Leprechauns Gone Wild

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In case you’re wondering, there really is such a thing as a “clurichaun.” I mean, there’s such a thing as a mythical Irish fairy called a “clurichaun.” I tell you: the things you have to know to be a cartoonist! Mostly, you have to know how to get to the Google search page. If it seems I’m chronically nostalgic for all things pre-digital, let me tell you how cartoonists used to do things. They actually kept catalogs and files of clippings at hand, just so they’d know how to draw, say, a lawn mower. Now? Pffft! Google “lawn mower” and instantly see images of just about every type of lawn mower ever invented or imagined. Also back then, every good cartoonist’s shelves groaned with dictionaries and thesauruses and encyclopedias! Now, it’s dust and old Beanie Babies.
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  1. Debbe πŸ˜‰ I inherited my mom’s put-cuff-around-arm-and-push-button blood pressure monitor when she went into nursing care. It promptly went Tango Uniform a short while later. I got one of these and have been very pleased with it. (It’s much less expensive at Amazon and other on-line sellers.)


  2. Charlotte & eMb: You both have my email address. Send me a note authorizing me to send your address on to the other, and I will do so posthaste.

  3. Taking the day to finish and file my return with the Infernal Revenue Service. Giada is looking perky today. But then, she always does. I’m fairly sure her show provides a hair stylist, a makeup stylist, and a cleavage stylist for her.

    OK, OK; I’ll get back to my taxes. Anytime now.

  4. Darn, and all I have are a good fairy costume, a bunny costume and an Elvira costume with feathers! No leprechauns good or bad, not even an Irish Colleen costume.

    Will a leopard skin print nightgown work? You can tell I just woke up.

    By the way, Trula was off two days from chicken duty and pulled out twenty eggs this morning from four chickens! Do they lay more than one a day? Like backlog?

  5. McGhost,
    “You are not your body and hair-style, but your capacity for choosing well. If your choices are beautiful, so too will you be.” Epictetus

  6. I do not do anything today. However I can’t explain it here because it covers politics AND religion! lol.

    At least in the Detroit area, it is one of the most dangerous nights to be driving due to the number of people celebrating with alcohol. Another reason not to do anything. It being a Friday night, I am guessing that it might be a good night to stay home and watch a movie.

  7. Jackie, what are you feeding your hens????? What’s their sleeping pattern, lighting?? All are factors….that’s a log of yolk, hon…..from 4 hens in two days….so, eggs, it’s whats for dinner!

    Thanks for the line GR πŸ˜‰ , looks like the ones the visiting hom health nurse uses….I WANT ONE!!!!

    Dad still has not slept, Ian is up pulling duty…going to U-tube to look up the 4-7-8-sleep technique I just saw a video of it on a news site.

  8. …posted this the next day…

    .gotta read some more comments, I need a good laugh again…Dad is
    still up and down,pacing back and forth thru the house using his walker….. don’t think that 4-7-8- technique will work on him….twice now he’ll start to nod off and do a little snoring, and then something jerks him back out of his sleep

    Ian just now looked at me and said “something has to give”

  9. My mom would think she’d been asleep for hours and it would be minutes. We’d be traveling and she’d wake up, ask where we were, we’d reply six times to same question before we got out of town!

  10. Happy St Patrick’s Day. Although in some ways I prefer St Brendan, who according to legend actually sailed all the way to Canada in a leather boat during one missionary trip. No I won’t drink alky for the day, religious and medical reasons. I will wear green.
    Yes Mark the Callahan series is great, especially the last book. Intelligent cockroaches indeed.

  11. Hi, Jean dear. So high can you kick now? πŸ˜‰

    I love me some corned beef and cabbage, historically correct of not. I’ll probably pick up a small slab of it from the deli at my neighborhood market and boil some cabbage and a potato to go with it tonight.

  12. Thanks to all for their nutmeg and hot chocolate remedies….did the hot chocolate, Nestles (makes the very best) but no nutmeg here…except me, and my name is not Meg πŸ™‚

    He’s still going, but is starting to want to get up less….beef and noodles for supper, he loves cottage cheese and fruit…I pray it’s an early night for him.

    God bless all of you here…..

