Literary Illusion

This is what was going on in A&J 20 years ago this month. My generation didn’t have movies on tape. It had “Classic Comics.” And the internet generation? We needn’t even go there. I don’t know why I don’t show more “young Gene” strips here. When I do, the Gene comics tend to be from one of the story lines that have always seemed to swirl around him. A kid is always a good source of material; think of all the television sitcoms that featured a cute kid who, as the child grew older and less cute, had to be replaced with a new and younger cute kid, via some script writer’s contrivance. I’ll be honest. It’s challenging to write for a cast of only three people. When one of that cast moves on, it becomes truly challenging. At least I’ve got Ludwig!
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  1. I think that the technological advances of the last 20-25 years has been greater than anytime before. Although there were dramatic changes from WW 2 to the 1980’s, it was the computer, internet, GPS, digital photography/music and cell technology that has really changed our lives. Even when they came out, who would have expected that all of the above would be in such a small device?

  2. Symply love the Gene strips, well Ludy too, aw heck I guess I just love em all….btw we call it Code 25 when the streaming hangs as it always hangs at 25% loaded…..screaming TV indeed! Fa gone hate it! Have a phenom….day.

  3. These days Gene would just bring up NetFlix on his computer and watch the movie without having to get Arlo to drive him to the video rental store. 🙂

  4. On. Stay on. Tippy is correct.

    Thank you all for bearing with my insanity. This is hard time of year for me. I will go through motions of an abridged Sail Oklahoma this week and pull the plug forever on the event. It celebrates a time and people that are gone.

    Should never been pressured into ever trying it again. It is painful and I cannot get past that.

  5. Although I have loved all the strips, even the ones that caused me to think, I will take a Luddie strip any old time to fill in a gap. It was interesting to see todays strip labeled “dirty”, I don’t see why but whatever floats yer boat. Intimate give and take helps fuel a marriage even after a number of years, and, JJ, you are great at portraying that aspect without getting too explicit. Keep it up please.

  6. Read Katharine Meyer Graham’s book “Personal History” to see how Rodin interacted with Graham’s mother, Agnes Ernst Meyer; it must have been funny! Both are related to me, albeit only as 2nd cousins with 1 or 2 removals.

    (posted as an addition to comments early this morning on previous page)

  7. I think he called it, “The Old Courtesan.” But that’s just a guess, based on wikipedia’s description of his Gates of Hell. (If I ever get another house, I want to install that triptych as the entrance.)

  8. Ah, Classics Illustrated. I still have some. Don’t quite know why though.
    I think at one time I thought they would be worth something, but, as usual,
    when I checked values, they’re just about worthless.

  9. All of you who like to cuddle/sleep with pets ought to see the appropriate feature today on There’s apparently a significant risk in doing so.

  10. Came nearest to death in ’71 when I had a close encounter with a grenade. Have lived with cats in our house for 34 years. Only one cat related infection in those years, that from a cat bite. Take my chances with my lap buddy.

  11. Being my usual sardonic self, my dogs and cats loved/love me unconditionally and faithfully. I was at far less risk with them than with my other bed mate it turns out.

    But I did get some really bad bites from both dogs and cats. I got treated for infections and they healed. And only one cat bit husband and one dog. My blue heeler didn’t know who he was in my bed.

  12. Dickens and I did not make it home. We are in Wichita, KS and will bet money Ghost has slept here. It is hard to have flown in past without going through Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Newark, LAX and Wichita. Not the hub it used to be, it’s all faded and old.
    Nice front desk girl put me in two room suite, two baths, two tvs, etc. For Dickens and I to enjoy.

    No Coke products sold! Off to get ice and water since they forgot my water. Nice clerk off now leaving untrained one and the surly mean one.

  13. Jackie, the version of the gocomics site you see on the phone is the mobile version. Scroll down till you find a sentence that says something like “Enable desktop version”. If you click on that you will get the same view you would have on a PC. When you find the strip, the comments will appear below.

  14. Ok, I read that entire pitiful list. Thank any Villagers who may have contributed, I know darn well we wouldn’t say idiotic things.

    And Susie is baaaaaack. Lord help a troll, they never die.

