Little Arlo in Slumberland

This Sunday A&J originally ran in April of 2005. For the next century, comic-strip artists would stand on the shoulders of Little Nemo, and we know how perilous that could be.

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9 responses to “Little Arlo in Slumberland”

  1. I wish I could read Little Nemo once a week like DJJG7 but the only feed I can find gives me several a week and I can’t contol myself.

  2. There was a magazine about old comic strips that was fascinating reading. Its name was Nemo, named for you-know-who. If you ever see any copies around, check them out. It stopped publishing years ago, but the articles are no less readable for that!

  3. Non-political note on someone security protocol does not allow to drive his own vehicle, which, while in storage, was badly damaged by a family of woodchucks [Marmota monax], who ate the soy-based insulation off the wiring under the hood. [Gotta watch those damned sciurids!] He is going to get a new vehicle.

    Last sentence reads: “Ryan, who has been in Congress since 1999 and took over as speaker in 2015, announced earlier this year he would not run for re-election this fall, meaning he will step down in January 2019.” 60+ yrs ago, he might have been “stepping down” into his new in Hudson. Father-in-law used to have fun w/ that ad. Cannot remember if he’d actually bought a new Hudson.


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