Just Say What?

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I’m running a little late today. I was in the yard, uncovering all the young plants after the Big Freeze failed to materialize. I’m not complaining, mind you. The best cartoon is a marriage of word and picture; I became a better cartoonist when I consciously began to incorporate that simple fact into my own work. Sometimes, however, a good gag doesn’t need anything more than four panels of a guy watching television. A good example would be the TV-centric gags of Doonesbury. I can’t think of another one.

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  1. Virginia — or at least parts of it — got your freeze, Jimmy. Glad we could help. Is “Perkitrex” a pun of am I merely anticipating Ghost’s reaction? Good morning, by the way, Jimmy and Villagers, and belated Food Morning, Debbe. Most drugs scare the … out of me, symply. John’s had some truly frightening reactions to some of the prescriptions he’s been put on. Or which have been put on him. Fortunately he now has a physician he swears by and trusts and who doesn’t automatically go for the newest drug on the market. Shelly and Ginger went shopping. John went target shooting (or after coyotes for the bounty) and I’m stuck at home making vegetarian lasagna, Cajun chili and roasted chicken.

  2. Symply, I concur, the cure seems worse than the disease. The wonderment of modern pharmicuticals is the strange mix of diseases each claims to cure. I feel the snake oil pitchman has just found a corporate curtain behind which he now hides.

  3. Also, have you ever noticed that the drugs featured in last year’s pharmaceutical company TV ads tend to become the drugs featured in this year’s personal injury attorneys’ TV ads?

  4. A new study suggests humans’ cognitive speed peaks at age 24, and that it’s a steady downhill descent from there. I suppose that would explain a lot of things.

  5. Good morning, Villiagers! My boss says he can remember when those TV ads for prrescription drugs cam out and she was beseiged with patients want ing to know if X was “right for them”. Now it’s a joke or a yawn.

  6. It could have been worse over on The Dark Side today, Lily. At least no one told the joke about the good ol’ boy who sneaked his pet duck into the movie theatre by hiding it in his pants.

  7. Not surprised, though, were you, Lily? They do seem to have more than their share of, what is that thing Mindy always calls me? Oh yeah, chauvinists.

  8. As a trained chemist NOT associated with the pharm industry, I have to comment: Those side effects mentioned are merely POSSIBILITIES, not certainties. A patient may experience, or may not experience, any of them or none of them. If your medical condition warrants usage of the new wonder drug “whateveritis”, give it a shot if your doctor advises it. I imagine any worthy physician would evaluate side effects when suggesting it to you, and, you, as patient, ought to inquire if you have any doubts about “whateveritis”.

    Ghost, Blinky, and anyone else interested: I like TWC to have on during a storm outbreak so I can watch where the severe stuff lies and is going. Yes, I could do it on a terminal, but with the tv on, I can use this laptop to check other things while keeping a constant eye on the stormy weather. [We do not have any fancy phones in the house, so watching a screen on a phone is not an option.] Do you not agree that the frequent radar views of the stormy area are more effective than sporadic checking on a computer?
    Less seriously, on the suggested/suspected changes on TWC personnel: …And the downside is what?

  9. One aspect of our dependence on foreign oil is our mania for burning carbon based fuels ‘just for fun’: unicycles, snowmobiles, water skis, high highway speeds, etc.

    This house is heated by natural gas, but I keep the thermostat at 65F days, 62 nights. Summers I almost never use AC. I realize I have an advantage over most of you re AC. I sin, but with restraint.

  10. c ex-p: My understanding of how side effects get listed on drug package inserts is that some significant (if small) percentage of the subjects in clinical trials for the drug reported a given side effect. But yes, those are probably there as much as or more so for legal reasons than medical ones.

  11. I have to say that those expensive pharmaceuticals arlargely responsible for me still being alive. I haven’t used the little blue pills or their kin, but lots of other chemicals that have kept other systems working correctly. The possible side effects are daunting, BUT sometimes the side effectson listed are extreme circumstance. I’ve had several minor surgeries that had disclosures that include possible results including DEATH. Not at all likely buy it has to be included because our increasingly litigious society demands it. I for one am grateful that we have pharmaceutical and medical research.

  12. The Flying Hovercraft looks like fun, Mark. I wonder if one could get away with registering a light single engine airplane as a boat as long as one agreed to never fly it more than 50 feet AGL.

  13. I’m currently held together by wires inside my heart and regulated both by a device and several powerful drugs that keep the ticker behaving. So what if the meds contribute to asthma and depression? At least my heart has shrunk to a more normal size and keeps the blood flowing!

  14. Good morning Villagers….

    ……..food morning Mindy and Clan

    Has anyone seen the commercial on an eczema prescription featuring a beautiful, long haired, middle aged woman (with legs that go on forever), smiling while a photographer takes pictures of her posing? In the backgrround the announcer gives all the side effects of the medication, all the while the woman is striking poses, flipping her long blond hair. First time I watched, I said out loud, “if it makes me look like her, I want some of it!” 🙂

    Well, my son has new glasses and is less one tooth….time for him to step up his game at work, next week is our monthly inspection and we have some a$$ busting to do.

    Yes, Lily, there are some neanderthals that do exist on the Dark Side….anyone listen to my link I posted yesterday dedicated to the Dark Side?

    Highs in the 60’s today….wooohooo!!!!

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

    GR 😉

  15. Ghost, I might be wrong, but I think ground effect vehicles (things that fly but don’t have enough wing to get above/out of ground effect) don’t require FAA licensing…

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