Love bug

2000-07-12-got-him.gifWhat’s this?


Speaking of the new iPad, as I do in the A&J comic strip running in newspapers today, there evidently is a lot of gamesmanship involved in the release of technical gadgetry. Apparently, you want to release your gizmo right after your competition releases its gizmo, so the TV talking-heads will extoll your gizmo breathlessly instead of your competitor’s. However, you have to be careful not to delay the newest version of your gizmo too long, or it will overlap with the next newest version, which of course is planned for release as soon as the orders for the old new version begin to tail off in the slightest. It seems to me the manufacturers should know from Day 1 that customers will want clear displays, powerful processors and ease of use. Then all those newer versions wouldn’t be necessary! But what do I know?