Makeup Something II

If you saw the rather desperate looking maintenance message that went up earlier today, I apologize. It seems that on top of everything, and of all times, the good folks at WordPress instituted an update that the WordPress community in general is having a hard time digesting. In layman’s terms, it messed some things up! The message you may have seen was all I could manage. I’m learning some work-arounds now. I’ve even had a chance to tidy things up here, but they are not back to normal yet. But it’s Sunday! At least there’s a post.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up Jimmy. I hadn’t been here yet today so I didn’t see any warning messages from you before this. The retro brings back memories of events in my marriage. During that period both her favorite lipstick and cologne were discontinued, leading to desperate searches online for supplies before they vanished!

  2. Glad we’re back.
    Yesterday, an opossum showed up in this urban backyard. S/he took a tour, including the food area, and then a longer detour into a neighbor’s place. We used to see them commonly at night – I don’t look at night as much now – and it has been a few years since we last noticed one. This one seemed quite well-fed; the MBH says it’s a pregnant female. The MBH must have superb eyesight….

  3. I saw the message early this morning and didn’t expect to see an update till tomorrow but I’m glad I stopped by just to check. Keep plugging away JJ, We’re all behind you. Some of us FAR behind you. I’m always afraid this thing (PC) is going to belch someday and I’ll have to call the grandkids to bail me out.

  4. This may answer a problem I had this weekend. A blogger on WordPress who I’ve followed for years, The NH Gardener’s Solution, posts faithfully every Sat. and Wed. Dismayed to get nothing! Maybe what Jimmy described is what happened? I sure hope it comes back soon, I always fear the worst when someone “disappears” — a heart attack, car accident, house burned down?

  5. Yeah today’s archive strip does apply to Jimmy’s situation. I am happy to have what we have. Microsoft has dictated a lot of changes at work and the IT department, while very intelligent, are lacking in communication skills to the layman.

  6. Steve, it’s my thought that Microsoft dictates those changes because they have to maintain a continuing revenue stream… As a former IT staffer and manager, it was always frustrating when Microsoft decided to “end-of-life” a product that worked well for a very large majority of the company(ies). The only exception that was necessary was when change was needed to provide improved security in an increasingly hostile digital environment. There’s an old saw (I know, possibly redundant) about only using 10% of one’s brain. In my experience, most software users use only about 10% of softwares’ capability. At the company where I last managed IT (in 2009) we were still using Windows XP. The changes in licensing have also been a big driver of updates– also to maintain the revenue stream.

  7. At work our problem is Microsoft is forcing almost constant updates to Windows 10. Our normal practice is to “freeze” the software at each workstation so we can control the students’ testing experience… and minimize the possibility of cheating. Thus, depending on the status of each machine at the point it was frozen, a few will require extra time to load those lousy, unwanted, time-wasting updates when I go in each Monday.

    I’m with Garfield when it comes to Mondays.×332.jpg

  8. Thanks Jumbo. Explains why on Sunday I was forced to wade through GoComics swamp to find Arlo. Hope y’all get your 1’s and 0’s rounded up and back in the pasture.

  9. I await today (a good day for a walk, as Arlo says) all year. Except, here in south shore New England…it’s a better day for sledding.
    In Jimmy We Trust, website will be back before the snow melts!

  10. I got up early and went to the mall to get my 20 mile walk in as it I have been having difficulty tolerating the cold weather. When I last did 20 miles, I had to stop several times and I was beginning to wonder if I would be able to walk my marathon on April 6th. I started to realize that my compression socks were causing the nerves in my feet to be too compressed, so I bought a pair of “sleeves” and a couple of pair of extra cushioned socks. Even though I had been fighting the sniffles all week, I was able to walk the entire distance at the pace that I was trying to maintain and did not have to stop.

    After stopping for a haircut and getting groceries, I got home so that I could take a shower and then attend Mass at 4:30. As I tried to pull off the compression sleeves, I felt a huge twinge in my lower back. Our priest is also a marathon runner and after I told him that I got 20 miles in today, he remarked that I looked like I was walking a bit gingerly. I laughed and told him that the walk was fine, but taking my socks off almost killed me! A couple good nights of sleep and my back feels all right.

    • What compression level are the socks you are wearing? Maybe you need to change to some that are not so strong? I’ve had to wear them to stop my ankles swelling since having bypass surgery, and I found that the range between 15-20 mm of pressure is just right. The stronger ones make my calves hurt, while these stop the swelling without being a problem. Someone referred me to this site: and I have been getting mine there.

  11. The red handles seem to be links to their owners’ webpages. But I don’t know why someone highjacked your elegant avatar, Ghost. That’s a bummer.

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