    Jean..good to hear of your rehab success….Jackie also will have the strength and will in her to do the same…won’t ya, Jackie?

    GR πŸ˜‰ thanks for the link to the 105 year old Veteran…what a soldier…good to read the community is getting involved in restoring their home.

    …going to check my brackets……

  13. Sideburns, I’m going to try the nutmeg! I have always had a hard time falling asleep (and staying asleep, too). On the plus side, the twice-yearly time change has no effect upon me.

    Debbe, you may wish to consider asking your Dad to do some exercises while sitting or even lying down. Things like “marching” and arm circles while sitting, leg lifts in bed, or even just stretching while lying down. I used to have to sneak in exercise for my Mom sometimes. She could be unco-operative, so I would put things she wanted slightly out of reach so she had to stretch, ask her to hold light weights like cans of soup for me…I wonder if she ever realized what I was doing?

  14. Oh, Smigz, yes we do. Getting up and walking, is about all he can do without getting ‘winded’.

    And yes, I’ve thought about bar bells, cans of soup, fruit for him to lift…and you are so right about the stretching and exercise (not to mention he loves to have his back scratched)…I have Dad walking quite a bit during the day, we make (different times) at least three rounds around the kitchen table…from the back sun room to the front porch…and when it was really nice and comfortably warm outside, we would get out and walk…a little.

    Husband and his brother (who is still there) both are experiencing prostate issues….remind me tomorrow to get a gun permit…..no just kidding πŸ™‚

    Nancy from AZ…still in the tourney…

  15. Dear cxp, I know I had your Email address but I don’t seem to have it any more. Some computer crashes and episodes of my ineptness has made it go away, I guess. Could you just send me an Email, anything, and then I’ll be careful to get the address into the Contacts or Address Book, then I can do what emb suggests.

  16. Oh, Symply Fargone, must tell you that one of my daughters is going to the Green Day concert in Worcester tonight. She is driving down from Colchester, Vermont and is meeting her niece and nephew there (some of my grandchildren.) These kids are in their twenties and have their own cars. Granddaughter Jessica is a big fan of Green Day and Aunt Alice bought the tickets as a present for her. They are going to stay in a hotel after the concert, and tomorrow Alice is coming to visit me in Derry. Jessica lives and works in Portsmouth NH and Christopher lives in Manchester NH. I hope they all have a good time!

    To all the Villagers, happy St Patrick’s Day. Must share with you that 60 years ago today my husband and I moved into the home that I am still living in now! We had two little boys then and welcomed five little girls in the next few years. Yes, we moved in on St. Patrick’s Day, easy to remember.

  17. McGhost,

    I cooked a corned brisket flat this morning. Cooled it and made Reuben sandwiches for lunch. Corned beef and cabbage is on the menu tonight, with corned beef hash set for breakfast! I’m not Irish and I know it isn’t traditional Irish but I like it anyway. We ate corned beef when I was a kid just because it was cheap (as I’m sure I’ve said– my parents were teachers) and being from Arkansas with time in Missouri, we didn’t slow smoke brisket. Since I’ve transplanted to Texas I eat much more smoked brisket than corned.

  18. Miss Charlotte… God bless your soul…you are a spectacular lady..my gosh, woman, you’ve raised
    ..let’s see if I can do the math here…seven children?????

    loves and hugs….


    …for the $ spent on my debit card…you are good to go

  19. Debbe:

    From yesterday: “Rick,,two photos…do you have them framed?”

    Yes, I do, but they are in a fire-resistant lockbox.

    Not only do I want to protect them from fire and humidity, but I also want to keep them away from sunlight.

  20. Jimmy wrote that he is “chronically nostalgic for all things pre-digital.” To a degree, I understand that sentiment.

    About the only thing that I like from my Dark Ages is LP albums.

    The sound did seem warmer and more full for some reason, and the art and liner notes could be properly enjoyed.

    After that, there is not one single material thing in the past that I miss, and I am anxious to see what the true geniuses will give us next week.

    Life is getting better all the time.

  21. Managed to not eat corned beef at all today and I love it. Of course I have never drunk green beer in my life. I would drink a green Margarita or green wine cooler or eat a slice of green key lime pie but those aren’t Irish.

