(Cartoonist’s note: I told you I wouldn’t be spending a lot of energy on the site as it appears here, but things were getting a tad shabby. I did tidy a bit.)

For Christmas, I received a set of wireless earbuds, so I can go to sleep listening to audio books without strangling myself. The drone of an audio-book reader helps me drift off at night, except it conditions my brain to shut down anytime I hear a book being read, even when I want to listen. I had to stop playing audio books while driving. Anyway, unlike some devices, the Bluetooth technology works great. The only problem is, the left earbud won’t stay in my ear. It just falls right out, unless I really jam it in there to the point of discomfort, and even then it will quickly work its way back out if I so much as cough. I’ve tested all three sizes of the little rubber cushions that were included, to no avail. I’m worried one is going to come off deep in my ear. It’s a good thing my brother is an audiologist.

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