    Why oh why would people even bother to read a comic they don’t understand and consider dirty? A comic that is too subtle and goes over their heads?

    Who besides me remembers Little Annie Fanny? Bet sand does. Now that was both funny and dirty.

    The Dark Side can stay dark.

  15. Started reading Little Annie Fanny. Can’t quit. For those who don’t remember Harvey Kurtz man who helped found Mad Magazine wrote and designed Fannie, along with Hugh Hefner who had been a cartoonist. Ok, I had forgotten that one. Dave Elder did the final art which was amazingly detailed and considered most beautiful colored strip ever done.

    Jimmy, hope you don’t hate me for bringing up Annie in defense of Arlo and Janis. I was a fan and thought it hilarious and despite truckloads of nudity not really dirty. Promise I won’t bring up any really dirty cartoons. They exist.

    Arlo and Janis are not among them of course. Where is the Ghost when you need him?

  16. Why, he’s right here. Will always remember the LAF where Annie mentions the “Grand Prix”, and her girlfriend tell her she mispronounced “Grand”, too.

    Just got back to the hotel and decided to brave their low-speed InterWebNet connection (they actually charge extra for normal speed) to catch up and check in.

    Good trip this morning. Bullet lived up to his name. Enjoyable day, capped with dinner at a marina-based eatery; Caesar salad and Oysters Rockefeller; sounds more like a history lesson than a meal. Still a dearth of sundresses, even where one would expect to find them. Female attire running more toward shorts and tank tops, too many of the former over-stuffed and too few of the latter adequately-stuffed. Supposed to be clear and unseasonably cool tomorrow, which I interpret to mean a 30% chance of pokies.

  17. Now why did I assume Ghost was also a LAF fan? Female intuition. I was just reading the 0007, area code 212 satire strip.

    I need to get some sleep but the strip are making me laugh, as well as admire the art work. Strip. Pun.

  18. Jackie,
    Hope you are well. Have a safe remainder of your trip, ang good luck with the last Sail Oklahoma. Sorry I never was in the loop enough the three years we were in Bartlesville to make it to one…only learned of what I had missed later on. We are in New Zealand at the moment (currently in Aukland, staying on the harbor waterfrnt just across from the maritime museum). Lots of nice sailboats!

  19. Good morning Villagers….

    Oh, my cat…..I love today’s real time strip. It’s so ‘catish’…JJ, never can have enough Ludwig. Sitting in recliner after a long day yesterday, and watched the new ‘kitteh’, Spike, pull the last ‘kleenex’ out of the box and jump to the floor and play with it.

    And, another OMC, my packer stopped running going into the 3rd skid yesterday morning. They were still working on it when we left at 6:30 yesterday evening. High school help came in and were going to hand pick eggs off the rod conveyor…now, remember, that one skids holds 24 cases of eggs….and there are 360 eggs per case…that’s a whole lot of yolk. Very tired right now, woke up at 2ish in the recliner…again! Oh, and they came in from The Corp with some PC boards….they had the date of 1975 on them….that packer is 40 years old….

    Jackie, stay safe, and you’re in my thoughts.

    …happy ‘hump’ day

  20. I remember LAF, but eventually dropped my subscription, maybe 3 decades ago. Now, there’s less reason to subscribe.

    Inadequately stuffed? Chacun à son goût. I’d likely see most as adequately or over. More than a handful is wasteful, and stands the test of time better.


  21. I have a problem. A large hummingbird has found its way into my garage and can’t find its way out. I’ve tried chasing it with a broom without success. The poor thing is exhausted still trying to fly through the ceiling. I left the doors open all night, but it’s still there. Does anyone have any ideas. I already found one dead one in the garage. Jackie, rest, relax and watch an old movie on tv. Call someone that you haven’t talked to in a long time. Wander around a bookstore for an hour.

  22. 1. Open garage door
    2. Hang hummingbird feeder just outside door
    3. Hummingbird will dip down to drink, realize it it is outside, and fly away
    4. If several other hummingbirds come to drink and then fly INSIDE garage, see above

  23. I forgot to mention the dress I saw one young lady wearing last night. It had no back at all, very little front, and the skirt was almost nonexistent. On reflection, I suppose that made it more of an “undress” than a “dress”.

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