    Of course we just established neither is corned beef nor green beer so I suppose anything green counts. I did have a large green salad with green apples, walnuts, cranberries, raspberries, blue cheese, almonds, pecans and cashews, dried red peppers and onions and a little bit of chicken. The low fat Vidalia onion dressing was delicious.

    Had some Irish soda bread too. Is it really Irish?

  22. “Remember the boat?”

    Time to cue up GFR’s “I’m Your Captain/Closer to Home.”

    Unfortunately, the reality-time continuum is always moving forward, and the end is always near.

    For all of us.

  23. Good morning Villagers….

    Love today’s real time…boat?????

    Much needed sleep was ‘got’ last night…..Amen!

    Why, Mark, thank you…bookmarked it, and will check out more of their music..

    Rick…yeah yeah, yeah….had the album, and it was actually gold colored vinyl….and a great philosophy there

    Cue in “No Time”…..

    later……need to check out my bracket πŸ™‚

  24. A Saturday morning cliffhanger, “remember the boat.” Leaves one’s mind reeling with possibilities. Hell, there might even be a new T-shirt coming out. πŸ˜‰

  25. Oh, you mean the schooner I said, I don’t know how many years ago, Arlo should have dubbed “The Flying Dutchman”, after the legendary ghost ship that can never make port and is doomed to sail the oceans forever? Because that was apparently what happened to it?

  26. McGhost Sweetie, how high? High enough! πŸ˜‰

    Thanks all for the encouragement as I really am not a fan of exercise. I am just stubborn enough to refuse to lay down and give up. I think Jackie is, too, so she will do well, right, Jackie?

    I have a piece of corned beef in the fridge, but haven’t had a chance to cook it yet. Maybe today with cabbage, potatoes, and carrots. And soda bread, of course.

  27. Can-can dancer high, Jean dear? πŸ˜‰

    Got the ingredients yesterday afternoon but never got around to preparing my corned beef and cabbage last night. I’ll probably enjoy it more today, anyway. And I’ve been threatening to try to make soda bread for years. Perhaps today is the day.

  28. Good morning. Woke up early. What ARE all of you doing up so early on a Saturday morning? Don’t you have something better to do like sleep?

    There’s a ton of stuff I’d rather do beginning with going back to sleep but I guess I absolutely must go unlock the doors on the Chinese laundry. I don’t think the Chinese leprechauns are there still.

  29. Van Morrison is just like some of my once beautiful boyfriends, he has not aged well.

    But his music continues to be beautiful.

    As the Man Once Known As SAND said wisely, “Jackie, we were all young and beautiful then.”

  30. Debbe,

    You reminded me of the old Peggie Lee song,”Manana”! One of my all time favorites. Thanks.


    “The Best Is Yet To Come” Another great jazz tune with meaning! Thanks.

    How about Elvis’ “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”

    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  31. Jackie, again you are right…it is a ‘downer’ song….I absolutely love his on the Bright Side of the Road….gonna find it….for me..I need a ‘lift’ today

  32. You are welcome Debbe. I was actually listening to that song but you found it before I could post it!

    Listen to upbeat music and not songs that bring you down. And here’s another Jackie tip, wear clothes that bring you up and all who see you. I have on navy jeans with bright pink and baby blue roses, a navy lace tee crocheted actually, hot pink quilted jacket, pink beads, cap, shoes, purse all in those sunny pinks.

    Heck, the devil would smile if he saw me. Of course he might just laugh because he knows I’m on my way.

  33. Van Morrison is alive and still performing. I had a black hat and Cape, big bulky sweater on the other day like the one he had here.

    Someone said I looked like him but hastened to add just the clothes, that I was prettier.

  34. I think it is about time to reread all of Mr Robinson’s Callahan books even though Mike hasn’t been in what the last 5? Memory is not what it should be, but anyone who likes Spider Robinson can’t be all bad. I guess it will give me something to do while the surgeons decide what to do about my back. I wish I could tell people just send me your MRI and I’ll get back to you maybe like a neurosurgeon.

  35. Just got home from a 70th birthday party, that Bob’s high school class (Winter Park HS class of ’65) threw for themselves. Nice casual affair with the focus on visiting with old friends and making new ones. I’ve reached the point where I have more fun at his class parties than at my own, although I suppose I should check to see if we’re going to have a 50-year reunion this year.

