This one is from December, 2002. Is it just me? Does it mean I’m an old man? I still happen to appreciate a good desktop photo, or a good screen-saver slide show. I think personalization of this type is one of the greatest benefits of the digital age! I know, I know. I’m an old man. I hope you’re enjoying the current strips this week, about star-gazing. And where, you might ask, do you get your ideas? Sometimes, I wander into the backyard, look up and plead, “Give me a cartoon idea!” Thank you!

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61 responses to “Kodawhat?”

  1. I used to have a Space Shuttle screen savor that would launch and eventually the screen would go blank.

    Today I have a picture of Mount Fuji that I took when I was visiting our plant that was nearby. I really thought that it was a good picture. One of my Japanese colleagues saw the picture and said “Oh I can get you a better picture than that!” I told him that I did not want a better picture (there might have been a bit cloudy) as this was a nice memory of my trip. He still did not understand it. I guess I shouldn’t show him the pictures of the food that I ate while I was there!

  2. Arlo is daydreaming with a series of beautiful adventure sailing photos that flip and change dramatically and automatically on his office computer screen. Suddenly someone asks him what he is doing? Supervisor perhaps?

    He changes it to work related. Not that stupid 3-D hexagon?

    By the way, Jimmy I pride myself on getting your subtle humor and love the sort of risqué stuff you get by with. I realized I had missed point of Ludwig with “Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the dish ran away with the spoon.” Oh, I got th r nursery rhyme part, the risqué went by me until this week wh r n I was reading a blog hat discussed your sneaky sexual comics.


    I get a lot more credit than I deserve. I don’t know what th’ heck you—or the blogger—are talking about. — JJ

  3. My desktop/screen saver is a slide-show as well but the pictures are mostly of my child with a smattering of other family members. On the rare occasions that I change my screen saver it I go for bubbles.

  4. I don’t even bother with screensavers anymore, but for wallpaper, I like nebulas (nebulae?), galaxies, and auroras. Right now I’ve got a spectacular aurora on here.

    Curmudge (#1), I think the computer is “talking”, showing a slideshow of homemade photos. Then Arlo changes to the pipes screensaver that came with Windows back then, and the computer is complaining. I enjoyed the pipes one for a long time, until I figured out how to do slideshows. With today’s technology, it’s not necessary. Images don’t get burned into the screen like they used to.

  5. I need to change mine from boats and boat designer to Dickens trying to kiss me with his giraffe like tongue..

    It is so long he is touching his eye lashes. Dickens is the Adventure Dog of course, my travel and bed partner.

  6. For screen saver I use custom, random movement chrome letters saying I luv my wife (using here name instead of wife). I really enjoy the stargazing arc. With all the helps and manuals I still have problems identifying different constellations.

  7. Burns Fisher, you have my sympathy. Losing comics is like losing friends. Thank goodness for being able to follow them online.

    Good luck on the checkup, Debbe!

    I like looking at the stars, Jimmy, and am tickled that you’re talking about Orion, one of the few constellations I readily recognize. I’m glad that idea dropped on your head!

    Ghost, you cook the way I did when I was single: cook, freeze, then thaw and enjoy. I looked at them as free meals in terms of time and effort. Also great to grab for lunch, especially with the advent of lunchroom microwaves.

  8. On cleaning project, cannot find dust pan. Buy in quantity so mysterious? May have to go to hardware store for one to steam mop floors. Of course I have to find floor cleaner liquid as well.

    What music do we listen to when cleaning? Today I am listening to Eric Clapton, JJ Kale, Van Morrison and few contemporaries, Marvin Gaye right now.

  9. Found dust pan and floor cleaner, cleaning liquid. Cannot get machine to turn on. Cleaned out Yeti except for dumping dirty water. Progress.

    Dumping water and putting on something I can go downtown in respectability since I know everyone.

    The floors and clean laundry will still be here. Bob Seger is singing Night Moves.

    Does everyone have their house cleaned a ND decorated?

  10. Some of my Japanese friends are rather blunt. Like, “You’ve put on some weight, haven’t you.” One guy did this several times and the last time I replied ” Wow, you are really losing your hair” I laughed, so he would know that I was joking…kind of.

  11. Steve, yes they are. The rather shocked me some times. One char a cteristic I hit on a lot was them telling you
    W hat they thought you wanted to hear, rather than a more unpleasant answer which isn’t a problem if friends but in work place it can create problems.

    We will have hard freezes Wednesday and Thursday so we are trying to wrap pipes and c protect hoses and faucets.

  12. Jackie, continued weight loss proceeds apace, although not as rapidly as one (me) would hope. Primarily, I believe, because I have not been able to get entirely back to my six-day-a-week gym schedule, due to circumstances. I’m going to push hard to do that in the next week or ten days.

    I’d encourage you to get back on the wagon while, as I’ve said previously, not beating yourself up for falling off it. That was not unexpected to me (and I’m sure not to you, either) due to your recent circumstances. But you know you can do it, if for no other reason than the fact you’ve done it before.

