Apropos to the classic A&J strips that have been running lately, I read yesterday where Kylie Jenner, 21, has become the world’s youngest billionaire. Ms. Jenner, who is an integral component of the Kardashian brand, owns a line of makeup she markets to young women, mostly online. I will have no further comment on this. 

 After a rocky February, the Web project is getting back on track. You are excused for asking, What is the big problem? I have asked myself that. Unbeknownst to me, I undertook this makeover at a time when the WordPress world itself is undergoing something of a revolution. It is, indeed, a back-to-the-future moment.  

 Since it was introduced in 2003, WP has become the most popular content-management system on the Worldwide Web. It was, initially, a blogging platform. It caught on quickly, because it was easy for anyone to use. It was a fill-in-the-blank proposition. A user, such as myself, would insert a title, some kind of art or picture and some text. Unseen and—for most of us—inaccessible code took over from there. How the content appeared to a reader on the internet was controlled completely by a WP “theme.” Appearance could be altered superficially by changing themes, but that was about it. This is how blogging became the rage and why so many Web sites took on a sameness with time. 

 The WP facade has been chipped at gradually. Coders and designers began tinkering almost immediately, coming up with ways to customize WP.  I did a little of this myself within my previous WP sites, but it wasn’t easy, and there really was not much leeway, even for those who could manipulate code. Now, the facade is tumbling. Now, there are many “page builders” coming into maturity, complex programs that allow true customization of WP without having to understand code. (But, believe me, it helps!) I call it a back-to-the-future moment, because it is a mashup of WP and the old WYSIWYG page builders, such as Front Page, that WP effectively replaced. I, among many, am having to learn a lot of new tricks. Unfortunately, I’m sure we’ll talk more about this in days to come.