Just watch that tomahawk

1998-06-17-danl-boone.gifWhat’s this?


I thought we’d begin the week with a classic cat cartoon. While we’re reviewing classic A&J classics, we might as well return to a classic subject that has cropped up again lately, comments and moderation.

It’s supposed to work this way. Comments from first-time posters are held for moderation; that is, I read them and approve them before they appear on the Web site. A major reason for this is to reduce spam on the site. After that, the poster should be able to post to the site without being held up in moderation. Also, comments will be held if they contain a word from a short but juicy list compiled by me. Use your imagination. In other words, if you’re not a newbie and if your post does not contain one of the forbidden words, you should not be held up in moderation.

We all know it doesn’t always work this way, and I don’t know why. Sometimes, regular posters’ comments go into moderation, and it is as big an irritation to me as to anyone. Please be patient, keep trying and don’t take it personally. Sometimes, the problem seems to work itself out. I can tell you that I do not remember ever blackballing anyone’s remarks. I am considering doing away with moderation altogether. We’ll see.