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While we’re in the collective spirit of not ragging on the French, I would like to call your attention to this little essay by a Frenchman, entitled “A Frenchman’s Appreciation of Thanksgiving.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Now that I think about it, I must say that, while I always have enjoyed Thanksgiving, a personal exposure to the French joi de vie helped me understand just why I enjoy it so much. I’ll be back with a special Saturday post to talk a little more about the shirts. If you haven’t already, you can see the shirt designs by clicking on the above link, “Tee-Shirt Art!”

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  1. Not going to see family until Christmas, I was a bit sad to cook myself a game hen – the single’s nearest thing to a turkey. Then, a couple invited me to their friends’ home for Thanksgiving dinner. All I had to do was bring a dish (I supplied homemade dinner rolls) and an appetite. This lovely couple invites, along with their friends, any “Thanksgiving Orphans” they can locate. We ate, laughed, and told crazy stories. A new tradition is born…

  2. That’s a good tradition. Two of the most wonderful Thanksgiving memories I have involve eating Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce with Japanese friends sitting cross legged and barefoot using Japanese chopsticks. Try that one!

    The second was eating same menu with a group of friends in a commune sitting on the floor cross legged and barefoot (see a theme here?) And eating a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with a pack of hippies who passed around joints after dinner of their mom’s recipes. Me, being polite southern bred said ” No thank you, I don’t smoke.” And the turkey cook hadn’t removed the giblets and cooked them in turkey.

    Nothing changes.

  3. I am feeling better, but the weather here in Detroit is dreary. A lot of rain and probably an all day soaker. The cable is out all around us, so that eliminates that as an option. My BIL just called me to ask how I made the Scottish Eggs. Apparently they were a big hit at Thanksgiving. Here is the recipe:

    Boil 6 eggs then peel.
    Cut Bob Evans Savory Sausage in 6 equal portions. Season if you wish
    Wrap the cooled eggs with the sausage. May have to work it to get all of the egg covered.
    Tossed wrapped eggs in flour, egg wash, flour and roll in bread crumbs
    Put eggs in a heated pan with oil and butter and brown like a meatball. Turn down heat and let it simmer with a cover.
    Place in a preheated pan at 350 degrees for 10-20 minutes.
    Cut in half and serve with Dijon Mustard.

    You could use any kind of meat, turkey etc, depending on taste and diet. I suppose that you could also bake and/or broil them too.

  4. Jackie: I have never and will never smoke. I also had great difficulties sitting cross legged since I was young and the Japanese laughed whenever I tried sit like that. My wife, however is extremely limber and I told her that I have always been jealous. Of course that talent is not a bad thing!

  5. Good people, those, Flossie.

    While in the AF, two of my Thanksgiving dinners were like that. One was at a stateside base, where I was included in the half dozen or so service members the owners of a business outside one of the base gates annually invited to their home for the celebration. The other was at an overseas site where there were federal employees accompanied by their families, and I was invited to the quarters of one of those employees with whom I worked. (No turkey, and the roast we had was from a large non-domesticated animal.) Yes, Thanksgivings are better with family, but that doesn’t mean it has to always be your family.

  6. curmudgeonly ex-professor: here is the link to the t-shirt manufacturer’s online sale page. T-shirt colors are to the bottom right. Names of colors here don’t exactly match what Jimmy used, but it gives you a better idea than imagination alone.

    As to the Anonymous title, Jackie has changed her devices several times and I think got tired of having to redo name each time. Now using Anonymous by default. Don’t know why some names/titles allow you to click them and some don’t. Might be something to do with the blog hosting service.

  7. Mark as always is right. It used to take you to my Sail Oklahoma Web site and a ton of links and thousands of photos, my mailing address, phone numbers and detailed maps to my house.

    I changed Web masters and we will redesign the site when I set it up for 2016 which will be after January and make changes.

    Told you I am most transparent.

  8. By the way, how is weather across country? It has been raining for 24 hours steadily here. Car says 45 outside, phone says 36 outside. It is icing in parts of Oklahoma and I am still under flash flood warning here.

    Furnace guys came this morning and we are back with heat but unit is 20 years old, so I authorized replacement should it bite the dust before I get out of hospital.

  9. Mostly sunny with low 70’s here today. Something else about which to be thankful. Watched the Green Bay game last night, where it was raining and 33 degrees. From the coverage of the active shooter episode in Colorado Springs this afternoon, it snowed there most of the day.

