Letter of the Law

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Remember the memorable 1997 sequence at the beach, when Gene’s friend Mary Lou is expecting a baby? Of course you remember it; it’s memorable! Well, the above is the lesser-known final cartoon in that storyline; the family is back home, and Mary Lou is forgotten. Or so it seemed at the time. I guess you would equate this one to the little skit they would tack on the end of television sit-coms, little jokes that stood apart from the basic plot. You know, the last minute or so that was always dropped when a show went into syndication, to make room for another commercial.

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  1. Jimmy, I didn’t know that’s why those little unrelated bits existed. Thank you for the info. I had a moment like Gene and Arlo about a week ago. Backing into the garage, I heard a “keeee-RUNCH! CRACKLE! CRACKLE!” and couldn’t imagine what I had run over. It was a flowerpot…that I had put there earlier…(oops).

  2. My son gave me a nice garman watch a few years ago and I was using it for my walks at work. Somehow it fell out of my computer bag and as I backed out I felt and heard a “crunch”. I got out and saw my $200 watch smashed to smithereens. I can relate.

    As far as the tag joke at the end of sitcoms, some of the most memorable moments have happened then, especially in shows like MASH. Who can ever forget the end of the 2nd Newhart show when he woke up in bed saying that he had a bad dream and Suzanne Pleshette, his wife from the 1st series say “Oh Bob go back to sleep” (or something like that)

  3. Old Bear. Yentz does not ring a bell, but that does not mean too much as he/she might know me.

    The swelling went down considerably and I will be taking some steroids for a few days as well as an antihistamine. As far as an EPI pen, I had a bunch of folks on Facebook say that I needed it. The Doctor treating me at Urgent Care did not mention it and the Medical Assistant at CVS that initially met with me called last night to make sure that I went to the Doctor. I told her that I would see my Doctor on the 17th and that I would bring it up to him. She didn’t think that I would need one, but certainly she said that she would defer to the Doctor. I stirred up a nest and it bit me through a thick glove. I’m not sure if they will still be around, but I am actually more concerned about my reaction to Shellfish.

  4. Totally true, Ghost, where I do most of my shopping too, but LL Bean,
    Lands End, REI, Academy, Cabelas and Bass Pro mostly with some women’s clothes thrown in for good measure. Just discovered Sun and Sand or was that Sun and Ski ?

    Hey Gary, you inspired me! Got those shorts and tee on, the moisture wicking ones for running or in my case walking, along with these aper walking shoes and socks my runner doctor recommends.
    Wonder if they gey really good pricing from these stores that specializes in healthy, functional apparel and gear?

    Love Jackie

  5. I received a very surprising telephone call about an hour ago.

    Some of you may recall that in November, I quit my part-time job in the finance department of a local mental health clinic. That is when my SO’s health really started to deteriorate and I moved away to be with him. I came back to Gallipolis when he passed away at the end of January. Since that time, I have been working thru the grief process… and getting very lazy!

    Back to the call… The mental health agency called and asked if I would consider coming back – as chief finance officer! OMG! Now I am in a quandary… I really do not want to work full time. In fact, I am way past the commonly accepted retirement age. Do I have the energy? Would my nerves hold out? On the other hand, the money would be welcome!

    I am going in to talk with the current chief finance officer on Thursday. She was my previous supervisor. Oh my… life do get complicated!

    So… all you professional folk and retirees out there… what do you think?

  6. Galliglo, if you don’t want to get too into it, consider if you might want to work it as an interim till they hire a full-time. And after a while, you could decide you really did want it! The CEO of my employer was the CFO there, and took interim CEO slot, not intending to keep it. But, he changed his mind and has been very good there. Having the financial background has made him very effective as the CEO since he has more than average knowledge of the financial challenges hospitals face today.

  7. Galliglo, I had no choice about retiring as I was truly disabled. I’ve never missed it and due to a disability insurance policy I retired and began making twice what I had been. Unless you really enjoyed your job you will not enjoy going back. If money is an issue find a part time job. In this age of no benefits there are more of those jobs than full time jobs.

  8. Sorry to disagree but I too could draw disability benefits and not work, certainly now more than ever due to age. But I hope to work until I die. Right no we I am having a ton of fun working at a hobby, a rare gift I concede.

    But every job I have done has been worth more than all the colleges and universities I studied at in terms of real knowledge and have given me the chance to grow, learn.
    , meet exciting people and do things that most people never get a chance to do.

    So here I am in my 70s and never going to retire. What Would I do? Sit home?

    If it truly repulse you don’t do it. If its just for money, don’t do it. But find something you are passionate about and have a life.

    A career isn’t a life necessarily and shouldn’t define us.

    Love Jackie

  9. I liked Mark’s comment. List your concerns about coming back, maybe even say that after 6 months or a year the company would need to actively recruit someone to take your place. A good leader delegates, so if you think that you have a good team to work WITH, then go for it. Who knows one of them might want you take over for you and be motivated to really help you.

    I think the wisest thing for the company would be to bring in someone new, maybe younger, and you could mentor them. That actually might be much more rewarding for you and serve the company better.

    My two cents.

  10. For those who are interested, having Parkinsons is not a choice and it isn’t fun. For instance, I had to go back and correct three mistakes in that first sentence. If telling us that you are sailing your “yacht” around the world with a studly skinny dipping partner is your idea of fun then go for it. I haven’t lost that many brain cells yet.

  11. Speaking of Mary Lou, I’ve been wondering if we will see the other Days this summer.

    And speaking of missing persons, what happened to Robin?

  12. Steve in RO

    Mitch passed many years ago – Arlene last year – she moved to outer banks in 2000 OTA.
    They were at in-laws as we watched first moon landing.

  13. Jackie, I did see your post yesterday, and wanted to thank you for the kind words. Glad you got where you were going, dark mountain roads and all. Sounds like you are having a great time.

  14. I close with following:
    Nobody is what they think they are.
    Some of us know it.
    Some of us suspect it.
    And some of us don’t care.

    some of us

  15. Enjoy so many of the Villages comments, thanks to those I see here and on Facebook as well. Found myself at long last at my new employers in Washington, driving mountain passes at midnight through construction and rock blasting at midnight was interesting, two nights consecutively.

    Keep reminding myself America’s freeway system is about 15 years younger than me!

    Love Jackie

  16. Good morning Villagers….

    Gal, there has been some excellent advice given above….I really like the idea of being a mentor though. Get a sheet of paper and list the pros and cons and see which list is longer, then make a decision.

    I can draw my SS when I’m 62 next month, there’s no way I could survive mentally and physically if I would retire….I’d go nuts. Besides, I’d take a 25 percent cut in benefits if I’d start drawing now.

