Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

I had intended to show you the next comic in the sequence about Arlo’s employee review, but I am away from my desk this morning and don’t have access to that file. I’ve just got to get on that cloud thing one of these days. I do have this oldie from 2012, which I think is cute. It is, I believe, a defensible use of a rather old cliché. It’s one of those you might have to think about just a moment. Maybe I do too many of those.

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  1. Jimmy, many of us live for thinking about something for a moment—or more. And, really, you mix it up like Percy Crosby or Johnny Hart did: some more immediate, some less so. You have an enjoyable balance. Why? You care. You worry a liitle. My students who never worry much never seem to do as well as those who do worry.

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