Let’s get on with Autumn!

I got some firewood this week! The cats and I are ready. Speaking of the hurricane, we’re starting to see the real damage today, particularly Mexico Beach. I mentioned “The Forgotten Coast” in yesterday’s post. Most of the Panhandle coast east of Panama City is relatively undeveloped and natural. Some of the last truly old Florida towns exist on that stretch. That would include Mexico Beach, Port St. Joe, Apalachicola, Carrabelle and Panacea. They call it “The Forgotten Coast,” although realtors and chambers of commerce are grinding away 24/7 to change all that. I feared for Apalachicola, my favorite, but it seems it might have escaped devastation. There is a barrier island off Apalachicola called St. George Island, where there is a lot of modern development. I haven’t seen anything from the island yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear bad news. West of St. George is the idyllic little beach community of Cape San Blas. I expect it didn’t fare well, either.

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. Of course, many canines run and hide at the sound of the other fireworks, the ones that don’t involve a fireplace and are heard around some holidays (all of them in Oklahoma, apparently), so…

  2. About two weeks after we moved here, there was a hailstorm. The dog was terrified and hid under my sister’s chair, quivering. The cat sauntered over to the picture window and sat down to enjoy the spectacle.

  3. I would like to extend a very big “THANK YOU” to Mr. Johnson for my autographed (!) copy of “Beaucoup Arlo & Janis”! It arrived just the other day. The book is gorgeous and a delight to read. I can honestly say it was much more entertaining than the Red Sox/Yankee game:).

    Thank you! I’m glad you’re pleased. I guarantee it’s more entertaining than watching the Braves tank in the first round. Again! — JJ

  4. If you have not seen any of the damage on TWC it is hard for me to imagine although I’m seeing it on the tv. The entire train lying on Hwy 231 is just a few blocks, walking distance, from what was my parent’s house. I’m listening to the local NBC station which is the only one in Panama City that is on the air. They are currently talking about looting. That is a tough issue. I can’t condone stealing a tv, but food, water and other necessities is a matter of survival right now so what do you do? There are large areas that they have only flown over so far. There are two large hospitals in PC which are being evacuated. My brother in Tallahassee has no power. Anyplace that has no power will need a generator for several months. I had no damage from Ivan, but had to run a generator for several days. They say if you live in any of the affected areas and you are trying to get back home-don’t. Can you imagine? There are thousands of people in North Fl that as of now don’t have jobs. Can you run a chainsaw or carry a board?

  5. Hello Jerry, I have missed you and am very glad to see you back. Good that you have suffered no damage from this storm, but heartbreaking to see the awful news from places severely hit by the hurricane.

  6. Old Bear:

    To borrow Trapper Jean’s reply to my post, “The only way I could ever enjoy a yacht race is if I were three sheets to the wind,” I wish that I could click a “Like” button on your post.

  7. Meant to comment about Jimmy’s post the other day about “After Dark”…no worries here! I know it will be great! Just remember, “what would Dan DeCarlo do?” 🙂

    Hope everyone here in the path of the storm is safe…looks pretty bad from what we are getting about it here in OZ. 🙁


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