    Yesterday The Corp came in and they weren’t happy about the quality of eggs…dirty from rust marks made from the steel rod conveyor belt and the cooler isn’t working. The boys went out and purchased a special steel wire brush and put it on the electric sander….they got the rust off and got down to the bare metal. The Corp is not pleased with the way things get pushed under the rug when it comes to maintenance issues…I’m afraid they may not want to put new hens in our 20 or 30 year old building unless these maintenance issues are addressed. And I do have a list of things to get done. The Boss will be back on Monday morning and I intend to ask him how long he plans to stay in the egg business….as I need to work. Thought about going over to The Corp and putting in my application.

    Jackie, glad you made it safely to your new employer’s destination. Just what will you be doing?

    Glad you dropped in Indy Mindy…take care girl.

    and it’s hump day for some of you…..speaking of humps, Jerry πŸ™‚ I admire your determination, I really do….I was just teasing you about the humps…..

    gotta go…ya’ll have a blessed day

  17. wow, GR πŸ˜‰ that is a favorite of mine….love Boston. Wish my CD player worked in my car, I could really get pumped up listening to them this morning.

    Ian just ‘strolled’ by, his shoulder is killing him from holding that sander yesterday. I tried holding the handle while I gave Andrew a pair of safety glasses to put on…..what power.

  18. Thank you all for your insightful comments! Getting another take on a situation is always beneficial.
    I think interim service is a good idea. I have a couple of other specific concerns and I will bring them up for discussion at the meeting. This entire process should be interesting… but then my life has started to be a little boring!

  19. Debbe

    Just be glad you do not have to pick eggs from individual nests.
    One or two at a time into a basket. And then all the rest that goes with that system.

  20. Well, answered Debbe and Smartphone sent it into cyberspace!

    My new employers are Gig Harbor Boats http://www.ghb.com as sales rep for their classic and classy traditional small craft, wooden boats duplicated in fiberglass. I get to haul myself and my boat Cowboy Cookies around America to boating events, sail, hang out on water with sailors and boaters.

    I bet Arlo and Jimmy would like to do that. I also represent thee others, Small Craft Advisor magazine, Duckworks magazine and John Welsford Small Craft Design of New Zealand. All from pursuit of a passion and hobby.

    Like the chicken and egg business, early and long hours.

    Love Jackie

  21. yeah, but Debbe, if you do the math, after a certain number of years, you will / would have wound up with the same amount of money in benefits anyway. Just take the amount you get from 62 to 66 or whatever (for me it’s 66 and 8 months, I’m 57) mentally add it to the lower amount you get past that date and you get to a point where it’s the same total amount. .. ..If you mean you’d go nuts from nothing to do No way, my wife had more than she could handle, just go to http://www.meetup.com and search anything you can think of

  22. Late to the party, Gal, but of the people I’ve personally known who returned to fulltime work after “retirement”, about half have loved it and half have hated it. So not much help there. I can certainly understand the financial aspect (I have a bout of depression every time I get one of those “estimated retirement benefits” estimates from the SSA and compare it to my current income), but I suspect that you may be “of an age” at which committing to fulltime employment might not be the best long-term choice. So I’d vote for taking an interim position, if possible. And who knows, you might love it enough to want to make it permanent.

  23. Ghost Sweetie, that looks more like a swimsuit cover-up than an actual dress. I might have worn it at one point in my life, but not so much now. Anyhow, sundresses in general have always been chancy as my skin has two settings: Albino and Tomato. πŸ™‚

  24. Jean dear, if you think that about the crocheted “sundress”, you should have seen some of the actual “cover-ups” being flogged on that site. Anything they covered would be too small to matter. πŸ™‚

  25. Downer of the Day: The realization that not only are more and more individuals of my approximate age showing up in the obituary listings but that a number of them are expiring in NURSING FACILITIES, for crying out loud.

    Meanwhile, I’m busy feeling (and, I hope, looking) better than I did ten years ago. Pretty much my hobby these days, I suppose.

  26. Retired at 62.5; best idea ever – wouldn’t think of going back. My SS is the lowest possible because of my annuity/pension…waiting a few more years wouldn’t have helped SS much and probably would have lowered my pension. Have done much better financially after retirement than I did before retirement!

    Just saw that one of my stocks is at its lowest price in quite a few years for no reason I can see. The price is only about $30.50 and it pays a “dividend” (actually, a “return of capital” so it is not federally taxable until you sell the stock) of $2.88. That’s over 9.3% and with a great chance of capital gain, too.

    My other stocks are just going up a little or down a little. OK with me – I bought all my stocks for the dividends, not capital gains.

  27. c ex- p: Blame Greece. Everyone else is. πŸ™‚

    Most of my retirement funds are in investment grade (non-junk) bonds. That won’t make me rich, but hopefully it also won’t eat a third of my savings as did the equity (stock) market in 2008.

  28. I officially retired at 62 because it had gotten clear to me that nobody was interested in hiring me to do tech support or any other kind of computer work that I was good at. (Thank you, outsourcing!) When I turned 65, I applied for a VA pension as well, but got back a long set of confusing, ambiguous paperwork with no instructions as to which parts of it needed to be filled out and which didn’t. I eventually asked my Congresscritter for help and, mirabile dictu, I received a reply, with some forms to fill out giving permission for her staff to see my records and assist me. I’ve requested help from various Representatives several times over the years, and this is the first time anybody has bothered to reply. The odd thing is, I gave my email address, but the reply went to my sister, who forwarded it to me.

  29. A little Gal, but will put in a vote of interim. Putting in a full time, long term commitment after retiring once can be daunting. That is unless it is disguised as lots of fun. My spouse has retired three times now, and can’t quit volunteering where she retired from last.

  30. Ghost think 45%. And a limited partnership I got suckered into – 90%. Granted it was money I could afford (underline that) to lose not that I wanted to. Only a few $K.
    Deductions for a lot of years.

    As for retirement look at your health and longevity of Ancestors. I waited till I had to and still
    work 3 days a week. It keeps the brain cells active and the body moving. Like the Village.

    Just read WotW and reread Invisible Man and Time Machine. The trick to reading the old books is to forget late 20th century and with H.G.W. early 20th.

  31. Excellent health, Bear, so far (knock, knock); life-spans of previous generation…males about mid-eighties, females early-nineties. If I retire at “normal” retirement age, I fear it will give me too many years to be bored.

    Unless I can come up with some really interesting volunteer work. I was thinking I’d volunteer at the local medical center, but that is where my sister had her ill-fated surgery, so it will probably be better for all concerned for me to not do that. Still thinking Civil Air Patrol, which fits many of my skill sets. I will investigate that when my Mom’s health gets a bit more stable.

