Just Hersay

Just Hersay

“Vacation Week” is almost here! That’s what the week of the Fourth was called where I grew up. All the textile mills and all the ancillary facilities of West Point Manufacturing Co., later WestPoint Pepperell, would close for that period. That was when everyone in the organization got their one week of paid vacation. A lot of families lit out for Panama City, where, it was said, they would have to sweep the lint off the beach after the mill workers had returned home. We never went to PC. My family usually would visit one of my father’s brothers, or we would stay home and help Daddy with some ambitious home-improvement project. Needless to say, I preferred visiting my uncles and cousins. One uncle lived in Mobile, which meant trips to the nearby beaches there, and the other lived in Huntsville, where NASA was blowing and going. As much as I was enthralled by manned space flight at that time, I think I preferred the beach. Sorry, Uncle Ray.

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  1. In Michigan it is much the same. Most will head up to lower Northern Michigan and go to cabins near the many many lakes. They widened I-75 and when we went to Oscoda MI last Friday, I remarked that the traffic seemed a lot lighter that it used to be. Of course they used to have a drawbridge through Zilwaukee that would often stop traffic.

    About 40 years ago they started building a replacement and it started to collapse during construction, causing a delay from 3 years to 9. Whenever we go over it, my wife and I make the Sign of the Cross. By the time that they finished the bridge, the number of boats that needed to have the drawbridge had greatly reduced.


  2. Ruth Anne & Trucker. Thanks. Saw an adult perched in the Bluff area this morning, so was hopeful. Not likely to live long enough to see that NASA rover in action, but my hopeful theology suggests I might be able to watch it/fly with it anyway, perhaps in company I now miss much. Also, want to go back w/ her and watch the Bosporus waterfall that enlarged the Black Sea, probably giving rise to various “worldwide” flood myths. She’s probably already done that.

  3. I have not seen that one yet! But I loved the wording! Did I buy Bad Idea?

    Think we should if I didn’t.

    (I am home with a wrapped arm fron knuckles to shoulder) Egyptian mummies have more motility.

  4. Re 6-28-19 real-time cartoon: Janis sets world indoor record for subject change.

    “Rotten Fascia Board” will be the name of my next punk rock band.

    • Speaking of rock bands, I had on a Classic Rock Love Songs playlist as background in the boutique this morning, until a certain song came up. On what planet is “Back in Black” by AC/DC a “love song”?

  5. Many years ago, I lived in an upstairs apartment and had many reasons not to like my downstairs neighbor. At bedtime, I’d take off one shoe and drop it on the floor with a loud *thunk* and then take off the other one and set it down as quietly as possible…

  6. Ruth Anne: Thanks for your effort, but “to see if [what] works”? URL? Just visited the GSB cliff view, & there was a parent bird, picking at bird lice. Good sign.

  7. P.S. Please don’t include the “more than” or “less than” symbols when you email a URL here. This site eliminates the whole shebang if you do.

  8. emb – Trying to get a post to show up. Check the comments section below the camera view on any of the explore cams for additional info and screen shots. Maybe adding the dot org is causing my posting problem. There’s a video on the falcon cam of the youngster returning to the nest box yesterday.

  9. On the retro, did anybody else notice Arlo’s change of expression between panel 1 and panel 3? Nice subtle artwork there, Jimmy.

  10. We carry a lot of tee shirts and Ghost is the censor so they tend to be in good taste. Meaning as tee shirts go, they are conservative.

    Our next big holiday here is Whole Hawg Day weekend and the rodeo which happen to be on same weekend. We will be getting piggy.

  11. OK, let’s take a poll. I am male, and remove my shoes carefully & place them together next to my recliner in our TV room. It’s my preference to plod about in socks whenever I am home. No “clunks” here!

    • I take my shoes off quietly and put them under the bed. That way I won’t trip on them if I have to make a midnight foray to the bathroom. The only time I have thrown shoes when taking them off is if I’m trying to kill a bug I don’t want to get close to.

  12. I take off my Rockport wingtips/Rockport walking shoes/Skechers sport shoes/5.11 tactical boots (8-inch )/ 5.11 tactical boots (6-inch )/Under Armour tactical boot (6-inch)/Redhead hunting boots/Western boots/or whatever, and I then try to find space on the closet floor for them. 😀

    Only thing left by the bedside is my bedroom slippers. I never cared for walking around barefoot or even in just socks.

    • Wearing Dan Post 13-inch Milwaukee Western boots in dark cherry today, if you are wondering…or even if you aren’t.
      Who knew a Western boot would be named for Milwaukee?

    • I know what you mean about not walking around barefoot. After stubbing toes on the legs of beds a couple of times I stopped going barefoot. These days I wear some Crocs indoors because they protect my feet well from both bumps and stepping on things that might cut me. That’s an important consideration now that I am a diabetic, according to my VA podiatrist.

  13. I usually kick my shoes off in front of my chest of drawers. If I wear different shoes, there may be two or three pairs by the chest. Eventually, I’ll move the unused shoes/boots to the closet shelves. I don’t recall having ever thrown any of the shoes. Socks stay on my feet until I sit on the edge of the bed. The socks then stay beside the bed for a day or two (or a few) until I pick up the stack and toss them into the laundry. My wife has accused me of growing a sock battalion since I was a second lieutenant in the Army many long years ago. Fortunately, the habit doesn’t make her too crazy!