  36. I am afraid I have run out of luck as far as cutting. What I a waiting to see is how much they are going to cut. I have nerve problems at 3 levels. That fall I took in January was the last straw for the back. Hoping for minimally invasive, but I am fearing full on fusions. I have been trying to avoid this for 20 years.

  37. I had my first child in 1971 and I wore maternity dresses this short! Can you imagine?

    By the way I actually managed to find some sundresses and rompers in the Department of Inappropriate Clothes . We will see how short they are.

  38. Good morning Villagers…..

    Yes…..still have two Indiana teams still in my bracket…….

    …..and Dad laid back down.

    So, Jackie, what colors you wearing today???

    Dennis, have you seen those commercials regarding laser back surgery?

    Need to get my day started here, laundry to do, swiffer to push around cat hair πŸ™‚ endless chores I’ve procrastinated on the past few days here. I hate grocery shopping too….and it needs to be done…..arrgghhhh!!!! Baby sister coming into town around noonish.


  39. GR πŸ˜‰ I remember those days….the Catholic schools we wore uniforms, and the he had to touch he floor when kneeling…..waistline got rolled up a lot πŸ™‚

  40. Ghost:

    Your short skirt was about the length of Elaine’s dress when we went to a Philadelphia ball done at the Art Institute [?] for the opening of a Gauguin exhibit, say ’70 or so. I had to rent a g—-mn tux. We referred to her outfit as the, “If you got ’em, flaunt ’em’ ” dress. She didn’t quite have the figure for the one below, which was a choice adjacent to yours. Just as well.

    This was the kind of thing Jimmy Carter was referring to, no? Gotta get ready for church.



  41. Debbe: Our third room-and-board girl had gone to a parochial school in Rockford, IL, described that roll-up routine as soon as they left to go home. Still in touch; she’s 70+ and an absolute delight. Current church [don’t remember which] has a somewhat more relaxed theology. Whoops!


  42. Ghost Sweetie, maybe not cancan height yet, but working on it!

    I didn’t wear my skirts quite that short, but still several inches above my knees. I went to a small, country high school, and the principal was rather strict about things like that. And later to a college affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. At least there I could wear blue jeans to class!

  43. Up early and sorting laundry. I should do it more than once a month! Don’t need clothes but need to wash them. Have a basket ready. All cold water dark gentle black underwear! And a car load to go?

    Trapper, yes I will do exercises and rehab. Nurse Ratchett will see that I do. Can’t not work out or as I remember it she punished?

  44. Debbe πŸ˜‰ and emb: It seems cheating on skirt-lengths was universal among HS girls back in the day. One of my all-female staff (the one who wore what was basically a tiny bikini with cowboy hat and boots when she was on her college dance team…and had the figure for it…and had pictures to prove it) told me her mom enforced her Louisiana high school’s dress code skirt length*, but she thought that was much too long and by the time she got to school she had always done the roll-up-the-waistband thing, too.

    *With arms at side, the hem of the skirt could not be shorter than the point where the fingers met the palms of the hands. That still seemed rather short to me, so I used a tape measure to determine that on her that was about four inches above the middle of her knees. (No, that’s not weird that I did that. Why do you think that was weird? Inquiring minds want to know. πŸ˜‰ )

  45. My youngest daughter is shorter than me and got so tiny during her anorexic period we could only sew skirts for her. I could make her an A line skirt with 3/4 yard of fabric and sometime just a half.

    My skirt lengths during college were a whopping 20 inches at times. The longest were 27 inches.

  46. Doing laundry, load after load. That’s the boring part. I moved on to towels just now until I go get the bags out of garage that no one carried into house. And yes, I pay people to carry bags of dirty clothes for me.

    Here is good part, I have been bingeing on Raul Malo and the groups he played and sang with, Los Lobos and the Mavericks. I love his voice. He is hard to categorize, he is Hispanic from South Miami and does so many types of music. He isn’t exactly any one thing.