  32. Still alive. However today could have been it. I was driving back to work with lunch on a stretch of road that is curvy and has very little shoulder room. A large SUV came almost entirely into my lane right in front of me. By dumb luck, someone’s driveway and not guardrail was to my right, and I also swerved – out of my lane and into the driveway; the fronts of our vehicles missed by inches – I really thought I was gonna get clipped at a bare minimum. Woke me up for sure.

    Work manages to get more convoluted every day. They switched our email, and couldn’t even make that a smooth switch. Back when I was in college the first time, I could link my aol and yahoo accounts with my college account. I had less trouble syncing those accounts in 1997 then I had this week just trying get to find and utilize the stupid ADDRESS BOOK so I could email another store a transfer.

    Cross your fingers for me. I’ll leave it at that until tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  33. Dear Mindy from Indy, I am so very glad that the near-crash didn’t happen! You were alert and saw what was going on. Good for you and good that you are okay!

  34. I’ve been to a funeral today, and, Mindy, we had the same experience or close to it on the way home. One of us could have died or we could have killed someone but I was able to take to the grass and go around them. Scared me to death! Re taking ss benefits at 62, they say you have to live to 78 before you begin “losing” money so take it as soon as you can get it. It’s your money.

  35. Well, the original link is for the full War of the Worlds musical, originally a 2 LP set. I was looking for the live version and found that clip. If you like the Moody Blues you will probably like the original LP. But the whole thing runs about 1 1/2 hours if you listen to it all at once. Interesting too because the main narrator is Richard Burton.

  36. Mark

    As George Carlin said – it was a near hit not a near miss.
    I had a definite hit the other week – BIG truck drove into the side of my LITTLE
    truck – going less than 20mph – but enough to make it irreparable. Barely scratched his bumper.
    No rust – less than 100K – 23 years old – I will really miss that truck. It was really hard to find
    a standard cab & 8 foot box. Everything is big cab and little box.

  37. GR6
    The limited partnership was 30 ya
    and the 45% was well before 2008
    I had a very large broker firm – now I have a local FA and he has done
    well by us.
    As long as we have food, shelter, and clothing we live like kings of yore.

  38. Good morning Villagers….

    Another day, another dollar….long hours these past two days, not getting home until 6ish, Ian and Andrew put a coat of rust solvent on the conveyor belt yesterday. When we got in the door, we saw that the 100 percent humidity we are enjoying right now just caused the steel belt to rust overnight.

    Old Bear, I will keep that in mind today…one at a time from a hen’s nest πŸ™‚

    John, read and reread your comment…I will do the math. Also, a very interesting link too.

    Indy Mindy and Jerry, your Angels are watching after you.

    Thanks, Mark, I love Richard Burton’s voice.

    Jackie, your new job fits you well. As Gary said, you go girl.

    GR πŸ˜‰ happy trails…be safe.

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  39. MIndy, as Ghost said, fingers and toes crossed. Please know that many people are hoping for the best possible outcome to the roller coaster ride you’re experiencing.

    “As long as we have food, shelter, and clothing we live like kings of yore.” So true, Old Bear. For my future self, I would ask the ability to get to the library and visual acuity to read. If I could still walk in the park with bread, cheese, and strawberries in my daypack, my husband to share the day, and a good book for when I rested, I would have all. Our needs vary as do our personalities, and I enjoy the tales of those who soar and sail and open new doors. I am better suited to reading and gardening and walking new paths.

    Debbe, is there some sort of light oil that wouldn’t harm operations or hens that could be applied after the solvent to protect the metal? I have used naval jelly to remove rust, then wiped the surfaces with a rag with a trace of 3-in-1 oil on it.

  40. Sideburns____

    I am a Veterans Officer in our state and you need to contact one where you live. They maybe local or regional or work for the State where you live. The Congress people don’t know diddley about VA benefits, they just refer you to the VA. A Veterans Officer will act as your representative —- you might also contact an American Legion Post, or VFW they have reps for VA benefits. Also a VA pension is income related and you need your last years income info and your spouse if married.
    If you are applying for Service Connection due to military service, you will need medical evidence. ( Like hearing loss or Tinnitus due to working on a Navy Flight deck around the engines a hearing test is needed) Good Luck.

  41. Denise,

    Your vision of the hereafter is better, and I think more likely, than either the [anonymous] 5th verse of Amazing Grace or the child portrayed in the last movement of Mahler’s 4th Symphony. There’s probably a translation of the latter online.

    Peace, emb

  42. The point of today’s A & J seems to be that cats don’t know what you’re saying. I could give numerous examples as proof that isn’t true, but cat people know what I mean. They also talk, vocally or by showing me, to me and I understand them. That doesn’t mean that they don’t ignore me, but I tell them that if they want me to think that they’re just a cat they can forget it.

  43. Norm, my sister has been helping her FIL (WWII vet). She’s wary ofa current situation, where they’ve been asked to sign the bottom of a form, someone else will fill it out and if she tries to talk or contact in any way a person to follow up she’s been told all assistance will be denied. Is this how the system really works? Seems an awful lot like giving a stranger a blank check…. thanks for any advice.

    Jimmy, the noise of the chest getting squashed is perfect! Can just picture the stryfoam now…x

  44. Llee,
    NO THAT is not the system, run from that person.

    We are supported by the local government…..and cannot charge, (which is what is sounds like they are getting into) Some attorney are charging to do this.
    Have them look up the American Legion Post and ask about a service officer who knows how to file the VA claims. The WW II veterans are now qualifying for help, due to the need of Aid and Assistance and being in a nursing home. If they are in a big city, there could be a VA Regional Office, and they have A. Legion, VFW reps in those to help filings.
    Do not sign anything without knowing what they are putting into it.
    The veteran would be responsible to pay back any over payments, not the person filing the forms.

  45. Both Minnesota and North Dakota have county Veteran Services Officers. I guess I assumed it was the same throughout the country. I know they are the right place to go around here.

  46. A good Veteran Services Officer is worth his/her weight in gold. I have been involved in a claim since 2005, and although I moved to another county in the same state I got permission to keep my same VSO. So far I have won 100% service connected (despite them at first saying 7 months in hospital during service meant nothing), am working on back pay now. Big thanks to my VSO and to the VFW.

  47. Thanx for the advice, Norm, but I think I’ll wait and see what happens before going that route. And yes, I do have a Service Connected hearing loss, but that’s from too much outbound on the Gun Line in ’72, and I’ve had my rating for seven or eight years.

  48. Also, Norm, my Representative is on the House Committee for Veteran’s Affairs, and is the ranking member on the Subcommittee for Health. I would hope that her people know something about working with the VA!

  49. Had my second interview with a prospective employer. Same type of work, but radically different environment. I think it well, but not going to count Debbe’s Miss Prissies just yet. πŸ™‚ Keep fingers crossed for me. You guys will be the first to know.

