Life on the edge


This 1993 cartoon was a follow-up to the one that ran yesterday. Bob in Guatemala inquired in yesterday’s comments about what brand of smart phone I finally purchased. It is an iPhone 4. I chose iPhone, because it is what was recommended to me for what I intend to do, swipe credit cards. I mean process credit cards, of course. There are so many safeguards in place these days that swiping them is no longer worth the effort. Anyway, I do see the appeal. I expected to be totally flummoxed, but it’s very simple to use. I haven’t really experimented with many apps yet, however, and the tiny little touch keyboard gives me fits. I have little fingers; I don’t see how big ol’ ham-handed men ever use them. As I said yesterday, though, this phone will be all business. Like my 1992 Ford pick up, I’m riding my flip phone till it drops. Probably.