Kill and Be Killed

Everyone knows cats are cruel, right? When they catch a bird or small animal, they tease it. They try to make it run. If it does, they pounce again. Cats might say they’re giving their prey a sporting chance to escape, but we know the odds are long in the cat’s favor. What evil creatures! They’re not like us at all. When we kill for fun, it’s on a video screen. We can blow other persons and creatures away by the hundreds, and nothing gets hurt. Indeed, the more popular genres of video games are the more violent; while real killing is abhorrent, pixelated killing is great fun! Now, if we could only teach cats to play video games and replace real killing with play killing. Play killing is harmless! Isn’t it? OK, I’ve officially gone over to the old-man side.
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  1. Old Bear, thanks for the musical morning! The marbles were especially fascinating…I have always liked music boxes.

    Debbe, when my 88-year-old father-in-law had sleep problems, his doctor prescribed Xanax. It did help, but was not a perfect solution. My doctor also uses it the same way. It might be worth asking your Dad’s doctor about it.

    Jimmy, I’m on your side. The video games, because they allow us to do the killing, disturb me more than books and movies about the same material.

  2. I agree on Xanax. It is used in sleep apnea too, low dose.

    Very overcast and gray, slept in. Sort of.

    Video games are abhorrent to me. I not only have never played them, I feel they have definitely contributed to the malaise and obesity of America by locking people to screens, keeping them chained to addictive games. I also think the culture of violence they foster makes killing a game and unreal.

    This is not opposition to guns, I own guns, but opposition to what I consider unhealthy and distorted views of killing and death fostered by violent “entertainment.”

  3. I’m not a video games fan (not a hater of them, just not a player). But Japan has the most violent games and often the most violent films and entertainment in the world, and yet they have one of the most peaceful societies functioning in the world today. If anything, it seems the games and films are very cathartic. They get rid of virtually all their stress without it involving real people.

  4. Actually, cats don’t play with what they catch because they’re cruel. Mostly they do it when they’re not really hungry, and letting the mouse go and catching it again is fun, even if not as much fun as the first time. That’s why they don’t eat their toys when they’re finally dead; if the cat wanted to eat it, they’d have killed it right away.

  5. Not a video game player nor a fan.
    For me, I’d probably enjoy a “shooting” game using plain targets, with nothing living shown or implied. The skill in being able to aim correctly and then see how well one did is what would attract me.

  6. Cilla certainly seems disappointed when her prey is no longer attempting to escape (dead). Catch and release seems to be the point of the game.

  7. Nooo, the only reason I have 2 cats is to get rid of the overabundance of chipmunks! No natural predator leads to overabundance anywhere of anything. It’s all about balance.

  8. Dickens is happily sleeping in my lap, we found a great family owned restaurant with grilled catfish, grills Vegs, good salads, fresh made soup and owner chef from Louisiana. Life and lunch was good.

    Having good time. Going to see my grandson.

  9. There was one set of first-person shooters that I used to love: the Redneck Rampage series. One reason I liked it was that the graphics were somewhat cartoonish, rather than overly-realistic, and another was that some of the results of damage were so over the top that it was funny. As an example, one of the more common opponents was a clone of a big, fat hillbilly. If you could get the drop on him and nail him with a stick of dynamite, all that was left was his lower legs, looking like a pair of hams. No blood, no guts, no other body parts, just the legs. Also, the clipping wasn’t that good and you could sometimes see an enemy sticking out through a wall although you couldn’t actually shoot it, and sometimes when somebody died partly behind something, their arm would stick right through the barrier. It gave the whole experience an appropriately surrealistic quality.

  10. I am in a minority here. Yes I am a geezer, but I love the MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Yes I will play the Player vs Environment, but no playing Player vs Player in any form. If I am in the World Vs World part if I get attacked I will stand and die or poof out rather than hit another players character. I get most of my daily interaction with people by talking to my fellow Guild mates on team speak, following their prayer requests, and general chat. I will help them and they help me in PvE, but all violence is usually against critters and bad guy AIs. I learned MMOs on Guild Wars the original, and besides GW2 I play Klondike and only dabble in a few other games, like Kerbal Space program (build and fly rockets for the Kerbals). Violence is only a problem when you have trouble separating reality from pretend.

  11. Popping in for a moment. So far behind I doubt if I go all the way back to catch up, but thank you to everyone for the good wishes with the new job. (And I will skim the last few days for the latest.)

    Two weeks in, and last night was the first time I actually handled hot bacon. Frustrating, as my line was very short, so I did not get the complete training I should, and my line is almost exclusively Spanish-speaking, so asking for help was a bit of an issue, but my co-workers did their best to help when they could. I will be digging out my Spanish notes and working on my accent. 🙂 They try English and I try Spanish and we somehow make it work.

