of Law and Order and Law and Order: SVU, not to mention good old All in the Family and Hogan’s Heroes.

    I have never seen Casablanca, although I did like the Maltese Falcon.

  12. When the fall season starts, you’ll find me watching new episodes of favorite shows a day or two later on my computer, where I’m free to walk away during commercials and then “rewind” to the end of them when I get back.

  13. I own most of the movies I live including Casablanca. My favorite right now is a British sitcom called “Last of the Summer Wine.” It was on for more than 30 years but no one has ever heard of it. I highly recommend it.

  14. What I watch: People of the female persuasion
    How I watch: Early, often and anyway I can

    Seriously, I seldom watch movies anymore. (Ironically, one I do plan to see is “Sully”; I hope they don’t screw up the story, but you never know about Hollywood.) In the past few years, I have used my spare time to return to my first love…reading. As Bonnie said, movies seem to create too much of a time suck.

  15. I like TCM’s Silent Sunday Nights, which I try not to miss. I also enjoy The Essentials, but as I’ve seen many of them already, I’m not as religious about recording them. Some of the best things about TCM are the hosts’ comments on the movies and the “fill-ins” they have at the end of the movies before the next one starts (e.g., interivews, reminiscences by actors about a film or other actors, shorts, and even propaganda films).

  16. I like movies and rely on my own library of DVD/BluR or Netflix streaming. Wife and I are in a 2 month trial of HBO Now so we’re watching it more to see if it’s our cuppa’. She’d like to take Hulu for a test-spin as well.
    TV shows have almost zero interest for me. Wife is addicted to television so I see way more than I care for.
    But to be honest I’d much rather watch the pages of a good book than anything on the tube.

  17. My late MIL spent a life time watching movies and recording them on first 8 track and then tapes and cds. She claimed it was to save for posterity. She owned thousands.

    I told her I was going to bury her with them like a mummy with papyrus scrolls. If there was room. Instead she was cremated and Mike sent every movie to the landfill. That is a sad commentary on a life.

    Dickens and I are sitting in harbor in sunlight and peace on Stella. Date with customs went well. Waiting for my lunch date. I love marinas after everyone leaves.

  18. We cut the cable a few years back and haven’t missed it. We stream (Acorn.tv: We’re big Brit show buffs!), and watch antenna TV. For movies, we have a rather large collection (around 600 movies) on DVD. The only trouble is to decide what to watch!

  19. We use a Roku player and Netflix. We were using one DVD at a time as part of the Netflix, but return on the cost just wasn’t there, too much to do other than watch that many DVD’s. Roku has a wide selection of free and low cost streaming channels. One of my personal favorites is the Smithsonian channel. And if all else fails and I want really old cartoon entertainment there is the Popeye channel. Other than that I play a lot of my favorite MMORPG, GW2. Yes cable internet is pricey, but the wide range of uses make it worthwhile for us, just no cable tv thank you.

  20. BTW my better half likes to watch Murder She Wrote, Columbo, and Rockford Files. Together we are slowly working through all episode of DS9, then will move on to Voyager and STNG.

  21. billinbossier, there are some very good travel videos on YouTube. In the last few days I have been able to watch Amtrak travel and visit Shanghai Disneyland without needing tickets or dealing with crowds.

  22. I went down to bare bones cable, for just $5 added to internet, so I lost TCM, so I watch old random movies on Netflix, also documentaries, Ford, Tesla, stuff like that; also I started to look at Murdoch Mysteries that Library Gal mentioned. Often, I just want something on, so I’ll have a Poirot or Columbo on. I watch a lot of weird stuff on YouTube, easily through Apple TV, not on my computer – old 50’s TV shows, commercials, in house industrial or niche specialized documentaries. But more often than not I listen to old time radio on SiriusXM or one of the many websites available. I think I’ve seen all the Perry Mason’s on the ME TV network at least once, so I can give those a rest for awhile. and local news for the weather

  23. We also went to bare bones cable. So now we mostly use Netflix and Amazon Prime. Been watching Doctor Who mostly…. Haha! I also watch Hulu so I can catch the Daily Show since our local cable company had a falling out with Comedy Central.

  24. I listen to Handel operas, which might make me a rebel.

    I am also reading Mark Lewisohn’s “All these Years”–the history of the early years of The Beatles.

    Which makes me a rebel to Jimmy’s question.

    But we have all 10 films of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire–on DVD, yes.

    And today I was watching The Hollies on YouTube.

    People claim that Groucho Marx commented, “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”

    But I’ve never seen that reliably sourced. Book nor film.

    Oh! We have most of the Marx Brothers on DVDs. Yes, I was going to ask you all how to get them off. But we might keep Harpo.