    Jerry – I agree. My diva knows more human then she lets on. And I know more cat than I should.

  50. Update on my job meeting today: Round one of negotiations complete. As suggested, I was upfront with recognition of my age and suggested an interim situation to relieve the current pressure and allow time for long-range planning. The interviewer said she thinks that is an excellent idea. She will talk with the CEO and… Guess I will find out sometime!

  51. Seeing a lot of you over on the two Facebook pages I am working now and enjoy that so much. When things slow down I will have to get busy on the other two who I work for. But I am having so much fun but not much sleep.

    Picked up my little micro cruiser yesterday and she is beautiful girl. The Pacific Northwest is dangerously dry, they need rain. Do any of you have extra you can send them?

    Going back to the pony farm and see if I can go to sleep early!

  52. Charlotte: That’s the Brit. expression, and we saw “lot’s” of them in London in the ’80s, back when fruits and veggies came in lb. and oz. and went for 6/5 = 6s/5d = 6 shillings 5 pence.

    All: URL for a site that maps methane [CH4] leaks in Chicagoland: CH4 is a more effective greenhouse gas than CO2. Note my old fashioned use of “effective” rather than the recent, gross “impactful”. Nuts. Have to go back and cc. the URL again. Peace, emb

  53. Denise

    Poor Burgess Meridith in the Twilight Zone
    (Met him 55+YA at a horse show)

    Does everyone get the Coney Island Baby reference?
    Almost fell off my chair when I first read it.

  54. The song goes back to the ’30s, at least. I also do not see its connection to the current 9CL. Much as I enjoy that comic, that apparition should be permanently lost.

  55. Good morning Villagers…

    Demise….that’s it, that was the jelly they used on the rods. Yesterday morning they used moist rags and wiped all 120 feet of rod. Finally, after the first skid, the eggs came in cleaner (except for the poop!). The head maintenance man from The Corp is coming by this morning. He said they had ordered plastic sheet/covers for the rods…..now, this should be interesting….and yes, we have thought about using vegetable oil.

    Oh, Indy Mindy, I am so excited for you. fingers are crossed and prayers for you.

    Gal, it sounds like a done deal to me….good for you.

    Emb…. never heard the expression ‘greengrocer’s apostrophe!!! Clue me in…

    TR…that pic will surely raise GR’s blood pressure for sure πŸ™‚ I can picture him now, like Fred Sanford….’it’s the big one Elizabeth’ when he put his hand over his heart πŸ™‚

    Ya’ll have a blessed day…

  56. Mindy and Gal, how exciting! Prayers for you both that things work out well!

    Jackie, how is your 10-pound travelling companion doing?

    Debbe, when I read “the man from the Corp”, I thought of “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” I think your boss should kiss your toes for all the good things you do at work—you truly go above and beyond.

    My thanks for the Mahler, emb, seems to have disappeared from the comments. Thank you!

  57. Denise, you’re welcome.

    A famous [and favorite] painting seen in a new light [TIP comic and BlogSpot are identical today]: http://thatispriceless.blogspot.com/

    c x-p: Agreed; the rabbit is boring.

    Debbe: The “greengrocer’s apostrophe” is right there in my quote, an apostrophe misused in writing a plural. The phrase is British, though the sin is as common here. In London we often saw it used by street vendors, e.g. “plum’s 2/6 a pound.”

    As I understand it, apostrophes have 4 legit uses: 1. to show possession: George’s book, Janis’s anxiety]; 2. in contractions: don’t]; 3. to show an oral stop in pronunciation: Hawai’i [not everybody honors that example], M’Koko, [a male gorilla at the Bronx Zoo, ’40s-’50s]. 4. to indicate a quote within a quote: Shirley said, “Get that ‘Atilla the Hun’ out of here!”

    As c x-p noted above, ” once a teacher, always a teacher.”

    Peace, emb

  58. Thank you for the link about the apostrophes; I had never seen the information presented so clearly before.
    Associated query (without looking it up): In a usage such as “let’s do it”, the apostrophe seems to replace the letter “u”. Are there other examples of same? For that matter, do some of us write “lets do it” instead?

  59. cep: My instinctive thought – with verification – would be that the apostrophe indicates the omission of a letter. For example: didn’t is used for did not. Make sense?

  60. Cool and fire danger dry in Pacific Northwest. Invasion of the blackberry bushes, they get about 20 feet tall, form endless hedges, loaded with giant berries. The briars that ate Pittsburgh. My pony farm, book writing hostess was mixing sourdough for blueberry muffins last night.

    Worth getting up for. I love Melissa, she hates cleaning house and quotes great writers. Told her about Ghost and his encyclopedic memory and $100 words. She wanted to know why some Southern woman hadn’t snatched you uo? Asked how you’d escaped.

    Wish she would join the Village.

  61. I’ve often wondered the same. At least, my acclaim has now spread from coast to coast. Does that make me The Coast-to-Coast Ghost?

  62. Debbe, the cat in question is a Sphynx, and they do have hair, sort of. Their skin feels more like suede than normal cat fur. I have a friend who is owned by a Sphynx named Piglet, and the cat has her own FaceBook page-Piglet the Sphynx.

    To Gal and Mindy-good luck on the jobs front!

    Ghost, it’s not so much the lava lamp (which are still neat, by the way) but how do they manage to play their instruments while upside down?

  63. c x-p: “Let’s” = “Let us”, which you rarely hear or read. It’s in the KJV, Luke 2L19, and probably a few other works, and maybe some legal documents. Peace, emb

  64. Pratchett has a few minor characters who are greengrocers and always misuse the apostrophe as a matter of pride. It’s bad enough in written communication and even worse when their speaking.

  65. Good question, Jean dear. Seems that all the music would fall out of them before they could play it.

    I don’t know if it was the quality of the old kinescope or what ever you call it, or if Grace was being distracted by her White Rabbit that day and couldn’t quite pull off the lip-sync thing too well.

  66. Thanks, TR; that was the perfect video for a lecherous pilot…assuming there is such a thing, of course. πŸ™‚

    I will have to say that Ms. Upton was quite the trouper, going above and beyond the call of duty in the video. Much more so than in the TV ads for that medieval on-line war game, in which she merely shows up in a clingy dress and brings her breasts along to appear in a major supporting role.

    Speaking of which, how does one get a job as a BAT (Boob Adjustment Technician), such as the one who appears at about the 30 second mark of the video? The pay might not be much, but the perks are obviously outstanding, seeing as how he took the opportunity cop a feel at that point. Perhaps he is one of the “Cleavage Stylists” that I have long suspected Giada employs on her cooking show.