    In other news, after leaving my store, I finally agreed to seeing a now former employee. He had been a fan for a while, but also knew nothing would ever come of it while I was his boss. (I did take some convincing.) Really glad I did. Totally caught me off guard, but he is an amazing guy who makes me school-girl happy. Had not realized just how emotionally devoid I had been until he stepped in. His weird gets my weird. 😀

    Grandma and Marie are still ornery as ever. That said, both of them are slowing down dramatically, but thankfully, they are relatively pain-free and in good spirits. My aunt is not holding up quite so well, so I will be seeing her this weekend to see what I can do for her. Whike I have been busy with the job transition, my cousin has stepped in and been a huge help, for which I am eternally grateful.

    Okay, now to go back and see how the rest of the Village has been doing!

  12. Mindy, so happy to hear from you and to hear how you are doing. The love interest is so fantastic! You are a sweet and loving person who deserves to have someone return that caring.

    Isn’t being a laughing teenager again a great feeling, no matter how old we really are? It’s never too late to be young again.

  13. Thanks for the update Mindy, glad to hear things are going better. Spanish is not a really hard language, it just takes a little more practice to get really better, you can do it I’m sure.

  14. Before we escaped the kids on Wednesday my wife and I stopped in at the Red Cross Blood Center. She was scheduled to donate; I was there for moral support and transportation — I haven’t been allowed to donate since my SCA.

    While she was being drained I had a golden moment… I looked across the room and saw her talking to a phlebotomist and smiling… in that moment I fell in love with her yet again. It’s made this getaway even more special.

  15. Okay, I am now on a criminal case jury. Next week is shot, not to mention the cross county rush hour commutes.

  16. Mindy, good for you! On a very different note my brother lost his little dog today. She had been very sick for the last few months. When I was young it seemed that a dog was a dog, but it seems as we get older our pets become our children. Today’s strip is another “looking in our window” moment. If someone comes to our home and says “here kitty kitty” I inform them that he or she has a name and is not a “kitty”.

  17. Mindy: My MIL lost her husband of 56 yrs in 2011. She has lived alone and my wife ends up calling her 5 days a week. She was so terribly lonely even after moving to a condo and being around other senior citizens.
    This summer I came home and my wife was on the phone with her and when she hung up, she said “You’ll never guess what Mom’s doing” When she said a gentleman had called on her, I said “Zippidy-doo-da” We had met him and his wife a few years before and she had very recently passed away. He treats her well and loves to drive her around places around their small Northern Michigan town.

    What a difference in her outlook! She still worries about things and sounds like a school girl at times, but it is almost like a cloud has been lifted. She will be 88 in May, but love has found a way.

    I am very happy for you. Changing jobs and finding love. I’m sure that your spirits are lifted.

  18. I just realized I put this on the old day’s postings, so I’m repeating.
    Thanks for the pipes, Old Bear!!! That was great.

    Hi, Mindy. Great news!

  19. Good morning Villagers…

    Indy Mindy, I am so thrilled to read about your change in life….run with it, and don’t forget to take deep breaths.

    Jackie and Smigz..around here don’t like to prescribe benzodiazapines, fear they will fall. Going to pick up some melatonin after talking with home health nurse.

    Steve, you are a good husband…your wife is blessed.

    TR, thanks for the grin, love the cows especially the calf….brown cows, chocolate milk 🙂

    …..rain today and tomorrow and Ian is afoot tomorrow….he has orientation at Wendy’s….has to walk many city block to get there….it’ll be good for him.

    Old Bear, a good morning back at you.

  20. Good morning all. It’s a beautiful cloudy day in Quincy, IL. Going to Thyme Squared for breakfast. Chef makes all his own meats, bacon, ham, sausage, corned beef. All their own breads and jams. They have homemade English muffins for their Benedict and today’s special eggs Benedict has fig bacon jam and fresh tomatoes on it. Yum!!

  21. Mindy, glad to hear the new job is going well, and that you have found someone that makes you happy. Life sounds good!

    When our kids were kids and video games were not what they are now we bought them Oregon Trail, Louis Quatorz (no, I probably didn’t spell that right) and a math game. Now one daughter plays World of Warcraft, Son plays Assassin’s Creed and Halo, and the other daughter doesn’t play them at all. She’s too busy making costumes for herself and friends who go to conventions and dress up as their favorite characters. See: Cosplay.

  22. I hope everyone else’s reasons for not commenting are like mine – got outside and enjoyed a nice spring day, had lunch with friends, and watched some college basketball. Looks like my FSU ladies are headed to the Elite Eight.