  25. Steve in RO – I have that 9/11 documentary as well. Incredible footage. (But in such a terrible way.)To see Tony in his beginning interview, so happy, so innocent, “I just want to help people…” And then later, to see him so weary, so defeated, “If my country sends me …” just breaks me, every time.

  26. “I keep forgetting to type three hyphens to get a dash.” word—word or word — word ?

    Surprise: it works. Back when I had Microsoft Word, if you typed word–word, you got word—word, but that doesn’t work with Open Office. How about 3? word—word? Nope. As posted here before, I keep an often updated set of symbols and accented words at the bottom of working documents, extracted from “Special Characters” in the Insert menu, and just drop down there for the dash or whatever. Also often type an A&J post here if I want something from there. E.g., I can write, “Granddad [maternal] came from Curaçao.” He did.

    The list is below, but some won’t come through in “Arlosoft Word.” Those are most some Greek letters and perhaps the symbols after “¢: ??? ° .” We’ll see. The first, a circle with a + in it, the astronomical/astrological sign for Earth, I imported from WordPerfect, because Word lacked it. The next two are 3 dots in a triangle [therefore] and a degree sign.


    ¶ ½ ¾ ¼ ? ? ? ? ? ? © @ ® ™ ? Å Æ å á å ? ? á à æ Ç ç É ? é ê è ? ? ë ? ? í ? ? ñ ? ? Ø Œ ó ô ö ? ? ø œ ? ? ß ? ? ú û ü ý ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ° — ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ÷ ‰ ? ? ? ? ± ? £ ¢ ??? °? WDTSAG entrée matinée fiancé fiancée Trouvé année Année mélange Søren Curaçao Fauré Velcro®™ chacun à son goût ??? ??? ??? ??? ??

  27. Ooohs, sweet. I got proposed to the might of the White Rose ball when everyone including me thought I was the White Rose. Mike withdrew my name but didn’t tell me. I overheard the shock from the brothers who assumed it was me. I was shocked too and every time someone came by with a champagne bottle to tell me how certain they were of my selection I smiled bravely and drank a glass.

    Night came and I was pretty smashed since I really didn’t drink. So I cried and sniffles and cried and Mike’s big surprise was ruined. He had to tell me that I was to be serenaded not as White Rose but as Mrs. To be and he was to present ring.

    Rocky start to a rocky love I survived all those years.

  28. The ROKU is our friend and includes Hulu, Netflix and Amazon. We only have cable at all for the local news and some TV shows. Network TV is getting harder and harder to watch but we like the British TV shows. Anybody watch New Tricks on Hulu? Semi retired British coppers solving cold cases.

  29. Watched it on television a few years ago. I assume on PBS? There is little British television on PBS I did not see. Someone mentioned Last of Summer Wine, a gentle British senior citizen sitcom, meandering toward the end.

    Should I have occasion to not be mobile again, as in when I have my knees and shoulders repaired this winter, I shall be watching some forms of visual entertainment, reading and listening to music. So, the Village is always informative.

    There is a gorgeous moon over the water. My knees are blown out again and I am capitulating.

    So many new Villagers. Please stay.

  30. I don’t have a “special characters” key. I do have a lot of keys that I don’t know what they are for. A preposition is a handy thing to end a sentence with.

  31. Message to Ghost. I have been totally banned and now deleted completely deleted. I refuse to vanish. Contact me when you feel better. Stella will be in repairs up here.

  32. Ghost, saw Sully last Friday… I think you will like it. They got the flying stuff right, as well as the final findings of the NTSB. The hearings are necessarily compressed and dramatized, but the essentials are there (I have the NTSB report…interesting reading, you can download it for free). The cockpit dialogue is supposedly straight from the CVR transcript. Well done.

  33. Today’s new strip is so A and J.

    Read review of Sully. Everyone has already told me how good it is. I believe them. They said to go see it. I cannot see it alone.

    I need a strong masculine hand to squeeze and hold onto in the scary parts. Just like I need when I am on a plane where doubt arises we will land and live. I would want that to be my final contact in life.

  34. Miss Charlotte last posted on her Facebook page on September 3 but I can’t tell she is home? She has reacted and liked things I did here at show including today I believe.

    Hope to hear she is home and better soon. She is a dear.

  35. “…Marx brothers on DVD…how to get them off” 🙂 Badumdum rimshot
    Jackie, stop pushing yourself so hard. You don’t have to prove anything. Stella is in repairs??? Was DIckens driving again without his glasses? okok bad joke. But really, what’s up?
    So THAT’s how to make the dash. Thanks!
    Hope everyone’s feeling better and the crud (or whatever ails you) is soon gone.

  36. There are some repairable issues with Stella. I will write you directly Llee and tell you. She is a beautiful work of art and I intend to keep her that way. And we are going to make some modifications for safety and ease of sailing her for a munchkin like me.