    [No double entendres were harmed in the making of this post]

  67. Speaking of white rabbits, I did my monthly check-in at 9CL to see if anything actually interesting had occurred. I was shocked (shocked, I tell you!) to find that nothing had. And yes, the white rabbit (if white rabbit it indeed is) has greatly contributed to the current story arc (if arc it indeed is) morphing from insipid to pitiful.

  68. My hostess Melissa admired you comprehension of Faulkner, said he was Greek to her. And she is a rocket scientist who writes novels and short stories.

    For Yall, my column is up with my tribute to my late husband and the poem read, written by my late friend Jim Metcalf. I think that poem might suit some of you here. It is called If You Remember Me. Jim was a great journalist in New Orleans and a writer and poet I aspired to be.

    Love Jackie

  69. eMb, I must disagree a bit: just listen to two or more youngsters deciding how to amuse themselves. You’d be bound to hear “Let’s play tag.” and similar. In my experience, “let’s” is rather common.

    What intrigues me more is the usage of 2 apostrophes in the same word: “I’d’ve” = “I would have” and parallels for other persons and plurals. Is two apostrophes the maximum in a single word of English?

  70. Galliglo, I referred to the apostrophe specifically replacing a “u”. Certainly, replacements of letter(s) is quite usual employment for an apostrophe.

  71. Ghost, watched your video and can answer one point. That is not kinescope, but black-and-white videotape. Videotape is clearer than kinescope. The kinescope was an arrangement that let a movie camera film what was appearing on a video monitor. And the light flares that happen in this video when they point the camera too much toward the studio lights is because the video tube was very light-sensitive.

  72. Debbe, I love those letters. I told our Elvis and he doesn’t believe that their is another Elvis. He may have to write in to get this straightened out. There are just certain words that we never say correctly, unless we are using our telephone voice (you know what I mean) or otherwise trying to sound proper. Do you say “you” in casual conversation or do you say “chew” as in “don chew know”? Think about it.

  73. c x-p:

    β€œLet’s” = β€œLet us”, which you rarely hear or read. [etc.]

    It’s “Let us” that you rarely see. That’s why the KJV, Luke 2:19 came to mind: many church kids’ Christmas programs over the years, + readings of version of the birth narrative in the gospel attributed to Luke from the pulpit or lectern. Besides, stars don’t behave like that, and many theologs suspect he was born in his home town, Nazareth. And also that it doesn’t matter, except to the tourist economy of Bethlehem.

    Peace, emb

  74. I am a slow and deliberate speaker, compared to some people, anyway, and I have been known to say things like “Let us think about this for a while”, or “Let us round up the children and go to the store.” Often I do say “you”; other times it’s attached to the next word in the sentence. I take care to enunciate clearly. People sometimes ask me if I was a schoolteacher! No, I wasn’t, but my daughter Pat is, and she talks so fast that I’m amazed at her talent. She enunciates well and can be understood, even at blazing speed!

  75. Thanks for the apostrophe discussion, Villagers. I enjoyed it a lot. (Not alot, mind you.) (I did that on purpose, and my computer corrected it—I had to change it back. One of the few times the computer got it right, I’d have to say.) I also hate alright when it should be all right. Sigh. Okay—off the soapbox now.

  76. emb and Mark, excellent suggestions! Nancy Kirk, I agree with you so much. Another pet peeve is for instance, ” there is a bear in my backyard.” No, no, no. You can have a backyard barbeque, or a backyard swimming pool, but a bear, or a turtle, or a fireplace, has to be in your back yard.

  77. Cep
    I agree let’s very common in speech not print.

    The Coney Island Baby reference is to WB cartoon of the late 40s very early 50s
    A singing frog is found in a Cornerstone by a worker. Whenever he is presented the
    frog just croaks. But otherwise sings constantly in beautiful voice. Which creates problems
    for the worker. The worker puts the frog in the new Cornerstone. Skip ahead and a worker
    (in a space suit) opens the Cornerstone and is greeted by the singing frog.



  78. Good morning to you too Debbe darling. You take care of yourself. I am running on not enough sleep and ptobably not enough food and exercise too. Adrenaline? Knocked my glasses under bed and new ones still have not arrived, this means I will have to retrieve these.

    Rest of the Village, have a good day and weekend. It’s 5:30 here and sun is up in Olympic Peninsula.

    Professional ones, I am having to type on a Smartphone with an air pem, laboriously and painfully. Don’t bother with those apostrophes much, let them fall where they will or won’t /wont.

    Lordy I am catching that punny spelling disease!

    Love Jackie

  79. I like that one, Jerry!

    Debbe, you just made me realize that when all else fails, I always seem to have a few blessings somewhere if I look for them. Of course, sometimes I do have to search pretty hard to find them. πŸ˜‰

    Re: today’s real time strip. Why the popularity of selfies now? Self-photography has been affordable and possible for the masses since the early 20th century. Is it due to improvements in the technology? Automatic focussing? Or because the photos aren’t on film and we aren’t “wasting” anything by taking shots of ourselves?

  80. Denise, I fear the popularity of selfies may be less a reflection of technological advances than one of an increased incident of narcissism and megalomania among the general population.

    Or perhaps I just haven’t caught up on recently missed sleep and am being a grouch-bear this morning.

  81. Jackie, does your smart phone not have a “voice-to-text” option that allows you to dictate your messages and have it covert your voice to text, thereby taking the labor and pain out of posting? If not, it is not a very smart smart phone.

    I did a double take yesterday when I saw an InterWebNet story headline reading “Man Shoots Kitten Killing Bobcat”. WTH? How could a kitten be killing a bobcat? And why couldn’t the man save the bobcat without shooting the kitten? And who would do that, anyway?

    And then I read the article and realized how much difference the humble hyphen can make. A bobcat had gotten into a dog run behind the man’s house where he was keeping a mama domestic cat with new kittens and had killed four of the kittens. He was unable to frighten off the bobcat and had to shoot it when it turned toward him. Perhaps a less confounding heading might have been “Man Shoots Kitten-Killing Bobcat”. Especially for the sleep deprived.

  82. Of course, if we’re talking apostrophes and spelling we have to bring up the ever-popular Southernism “y’all”, meaning “you all”. It is not spelled “ya’ll” since it is the contraction of “you all”, thus removing the ou. Another thing confusing to non-Southerners is that “y’all” is singular, referring to just one person. If you are speaking to a group of people the correct usage is “all y’all”.

    You’re welcome.

    (And you can have my Oxford comma when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!)

