Jumping Jill

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There are problems with the discussion again this morning. Old discussions are unavailable, but at least comments are working for today’s post—for now. This is the same issue that first beset us late last week. I have some possible repairs I haven’t tried yet, but I don’t have time this morning to tackle this thing. I apologize, but rather than blunder around and crash the whole site as I did Monday, I’m going to take a more measured approach this time. I want discussion to be available, but the truth is, the vast majority of people who visit this site do not comment. For them life goes on. For those who want to comment, please be patient while I try to work out all the bugs.

54 responses to “Jumping Jill”

  1. Ah, plug-ins. They sort of remind me of the time when I was a kid and learned that poking a table knife into the toaster while it was toasting was not a good idea.

  2. Hey Johnson, I hope you get the all the kinks kinked out. Kinky. You should make an Arlo and Janis X-rated comic. That would be hot and hilarious. Feel free to use the idea, I don’t expect payment, however I do accept payment.

    Good luck, keep up the good work, we love it!

    PB & Janis

  3. GR 6: sexy pine trees? Are you actually allergic to pine pollen? I’m glad I’m not, though I still react some to grasses and ragweed. The jackpines around here release so much yellow pollen that, on a windless day, our lakeshores look like you could walk on water. That’s probably about 5-6 weeks away.

    It’s interesting the difference a dot makes in the hands of a skilled artist. On one’s cheek it’s a freckle or acne, on a wet tee, it’s a pokie, and in today’s retro, it’s a tum button [Walt Kelly introduced wife and me to that term in the ’50s].

    Today’s TIP blogspot is a delight: http://thatispriceless.blogspot.com/
    The regular TIP has mostly been reruns for several days now.

  4. eMb, that’s what I call it when the pines are “swapping pollen” around here. Most local folk blame the current spate of seasonal allergies on pine pollen, I suppose because they can see it (like, everywhere). But my understanding is that the very reason they can see pine pollen (its relatively large size) is why it is not actually an allergy trigger for most people (it’s too large), and that their allergies are more likely triggered by other less visible pollens that are in the air at the same time.

    Coincidentally, at my recent routine physical, my resting heart rate was also 55. And yes, I have been working out.

    And also yes, today’s retro could have been improved, in my estimation, by the addition of two more “dots”. 😉

  5. I almost wish I posted here from time to time so I could comment about Ghost’s ephemeral quest for pokies. Or is it a quest for the “perfect” pokie? Good morning, Ghost. It’s a two dot morning. Afternoon, actually, been out in the sun. I never post here. Ginger and Shelly were with me. They never post, either. I’ve learned a lot from Shelly. Goodbye.

  6. emb – What is it that’s 5-6 weeks away? The next windless day? Mid May is about when the spring winds die down around here. Today they are a placid 20-25mph + gusts.
    It did mud again overnight. That’s what passes for rain these days. Ten to 15 minutes of sprinkles, just enough to pull dust from the air and coat everything outside with it.
    On the bright side the brisk temperatures do tend to lead to more pokies!

  7. So, Mindy, inquiring minds want to know why you and Shelly don’t post here….are you three abandoning us? And just what have you learned from Shelly….she’s posted that she is a carpenter…..ahh….now there’s a song….”If I were a carpenter, I’d be……”quick Mark, who sung that song…I don’t recall.

    Indy Mindy…got that boat out yet??

    GR 😉

    PB and Janis…read somewhere today it’s National Peanut Butter and Jelly day…so happy PBJ day.


  8. ‘What is it that’s 5-6 weeks away?’ Jackpine pollination time. Right now, of course, you can walk on the water, but not as uniformly as you could a month ago. We’ve had several ‘warm’ [= above freezing] days, but the ice on most nearby lakes was probably > 2′ thick earlier on. Lakes will be largely ice-free in 5-6 weeks.

  9. It’s not that I’m allergic to pine pollen, but I get tired of having to clean it off everything, and it makes my usually dark green truck a weird chartreuse color.

    I don’t think I post here. I looked to see if I did yesterday, and didn’t find anything, so maybe I don’t.

  10. Debbe 😉 The Carpenters? 🙂

    Happily, most of my comments are of the throw-away persuasion, as many of them apparently got thrown away.

    Yes, Mindy, what have you learned from Shelly that you didn’t already know?