    Dickens and I are lying her looking out on ocean from bed. I have thought of you constantly. Port Townsend is your kind of town. I wish you were with me but I will just come see you. Carthage is my kind of town too.

  37. I love Midsummer Murders but feel I have seen all. I love them for fact that the number of Murders exceeds the number of residents in village. And ways to kill people creatively exceeds Agathie Christie.

  38. I can second the suggestion of Longmire on NetFlix! Also a British show-Death In Paradise. It’s a crime show about a British detective sent to a Caribbean island to solve a murder. The problem? He hates sand, sun, and sea. Good detective series with touches of humor.

    We dropped cable and dish several years ago, and truthfully have not missed them. We use NetFlix and HULU for most of the shows we want to watch, and I get NCIS off the CBS site.

  39. Today’s ‘Herman by Jim Unger’ is a repeat. He’s gone; are ‘his’ all repeats now?

    I don’t get today’s A&J, about the candles. Maybe the denouement [thank you, speelczech] comes tomorrow, or later.


  40. emb, if you check internet sources about Herman, the strips now appearing are a combination of reruns of Unger’s and new ones by a different artist. If in doubt which are which, try to find the original copyright date on the strip. Herman has been one of my favorite strips since I first saw it.

  41. I’ve been giving some thought to discontinuing my cable service, in a desultory sort of way. A couple of days ago, my TV apparently made the decision for me, by giving up the ghost, so to speak. #truestory

  42. emb, about today’s strip. Many couples use candles as accessories to “romantic” moments. It would seem that is true of A&J. And Arlo’s relating of the candles to other activities lead to the question about “you just bought them?” and his blushes.

  43. Mark: I knew about the ‘2014’ in that Herman cartoon, but just didn’t think / the A&J candles/romance thing. We managed w/o them. I’ve much to be grateful for.

    Ghost: As to making new ones, I’m 86. However, many sorts of memories are still practical.


  44. I too watched Death in Paradise. Most British murder and sit coms are gentle humor and violence but not all. Except for NCIS I suppose all I watched was PBS. Since I have not turned on a TV sinice z December 2014 I obviously don’t miss.

    I had to go watch moon landing on a neighbors TV and missed Upstairs Downstairs because I refused to own one. Certainly I could afford. They snuck one in with baby when I gave birth. Hard delivering the square box she was in.

  45. emb:

    I guess that makes sense but frankly I did not get it either.

    I think that it might be a generational thing with TVs. A lot of people of my Dad’s generation bragged about how little TV that they watched and a few shamed me for watching. I know that my parents thought that I watched a lot of TV. Funny thing is that my daughter is sans cable and my son is close to giving it up. However, I will probably keep it.

    I still have a landline as it comes bundled with the internet. If someone urgently wants to contact me, the landline will always ring, but our cell phones often are on silent. However my wife’s fitbit will vibrate when someone calls her, so maybe I don’t need that excuse anymore.

  46. I admit I’m a cable slacker… I watch college sports, especially the Big 12 and the SEC (Woo Pig Sooie!). I watch NCIS, Criminal Minds, and a couple of other dramas. I also enjoy the “reality” contest shows like The Voice and America’s Got Talent. Normally anything on cable is recorded on the DVR so I can skip commercials. I like Science Channel, Smithsonian, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel as well as Food Network, and occasionally “History” Channel for the Ancient Aliens show.
    I don’t believe Ancient Aliens, but it is fun to watch some of the “ancient astronaut theorists” expound their theories. According to them, pretty much everything on the planet is due to alien influence. No explanation for why anyone would travel many, many, light years (5,878,499,810,000 miles per light year) to have anything to do with the brutish inhabitants of the mud & water ball the inhabitants simply call “dirt”.
    I also have Netflix and Amazon Prime. Both are used for movies and TV shows. During the past few years, of necessity, I’ve spent quite a few hours indoors.

  47. Seems to me that the candles’ dimensions indicate simple burning for light/effect. Maybe candlelight is Janis’ way to indicate “the lovin’ light is lit”.

    Candles have not played any such role in my household, so I accede to the thoughts of you who are more versed in these matters.

  48. TV: cable, no extra channels nor programs. Movies are constantly being shown on the channel known as “MOVIES!” out of Chicago; it may be related to Fox and sometimes I watch. Have not seen anything like a current movie since making it a point to view the Bond [Connery only] movies as they came out.

    Slight exception: we saw “10” back in the 1970s while it was current, though that was accidental [the movie we thought we’d see was not available for one reason or another].

    TV, again: Like TWC; sciences, documentaries, and the like; some sports for some teams. Would not watch anything labelled “reality” even I were paid to do so!