  83. Jean dear, even worse is when a Yan…er…non-Southern writer interchanges the singular “y’all” and the plural “you all”. What’s the difference, one may ask? Well, it could be a significant one, as in the case of a young woman saying “Y’all may” vs. “You all may”. πŸ˜‰

  84. In my part of the woods, yal, no apostrophe, is only plural. You would not use it to address one person any more than “you guys” would address one person. On the other hand “they ” and “them” could refer to only one person. “Somebody stole my car last night”. “Have they caught them?”

  85. Jean dear, I formally used it religiously, but in recent years I have become a lapsed “Oxford comma” user, other than in sentences in which it is required for clarity. However, inspired by you, I shall endeavor to be more devout in the future.

    And now, I must off to the gym, to pay the price for being a lapsed gym-goer for the past two days. The wages of sloth is sweat.

  86. Musing: could “I should have not done that.” be written as “I’d’ven’t done that.”? Contrived construction or not, I just may have to work that into some communications with learned friends! [Perhaps “I should not have -” is better; it’d be “I’dn’t’ve -“. Ach!]

    Epitome of dumb: One of our cockatiels insists upon producing 6 or 7 eggs every, say, 5 weeks or so. She waits until finished, at one egg every other day, sits upon them, guards them tenaciously (complete with lowered, spread wings and threatening sounds), until she finally gets the point that her omelet makings are not going to hatch. My MBH then removes those omelet makings.
    A day or to ago, said bird was sitting atop a large cage (for our other, blind cockatiel) which has a very curved top consisting of thick parallel wires (or thin rods). Of all places, the oviparous one laid an egg atop the curve! No, it didn’t roll down the side and crash to the floor – though I was guessing that when the MBH told me the story. Instead it slipped between the wires into the large cage, and broke in one of the food dishes. No telling what the blind bird thought of the event if, indeed, she realized such.

  87. Y’all make me laugh! And so do all y’all as well.

    And I bothered to put in those pesky little flecks of punctuation that I usually ignore.

    Yes, Ghost my phone does many things I cannot. It doesn’t understand my accent and produces some REALLY INTERESTING remarks in response. I will practice it.

    You use some words Ghost that one seldom sees. I wonder it understands you but perhaps you enunciate well along with the punctuation?

    Love Jackie

  88. I try not to eat grits or cornpone, or drink bourbon, for at least two hours before using voice-to-text, and my phone seems to not be bothered by my accent. Even at that, there have been some hilarious transcription errors, many not repeatable here.

  89. Someone could probably get rich developing an app that translates regional accents to Standard American English text. They should start with Louisiana Coonass…if it would work on that it would work on anything. πŸ™‚ Then they could work on cross-regional accents. For instance, “Howdy!” could translate to “Ayup!”

  90. Ah ha! I may have discovered the cause of the “Reject” message I’ve gotten a couple of times lately. It must mean “Moderated”. In the post above, I originally used an example of “Finest kind!” being translated to a word that begins with B and ends with itchin’.

    I guess that was enough to get my post pitch forked into Moderation H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks. The only problem is that the previous times that has happened to me, I have gone over the posts with a fine-toothed comb and found nothing that would have expected to be objectionable to Miss Grundy at her most prudish.

  91. “…nothing that I would have expected to be objectionable to Miss Grundy at her most prudish.” Can’t blame my keyboard for that one.

  92. Jerry – The singular use of they and them is because we, as English speakers, never agreed on a third person singular pronoun. There have been attempts over the years, but none have stuck. Thon makes the most sense to me; it looks correct along side of thee, thou, thine and thy. However, despite much gnashing of teeth of grammarians everywhere, the singular they seems to have won out. (As much as y’all works for me, I sincerely doubt you will ever hear it in formal speeches.)

  93. Bravo, Trapper Jean! Oxford comma till death here, too!

    Ghost, I like the Idea of synonyms for regionalisms. Could be kind of like a Roget’s, but identifying provenance!

  94. “As much as y’all works for me, I sincerely doubt you will ever hear it in formal speeches,” Lady Mindy?

    You must never have heard what happens to the accent, diction, and vocabulary (Yay, Oxford comma!) of a Deep South Senator or MOC when they get back to their districts at campaignin’ time. Well, I swan. I do declare that butter wudden melt in their mouths, wuddit? But the pore thangs dudden hardly know just how to talk when they first light back at home. Bless their hearts.

  95. In the realm of totally useless information, in the Encyclopedia Britannica World Atlas (copyright 1951 by Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.) there is a town on p.30, coordinates A2, whose [first] name is ” Suujiin “. Each of the letters “u” bears an umlaut – or whatever is the equivalent in Mongolian – so those 5 consecutive letters ” uujii ” bear a total of 7 dots above them. I imagine that’s a record for consecutive letters bearing dots in any language transliterated to English, but feel free to correct me.

    Yep, they aren’t apostrophes, but how often do I get to toss in that trivium?

  96. It’s my understanding that the magnified style of quotation marks is 66 followed by 99. Yet, in the previous message, the first set is 99 followed by 66, the second set is correct, and the last set is 99 followed by 99!

  97. Oh, and I love Janis’ “Summertime”….thanks, and the Doobie Brothers, saw them two days after a cast was put on my left ankle…back then, they were casts and heavy, had crutches too! Dang, I miss the seventies…..


  98. Just thought of another use for “its”, with no apostrophe: the pronunciation of the second syllable of a popular Southern variety of white cornmeal. Actually, as commonly pronounced, the full word maybe need an ‘ as in Hawai’i.

    Peace, emb

  99. Worth watching on TWC this morning: Maria Larosa doing the “weather dance” in front of the weather map, wearing her “5 by 5” outfit…5-inch heels and a little blue dress with 5-inch-above-the-knee hem.

  100. A balmy 60 degrees here in Port Ludlow, WA On the pony farm. Really, ponies. Windows open and I am shivering. House is full of wonderful cats, two magnificent furry while Samoyed dogs and paddocks full of ponies. Plus a hostess who eschews house cleaning and quotes great authors.

    We watched Magic Mike last night before any men folk guests arrive. Talk about great literature!

    Love Jackie

  101. Jackie, and others interested, if you have the TCM (Turner Classic Movies) on your tv source. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir starts at 1pm Central. I’ll let you make your own time adjustments for your zone.

  102. Have a grandson visiting, whom I had not seen in too many years. Right now, he is a bit of a rolling stone. He was reared in Idaho… was in Arkansas while in the AF… then Portland, Oregon… back to Idaho… then to Dallas… He was trying to decide if he should go back to Idaho but decided to come to Ohio and visit his mother and me. *sigh* I am just tired thinking about all his travels!

    And… he has a dog. A very nice dog, but… she stands probably 30 inches at the shoulders. When she decides to stand in the tiny hall between the dining room and the living room, nobody else can move! Luckily, she is a very gentle, well-behaved lady, which happens to be her name.

    Should be interesting around here for the next several days!

