Love means always saying you’re sorry


I feel like Woody Allen. Well, not the Woody Allen who fell in love with his step-daughter, but the other one. My former wife has written a tell-all memoir. If that won’t make a body jumpy, I don’t know what will. To be honest, it doesn’t really “tell all,” praise be, but it tells a lot. Enchanted Evening Barbie and the Second Coming, by Rheta Grimsley Johnson, is Rheta’s version of her own life from childhood until now, which would include the 13-odd years she was married to me and the four years that weren’t odd.

Rheta and I remain great friends, great enough I’ll plug her book, despite its containing an occasional inaccuracy. Rheta writes about her own life with humor and pathos, but I’m not going to review the book for you; you can read others’ reviews  for yourself . (Disclosure: that’s a link to her publisher’s site, so all the reviews are good, but there haven’t been many bad ones.) And, of course,  you can buy the book. Obviously, there is much more to say on this subject, and if you’re interested we’ll talk more about it this week.