    And thanks, public officials and news media, for revealing and reporting that the SWAT team was able to track the shooter inside the building by tapping into its security cameras. Now the next time some goblin does something like that, the goblin will know to shoot out the cameras ASAP.

  10. Another good one from the media…”The police persuaded the shooter to surrender.” Well, I suppose that’s one way to put it.

    And “It took five hours to get him to surrender.” No, it probably took five hours to locate him, secure the rest of the building, and prepare for a dynamic entry and only about five seconds, after they yelled to him “last chance”, to get him to surrender.

  11. For those wondering, if you enter a web address in the “Website” window under “Leave a Reply” it will link to your name on your comment.

  12. Currently 73° here on the bayou. Calling for a Saturday high of 66°. Having light, but intermittent rain. I am not complaining.

    Loon is off to Connecticut next week. I happily volunteered to stay behind and watch over the ranch. Sure it is work, but I am a big cowboy. 🙂

  13. 32* high tomorrow – Snow
    35* high Sunday – snow
    Monday – snow
    Tuesday – snow
    Don’t know about accumulation but some white on grass now
    hard surface no.

  14. ~ ~ ~

    I feel like my body has gotten totally out of shape,

    So I got my doctor’s permission to

    Join a fitness club and start exercising.

    I decided to take an aerobics class for seniors.

    I bent, twisted, gyrated, jumped up and down, and perspired for an hour..

    But, by the time I got my leotards on,

    The class was over.

  15. In the 30s but steady rain through Monday. Highs in 40s lows 30s and flash floods but no ice here.

    Ghost, I am to hear on Monday, surgery scheduler is off. My cardiologist said we’d skip part where I come in to see him in office for consultation and he’d see me in surgery. We’ve known each other awhile. I joke he will need another wife someday but it’s a joke. I really like him, used to haul Tab soft drinks in multi case quantities for him from my hometown of Monroe, LA where they could be bought.

    My minions are going to take care of me and pets and go with me to hospital. I will let you all know through Facebook probably that I can have them sign in as my accounts..

    Cardiologist says the weight loss and improved health probably has saved me and I am not as high risk as I was so I owe the debt to a lot of you for encouragement. Thank you all.

  16. Not dying so soon…yep, I knew smart eating and regular exercise had to be good for something.

    After Anonie goes into the hospital, someone here will have to keep me informed, as I don’t do Book of Faces. I nominate Gal. 🙂

  17. Looks like another sleepless – or nearly – night. Slept for 1-1/2 hr and then was wide awake. I have worked a couple of pretty puzzles on

  18. Gal, it beats my hobby of shopping. I have to survive so I can wear all these beautiful clothes and flash this brillant smile I paid for. Heck, I have an appointment in two weeks to get final caps on teeth, the bottoms are still temps.

    Yes, healthy eating and exercise is definitely good for many things and some is OK for family oriented publication but we are still on A and J, right?

    Gal, I will have my construction foremans wife file reports, she is city 911 operator and very computer literate too.

  19. Good Morning Villagers….

    Jackie, you will be in my prayers…… have done well these past 11 months, a true inspiration to some of us here. Hope you’re not going to get any ice during this storm.

    Nancy…thank you and bless you.

    If it’s Caturday, it means I’ll be working with the teens, and they are really fraying my nerves.

    gotta go….

    GR 😉 not to be a stick in the mud, but until you first posted Jennifer, I had never heard of her. Thanks for the intro.

    be blessed all…………..

  20. Gal….thanks for being the go between….hope you get some sleep. Is Indy Mindy doing better?

    Jerry, how are you feeling?????? Hope you’re not in the hospital. Prayers…….Amen

  21. Forgot to say my cat lady tee arrived or one did. II says home is where the cat is.

    I have two of the elderly cats in bed with Dickens and .me, a couple of the younger interns are in too, one is out with dogs in lAundry. Rest are touching it out in cold rain, probably in a boat or even the potting shed or porch.

  22. Weather in DC yesterday was gorgeous – sunny, high in the mid-60s. Went to the US Botanic Garden and Iwo Jima Memorial, as well as a lot more walking in nephew’s neighborhood near Georgetown. Today is starting out cloudy but is supposed to be warm again. For tomorrow the prediction is around 50 all day with rain for much of it -Yuck!

    If we were home we’d be looking at temperatures in the low 80s.

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