Little Arlo in Slumberland

Little Arlo in Slumberland

This not-so-old Arlo & Janis is from September of 2017. I think many of us can identify. I’m a big sheet man myself. By that I mean, I know good sheets when I encounter them. I can talk percale, Egyptian cotton, thread count, all that stuff. You see, I grew up in a town that, literally, produced some of the most highly regarded bed clothing in the country. I remember as a boy, my visiting aunts all would want to visit the factory outlet for bargains on high-quality bed linens, towels, too. I didn’t get it! My cousins and I thought it was so boring. I wish I could go there today. Of course, it is all gone.

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  1. Sheet snob myself. After sleeping on high thread count sheets, you can’t go back to the “sandpaper” feel that anything lower seems to have. Jimmy, did you grow up in Moulton AL?

  2. As it happens, I just saw a Sheex ad on TV last night, and was checking their website to find out the thread count. I couldn’t find where they tell the number, but they do have a whole page about thread count, basically saying it’s meaningless. They brag about the spaces between the threads of their fabric as allowing air circulation. I’m not sure I’d pay their price for air spaces. I’d definitely have to spend a few nights on them first.

    • If you’re ever in a hospital or ER, and they offer you a blanket, what you’ll get is really a flannel sheet. Not that it matters, as long as it keeps you warm, but it’s nice to know.

      • I have always found that the warming blanket/sheet offered in a hospital is next to worthless. They are just too thin and incapable of even holding in my own body heat, much less supplying its own heat for more than a few seconds.

  3. A mom to her son who had returned home on leave following USMC boot camp: “Was your bed comfortable?”

    Son: “I really don’t know. Every time I was in it, I was sound asleep.”

  4. At one time, this town was full of factories. All but a couple are gone, and they are struggling.

    Hard to believe that this place was once known as Glass City.

  5. Birmingham, AL used to be known as the Magic City and was filled with all kinds of factories. Pollution controls and foreign competition drove most of the factories away, and these days the nickname is Murderham.

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