  103. Good afternoon Villagers….

    It is a hot, sultry day here in S IN……my poor Miss Prissies…..eggs still not acceptable by my standards….86 degees in there when I left at 3ish

    And Denise, The Boss still has not shown up….he was do back today. With the strict bio-security being intense……for 72 hours after arrival in the states///he cannot come in contact with both of the hen houses. Skittles and I worked today….had fans running and drying on the conveyor at 7:30 this morning….temp in hen house was already 85 degrees. and I found time to reflect on your comment about kissing my toes πŸ™‚

    …and emb I do not go barefoot in the hen house. I wear jeans and not shorts…..don’t need any flies up my shorts πŸ™‚

    Thanks guys, you made my day better….had ‘Skittles’ with me today….

    GR πŸ˜‰ I kept thinking about Janis Joplin all day….the tunes that hit me as earworms…..”Take another piece of my heart now,baby”

    You know what’s been bothering me…I think Ian has run away from home, I was asleep in bed when he left late that night and I’ve not heard anything since….he’s somewhere in Evansville since Friday night. It would be good for him to find a job there…he hates the hen house, and is gifted in computer tech…self taught and is good at it…his friends bring their ‘whatever’ over to him to fix….I told him to start charging.

    Going to hit the recliner…grab a ‘cold one’…..and the rest will be history

    We’ve got ‘free’ showtime….watched a real downer movie last night with Billy Bob Thorton, Morgan Freeman…..when the movie was over….I thought “damn that was depressing…It was title “Levity”…or something along that line…..

    Sweet dreams to all…and GR, love the music you’ve been posting. For some reason I woke up with Eric Clapton’s “Lay Down Sally” in my head….”all I need is someone just to talk to”


  104. Debbe obviously you need to be covered up in the Hen House. I was wearing thick gloves but the bee still bit thru it! The hand swelled up the size of a grapefruit. However the first bite got my on the thigh just above the knee. Once it got my hand I ran into the house as I was showing my wife, 2 more bees flew out of my shorts! It got me in the groin area, but fortunately I did not swell up too much from that bite.

    Kids need to find their way. Got has huge plans for Ian. We will keep praying for him.

  105. “Cry Baby” is my favorite Joplin song. We just had another bad lightning storm. Here in the Florida hills we have the lowest temperature of the day in north Florida and usually the highest high temperature.

  106. My hostess and I went to see “The Mystery of Irma Vep”
    here in Port Townsend, WA tonight. A play of brilliant writing, high camp and Gothic horror. Two male actors played eight parts in Ludington all the female parts. Real quick change artists!

    I had never seen this one. Told hostess I will find a DVD of Rocky Horror Show which she has never seen, that if she liked this she would love Rocky Horror. She had just watched Muppet Treasure Island and loved, I said same actor.

    Love Jackie

  107. Cockatiel again did the egg-on-top-of-the-curved-cage-top trick today! This time, it did not roll down the outside, but it (apparently being of higher caliber) also didn’t fall through the top and into a food dish. The egg just stuck enough between wires/bars to remain in place. The cage door being wide open, she could easily have used the inside of said cage….

    If propagation of the species were left to this female, we’d be out of cockatiels in a few years or a decade.

  108. Good morning Villagers….

    Thanks for the hugs and prayers guys. I am sure the good Lord is listening. I broke down last night and called Ian. His friend’s number is in my contacts on my cell phone…..I knew there was a reason I was still holding onto my phone. Anyway, he said he didn’t know when he’d be home and also added there were lots of jobs down there, but he is broke, and doesn’t want to feel like a bum. I look for him to be home soon. Told him to call me today, if not, I will call him. He orders the feed for the hen houses when The Boss is not around. His friend is a chef who works at a country club there in E’ville. Evansville is my old stomping grounds before I left for Texas.

    Gotta leave early….get the fans running on the conveyor belt. Today, I really need to go shopping for cleaning supplies for both hen houses….I pick 8 up from everything….dish soap, Clorox, cleaning rags, Lysol, TP and paper towels….I hate it. Ian usually goes with me…today I will get ‘Skittles’ to go with me. I go to Dollar General for all of this too.

    Still looking to be in storms way, we are in the red zone…..bring it on. The fields are so lush green with corn and soybeans.

    Cxp…your cockatiel, when the other egg hit her feed tray, did she eat the egg? My hens attack the eggs on the belt, making a mess of things. Look out if I happen to drop one in the feed trough, all you see are heads and red combs diving for the egg. Sometimes I do it on purpose.

    GR πŸ˜‰ I remember that particular strip for a reason….it’s funny!!! Thanks for the smiles and the tunes.

    Indy Mindy, when will you hear about your job interview?

    Jackie and Denise…..yes, it is hard to let lose, and Steve I pray you are right about His plans.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  109. Steve, my husband was stung a couple of weeks ago by a bee. His hand was so swollen, it didn’t look normal. He took Benedryl. I actually have a phobia with bees, wasps, hornets, that I go into a panic mode when one is around. Sorry you got stung more than once.

  110. Are you up in the northwest part of the state, Jerry? What’s happening with that disturbance in the Gulf you were watching?

    Cep, is she exhibiting any next building behavior? Over the years, I had many male canaries but only one female. Before she laid, she would rip up the paper flooring of her cage and pluck feathers to make a nest. On the other hand, there was the morning dove in my back yard who two years running laid eggs in a flowerpot containing only dirt and no nesting materials.

    Debbe, that might be a reference to the Baily’s Irish Cream in that coffee cup I see before her. (As a bookseller in a bookstore with a cafe, I favored soy chai latte…when I got tired, I occasionally asked for a sai choy latte.)

  111. I know about Bailey’s, one of the few hard drinks I care for, but that never would have occurred to me. I expect a large % of JJ’s ~ knowledgeable readers are going, “Huh?’

    Peace, emb

  112. Likely not the only book-seller driven to drink by recent marketing and shopping trends.

    Denise, at least you didn’t order a “chia latte”.

  113. Debbe & Denise: The cockatiel who lays the eggs didn’t have a chance to “recycle” the broken one; she was locked out of that huge cage into which the egg fell. [When she lays, she tends to peck the blind cockatiel who lives in that large cage.] The blind inhabitant may not have known the broken egg was there. Usually, the egg-layer uses her own cage for the festivities, but we do keep her door open so she can fly when/if she wants to. She – as well as the parakeet – absolutely love to buzz me or the MBH while we are eating in the adjacent kitchen. House is arranged so that there is a loop, and the two aviators often fly that loop, buzzing anyone in the kitchen.

    Yes, the egg-layer loves to shred the newspapers lying in any cage. It is a sign that eggs will soon appear.

