Lost Key: Bogart joint


Today, I will begin posting episodes of Lost Key, a comic strip idea I kicked around in the late 1980s. These cartoons have been seen by very few people, perhaps less than a dozen. I was surprised when I realized these strips go back further than I remembered. I’m not showing them because I’m particularly proud of them. The artwork hardly is stellar and many of the gags are shallow. However, I do think you’ll find them interesting. In fairness to myself, Arlo and Janis was crudely drawn in those days compared to now, and the artwork in Lost Key actually represented an effort to stretch myself in that area. As for the writing, it takes time for characters to develop voice and personality, and only two weeks of Lost Key were ever drawn. It’s impossible to say what Lost Key might have become. It also will help to keep in mind as you digest the humor that these strips are from the 80s, more than 20 years ago.