  11. Somehow I knew that I’d opened Pandora’s Box. And she wasn’t even with us! Oh, Mommy! Guess what I learned in school today! 😀 Shelly is a very lovely, intelligent and nice woman.

  12. Dear Lilyblack, I have often felt exactly the same way. But once in a while one of the “popular kids” will pay attention and then I feel good. Keep trying, I will respond; notice that this site has got problems lately, so I fervently wish that Mr. Johnson can straighten them out without too much aggravation to himself.

  13. Lily, I thought I had replied to one of your comments. (Not that I’m one of the “popular kids”, of course.) A nurse, aren’t you?

    “Shelly is a very lovely, intelligent and nice woman”, Mindy? I was already convinced of that. I was hoping for some major dish (not to confused with Lt. Dish in MASH) about something I didn’t already know. 🙂

  14. Ah, Lily… it’s fun just to sit in the corner and observe… and listen… and learn – about hens… music… sci-fi… gardening… and – of course – pokies…

  15. Lily:
    I’ve said this here before, but some days I put a lot of thought in what I write and figure that I will get a ton of reaction. Nada. Other times I might include a throw away observation and suddenly everyone is throwing their two cents.

    However, if you make a typo, use grammar incorrectly or accidentally write something really stupid, you can almost guarantee to get a reaction. I seem to do the later more often than I care to!

    But hey, we all love each other here. Ghost seems to love certain people more than others, but he loves everybody too!

  16. Lilyblack:

    We [people in general] are all members of one outgroup or another. And we all have a function, of sorts. E.g., some are here to leer at the ladies. I function as a picky pedant at times, but I try to do it nicely. If someone confuses its and it’s, I try to use them properly in my next post. Or if they say, “in the 70’s, the Beatles . . .”, I will find a reason to refer to the ’40s next chance I get. The N.Y.Times, by the way gets that one wrong.

    I remembered that you had posted, but there’s nothing in today’s posts, above, and yesterday’s are now unavailable, I presume because of JJ’s computer problems. Anyway, hang in there. Peac, emb

  17. Guilty as charged, Steve 🙂

    I seem to recall once commenting (something to the effect) that I actually post here to entertain myself, but that if I entertain others in the process, that’s icing on the cake.

    Gal! Did you say “pokies”? 🙂

  18. Good morning Villagers….

    Glad that thunderstorm is over….too close for comfort, when the dusk to dawn light goes out, you know the lightening was too close!

    Gal…hens 101 is me…who would of thunk 5 years ago I’d be trudging through a poultry house, yelling out “bring me your dead”, and packing eggs…..I thought it’d be stress free, but it’s not…there are moments where I want to run away.

    Lilyblack….do come back…..GR is harmless, and very enertaining.

    See, I post in the am, and do a lot of rambling….nothing noteworthy. I look forward to my morning coffee and sitting down and reading all the comments….and I actually learn sometimes 🙂

    Now, I want to know if this article is going to affect my old Dell: http://www.nbcnews.com/tech/gadgets/meet-next-generation-usb-cable-youll-be-using-soon-n70231

    gotta go…

    GR 😉

    ya’ll have a blessed day


  19. Debbe, I was not complaining about hens 101! I actually find it fascinating. I am afraid that when I was growing up and we had chickens, I never gave them a thought. I just gathered eggs and tried to stay away from that possessive rooster!

    In fact, I find all those here who share their lives fascinating. And I thank you for sharing!

  20. yeah, what Steve Royal Oak at 6:57 and others said, regards Lilyblack at 4:13 , eh, it’s all for fun. I post here very intermittantly and really try to make it about the retro or JJ’s comments. Except by Sunday night, it can really get off topic ALSO – once I made a silly comment that I figured 100% of people would take in the spirit given, but one person got really offended and snarky. Sheesh ! Need to learn to use the smiley emoticon. Sometimes I will actually spend a day thinking of a response to something here and even make notes to myself (I mean is that sick or what?) and then, ah forget it, it’s too late. Sometimes I wonder if anyone will respond to what I said, other times, It’s oh jeez, I hope no one notices what I said. So in summation, I asked my wife “am I the only one I know who likes Chickin in a Biskit?” and she said “yuch, what else do they have, Liver in a Muffin?”

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