Knock Knock Joke

Some of us of a certain age still have a problem with the phrase “turn of the century,” meaning 18 years ago. For so much of our lives, “turn of the century” meant the beginning of the 20th Century, something that happened a long time ago, even for us. Two decades on, we still stumble mentally. Which turn of the century? That’s why I say, “since the beginning of the millennium….” It doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue, but you know which millennium I’m talking about. Anyway, it sometimes surprises me how little my artwork has changed in the new millennium. I tell myself and others that it’s been a steady upward progression, and it has been, just not so much as I like to think. Were it not for Janis’ hair, it would be hard even for me to tell if an old strip were drawn in 2004, as was the above, or in 2014. Janis’ hair seems to change in subtle ways that, for me, serve as a type of cartoon carbon dating. And look! They’re sleeping on the wrong side of the bed.

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  1. Yeah we still don’t know what to call the first decade of this century or for that matter WHEN the century/millennium started. While I understand the logic of saying that the millennium started with 2001 because there was no Year Zero, I would argue that there was no year ONE as time was recorded in terms of the Roman Emperor’s reign and that A.D. happened many years later.

    Bottom line for me: Who Cares?

  2. I once told students that I am in my seventh decade. They were shocked. Then I showed them that I was in my first decade when I was, say, 5 and 6—and my second decade began after I turned 10—et cetera. So I am in my 60s. They ceased being shocked.

  3. There’s artistic development and artistic development. Winsor McCay’s fantastic draftsmanship needed fantastic vistas—but it seems that he was running out of them in the later years of Little Nemo in Sumberland; he never really did develop story well. Even Walt Kelly got lots better as his early Pogo years went by–but then it stayed good. Real good! Having a really good, stable artwork with good story and good characters is golden—good composition, layout. Cartoonists know all this better than I ever will. Wonderful to cruise that way.

  4. Today’s “Hi and Lois” is great, even though a putdown for many of us. What if it were [gasp!] a classical public radio station? I see H&L on Comics Kingdom, no URL.


  5. Back to dreams. Enroute fo radiation therapy I suddenly remembered a vivid dream from last night. I was riding with Queen Elizabeth in a luxurious huge limo with deep leather seats. We were out in country on her estate and she was alone except for driver. We were driving at high speed when a giant herd of stags thundered across road inches away.

    Odder than dream was remembering.

    Queen was cordial.

  6. I agree with using phrases like the “turn of the millenium” to be more clear. But the real problem has been in the decade naming. I was born in the 1960s, grew up in the ’70s, etc. And decades were easily named until… the “turn of the millenium”… what the heck was that first decade? The oh-ohs? The naughts, or aughts? I shy away from even talking about it, to avoid the awkwardness. The teens works for this one I suppose. Can’t wait for the twenties. It should be easy from there on, at least for the duration of my worrying about it!

  7. It seems to me that, if Arlo is right-handed, the relative positions shown in the above cartoon make perfect sense for amorous activities. As to their positions in more recent cartoons, perhaps Janis is also right-handed and has become more, ah, adventurous as years have gone by.

    Of course, given propinquity, whoopee will (usually) find a way.

  8. What side of the bed is the bathroom? That is or deciding factor.

    The small town stations used to list birthdays – and obituaries.
    We knew several people that had multiple radios so they did not have to re-tune
    and miss anything. (Before push-button tuning)

  9. I walk on the curb side to protect date from puddle splashes. Mom said to. Also hold doors for women, including car doors [we didn’t own a car], let them into and out of elevators first. Increasingly, younger folks, especially women, hold doors for me. I have also, for more than a decade, been “sir.” Many students cannot break the habit of calling me “Dr.”, which I try to discourage, esp. when volunteering at the hospital. Have probably said all this before. Peace,

  10. Hi, Jackie. Good to see your name again, although I think maybe you have been here as a-nonny-mouse a few times lately? Loved (hated?) the map, Ghost. Great “square cornered one” comment.

  11. Jackie – the Village is still here even if many of us have been doing more lurking than commenting. On the bright side, that means we haven’t been commiserating over anyone’s trials and tribulations.

  12. I too check in but seldom post. Thinking of lopping off right breast next to get a better matched pair and save six months time. Two years is a long time and we are tired of cancer.

    Ghost keeps calling it the ultimate high school science project.

  13. I don’t often get called on to fill in for the Baptist minister at the state hospital. It gave me a reason to cut my nap short.

    I had a star party last night with about 50 people attending; mine was one of the 16 small telescopes there. The area was dominated by the homeowner’s observatory featuring his 20-inch Cassegrain telescope.

    Tonight’s also a clear night here, so I’ll be going out in a few minutes to try for some decent photos of Jupiter and its moons.

  14. I did well at an online auction yesterday. For $16 plus shipping I got 24 volumes of a reprint series of the Li’l Abner comic strip. These cover the dates from the first strip until the (I think) early 1960’s. This will be the first time I’ve seen most of these strips, since I didn’t start reading it till the early 1960’s.

    Good thing I got them cheap, since my car’s starter went out and I’m looking at close to $1000 for repairs. Hondas are good, but repairs aren’t cheap.

  15. Well, it seems that attaching a phone to a telescope works great with the moon, but not so well with Jupiter… at least without a filter of some sort. That planet is too bright for the standard stars setting and washes out everything around it. More research of the software is in order!

    OTOH, I played with my Barlow… a special lens that double the power of the attached eyepiece. I started with my 32mm eyepiece (20.6X, 41.2X with the Barlow), moved down to my 15mm (44X and 88X), then finally my 9mm (73.3X, 146.7X). With that last one, despite being in a city with a LOT of light pollution (on a good night you can mostly see the Big Dipper, but only part of the Little Dipper), I could easily see the bands on Jupiter. But now for bed…

  16. DJJG7, thanks. I got it on Goodwill’s own auction site. Instead of sending stuff through Ebay, they have their own site that sells items from Goodwill stores nationwide. Clothes, jewelry, electronics, books, etc. I have even seen telescopes on there.

  17. emb
    When someone calls me “Sir”
    I tell them that it is not necessary.
    A simple “Your Highness” is sufficient.

    I think Dr. is preferable to Fudee (PHD).

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