  14. You Can Leave Your Boots On- book

    You Can Put Your Boots Under My Bed Anytime-song

    Never knew anyone to throw shoes or boots or other articles of clothing.

  15. Fireworks going off nonstop in the neighborhood. Ghost is sound asleep and has been since 6 p.m with a brief waking to try to eat. I haven’t done well cooking I fear.

    Thinking of BLT sandwiches and country fried new potatoes for brunch. I am trying to relearn cooking.

  16. I have mild OCD so I always put my shoes and socks away and use the slippers to avoid collisions with my toes… or stepping on Legos(TM). My kids outgrew them years ago, but when the grandsons visit…

  17. It is tomato sandwich time! However, no home grown tomatoes this year. 🙁 Spent the entire spring dealing with in-laws health or residential issues. Of course, we also had a new grandbaby to take up spare time, too. Maybe next year– for now, I’m lamenting the flavorless fruit found in groceries that are sometimes called tomatoes. No roadside stands or neighbors with gardens here. I was that guy that shared tomatoes all around…

    • David, you can find heirloom variety tomatoes in regular groceries these days. Better flavor and lot of variety too. In particular try Sprouts, Whole Foods or Fresh Market for these.

  18. husband leaves shoes carefully placed on mat by back door – but close to door so I trip over them when exiting or entering – mat is large enough for them to be placed away from acrobatic moves for ingress and egress of said door
    I hate bare feet = bedroom slippers and boots are winter fare – summer gets ballet & bed slippers, garden boggs for outside

  19. RE: 6/30/19 strip… Miracle Whip tastes most like whatever it was my parents got us at Piggly Wiggly in Memphis back in the 1950s… and, come on, JJ, tomato sandwiches taste best eaten over the kitchen sink!

  20. Grandmother bought Kraft mayo most of the time, so that is what I think of with a tomato sandwich. I like Miracle Whip better than Kraft’s mayo myself, and Hellman’s better than Kraft’s too.

  21. Getting ready to make fried green tomatoes for dinner. Waiting for Ghost to get back from slaving at the boutique.

    Apparently the summer crowd.is younger and more nubile. We decided to open today, good thing. They were swamped.by report.

  22. Something I’d never have considered: I just saw a brief video on Xfinity showing some N. Carolina animal group which uses contributed bra clasps/hooks in helping out turtles with cracked/broken shells! The hooks/clasps are glued to good shell on both sides of the break, the break is glued, and then wire is strung back and forth via the hooks/clasps to hold the shell steady while the glue sets. Seem to use about 5 of them per break, but I suppose that varies with the length of said break. I don’t know if the hooks are then removed…speaker may have said, but I watch such with the sound off.

  23. I am here, O Sharp One. Though it’s ten o’clock at night; I was looking at other stuff all day. It’s wicked hot here, too The Villagers are strangely quiet, I agree.

  24. I have been experiencing a Constant Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system that my insurance company finally approved for me. I’m already experiencing much lower numbers and finding out that much of what the Internet tells me about artificial sweeteners is bogus. I now plan to lower my average glucose readings back towards normal and maybe lose some serious weight. Constant feedback is much more informative than doing 4 – 6 fingersticks a day.

  25. Re: Folding Laundry. Yes I will sometimes go to the basement and bring up the laundry all folded….but I have caught my wife re-folding it. Hey, I don’t mind. She has to put up with my idiosyncrasies. And Arlo did the “heavy lifting.”

    When I lived in my old house the power never went out (1996-2011). But starting in 2011, it went out 3-4 times a summer, so my kids got us a generator for Christmas in 2014. We didn’t need to use it in 2015 and since we moved at the end of 2015, the power has only gone out for a couple hours at a time. Last night we had a storm and the power went out at 8:00. The electric company said that it would be restored at 11:30, so I decided not to pull the generator out. At 11:00 the expected restoration time went to 3:30 this afternoon. I figured that I would get up and pull it out and run the refrigerator and the sump pump.

    Without my CPAP machine and air conditioning, sleep was fitful at best. My allergies and the humidity made it difficult to sleep. I left the light on in the bedroom and thankfully the power came back on at 2:20 AM! Whew! I intend to pull out the generator tomorrow and run it, just to made sure that it will work when I need it. I’ll be sure to run it till the gas runs out.

  26. I also wanted to mention the passing of Lido “Lee” Iaccoca. The man had the ego the size of Montana, but many in Michigan are in gratitude for what he accomplished. He did not take a salary in 1979, but got a bailout from Congress (that was mostly paid back) and in 1980 made about $800K. By 1986, with Chrysler in good health, he made about $20 million (you can double that in today’s dollars). There was some criticism of that kind of pay, but Madonna and Michael Jackson were making the same or more at the time. A friend at Chrysler asked me “How many people are employed as a result of those pop stars?” It was still a LOT of money, but he made a point.
    One personal story was during the early 90’s we got word that Lee’s Limo driver complained about the automatic temperature control that our company manufactured. The Chrysler Engineer investigated and apparently Lee would sit in the back smoking his cigar with the window down. We were developing a dual zone control for the driver and passenger so that one could have it cold and the other hot. We also had developed a separate control for the back of the minivan, so we had that installed in the limo so that it would blow hot air at Lee and keep the Limo driver comfortable.

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