  23. Old Bear:

    I think my voices are real.

    They keep saying, “You’re stupid. You’re a failure. You’re an idiot.” And other words that I can’t print in a family-friendly blog.

    I don’t mind them, though.

    They help to keep my ego in check and to prevent me from doing some incredibly dumb things.

  24. Jimmy:

    I like your title of “Kill and Be Killed.”

    It reminds me of a line that I wrote quite a few years ago: “Eat and be eaten.”

  25. Yahooo! I just finished my federal taxes! In comparison, the state forms are a breeze and should not take more than one session. This year, I decided to let the feds keep the refund to be used against future taxes. The amount of interest I’d get by banking same is really trivial.
    Yep, I do them myself and in ink.

  26. Congratulations Mindy and good luck with the new job and the new guy.
    Moving day was yesterday and it’s new adventure Time for me. 62 years old and never lived completely alone. I am at a stage where that is very appealing. Get to pick my own furniture, off work activities, and no one to look after but me. All my life I have been taking care of somebody else in some fashion and I feel I have given up a lot of the life I could have had. At this point , I just want to see what it’s like. Nite

  27. Had the most wonderful meal tonight with my friend and my daughter, son in law and Jack for his birthday. We went to a wonderful innovative small restaurant where we had the chef’s tasting menu. What that means is we had an appetizer, a soup, a salad, a risotto, fresh bread, a beef course, a fish course, desserts and wine.

    Probably the best food I have and we spent 27 of our 48 years of marriage in 4 to 5 star restaurant trade. To think this kind of food is here in a small town is amazing. We had a great time and laughed a lot. Jack had great birthday and so did we.

  28. The lovely Sunday ode to Spring makes me wonder if JJ has been spying again. Loon was busy planting for the last month. Tomatoes are blooming, flowers are showing their early blooms, and still we have cool nights.

  29. Good one Jimmy! I will have to add Janis as Spring to my collection of “costumes”. Or under dressing.

    You do inspire me, JJ. Right now it’s the black Christmas stockings and the black lingerie. Or some of it anyway.

  30. Good one, indeed, Jimmy. Plus being a homage to a classic A&J cartoon. The only thing missing would of course be pokies. But with the unseasonably warm winter we’ve had here in the Deep South, I’ve been missing them, too. However, a couple of recent cold snaps has caused a fair number of them to pop up.

  31. Good morning Villagers….

    It’s a rainy Sunday here….a pleasant 60 degrees though, I’ll take it.

    Baby sister took me grocery shopping yesterday, came home and Dad’s friend came by and took him cruising. Dad loves to cruise.

    Also came home to the cable system having a power outage, that meant no internet and TV service for an hour or so. You could in the neighborhood, kids were outside playing. Had to close the screen door as there about 6 of them jumping and screaming on the trampoline a couple of doors down.

    later gators…..

  32. Last night my sister and I ventured down to Roswell to watch the ballet version of Beauty and the Beast staged by the company attached to the school my daughter used to attend. She started with them when she was three, and now she stage manages their shows, both school recitals and company programs. We had one or two quibbles with the story line they used, but the costumes and sets were good, and the dancing beautiful. We had dinner much later (after set strike) so it wasn’t as grand as Jackie’s but Waffle House is always good. 🙂 All in all a good evening.

  33. Debbe. Have you been keeping up with Breaking Cat News? It will be published in 100 hundred papers around the country starting tomorrow. Georgia ran two new strips on GoComics to introduce the strip to the newspapers.

  34. ….rain has stopped.

    Wendy’s called Ian and rescheduled his ‘orientation’…I looked at him and said “and they’re going to try and give you forty hours….$%## they can’t even get you in for orientation”!

    Fixed lunch, and I had tenderized pork tenderloins…fried, fresh steamed baby snap peas, parmesean noodles, cottage cheese and peaches….had to put the tenderloins in a slow cooker to ‘tenderly’ cook them and not so tough, they are done now…added some low sodium mushroom soup to them.

    Jackie, I love eggs benedict.

    Read the Dark Side’s comment section, and their pervert was there as usual. He doesn’t have the class our Village slut puppy has though 🙂

    Sandcastler, it doesn’t take a whole lot to make me look like an idi0t…and I’ve been meaning to ask…how come “formerly known as…”

    Down to the final four, and no team from Indiana made it there…

    And a good morning back to you, Laura…so far it has been.

    Mark, good luck in your new ‘digs’.

    Old Bear, a good night to you.

  35. Decorah eagle nest: near the right edge of the current picture, about half-way up, is a circular thing with the appearance of a shiny penny! Do eagles collect shiny stuff? Maybe it was a rental payment by an occupant of a lower apartment!

