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I hope you’re enjoying the retro Sundays this week; it’s a little Christmas gift, a way to say, “Thank you, and seasons greetings to all.” Here’s another little Christmas bonus, a link to the official Tintin Web site. Tintin is a European cartoon classic created by a Belgian cartoonist known mostly as Hergé (something like “Ehrzhay”). If you’re not already familiar with the intrepid boy reporter Tintin and his little dog Snowy, you will be hearing a lot about them, because Steven Spielberg this Christmas is releasing his movie about Tintin, the director’s first animated project. I’m not about to criticize something I haven’t yet seen, but I will say Mr. Spielberg has bitten off a mouthful, translating the generations-old charm of Hergé’s straightforward drawings and stories into a state-of-the-art animated motion picture and all that implies. I probably will have to see this one in the theaters, itself a ringing endorsement of sorts.