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  1. Yesterday (Monday) was my fourth hand therapy session, of the initial eight my orthopedist ordered. Torquemada I apparently practices at another location on Mondays, so I had Torquemada II bending my fingers and wrist. (“Thank you, ma’am! May I please have another?”) Kidding aside, my progress the past two week has been fairly amazing. My right hand is more like a hand and less like a lump of hand-shaped wood, as it was when my therapy started.
    And as is usually the case, seeing what some of the other patients are dealing with helps keep me feeling sorry for myself. Most of the time. Both therapists tell me they’ve never treated anyone with gout of the wrist, and they seem a bit nonplused at how adversely it has affected my fingers, wrist, and even my elbow. That’s me…always special. 🙂

  2. Re 11-3-19 (Sunday) real-time cartoon: 5:00 AM EST and astrological twilight is occurring. A certain cartoonist must have done some research. Or perhaps was already up working and just looked out the window.

  3. Here’s a bit of info from spaceweather dot com:
    THE TRANSIT OF MERCURY: One of the biggest astronomy events of the year is just one week away: The Transit on Mercury. On Monday, Nov 11th, Mercury will pass directly in front the sun. The rare transit begins at 12:35 UT (7:35 am EST) and lasts for almost six hours. Mercury’s tiny form—jet black and perfectly round—will glide slowly across the solar disk.
    People in every continent except Australia can see at least a portion of the crossing. In the USA, the best place to be is on the Atlantic coast, where the entire transit will be visible. On the Pacific coast the transit will already be in progress at sunrise.
    Warning! Do not stare at the sun during the transit. Mercury covers only a tiny fraction of the solar disk, so the sun remains as bright as ever. Eye damage can occur. Ordinary eclipse glasses will keep your eyes safe, but they won’t do much to help you see tiny Mercury. The planet is only 1/194th of the sun’s apparent diameter. To watch this event, a safely-filtered telescope with a magnification of 50x or more is recommended. Don’t have a filter? No problem. Images of the transit may be easily projected onto a wall or screen through an unfiltered telescope. Just do not look through the eye piece!

    If you miss it, don’t worry, it’ll happen again. On Nov 13 2032. Maybe by then I can afford a Hydrogen-Alpha filter for my gear.

  4. TR– wondering if my sunspot/eclipse setup will be enough. I’ll have to dig it out and check the magnification since I can’t remember which eyepiece I used for the projection funnel. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Jimmy, I was wondering where Ludwig was last night? Might he have made it up to New Jersey for the Giants-Cowboys game? Of course Ludwig is colored purple, but we think he is really black…. I happened to flip it to the game and was laughing hysterically as Ludwig er the black cat ran out unto the field and no one could catch him for two minutes. We had a black cat that actually grabbed a soft miniature football, threw it up into the air and chased it while I was watching a game a few years ago. Kevin Harlan, who does the radio play by play did a great job of describing the action, even inserting a sponsor’s name when “Whiskers” entered the red zone. If you haven’t seen it yet, just google Kevin Harlan and black cat.

  6. By the time the maintenance page leaves I have forgotten any comments I might want to make. Since I type with one finger on a phone I retain as long ……………..

  7. Ghost has a birthday tomorrow but we sort of spot celebrate. So we have worked on it since Sunday. We will continue here and there daily for a week.

    Have been working on one of those Fall recipes that show up about now. Took two days to get it in pot. Beware of recipes that have 21 ingredients and take seven different types fresh vegetables to be peeled, sliced, minced and simmered..I wish Arlo talked, I’d enjoy talking to someone else like me who loves to cook big pots of food.

  8. Because the eye surgeon did not do a good job of explaining Cilla’s prospects I’ve been crying since last week. We saw her regular vet today and my wife hugged him and I felt like kissing him. The smartest and most loving cat in the world will be just fine. Her eye may be ok eventually and worst case is that she could lose one eye. You know what we were thinking and I apologized to her all the way home.

    • Great news that she will be just fine, Jerry. Just keep hugging and petting her, too. I’m sure she will enjoy the attention even if she doesn’t know why.

  9. Ghost can tell you about cake. I didn’t bake it so it was delicious!

    Jimmy I meant to tell you again how much I enjoy your subtle coloration of the new A & J strips. The old ones done by syndicate are blatantly garish in comparison. Even in simple pairings like gray and khaki on Arlo. Thought you’d like to know it is noticable and appreciated.

  10. Ghost, they have flying cars, but I don’t think that you can buy one. I believe that the jet backpacks are available though along with other alternatives so indulge and have a happy birthday.

  11. Jerry, great that your regular vet did a better job with the consequences. In my experience, specialist vets are often overly pessimistic and focused on the risks of the condition. We had a specialist tell us that one of our dogs, about 10 years old, had 2-3 months to live due to Large Cell Lymphoma. He actually lived for about 4 more years… Our local vet said, “As long as he eats, drinks, poops, and seems happy, we will just continue to watch him.”

    Glad prospects for Cilla are good!

  12. Ghost, people are still having trouble with cars that (mostly) stay on the ground. I don’t even want to think about what traffic would be like with flying cars. Unless they were not under the control of the occupants. Hey, if you are going science fiction, might as well go all the way.

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