  49. My primary thought about a room full of candles is “Those things generate a lot of heat.”

    Yeah, yeah, I am too romantic. With the right motivation, I can put up with a lot of heat. 😉

  50. Good night all. Sun has set, waves washing below me, few boats out below. Sky is pinks and lavender, snow covered mountains off to my left. Spent morning going over boat with my designer friend, then we had fantastic lunch in marina, me pan fried Washington oysters, then sailed all afternoon while I took notes on work on boat to refit.

    Sitting here looking out on water, showered and at peace, drinking Diet Coke.

    Dickens is asleep already.

  51. Dear friends, yes, I am home at last, and so happy to be here! Rather frazzled and distracted, didn’t take the time to post the good news — sorry. I am feeling good but have to get around with a walker; I am sure that I’m getting stronger each day, and will be able to just walk by myself. That’s my goal. Several of you have told me, “take baby steps” so I’m being careful and taking your advice.

    Must confess that I’m getting frustrated because it takes so long to do anything! Trying to be patient. It is VERY pleasant to be able to go to bed when I feel like it and sleep as long as I want; also to eat the healthy foods I want.

    Thank you for all your encouragement and good wishes!

  52. Jealous. It’s been decades since I’ve eaten fried or raw oysters on the West Coast or in FL. One could do worse than retire after 36 years of teaching biology at, say, Humboldt State U. in Arcata, CA. I wouldn’t weigh any less than I do now.


    and then just retire down the hill in Arcata, CA, or one town south, Eureka, CA [both worth an online search].

    Been to HSU twice, once for a mtg. of the Am. Soc. Mammalogists, and once while on a sabbatical quarter looking at writing courses for biology majors in various colleges around the country, some chosen for location as much as for academics. Actually, got and also gave some good info on running such a course, one of my pet courses for almost a quarter century.


  53. Hoping my crud affliction will have abated enough by Monday to hit the gym again. There’s a treadmill there calling my name. Was at four miles in 60 minutes daily (plus strength training) when I left off; wonder how long it will take to get back to that pace.

  54. Hi Charlotte. Good to hear from you, and very glad you are home now.

    Ghost, too many candles in a hotel bathroom will set off the smoke alarm. Amazing how fast two people can get out of a large Jacuzzi when that happens.

  55. GM Debbe
    Trying to catch up with all that is going on.


    In the old westerns the hero would be laid up for a month
    tended by the widow woman or pretty senorita – then get up and ride
    for 24 hrs and the win the 20min fist fight.
    Taint gonna happen-
    I know from experience (no widow or senorita either).
    just don’t over do as you work back because it will set you back-
    Quit when you are tired – that extra 10min you force will set you back a day or more.

  56. What I love in the old Western movies was the hero taking a gunshot to the upper left chest, surely shattering the scapula and likely a rib or two, and possibly severing a major artery, but causing only a small spot of blood to appear on his shirt. Then he was all like, “Don’t worry, ma’am. It’s just a flesh wound.”

  57. Good morning Villagers….

    Miss Charlotte, welcome home. I’m so happy for you, and do take baby steps. Keep us posted.

    GM Old Bear.

    Jackie, I envy your view. Sitting here watching the ‘harvest’ moon descend behind the trees.

    Need to get started on my end of wiping down the paneling at the ‘homestead’. Thought about stopping by on our way home from work and putting in an hour of cleaning…but, I’m tired and all I want to do is go home.

    I had a lit candle setting on an end table. Came through the living room and smelled something burning. A kitten I had once got too close to it and singed his fur. Lesson learned.

    …and have a blessed day one and all

  58. Today’s strip was a “Looking in my windows” strip. I have had two very severe bouts with food poisoning and so I insist on cooking things well done. One of the Food Network shows that I watched insisted that any thing beyond medium rare is overcooked and will turn dry. I figure that I have had 4000 to 5000 burgers in my lifetime, nearly everyone was cooked beyond that point and there have been few that I did not enjoy. There have been some that were pretty rare and I have left them uneaten. It is just not appetizing nor do I like the taste of raw meat. Since the food poisoning episodes (even though I have been told the burgers have reached the proper temperature ) I still insist on cooking my meat more when I see it rare or medium. To each his own though. I would rather eat chicken that’s a little dry with a decent sauce than a juicy one with Salmonella.

    Debbe, we had a cat that got curious about what I was cooking and while my head was turned, jumped up on the counter and got his whiskers caught in the flame on our gas stove. Funny thing is that I do not recall him ever jumping up on the kitchen counter again.

  59. It’s 5 a.m. and dark still. Dark time of my soul. Going back to sleep.

    Once in another life we were decorating for an over the hill party for the commodore of a Houston yacht club in Commodore’s boardroom. My sweet assistant manager asked why they had photos of a rock group hanging and why were they wearing such odd costumes?

    Sail On.

  60. Just got ok to return to work Monday. I am ready for it. Big difference between taking time off for recreational purposes and medical recovery. And I’ve been bored stiff.

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