  13. I’m not as good with the constellations as my dad was but I can always find Orion and the big dipper. He would pick them all out and could tell the kind of stories that Arlo tells in today’s strip. He had made his own telescope as a kid and used a section of the old round downspout material for the tube and polished his own optics. He was quite the scientist all his life.

    And JJ, thanks for the great kickstarter art and the note as well. It was not expected. 🙂

  14. Isn’t that 3D pipe thing the continually growing, six-directional arrangement of pipes that was a screensaver back in the ’90s?

    Tomorrow, the Day of Infamy, is also the date of this [and most] year’s earliest sunset. The latest sunrise w/b 4 Jan. 2017. No, they are not the same as the shortest day, the solstice, which is 21 Dec. this year. Likewise, 14 June 2017 is the earliest sunrise and 27 June the latest sunset, whereas the solstice is 21 June.

    The major cause of these discrepancies is that our orbit around Sol is an almost but not quite circular* ellipse, with Sol at one focus [ellipses have two foci]. When we are farthest from Sol [aphelion] in that run, in July, we are going slower than when we are nearest [perihelion], in January. [Johannes Kepler taught us that, using Tycho Brahe’s data on the orbit of Mars.] Another is that each solstice, equinox, perihelion, and aphelion is an instant [e.g., spring equinox is 20 March 2017 0629 hrs. EDT]. Unless you are at Greenwich, UK at noon, or in the Bering Strait [or equivalent latitudes, 0° and 180°] at midnight, somewhere on Earth the date is the day earlier or later.

    Another cause is leap year. You know the problem there.

    *Venus’s orbit is closer to being a circle, whereas Mercury’s and Mars’s orbits are more elliptical. You can look up the others.


  15. Thanks for the positive push Ghost. Yes, I know I should and can. Did better today except ended up forgetting to eat lunch and nearly keeled over in grocery.

    Went to Chili’s for dinner because they have low calorie menu. New chicken item was so hot I honestly could not eat, even broccoli burned to eat, I will not order that again, I don’t like pain with food.

    Yes, I like being able to wear smaller clothes and looking good. Vanity alone could get me back on program. I also intend to reschedule the knee surgery as soon as my life is on a smoother track. I think spring and tornadoes preferable to winte r, ice and cold weather.

    So exercise begins tonight as soon as I get clean sheets on bed so I can exercise and collapse. And I still have my gym membership to use thirty minutes south. And all the cute gym clothes.

    Question, how thin have you gotten Ghost? Or how thin are you aiming for? You have. Been much more deligent than I. Are you attending meetings? Part of my problem is I have no exercise or food buddy nor any peer pressure. Believe me, my peers up here are not exercising, not dieting, not wearing skinny jeans or cute clothes.

    There is some value in critical assessment by others. It is motivating.

  16. This is for Jimmy. I know the retro strip today was from when you were experimenting with heavier inking, more dark brush work, negative space. It is quite good and I like it a lot. I know it probably takes longer to complete or draw, it doesn’t look like fast cartooning. But it is so dramatic.

    Don’t remember this strip but wanted to tell you I appreciate the art, not just the humor.

  17. Honor the heroes of Dec 7 – 75 years ago.

    To continue food:
    Only time I had Pickled Deer Meat was in Fosston, MN back in 1963.
    (just west of emb) Shaved thin and pickled – no gamey taste but you knew it was
    not beef.

    Another 6 deg. of separation – I was on leave from Army visiting my brother
    at BSC. -as a favor I took a girl (a friend of my brother) to her house in Fosston
    where I had the above deer meat.
    She on the bus returning to BSC after Christmas break met a guy
    from my Company in Fort Dix returning to base.
    Eerie thing is not that they had a connection from 1300 miles away
    but they took the same bus AND talked to each other.
    Of course she was cute and he was a soldier.

  18. GM Debbe

    There is an email going around
    offering processed pork, gelatin
    and salt in a can.
    If you get this email, do not
    open it. It’s spam.

  19. Tablets don’t use screen savers so I just do an occasional wallpaper refresh. My go to wallpaper shop is the NASA website, they offer a great variety of from landscapes to almost pop art.

  20. We lost my sweet cousin Nancy yesterday; the damage from the stroke and heart attack were just too much. She was the youngest of the cousins of my generation, the second that we have lost. (My brother, the oldest, was the first.) Her mother was the last of our parents’ generation when we lost her a few years ago, just short of her 97th birthday and still sharp as a tack.

    So much of what we see on Facebook is silly, trivial, even annoying, but without I might not have read the touching tributes by her niece and nephew. I certainly would not have had the opportunity to see the heartfelt sentiments from her former students, such as this one – “Sucks when anyone passes away, but when a teacher goes, we’ve lost someone who had the privilege of touching SO. MANY. LIVES.”

    Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers. Like her nephew said, “You can never say you love someone too much, because you just never know.”

  21. emb: One of the first post-election photos (and I believe there have been others) was of a chance encounter with Hillary by a woman and her child hiking near the Clintons’ NY home. A long walk in the woods would probably be good for a lot of us now.

  22. Ruth Ann, my true understanding of your pain. I am an only child, so my cousins became my siblings. We were close and still are. And Christmas losses seem even worse.