    Right now he is singing Gentle On My Mind better than Glen Campbell ever did. Now El Pass better than Marty Robbins. He’s a chameleon of music. https://youtu.be/Vqpj17GmVMc

  47. Dennis I looked up the Callahan books on Amazon because I remember enjoying the first one so much long ago. I didn’t know it had become such a long series. The second shock was the price even for Kindle editions. $6.99 for a Kindle book? Really? Put the unread ones on my wish list and will buy them a couple a month as more money shakes loose from the budget. Something to look forward to.

  48. Jackie I go out to very few places. I haven’t been to the library since my mother died. Yes I have valid library cards, and access to two library systems, but I just go to church, a few restaurants at dead times, that’s about it. Really, really tough to go out anywhere.

  49. ursen, some libraries are able to lend e-books. (Not sure about the selection.) Even the library on the Redneck Rivera where my late friend lived out her last years did. Of course, they are a resort area and in condo country, so they probably have fewer budgetary restraints than most communities.

    Ruth Ann would probably know more about how that works than I.

  50. “Naked and Afraid”…where a man and a woman bravely try to survive in the wilderness for 21 days with no clothes, no shoes, no water, and minimal tools…in fact, nothing but a camera crew with satellite phones and four-wheel drive vehicles, and access to a helicopter. Amazing.

  51. That is the one I was listening to when I started linking Raul Malo. Isn’t it beautiful? He doesn’t just sing country. He has done duets with some amazing performers.

    He is performing in Austin pretty soon and I think north Texas. Despite living in Texas all those years I never got to go to any of our legendary dance halls or honky tonks. So many things I have missed in life that were just so easy to have not to.

  52. Savannah osprey site. Site refers to he and she. Think I’ve found a difference. This female has a broader black patch on her forehead than her mate does. Still no eggs. Maybe they’re getting hostile vibes from the deprived owls. Remember, all we know is they showed up last yr. well after two young owls had fledged, presumably after a nest failure of their own. That failure may have simply been / a sterile osprey. Peace,


  53. Have I ever told osprey story about Mike and Andy hitting the osprey nest on top of channel marker in Everglades and making her mad? She actually chased them next morning when she recognized them, diving at cockpit.

  54. emb: We also know that the tree lost some branches in a storm, making the nest more attractive to ospreys than to the owls.

  55. Sometimes the internet can be a wonderful thing. I am about to move to an apartment of my own now that things have gotten worked out. And online I have been able to establish an electric power account, gas service, reserve a moving trailer and buy renter’s insurance. I also found two places to get furniture to set up the place at good prices. Plus keep in touch with you good folks here and read Jimmy’s comic.

  56. So exhausted I am crashing early as soon as I feed Dickens and put some sheets on bed. I am far from done but I am DONE. Have to go see my endo guy and I need to run several errands enroute to Tulsa.

    So, I need to get up! So I need to go down.

  57. Strip of 03.20.17:

    “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” – John Lennon

    “Man plans, God laughs” – Yiddish proverb

  58. Good morning Villagers….

    Mark, that is GOOD news to read. Like Miss Charlotte, I am so happy for you. You have come far, my friend.

    …and today’s real time strip is spot on…

    Had company here yesterday, one of my sisters dropped by. She and I both agreed it’s not safe to give Dad the Lunesta. instead a couple of Benedryl….which I did. Dad is funny, he wanted to know if I was going to give him the ‘sleeping’ pill. Told him no, I’d give him the Benedry, the little pink pill at 8 ish. I did….at 8:15 he said he wasn’t feeling them and he want a couple of more…told him no, it had just been 15 minutes, to wait and it’ll kick in. And I wonder where I get my instant gratification from…

    Then a friend came by to finish repairing the hole in kitchen ceiling damaged by leaky roof. He and his friend picked up a big soft velour painting of kittens that some one was throwing out. Framed too. He an Ian even hung it in the sun porch. Not much room to hang on the wall here. Lots of pics…including the dogs playing poker. And every pic tells a story.

    ya’ll have a blessed day….

    Jackie, be very careful out there driving today. Put off grocery shopping yesterday….will be doing it this afternoon when my baby sister gets off work. Hate grocery shopping and putting gas in car…gas in car was one of the first things I taught Ian…. didn’t trust him grocery shopping πŸ™‚

  59. didn’t post the link….hope it’s not a clue as what to expect the rest of the day.


    sitting here last night, had TV on, playing a little solitaire, you know you’re losing ‘it’ when you’re looking at the TV, hand is on mouse and you’re looking for the curser on the TV screen πŸ™‚ that is bad, I shouldn’t have even told you guys that one……

    Emb. good one.

