Man of Action

Man of Action

April 4, 2007

It’s a bit illuminating just how many A&J cartoons I’ve done over the years that can be related to self-isolating. Here’s one. I confess that I am like Arlo in many ways. That should come as a shocker. I enjoy my backyard and cooking. I’m a bit of a handyman, a jack of all trades, and I can be very annoying. In case you’ve ever wondered, I am not nearly the hound Arlo is. That’s just wishful thinking. TMI! TMI! I know.

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  1. A very popular and family owned furniture chain was sold a few years ago and surprisingly filed for bankruptcy and liquidation a few weeks ago.

    There were near riots on the first weekend as people fought over potential deals and employers knew that they would be soon laid off. The Mayor ordered the store closed a few hours early to restore order.

    Then Stay at Home hit. I have no idea when liquidation will begin again. I really wanted to get a new mattress as I just got a nice bonus. But last week I was given a 10% paycut. Hoping that I can weather this storm and the economy will come back. Fortunately I can work from home. It gives me a preview of what retirement will be like.

    • Steve, I retired and then worked from home as a contractor. The commute across the house was nice, but I found that I tended to work more hours than I would have at the office. The contract deal was supposed to be 6 months and it turned into 4 years before I realized that this was not what I retired for

  2. Somebody needs to tell Herman’s cartoon family that cattle [& all the other kosher cud-chewers] have no upper incisors. Dad taught me via a comics mag cover: a Cape Buffalo with uppers was tossing Tarzan into the air. Wrong! For a 10th grade graduate [in the 1890s], Dad knew lots of stuff [but, as “Old man Noah” says, “because he knew a thing or two, / He thought he knew it all.”].

      • Yes he was. I really miss new work from him, but I am glad that prior to passing he made arrangements to keep the strip running with some new work by an associate. And their website offers his originals for sale, sometimes at sale prices.

  3. As I’m sure all of you know by now, many localities have ordered the closure of non-essential businesses. Some of you may not know that they decided that elective medical and dental procedures were included in the list of non-essential businesses. So now, not only are the hospitals struggling with the pandemic, they are unable to perform most of the normal routine work that provides the income needed to keep things going. Hospitals are now laying off or furloughing employees because they can’t afford to pay them indefinitely without working. My department had a meeting this week to ask for two volunteers to take the layoff, or two people would be chosen. Whole departments have closed completely. So if you have a choice between going to your normal doctor or a hospital emergency room, better see your normal doctor. Emergency rooms tend to get more work than they can handle anyway, since people won’t see a doctor first, and now they will be more crowded than ever. Oh yeah, my department has kept me working and I am most grateful. Everybody take care and stay well.

  4. Jimmy…..What about Gene and Marylou and her daughter (ack! It’s been so long since I’ve seen her in a strip I can’t remember her name!!!)

    How are they doing during this and are they communicating by a Skype type program??

    Because everyone is isolated from their family members and friends……

    Thanks in advance!

    • So, all those medical professionals and support staff members relying on hospitals and surgical centers being able to do elective procedures like knee replacements to help pay their salaries should have taken all the money they blew on their education and training and instead have bought liquor stores, which are most often classified as “essential”. Got it.

    • It’s Meg, Jeanie. Just remember her business, “Meg’s Eggs”. Except that Gene often calls her “Shrimp”.
      Which reminds me, Jackie told me she read that commercial fishermen are seeing the bottom fall out of their market, since demand from restaurants (the primary buyers of seafood) has slackened drastically. Which also reminds me it might be a good time to lay in some shrimp.

  5. Know what else is classified as “non-essential”? The salon where my Slightly Less Pneumatic But Quite Pulchritudinous Hair Stylist works. Oh well, I’ve been looking for an excuse to start cultivating a Sam Elliot look. 🙂
    Had to make a trip up the road to the Wally World pharmacy for one of Jackie’s medication refills earlier this afternoon, where they have instituted, among other things, procedures to help folks maintain the official six-foot “social distancing” distance by allowing occupancy of only 5 customers per 1,000 sq ft of floor space. I didn’t know what to expect, so I went prepared to wait awhile to get into the store. Turned out to be no wait to enter; not crowded in the store; and no line at the pharmacy. I was in and out in probably 5 minutes, half of which was the walk from the single door they had set up for ingress and egress. Easy peasy.

  6. CNN informed me today that a CPAP machine will not do what a ventilator does. A guy has received a big contract, however, for a clear plastic jug to put over your head. It has two tubes sticking out of the top with a valve on each to control the flow. I don’t think that I have a clear jug big enough, but I have the rest. Lowes is probably essential so I’ll run and get one. BTW, don’t think that my weak attempts at being amusing mean that I don’t take this situation seriously. Actually I’m mad as h___ and I think that it’s time that somebody in DC grew some balls and said that it’s time for the bs to stop and stop NOW.

  7. And if you are not taking this situation seriously, I’ll just say that my sister spent all but a very few days of the last eight months of her life, including the last day of it, on a ventilator. I would not wish that on my worst enemy (if I had any enemies).

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