    I agree on telling people you love them,. I try to do so daily. Sign all my emails, posts, letters, Love, Jackie Monies. Even to strangers. I hug people a lot. This all began in the 1980s when I realized I was losing so many friends to AIDS and never had told them goodbye.

    You do not always have time for goodbyes when Death comes.

  23. Ruth Anne, I’m sorry Nancy is gone. From what you have said here, she was a hopeful person, a fighter, and an inspiration to many. May the sweet memories of her long remain green.

  24. Sorry, I am on a different phone. Didn’t notice, you can tell when I am on different computers and tablets and phones. I seem different on each which is why I was anonymous so long. And in protest.

  25. The Village is to me the Good. The only support group I would ever participate in my entire life. Unstructured and undigested, it seems to rise up and embrace us when we need it but we must be willing to admit need.

    We have been accused of not staying “on topic” for Argo and Janis. I say we do, we are the Village where Argo and Janis and Ludwig live. We are the friends and unseen neighbors that surround them.

    Hug on, y’all. Love, Jackie Monies

  26. My phone screensaver is whatever woman I’m with. My work screensaver was a slide show of numerous A&J Sundays. I deleted them all, so no one else could enjoy them, when I got canned in the slump six months ago.

  27. But your replacement might have needed humor too, John.

    This morning I am listening as I often do to classical guitar music, a style I have loved since my teens thanks to Andre Segovia and Chet Atkins who took it to the public.

    Here is my absolute favorite piece being played by John Williams. This is for Ruth Anne especially. The richness of the cords and resonance are melodically comforting to me, echoing my mood, yet lifting it.


  28. Ruth Ann, my sympathies on your loss. May Nancy’s memory be a blessing for you and your family.

    My phone wallpaper is a picture of my dog and his cat. On my computer it is a line from NCIS, complete with pictures of David McCallum and Mark Harmon. Right now I don’t have a screensaver because I haven’t put it back up since Husband loaded Windows 10 for me, but when I do it will most likely be family photos.

    Hi Ghost Sweetie!

  29. Kitty cat note: L’IL Ghost is the most adorable, albeit smallest kitty we have. He got healthy and has a shiny lush thick coat of fur, the most appealing face and ears, just begging to be cuddled. He is down wrapping himself around my ankles as I type.

    The odd thing he seems to be a munchkin cat, small compact with short legs, short tail and is so round he can barely squeeze through the wire squares on the porch fence to get in to eat which he likes to do. He is up on table right now being cute.

    He has awfully big feet and likes to pitty paw on you, kneading like bread making.

  30. The classic Linux screensaver, xscreensaver, has a huge number of choices. I simply have it cycle through them at random. I also have my wallpaper changing the same way. Every now and then I go to the JPL website to see if there’s something new there that I want.

  31. My dogs have an orange tabby that sleeps on dog bed in dog house. She goes out and hunts for them, brings them presents of dead birds, mice,gophers, voles and moles.

    I think she thinks dogs are a bust at hunter gather role and need nourishment.

    Ashes, the Persian that appeared in my culvert years ago is up on table eating creamy havarti with me. Not only is Dickenstill a cheese snob, so is Ashes.

    Had my snack on roasted red pepper, red bean and brown rice Triscuits. Really healthy and delicious crackers.

  32. Oh no. Mindy I am so sorry for you as well. I feel Christmas is so awful a time for funerals, probably because we lost so many family members then, both my grandfather’s same Christmas, my first cousin to die, my mom and husband. It colors all you do.

    Get some rest and take care of you.

  33. Noted w/o comment: Rheta Grimsley Johnson’s column in today’s Bemidji Pioneer. Cannot find it on the paper’s website, nor on R.G.J. sites. Older columns are available, but not today’s, which makes sense if you want to sell papers. Maybe under King Features Syndicate. Peace,

  34. Those losing family members have my warmest thoughts and prayers. We lost my wife’s mom to CHF on 30 Dec 2014. It was upsetting because we’d not been able to visit her in her senior care center at Christmas because of the influenza epidemic. The funeral was on day before her 90th birthday. I got to create the program, write up her bio, and conduct the service. Thankfully, someone else played the organ and led the singing.

  35. Doing my twice annual Fantasia change over of seasonal clothes a la Janis. This is a major do, involving switching three closets in my bed room from summer to winter since we didn’t much bother with fall.

    I have gotten one totally redone and a second partially, got it moved to storage closets in laundry. Unfortunately I have not really started on second big one.

    My bedroom and bathroom look like a college dorm or that a teenage girl lives here. I am back going through and giving away but it isn’t done. I am tired.

  36. Here’s a Waylon song for you Debbe and you too Ghost, any of the rest of you who are tired and weary and think you’d just like to quit at times.

    With the exception of Ghost who may have never let the badtards get him down I suspect the rest of us have had those moments.


  37. A whopping 25 degrees outside and feels like 16 degrees. Will warm up to 37 this afternoon. Cold cats are outside doors, I call kitty kitty, get some in and two run out. My two oldest house cats are inside but most of others outside. They were invited in.

    I am going back to bed. Good morning all.

    Someone have happy news.

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