Ludwig the Kid

Speaking of GoComics, I want to direct your attention to a new feature on the A&J home page there. It is “The Best of Ludwig the Cat.” Actually, it isn’t the best, but that is what the feature is called. It is a selection of a dozen or so Ludwig comics from 2004, chosen by myself and the friendly GoComics staff at Andrews McMeel Universal. And don’t ask me why Arlo is wearing white pants. I didn’t color the daily comics at that time. The idea is, of course, to attract your eyeballs, but at least we are committed to giving them something mildly entertaining to look at. The “Best of…” list will change occasionally, so watch for it. I hope you enjoy “The Best of Ludwig the Cat.”

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  1. Steve, having been in the Navy with summer whites as a uniform, I can say you are right about how fast they get dirty. I recall one guy who went to Disney World on liberty from boot camp, came back with the seat of his pants brown. Turned out he was busy chatting up a woman and didn’t notice he was about to sit on someones brownie that was in his chair.

  2. One needs to click “overview” to see the “Best of Ludwig” right of the partial comic. At least, that’s how it works here.

  3. As some of you know, Jackie and I are busily preparing to open “Deals – A Women’s Boutique” as a companion to “Steals – A Women’s Boutique”. (That, along with Jackie’s chemo treatments, explains why we’ve been a bit scarce in the Village of late.) Today, as a way to cheer up the staff I asked them to come up with some names for other business, should we decide to diversify. (Ha!) We came up with the following:

    Heels – A Ladies’ Shoe Store
    Wheels – An Automotive Accessory Shop
    Meals – A Diner
    Peels – A Fruit Stand
    Peals – A Bell Store
    Thrills – A Halloween Supply Store
    Chills – A Halloween Haunted House
    Spills – A Tavern
    Teals – A Pet Duck Store
    Appeals – A Bail Bond Agency

    And last but not least…

    Feels – A Massage Parlor

  4. Spiels – a speech-writing firm
    Squeals – barbeque restaurant
    Appeals – law firm
    Seals – aquatic mammal dealer
    Zeals – I don’t know, but they do it with gusto.

  5. Thursday night, using my telescope at 44x, I viewed a binary pair: Alcor & Mizar in Ursa Major. To the naked eye it looks like a single bright star. Through the telescope they are obviously 2 separate stars.

    I also viewed Jupiter at 110x. In Provo’s light-polluted sky I could easily see the Galilean moons and also make out 3 or 4 bands across Jupiter’s disk as it bounced around in my field of view.

    If we ever have a Friday or Saturday night with decent viewing, I’ll be heading up into the mountains! Last year when I worked noon to 4 it was easier to stay up late.

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