    Ah, yes! Bailey’s Irish Cream! Very tasty stuff, ranking right up there with Benedictine in my opinion.

  114. I use the nonalcoholic version sold in grocery stores. Very tasty. Have had the real thing in coffee once, at a special-occasion dinner and it was very good.

  115. And i think today’s strip has another meaning too. Notice the bookseller is able to finish Janis’ comment for her, indicating that she has heard that one often. Most likely by people who then leave without buying one.

  116. A recent quiz on Sporcle.com was “Famous Pairs” — they give you one half of the duo and a category, you supply the other half (such as “Romeo”, Entertainment — answer “Juliet”).

    One of the questions was “Arlo”, Entertainment — answer “Janis”, of course!

    Disappointing news for A&J fans, though — it was the question least often answered correctly (only 6.7%).

  117. Calvin [John, not the kid with the plush tiger] might opine that that low % proves this Village is among the Elect. Not my theology; Calvinists are totally depraved, me only moderately. Also favor real free will, not predestination, and don’t believe in “the Elect”, just in a hereafter run by Elohim [accent on 2d syllable], whom I consider loving, but just. [Need to look up a ref. here, but will lose this if I leave. Later.]

    Another nice liqueur is Cointreau, which I’ve not tasted in decades. Don’t keep a wine/liquor cellar, and don’t get invited to the right parties. Actually, I do, but they are mostly church potlucks or dinners where the hosts are happy for me to contribute a mixed 6-pack.

    Peace, emb

  118. I happened to glance out the kitchen window about 2 hours ago and saw that one of our trees had been blown down during the night! Didn’t hear a thing…wonder if the birds did.
    I’ve already called the tree firm which removed our mature ash a few years ago for a thousand dollars; hope they are cheaper for a mature [but rather smaller] crab apple. If there are some benefits, one would be that there will be many fewer leaves to remove this fall and hardly any apples to rake up this summer. Another will be the removal of the main route for local fauna to access my roof. Those benefits are, indeed, worth some $$.

  119. “…just in a hereafter run by Elohim [accent on 2d syllable], whom I consider loving, but just.” For a list of those who will be favored there, see Mt. ch.3-7. My favorite metaphor [not because I’m a sports fan but because it will be widely understood, is that the Sudanese, Holocaust victims, and such will sit on the 50-yard line, we will be way at the back of the end zone, at least for a while.

    Peace, emb

  120. Missing punctuation:

    Actually, I do, but they are mostly church potlucks, or dinners where the hosts are happy for me to contribute a mixed 6-pack. “potlucks,” I do not bring 6-packs to church.

    “My favorite metaphor [not because I’m a sports fan but because it will be widely understood], is that the Sudanese, Holocaust victims, and such will sit on the 50-yard line, we will be way at the back of the end zone, at least for a while. I think my most common boo-boo is failing to close [ ] or ( ).

    Peace. emb

  121. Sorry to have been so silent. Computer problems and nothing much to say.
    GR6, that A&J from 11/10/03 is my all time favorite. Thanks for the memory.
    JJ, we have missed you in your long absences. I’m sure you must have other things to do. Keep up the great cartoons.
    May God bless us every one. Prayers for those in need and we are all in need.

  122. Jimmy really stirred the paper/e readers debate again today. Why is it that people on both sides have such a hard time appreciating the good points of each format? Nothing can replace my Arlo & Janis book, but carrying 2 Bibles and a commentary in a small Kindle to church is wonderful too. An old book or a new book has a delightful smell, yet I spend much less on reading material for my Kindle, some books free. It is a great balance between the two.

  123. GR6
    I have heard other people cover that tune and Arlo (& his drummer) ate the
    only ones to get the timing and rhythm down pat.

    Knew a girl that went in the horse barn bare foot – in winter – in the snow.
    Don’t think she ever let her kids do that though.

  124. “…nothing much to say”, domaucan1? Heck, that’s never stopped me. πŸ™‚ And “You’re welcome.” That’s a favorite of mine, too.

    Yeah, Gary, but if you extend that 6.7% through the adult population of the US, that would be a fan base I’m sure Jimmy would be proud to have.

    And Ursen, as soon as I saw the real-time cartoon early this morning, I vowed not to look at The Dark Side today. I can only imagine.

  125. Dearest Ghost, you made a wise decision. I looked at some it and it left me grouchy.

    I’m finding it hard to believe that the (yes, grouchy looking) cashier is drinking a strong alcoholic beverage, at work, and letting it be known to anyone listening. Couldn’t there be some other explanation, that no on has figured out yet? The real point of the joke is that she’s heard people say this many, many times. As for the Baileys, don’t see any relation to the comic strip either. A book? An author? A place? An old TV show?

  126. The area that I was watching in the Gulf is breaking up. TS Claudette is predicted to be no threat to the US. That’s what they said about Opal in ’95.

  127. Sideburns: I had forgotten that!

    And don’t the Bumsteads live down the street from the Days (Arlo and Janis, that is)?

  128. As I’ve noted before, young women (any many young men) seem quite at easy on the beach or at poolside wearing what is essentially very skimpy underwear, and yet would panic if locked out of their house wearing actually underwear which was less revealing.

  129. I had not seen that strip. The one that I remember had Arlo in the tub saying to someone who opened the door “The Bumsteads? No, they live next door.”

  130. Debbe πŸ˜‰ Another great one killed by the “life”, although in his case, it was not as the result of his actions or lifestyle. I can still remember how distressed I was at the news of his death. Ironically, he had already decided to end his musical career at the end of the tour on which he died. I consider this song both a major part of his legacy and his epitaph.


  131. Good morning Villagers….

    GR πŸ˜‰ I too remember that fateful day, and agree with your comment on it being his legacy and epitaph. I’m sitting here trying to remember that one song that had the lyric “meaner than a junkyard dog”. I know it’s on that page, but no time this morning, overslept.

    Another hot, humid day….need to keep hydrating myself. The Boss is back, and he’s coming in to see me. Told him about Ian and his depression, and he said he understood.

    Loosing another high schooler at the end of this week, and ‘Skittlles’ has told The Boss he is quitting the second week of August. Evan said it’s not his kind of work. Besides, nothing gets done, you get started on one thing and something else happens/breaks and there it goes…it’s a vicious cycle. I do believe the heat and humidity has brought out the negativity in all around me….I’m not exactly ‘slap happy’ either, but I don’t bail out.

    Cxp, I love your comments on your cockatiels…..and the fact you have a blind one. I’m going to guess he/she does not get out and fly……

    There’s a liqueur called ‘Francesca Hazelnut’, and it’s very nice. It is in a bottle the shape of a Francescain Monk, complete with rope around the waste. Kind of pricey, only bought a bottle of it down in Mexico many years ago.

    Gotta go….

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

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