  60. Here’s another, from today’s Writer’s Almanac.

    When Einstein was asked what he would have done if his theory of general relativity had not held up, he replied, “Then I would have been sorry for the dear Lord. The theory is correct.”


  61. emb: That reminds of a wedding we attended where, following “forsaking all others”, the preacher added “which for some folks is hard to do.”

  62. Rick, that Yiddish quote matches my current experience.

    Last week UPS delivered my tabletop Dobsonian reflector telescope. With its 100mm mirror and two eyepieces it provides either 20X or 40X viewing, which should be perfect for this beginner. I’m set except for one thing… every night since then, and, according to my whether app for the next 10 days, it has been and will be cloudy. πŸ™

  63. Ghost, thank you for recommending the black Mustang convertible. I am having fun driving Jack with top down and rock music blaring.

    It has been 20 plus years since all the workmen checked me out when I drove by.

  64. We have a motel reservation in north Georgia for the eclipse next August. Since we planned that far ahead and it will be the last opportunity in our lifetime, an early season hurricane would not surprise me πŸ™‚

  65. Only Jack is top less. I did remove the last black sweater I had on but there was a white rather sheer athletic tee under it with a hoodie

  66. I live about 260 miles from the totality area for this August’s solar eclipse. We’ll be out about $500 for our room for 3 nights plus fuel and food. We hope to find a good spot near I-15 to watch it, hopefully in a state park. Much cheaper than traveling to Hawaii, though probably not nearly as much fun.

  67. Jackie, everyone should own a convertible at least once in life. Or twice. Or three times…

    Does kind of get the youthful juices flowing again, doesn’t it? πŸ™‚

  68. Why wasn’t I informed about the total solar eclipse this August? Well, I suppose that’s what happens when one quits following the news to protect one’s sanity.

    It’s not coming anywhere near my part of the Deep South, but I note that the path of totality will pass very close to my original home town. Where I have relatives. Humm.

  69. We’ll be staying in Blairsville. Our plan is watch the eclipse from Brasstown Bald, assuming everyone else in Georgia doesn’t have the same idea. Maybe Jean can keep us posted on area “watch parties”.

  70. Ghost
    While in Hawaii co-worker stayed across road from where early survival show was
    filmed/recorded, It was no more than 1/2 mile from main road.

    You sure your computer is not hooked to TV?

  71. Which of course brings up Jackie and her beautiful hole in the water of marina up in Washington that I need to visit.

    My friends in Colorado dropped very broad hints they wanted to buy her. Anyone want to visit Spydco? And the beer company tour or train museum or Rocky Mountains?

  72. Good morning Villages…..

    Well, we’ve had breakfast, Dad’s napping….temps are going to drop from 60ish down to 30 degrees tonight. No one mentioned it, but yesterday was the 1st day of Spring.

    Jackie, you still running around with your top down?

    Think i’ll nap too……


  73. …Dad’s up, the nap didn’t last long….he is so bored, just paces. Ian and I took him outside yesterday for a half block walk…..twice. It was nice out yesterday….gloomy today.

  74. Going to Illinois this weekend for Jack, my grandsons birthday party, Paw Patrol, just a day or so. I miss him. A good friend is driving with me in Black Jack, maybe top down?

    Hope all my running around will be in company and no longer alone. Alone was just running away.

  75. I was on the path of the 1994 solar eclipse. My coworkers (a group of several hundred people) and I watched from the parking lot, growing quieter and quieter as the eclipse progressed. It seemed to grow dark so quickly, the air still and cool. So many people watching together something many of us had never before seen. I could—just a bit—understand how earlier men had been impacted by this experience. Awesome and eerie.

  76. Ruth Ann, if I hear about anything going on in Blairsville I’ll let you know. Since Dahlonega is just outside the full eclipse path we are going up to Hiawassee to a friends’ cabin to watch.

  77. June 1955 eclipse must have been. Longest in 20th century?

    I remember they made us look through some kind of boxes? I would have been eleven. Maybe I should see another one.

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