  36. JJ you are hitting close to home with this aren’t you? I mean me, not you of course.

    Here I am with a boat sitting in dream area for half of America’s sailing dreamers and two in the warehouse and where am I?

    In Joplin, MO going to visit Llee and happier than I have ever been in my life. Life happens and so does happiness. Boats are not always the answer.

  37. Good morning Villagers….

    Jackie, so excited for you…and it’s way past due for you. Tell Llee ‘hey’ from us here in the Village.

    Restless night here last night, Dad told me not to be hard on him today. So much for the melatonin. He wanted me to give him another “sleeping pill’, told him no that if one takes too may it will have the opposite effect.

    What, no U-tube links, I’ll take care of that.

    Washing sheets, and swiffing the cat hair around on the floors.

    Ruth, if you can, tell Gal inquiring minds here want here are just wondering how she’s doing. I did have a Facebook account, but I closed it.

    Oh, Jackie, need to know how to ‘trap’ a cat. Have two of them outside, which Dad wants fed, that are pregnant…they need to be fixed. They are feral.

    Jerry 🙂


  38. Mark, Mindy, and Jackie: I’ve been incommunicado for a few days, but such exciting things are happening for you guys! (Here in Michigan, we say “you guys” regardless of gender.) It’s wonderful!

  39. c x-p:

    Decorah or Decorah North? Cam is too zoomed in at D.N. to see edge of nest. At D., I see one circular but not shiny bit that might be just x-section of a broken branch. Have never heard of eagles playing crow, jackdaw, thieving magpie, or packrat.

    Saw Gondoliers / GSVLOC / Conn Aud. / Mpls yesterday. Well done. Heading back n. soon, once the dishwasher is done in #2 son’s detached living unit. Life is good.


  40. Debbe, local farming store will have an animal trap, about $20 and won’t hurt the cat. Put in an open can of cat food. I was trying to trap an armadillo and caught one possum and a cat. Do I have this correct? Repeal and replace was rejected by a coalition of those who didn’t want to repeal and replace and thought the bill would do that and those who did want to repeal and replace and thought that the bill wouldn’t. Once again-a compromise is a solution that makes no one happy.

  41. eMb: I thought of that, too, but the image seemed to be from a smooth surface, and not one which was the result of breakage. Possibly, some person lopped off a small branch smoothly – as with hedge clippers or even an axe – and then the bird happened to choose that piece for architectural purposes.

  42. Mr. Sessions, -you have no authority to issue a new law against local policies regarding immigrants, but let’s call it a regulation. What two regulations did you “get rid of?” And Spicer is now arguing against federal regulations because the “individual states know best what is appropriate for their population”. School children cannot pass to the next grade without passing a test, yet there is apparently no intelligence at all required to work in DC now.

  43. Visiting Llee in Carthage. We came by to bring a big loaf of multi grain artisan breads, a fairy rose bush, a gerbera Daisy and a basket of petunias for her pots on her porch.

    Llee is so beautiful and sweet. She said to tell everyone hello.

  44. A message for Debbe and the rest of us from Gal (via FB): “A lack of home Internet – AND time and energy – has severely restricted my browsing time. It is easier to Facebook on my phone than using the phone for comments on A&J. Really – am a little surprised that I have been missed! I’ll visit the blog and check in… “

  45. Just had another fabulous meal. Jalapeño cheese curds with garlic dipping sauce, ribeye steak and salad, bacon blt with grilled salmon filet on sourdough with salad and chocolate chip cheesecake.

    This tiny restaurant called Eagle Drive Inn is a legend but the food is millennial. We were the most senior in restaurant. It was full of people who we could be grandparents of.

    Writing a review for DDD Diners Drive Ins and Dives with photos.

  46. Where is everyone? We are back in Muskogee for night and to go to Tulsa in morning for my cardiac stress test and other cardiac testing for clearance by hospital for surgery. I did not pass the preliminary tests hospital did so I have to see a board certified cardiologist for additional testing and clearance.

    Luckily my endocrinology and thyroid, diabetes and sleep apnea physicians are part of a mega cardiac group so the group will run tests and I acquired a new generalist cardiologist.

  47. If you’re not extremely concerned then you are not paying attention. We are not attacking the other party. We are trying to help EVERYBODY1

  48. Trucker Ron:

    First, welcome back. I always enjoy your posts.

    I saw that your base location is Provo.

    Have you driven around the fairly new NSA data collection site?

    I have been following the construction and implementation of the facility for several years, and I have also noticed that information about it rarely appears now.

    I want to have a chance just to see it. The place looks enormous.

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